BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1053


Chapter 1053 – The Attack Has Already Begun

Upon listening to the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he quickly understood that the Ghost Emperor was probing. First he asked Zhao Hai about who sent him and then he introduced himself. This was to see Zhao Hai’s reaction. Zhao Hai was now assured that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was from the Cultivation Realm, and that he was a fierce character.

Zhao Hai’s guess wasn’t wrong, Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was truly a hard to deal with character in the Cultivation Realm. This person’s cultivation on the ghost dao was immeasurably deep, to the point of being in control of countless ghosts. Moreover, his yin wind techniques were unparalleled under the heavens.

At the same time, this person had the attitude of holding on to grudges. He doesn’t care about his status. There was a case when the Elders of a huge sect managed to offend him, so he didn’t hesitate and target the lower-ranked disciples of the sect. This was an act that someone of his level generally wouldn’t do.

Because his cultivation was quite powerful, even if he cannot defeat you, you still wouldn’t be able to catch him. Therefore, in the Cultivation Realm, the name Yin Wind Ghost Emperor would always induce headaches to those who heard it.

In the Cultivation Realm, if your family or sect was strong, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody would provoke you. People like the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor completely disregarded face. These kinds of evil people were the ones who gave people the most painful headaches.

Unfortunately for the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, today was not his lucky day. This was because he was against Zhao Hai. Also, Zhao Hai wasn’t from the Cultivation Realm, something that Yin Wind Ghost Emperor wouldn’t be on guard against.

Zhao Hai looked at the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor and smiled, “This one has seen the Ghost Emperor. Please forgive me, I have never heard of the Ghost Emperor’s name before today. I just came here to ask the Ghost Emperor to leave the Underworld, this place belongs to me.”

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor looked at Zhao Hai, he didn’t know what to say. Zhao Hai’s tone and voice looked very respectful. However, the contents of Zhao Hai’s message was actually impolite. This was the Emperor’s first encounter with this situation in a long time.

After a while, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor finally reacted, his face turned blue as he said, “Kid, do you know who you’re speaking to? Tell me who sent you? Even the person who sent you wouldn’t dare talk to me this way.”

Zhao Hai wanted to roll his eyes, but then he suddenly had an idea. He laughed and said, “Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, if I said that I haven’t heard your name, then I haven’t heard your name. Also, I’m not afraid to tell you who sent me. The person who sent me is more powerful than you. Not only does he control the Divine Realm, he also controls the Ark Continent, the Demon Realm, the Barbarian Plane, as well as a lot of small and large planes. He’s someone you can’t compare to.” Although Zhao Hai didn’t say the person’s name, the mere fact that the person controls the Divine Realm, Demon Realm, Ark Continent, and Barbarian Plane was enough of a clue for the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor to know that the person was Lu Wei.

Even if Zhao Hai didn’t really know who Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was, he knew that it would be better if Lu Wei had more enemies. Also, the reason why Zhao Hai mentioned the Ark Continent and the Barbarian Plane was because he didn’t want the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor to get the wrong person. After all, the Divine Realm and the Demon Realm were names that high-level planes would commonly have. There would be no point if Yin Wind Ghost Emperor found the wrong guy.

Actually, Zhao Hai’s guess was correct. In the Cultivation Realm, there were groups who control other planes, but not as much as Zhao Hai thought. But even so, there were planes that called themselves the Divine Realm or the Demon Realm. After all, the people in these planes wouldn’t be aware of the Cultivation Realm as well as the multitude of other planes. If the leaders of these planes feel proud of their home, they would want to place themselves into an overbearing position. And what was more domineering than calling your plane either the Divine Realm or the Demon Realm.

When the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor heard Zhao Hai, his eyes flashed before he coldly snorted, “Is that so? Nevertheless, those who offend the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor wouldn’t be able to escape. Today, I will capture you and refine your soul. I will make sure that you will not be able to reincarnate.”

Zhao Hai laughed and replied, “Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, you overestimate yourself. Even if you are powerful, this is not the Cultivation Realm, this is the Underworld. It is impossible for your real body to come here, just your incarnation. How strong are you right now? One-tenth? One-twentieth? With that strength, and you still want to catch me? Are you dreaming? And you might as well stop using your spiritual force on me. Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, I didn’t know that you were this naive!”

Upon hearing this, the Ghost Emperor’s expression couldn’t help but undergo a drastic change. What Zhao Hai said wasn’t wrong. The moment he entered the hall, he was already being attacked. Zhao Hai just pretended that he didn’t discover anything. He used this moment to speak out in order to issue a blow to the Ghost Emperor’s confidence.

He didn’t know how long the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor has lived for, and he also didn’t know how many old monsters the Ghost Emperor has defeated. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to treat this matter lightly. Before entering the Dark Temple, he already made the Scanner analyze the area. The design and construction of the Temple wasn’t just for looks, it was also crucial to this fight.

Built alongside the Dark Temple were numerous formations. Some of these formations focus on controlling the Undead, while some worked to improve the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s spiritual force.

