BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1057


Chapter 1057 – Response of the Neutral Alliance

Now that Zhao Hai had dealt with the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, taking care of the other Undead would be easy. And just like Zhao Hai thought, since the Dark Temple has been razed, battles ended with no suspense.

The status of the Dark Temple had been too high. The undead regarded the Dark Temple as the place of their Dark God. And under the instruction of their god, they were invincible, nobody can block their army.

But now, they suddenly discovered that their omnipotent god was unexpectedly been defeated. The Divine Palace was also razed to the ground. The attack of these events to their morale was beyond comparison.

On the other hand, the morale of Zhao Hai’s army was at sky high. With the Dark Temple’s undead having very low morale and without no leader, winning the war was simple.

In fact, these days, Lizzy and Megan didn’t command the Undead. Instead, the control was handed over to Addison and the others. The two would just give instructions when it comes to formations during marches.

Zhao Hai began to relax. The Dark Temple’s territory had already been captured by them. While watching the increasing number of his Undead, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel numb.

Nobody could blame Zhao Hai. He wasn’t expecting the number of his Undead to jump by hundreds of millions every day. It was as if the numbers had been injected with dog’s blood, it was frantically increasing.

Although the Dark Temple’s territory was slowly being absorbed, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious in searching for treasures. He wanted to wait until he had dealt with the Neutral Alliance before he begins his search.

The Neutral Alliance was weaker than the Dark Temple, and they seem to not have a person they worship. However, Zhao Hai was still worried. What if the Neutral Alliance had a high-level person controlling them from behind? If Zhao Hai revealed too many secrets in his body, then the people from the Cultivation Realm might do whatever they can to deal with him. And even if they couldn’t kill him, Zhao Hai would still have to run for his life, hiding inside the Space. Zhao Hai didn’t want that kind of life. He wanted to explore the world and see its wonders.

Besides dealing with the Dark Temple’s Undead, Zhao Hai was also mapping the Neutral Alliance’s territory in the past few days. At the same time, he was also monitoring the Alliance’s various cities.

Zhao Hai did these things because, one, he wanted to prepare to deal with the Alliance, and two, Zhao Hai was very clear that if the Neutral Alliance gets any news of the Dark Temple being eliminated, then they would certainly be on guard. Because of this, Zhao Hai monitored the Alliance’s cities in order to see their response.

Sure enough, there was a reaction from the Neutral Alliance. The people from the Alliance didn’t expect the Resistance Army to completely pressure the Dark Temple. They were even able to assault the Dark Temple and kill their Dark God. This event was beyond their imaginations.

The Neutral Alliance was an existence that placed itself between the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple. They also used their power to maintain this delicate balance. This was in order to maintain the business they had on both sides.

And this balance was very easily achieved. The Undead wanted to get stronger. And in order to do so, they would need plants and high-ranked fiery souls. The Neutral Alliance would use their business in order to control the strength of both sides. For example, if they sell high-ranked fiery souls to the Dark Temple, they would also sell similarly ranked fiery souls to the Resistance Army. The same was true for plants. This way, the power balance of the Underworld would remain as it was. 

But now, this balance was broken by the Resistance Army. Now that they had usurped the Dark Temple, this meant that the two sides had become one. In this case, would the Resistance Army leave the Neutral Alliance alone?

Naturally, the answer was no. Even low-ranked Undead would be able to give this answer. Because of this, if the Neutral Alliance didn’t react, then it would be strange.

From what Zhao Hai can see, the Neutral Alliance was a very loose organization. Moreover, the alliance was mostly dominated by businessmen. In this case, they should be actively seeking the Resistance Army and rely on them to survive. This was in line with a businessman’s mindset.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect that after gaining news, the Alliance didn’t contact the Resistance Army. Instead, they used their accumulated resources over the years in order to promote their subordinates. This allowed the Alliance to produce massive amounts of experts in a short time. It seems like they were prepared to deal with Zhao Hai’s group.

