BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1055


Chapter 1055 – Twilight Divine Water

As the red light entered the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s body, he began to turn paler and paler before he eventually vanished. On the other hand, the Ten Thousand Ghost Scepter began to grow and grow. In the end, the scepter’s handle vanished, leaving the golden skull flying in the air. When the skull became as large as a normal human head, it began to burst into flame.

Soul Sacrifice!

This was the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s special ability. He would offer his souls to the scepter in order to cast a type of self-destruct spell, amplifying the energy supplied by a factor of ten.

It can be said that if he wasn’t pushed into a corner, then the Ghost Emperor wouldn’t have used this move. Actually, this didn’t matter in the Underworld. The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor in the Underworld  was just an incarnation, so was the Ten Thousand Ghost Scepter. It would not be the worst if he lost these two things. What the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor wanted was to kill Zhao Hai!

Zhao Hai saw the changes that happened to the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor and his expression turned solemn. His was because he found out that after combining with the scepter, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor had gotten very powerful.

At this time, the unification was done. The skull’s two blood red eyes looked at Zhao Hai before it opened its mouth and issued a loud cry! A sound attack went out of its mouth and headed towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, making a light blue shield appear in front of him. The shield looked like water as it rotated in place. It didn’t take long before the sound attack was neutralized.

Naturally, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor wasn’t expecting that he would be able to easily deal with Zhao Hai. After this sound attack, golden yellow flames began to fiercely erupt from the skull’s eye sockets. The flames became golden silk as it fused into the ghosts.

The ghosts began to turn golden yellow. After that, Zhao Hai felt the Underworld’s Dark Mist surge into the ghosts. The strength of the ghosts was increasing at a clear rate.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie”” The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor smiled and said, “Kid, I will let you taste the feeling of getting bitten by 10 thousand ghosts. I will make sure that you suffer well before I kill you!”

After saying that, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor directed the ghosts towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai lightly wrinkled his brows. The ghosts were now very powerful, they were no worse than the previous strength that Guli and the others had. In the Underworld, this strength already belonged to the top. And being attacked by ten thousand of these ghosts was truly not a fun thing.

Zhao Hai quickly cast Descent of the Holy Light. However, he didn’t expect the ghosts to remain unaffected.

“Hahaha. Kid, you’re underestimating my technique. If you expect your low-level spell to break my ghosts, then you are too naive! Now die!” After he said that, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor sent the ghosts towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the ghosts and coldly snorted. Then he waved his Blood Ghost Staff and turned it into a sword, the same one he used to battle Addison. Zhao Hai traced his hand on the curved sword, then the sword hummed as it shone with golden yellow light. Zhao Hai wielded his sword and attacked the ghosts. Each swing hitting one ghost at a time.

However, Zhao Hai soon found something wrong. The ghosts were just immobilized as he hit them. Then after some time, they would resume their attack. And it also seems like they were becoming stronger and stronger.

“Kid, there’s no use struggling. After my sacrifice, my ten thousand ghosts can absorb everything. Any attacks you have will be useless. Just accept your death.”

Zhao Hai just coldly snorted as he waved his hand and sprinkled blood red water on the surroundings. This water came from the Space’s Blood Pond. Inside this water was a huge amount of blood energy. Moreover, this energy was yang-type. Almost all ghosts would melt upon meeting this water.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect that sprinkling the red water onto the ghosts would produce an effect similar to pouring gasoline on fire. Upon being splashed by the blood, the ghosts became enlarged. Every one of them burned up and grew. Their appearance became even more threatening.

“Hahahaha” The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor burst into laughter, “I have to thank you. I didn’t expect that you would give them so much energy. Hahaha. Are you afraid of not dying? Just stop struggling.” The attacks of the ghosts became even more violent. Zhao Hai looked at the ghosts and frowned. Ghosts were evidently from the yin-attribute, so they should be most afraid of yang-attribute.

The water in Zhao Hai’s Blood Pond has been improved several times. After Zhao Hai obtained a new heart, the blood evolved into a substance of pure yang. It had a perfect compatibility with the Black Sea Pond.

