BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1056


Chapter 1056 – Conquer the Underworld

The golden skull that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor turned into hovered in mid-air, the four skeleton beasts standing by his side. It might be his imagination, but Zhao Hai could see a trace of fear on the Ghost Emperor’s red eyes.

Yin Wind Ghost Emperor looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, what is your relationship with Divine Water Palace? If you tell me the truth, then I will give the Palace face and let you go.”

Zhao Hai stared. Although his contact with the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor wasn’t that long. But from the few times he spoke, and even using his incarnation as a sacrifice, Zhao Hai knew that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was definitely a vicious and merciless guy. He handles things like an unscrupulous fellow. For this person to be willing to give the Divine Water Palace some face and let Zhao Hai go, this signifies how terrifying the Divine Water Palace was. 

However, Zhao Hai wouldn’t pretend to be connected to the Divine Water Palace. If he did, then his plan for incriminating Lu Wei would fail. He didn’t want to hug a huge tree and give up an opportunity to deal with a personal foe.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also knew that if he was too arrogant, then it will cause Yin Wind Ghost Emperor to be suspicious. The Ghost Emperor dreaded the Divine Water Palace. If Zhao Hai didn’t care about this fact, then the Ghost Emperor would certainly get some ideas.

After some deliberation, Zhao Hai looked at the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor said, “Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, there’s no need to face the Divine Water Palace some face. I’m not related to the Palace at all. It’s either you or me today.”

After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his Blood Ghost Staff and attacked the Ghost Emperor. The Ghost Emperor had calmed down now. He also understood that the pure yin water can completely restrain him. But after thinking about the Twilight Divine Water as well as the Divine Water Palace, Yin Wind Ghost Emperor didn’t believe that Zhao Hai would really waste this pure yin water. This kind of treasure wasn’t easy to acquire.

Upon thinking about this, Yin Wind Ghost Emperor began to believe that even if Zhao Hai used a yin attribute water, it might not be Twilight Divine Water. His fear began to disappear as he said, “Kid, it’s time to stop bluffing. I’ll let you see the power of this Emperor today.” Then after he said that, he injected golden fire into the four beast skeletons. After being covered by a golden yellow light, the four beast began to throw themselves towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s useless. If I can break your ten thousand ghost formation, then I can deal with these beasts.”

Zhao Hai began to move and turned his Blood Ghost Staff into four huge nets, catching the four beast skeletons together. 

Yin Wind Ghost Emperor snickered and said, “Hehe. My ghosts are pura yang, the polar opposite of yin. They can burn all things…..” However, the Ghost Emperor had to stop there. This was because the four beast skeletons couldn’t get loose from Zhao Hai’s large net. Instead, they were quickly sent towards the Space.

Zhao Hai looked at the Ghost Emperor and laughed, “Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, I told you that you shouldn’t look highly upon yourself. Don’t underestimate me, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to know how you died.” Then Zhao Hai waved his staff and sent an attack towards the Ghost Emperor.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor opened his mouth and sent another sound attack. However, Zhao Hai’s shield continued to block the attack. Zhao Hai turned his staff into a huge bell and then gave it a gentle swing, sending a sound attack towards the Ghost Emperor.

The Ghost Emperor didn’t expect Zhao Hai to send a sound attack. Before he could block, the sound attack already hit him. Zhao Hai knew that these kinds of attacks could be used to deal with ghosts. After all, sound attacks belonged to the type of attack that targeted the soul. And to put it bluntly, ghosts were creatures who were completely made out of souls, this attack was very effective against them.

As for the Twilight Divine Water, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to use it easily. This was because Zhao Hai was afraid of the incarnation’s ability to transmit information to the main body. If Zhao Hai continues to use the Divine Water, then the Ghost Emperor would truly chase him once he reaches the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai’s sound attack extinguished much of the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s fire. Then Zhao Hai followed up with another sound attack. But this time, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor countered, issuing his own sound attack to offset Zhao Hai’s.

However, Zhao Hai found a way to deal with this. He kept sending attacks towards the Ghost Emperor, forcing the latter to be on the back foot.

After fighting for one hour, Zhao Hai discovered that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor began getting slower and slower. Moreover, his flames were slowly getting paler.

Zhao Hai knew that the Ghost Emperor was close to his end, but he still wouldn’t dare to treat it lightly. The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor dared to sacrifice his soul, this meant that he was quite a ruthless person. One needed to think things carefully when faced with such a character.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor truly doesn’t have much time to live. Although sacrificing his soul made him obtain a massive burst of strength, this move also consumed the soul. Once the soul was burned up, the person would also die.

If the real Ghost Emperor was here, then he would be able to fight for a long time. However, he could only send and incarnation to the Underworld. Because of this, he couldn’t withstand this consumption. At this point, his soul was akin to a completely dried out lamp.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor looked coldly at Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, I didn’t think that you would be strong. Good, this Emperor shall accept today’s defeat. However, my people will certainly find out who you are. When the time comes, I will kill you as well as your superior.” Then the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor made one last sound attack before he exploded. He wanted to try blowing up the entire Dark Temple.

But at this time, Zhao Hai already returned to the Space. He looked at the Dark Temple’s ruins on the monitor and then muttered, “Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, this person is truly ruthless. He still wanted to deal with me up to the very end.”