Zhao Hai looked at this outcome and knew that the Alliance wasn’t planning on being friendly. Since this was the case, then Zhao Hai could only make a move. He wasn’t a kindhearted person, so after seeing this reaction, he couldn’t just let them go free. Fighting them was the way to go.

However, one must recognize that the Alliance was worthy of being called the Underworld’s merchants. They were very rich. They were able to make large quantities of experts in a short span of time. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t expect. But Zhao Hai also had a card he could play. He didn’t use it before, it was time to take it out now.

Previously, Zhao Hai was able to buy a small beast skeleton from the Alliance. This beast skeleton could turn into bone armor. Moreover, these bones armors could be turned into seeds. Zhao Hai handed the armors over to Gimreden to take care of. Now, the bone skeleton seeds had been planted, and Zhao Hai already had a battalion’s worth of bone armor.

The undead in this bone armor battalion weren’t just ordinary undead. They were Undead who followed Zhao Hai for a long time, the ones most familiar with army formations. Moreover, Zhao Hai had increased their strength using fiery souls. At this point, this group had reached King-level strength.

This king-level strength was still worse than a peak King-level character. However, the battalion numbered 10 thousand strong. Ten thousand King-level Undead wearing bone armor, moreover, they were trained to use army formations, an army of this strength was enough to fully sweep the entire Underworld.

This group had the same training as the Devil Legion. They were made in preparation for Zhao Hai’s ascension to the Cultivation Realm. They were only taken out right now because the Neutral Alliance’s response had annoyed Zhao Hai.

The Neutral Alliance could produce experts in a short time. If Zhao Hai couldn’t stop this trend, then he would be losing a lot of Undead in the future. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to use the bone armored Undead to deal with them.

But before dealing with the Neutral Alliance, Zhao Hai needed to completely extinguish the Dark Temple’s influence. This way, they could safely deal with the Alliance.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t just lower his guard against the Alliance during this period of time. The Alliance produced a lot of Experts, this defined their position in this struggle. One couldn’t say what moves the Alliance would do. Zhao Hai couldn’t just allow them to perform a sneak attack on him. 

Because of this, Zhao Hai made some preparations. He concentrated a lot of Blood Spirit Beasts on a portion of the Blood River closest to the Alliance. At the same time, he also used magic in order to make several branches to the Blood River. These branches would surround the Alliance, shackling them in place. If the Alliance wanted to make a move, then they would need to remove these shackles first.

With the Blood Spirit Beasts facing the Alliance, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. At the same time, he assigned Cai’er to monitor the Alliance’s actions. If the Alliance decided to move their experts, then Cai’er was to send the Bone Armor Legion.

Regarding the fight against the Dark Temple, Zhao Hai didn’t really care too much, there was no need to do so. Although there were still some forces that were resisting, they were just grasshoppers after autumn, they only had a few jumps left. What he needed to do was to clean these guys up. It would be annoying if these people came out during the fight against the Alliance.

However, Zhao Hai handed this matter over to Addison to take care of. Zhao Hai was beginning to groom Addison to be the person who would manage the underworld in the future.

During this period of time, Addison wasn’t only learning army formations from Lizzy. He was also studying how to manage the underworld under Laura.

It was fine if Addison learned only some of Lizzy’s army formations. After all, wars would be very rare in the Underworld in the future. Also, if they clash against the Cultivation Realm, depending on the Underworld’s strength was already impossible. Because of this, learning basic formations was already fine.

As for managing the Underworld, it was also quite simple. Zhao Hai could just arrange the same system that he established inside the Space. He would install churches at key places, allowing the Underworld’s undead to exchange for goods. There was no need for Addison to manage this.

But in the end, the Underworld wasn’t inside Zhao Hai’s Space. Someone like the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor could still appear here in the future. Because of this, some management was still needed, and Addison was a fitting candidate for this spot.


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