The Black Sea Pond was made after absorbing the water from the Underworld’s Black Sea. After entering the Space, the water evolved and became a liquid of pure yin. Because of this, the Space had achieved a balanced yin-yang condition.

Both waters from the Blood Pond and the Black Sea Pond can be used to make formidable weapons. The Yin-Yang Pond in Zhao Hai’s Blood Lotus changed and turned into a half-black and half-red pond. Naturally, these two held extreme power in their respective areas.

Naturally, if Zhao Hai wanted to deal with yin-attribute ghosts, then using the Blood Pond water was the right decision. But now, the ghosts who used to be illusory have now turned into a full entity. 

The present situation made Zhao Hai puzzled. While he was repelling the ghost attacks, he was also trying to find a solution for the problem.

The ghosts became more powerful once again. If they had Guli’s previous strength last time, then now they had king-level strength. They were starting to annoy Zhao Hai.

Then all of a sudden, Zhao Hai noticed a gold glint on the faces of the ghosts. This was a sign of yang-attribute. How could it appear on the faces of the ghosts?

After he thought about this, Zhao Hai decided to try something. He waved his hand and sprinkled black water into the ghosts.

As the black water got in contact with the ghosts, azure smoke began to appear. The ghosts seem to be in pain.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor gawked, then he screamed and said, “Impossible. How could you have Twilight Divine Water? Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor actually defined the Space’s pure yin water as Twilight Divine Water. It seems like this water was a treasure in the Cultivation Realm. Otherwise, the Ghost Emperor wouldn’t have been this surprised.

Upon thinking about this, Zhao Hai secretly reminded himself to be careful. Items from the Space might be high-grade goods. If he casually took them out, then he might attract greedy people. 

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Twilight Divine Water isn’t that great. My Young Master has a lot of it.” Then after he said that, he waved his hand once more, sprinkling even more water towards the ghosts.

At this time, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor had already escaped far away. As someone from the Cultivation Realm, he naturally knew how strong Twilight Divine Water was. Water made out of pure yin could dissolve a lot of items. It was heavy as mercury and was extremely toxic to the soul.

In the Cultivation Realm, even if it was an ordinary item, as long as it achieved the peak of purity, then it would be deemed as a great treasure. An example of this was the Twilight Divine Water, a water of pure yin. It can break through practically anything and could be used to refine weapons. Its power was endless. In the Cultivation Realm, there was a weapon made from Twilight Divine Water known as Divine Water Flowing Cloud Skirt. It was a ribbon-type weapon that can be formed and deformed into anything. It can be as hard as ice and as soft as water. It can also erode weapons. If a person was wounded by this weapons, then they would be poisoned. Moreover, it would be hard for them to live for long. This weapon was a treasure of the Divine Water Palace. It was one of the most infamous weapons in the Cultivation Realm.

However, Twilight Divine Water was a very rare treasure. Producing it requires a very special environment. Luck was needed in order to acquire this treasure. Even the Divine Water Palace set up a special place a thousand meters underground in order to harvest it. The cavern would produce one drop every one thousand years. Each drop was enough to make one die of jealousy. If the people from Divine Water Palace became aware that Zhao Hai was using Twilight Divine Water in order to kill ghosts, then they might kill themselves on the spot.

Actually, even if the Underworld’s Black Sea water enters the Cultivation Realm, it still couldn’t become pure yin water. It was only after being refined by the Space and integrated with numerous poisons and yin ingredients did the Black Sea Pond slowly came into existence.

At this time, the Twilight Divine Water Pond and the Blood Pond had fused and became a Yin-Yang Pond. it was situated not far from the Hundred Spirit Tree. The pond that was divided into half-black and half-red was quite eye-catching.

After eliminating the ghosts, Zhao Hai decided to go after the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. Currently, the Ghost Emperor only had four skeleton beasts remaining. It can be said that the skeleton beasts were more intelligent compared to the ghosts. Upon seeing the effects of the Divine Water, they immediately escaped early in order to save their lives.


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