Sitting nearby, Laura nodded and said, “This person is quite dangerous. He showed weakness before finally blowing himself up. He intends to injure you, that explosion wasn’t normal. With all those formations amplifying the effect, even a peak God-rank would perish.”

Zhao Hai nodded,  then he walked towards Zhao Hai and said, “Now let’s go see Megan and Lizzy.” Laura nodded.

Laura and Cai’er were currently inside Zhao Hai’s room, helping him with his fight against the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. The monitor outside in the living room was handed over to Lizzy while Megan used another monitor inside her room. Because of this, if Zhao Hai wanted to know the situation, he would have to go to them himself.

They went to Megan’s room first to see her situation. Megan was doing quite well. Presently, almost all of the Divine City’s Undead had been dealt with. Most of these Undead were captured while the rest were killed.

Now, Megan was prepared to storm the Divine City’s four satellite cities. After seeing Zhao Hai come in, Megan immediately said, “Brother Hai, are you fine? The Dark Temple just exploded, it killed a lot of our Undead. I was worried that something had happened to you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I’m fine. You continue on while I go take a look at Lizzy. They should be tidying up by now. After that we’ll help you.”

Megan nodded, then she continued to focus on the battle. At the same time, Zhao Hai and Laura went out of the room and went towards the living room.

In the living room, Lizzy was fully concentrated on commanding the fight. The Dark Temple’s undead were frantically attacking the fortress, however their advances were drowned by cannon fire and javelins. Additionally, there were also Blood Spirit Beasts. Also, the fortress was fully equipped with troops. The Undead that attacked the fortress were quickly captured and turned into Zhao Hai’s men.

Zhao Hai stood by Lizzy for some time, looking at the monitor. One has to recognize that Lizzy was very good at command. Her strategy was methodical, advancing and retreating was carefully controlled. The battle looked quite pleasant.

Presently, there weren’t a lot of troops stationed in the Blood River. The fortress currently had the most priority. Lizzy wasn’t planning on counter-attacking, she was just planning on keeping the enemy here. If she pushes the Dark Temple’s Undead too much, then they might become too frightened and retreat. If this happens, then they would certainly cause trouble to Zhao Hai.

After spectating for some time, Zhao Hai said, “Lizzy”

Lizzy’s body shook, then she turned towards Zhao Hai. Surprised, she said, “Brother Hai, are you done?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly he nodded and said, “Finish things up here. After that, go help Megan.”

Lizzy nodded, then she waved his hand, causing countless amounts of Undead to surround the Dark Temple’s Army.

Altogether, the Dark Temple army had about 10 billion Undead. They haven’t fought with Lizzy for a long time, so they haven’t lost that much. On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s Undead was close to 20 billion. It can be said that Zhao Hai had a  2 to 1 advantage. In this case, wanting to annihilate the Dark Temple Army wasn’t something impossible.

Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking of persuading the Dark Temple’s Undead to surrender. These Undead weren’t controlled by a contract, instead they were convinced by faith.

Zhao Hai was very clear about this point, therefore, instead of persuading, he prompted to defeat them by pure military force. In any case, he wasn’t afraid of the other party’s strength.

Also, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that the Dark Temple’s Undead would cause wind and waves. Even if they escaped from this place, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything since the Temple had already been destroyed. Zhao Hai believed that news of this would certainly be a huge blow.

An army gathered in the name of faith would directly be destroyed once their subject of worship disappears. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t plan to deal with the Undead on the side of the river. The reason he surrounded the army was because he wanted to use them to improve the Space’s strength.

Sure enough, after being surrounded, the Dark Temple’s undead began to feel flustered.  At this moment, Lizzy’s attack also began. As Lizzy commanded the Undead, she made sure that those at the frontlines were those who had become adept in army formations. Just like a sharp knife, they sliced through the Dark Temple’s army. The Undead who were in formation didn’t falter and just continued to advance.

The Dark Temple’s army were originally flustered. Now that they had met this attack, they began to disperse in all directions.

However, Lizzy wasn’t intending to pursue the escaping Undead. Instead, she focused on capturing the Undead and sending them to the Space. And then, after they had surrendered, they were released back into the Underworld.

The battle was now basically over, there was no need for Lizzy to issue further commands. At this time, Meg arrived carrying a teapot. The teapot was filled with leaves from the Hundred Spirit Tree as well as some medicinal herbs. Meg placed the teapot on the table and then smiled at Zhao Hai, “Young Master, Sisters, have some tea and take a rest.”

Lizzy chuckled as she rubbed Meg’s face, “Our little Meg is truly the best. You always know I like.”

Meg’s face turned red under Lizzy’s teasing, “Sister Lizzy, if you tease me again, I will never bring you delicious snacks.”

Lizzy paused for a moment before she chuckled, “Even if you don’t bring me snacks, you would still give some to Brother Hai. I will eat with him then.”

Zhao Hai looked at the two bickering and couldn’t help but smile. He liked this atmosphere. Everyone sat together, drinking tea, playing jokes on each other, it feels much like a family. 

There was no need to look at the monitor since the war was basically done. Zhao Hai can also affirm that the Underworld was now his.


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