Naturally, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was aware that his incarnation wasn’t invincible in the Underworld. Because of this, he needed to augment his strength, and amplifying his spiritual force was the best choice. While building the Dark Temple, he made sure to install magic formations in order to enhance his spiritual strength.

Another reason for these formations was to protect his incarnation. The incarnation isn’t very strong while in the Underworld. Also, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor discovered something. The Underworld’s Dark Mist has an influence on the incarnation. If the Dark Mist was allowed to exist near the incarnation, then the incarnation might go out of control and become an independent Undead Creature in the Underworld.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor certainly wouldn’t let this happen. Therefore, he made the Dark Temple in order to protect the incarnation, keeping the Dark Mist from entering the temple. It was for this reason that the Ghost Emperor didn’t leave the Temple.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor had already discovered the peculiarity about Zhao Hai. With his profound insight, he actually couldn’t see the depth of Zhao Hai’s strength. This caused the Ghost Emperor to be startled. Because of this, he decided to deal with Zhao Hai from the very beginning. The moment Zhao Hai was about to enter the hall, the Ghost Emperor’s moves had already started. From the monsters at the door to the words he spoke, everything was done in order to exert pressure on Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai seems to fall into his trap.

However, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor didn’t expect that Zhao Hai also had plans against him, and that Zhao Hai started much sooner. Zhao Hai’s analysis of the Dark Temple didn’t come up with nothing. Ever since Zhao Hai acquired the Heart Defending Clan’s inheritance, he was able to learn about the formations that had been analyzed by the scanner. He knew that the Dark Temple was actually the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s weapon, a very formidable weapon. Not only could this weapon protect the Ghost Emperor, it could also deal with the enemies who dared to enter the Dark Temple.

However, Zhao Hai still decided to enter the Dark Temple. He wanted to see how strong the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor really was. Most importantly, Zhao Hai wanted to capture the Ghost Emperor’s incarnation so that he could gain a better understanding of the Cultivation Realm.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s face was pale as he looked at Zhao Hai. Then with clenched teeth, he said, “Good, good. I didn’t think that you would be aware of it for a long time. However, you have entered my Dark Temple. Don’t even think of escaping.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I really don’t know how this Temple could be a threat to me. Although you have arranged magic formations, these formations only augment your spiritual attacks or trap your enemies. These formations are useless against me. Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, I advise you to withdraw your incarnation. Or else, don’t blame me if I choose to refine it.”

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor laughed and said, “Alright, Kid. You’re really arrogant. You’re the first person to talk to me like that in many years. Hahaha. Do you think you can withstand the spiritual attacks of the Temple? Have you forgotten about those bone beasts? Are you aware of what kinds of beasts those are?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “I wouldn’t dare underestimate the Ghost Emperor’s schemes. Those bone beats should be famous monsters from the Cultivation Realm. In order to increase your security, you killed those monsters and sent them to the Underworld in order to protect your incarnation. Even if they are dead, they are still formidable. More importantly, you refined these beasts and made them into your puppets. Did I say anything wrong?”

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s expression turned dark. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to know about these things. This was equal to having one of his cards exposed.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor angrily shouted, “It’s useless to say anything more. I’ll let my subordinates do the talking!” Then the Ghost Emperor’s figure flew and slowly hid himself inside the Dark Temple. At the same time, several beast skeletons began to flood the hall.

The beast skeletons rushed into the hall but in a blink of an eye they vanished. Zhao Hai also discovered that the surrounding landscape had changed. It wasn’t the Dark Temple anymore. Instead he seems to be inside a Ghost Forest. There were various malicious ghosts wandering randomly all around him.

Zhao Hai knew that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor had already activated his formation. This formation was the same type as the Five Element Killing Formation, it was a formation meant to kill.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He also knew that the beast skeletons should be in the vicinity waiting for an opportunity to attack him. Zhao Hai just wanted to see how powerful this killing formation really was.

Zhao Hai had already made Cai’er look into the formation. In fact, when the formation started, Laura and Cai’er were already paying attention to the monitor. This killing formation wasn’t as good as the Five Element Killing Formation. Although Zhao Hai could see a lot of ghosts around him, these ghosts seem to be completely harmless. Those who can attack were those skeleton beasts that were lying in ambush.

On the Space’s monitor, these ghosts weren’t shown at all. This meant that the ghosts had no attacking power. They were only used to scare people and make sounds.

On the other hand, the skeleton beasts were clearly displayed on the monitor. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried at all.

Zhao Hai quietly stood there and watched the ghosts. Although the ghosts looked very real, just like real malicious spirits, Zhao Hai just regarded them as mere showpieces in a movie, not threatening in any manner.

Zhao Hai had a lot of contact with the Undead. So regarding things like ghosts, he certainly would not feel anything. 

On the other hand, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s expression was quite ugly as he looked at Zhao Hai’s reaction. This formation was an imitation of the Ghost Emperor’s weapon, the Ten Thousand Ghosts Scepter’s Ten Thousand Ghosts formation. But unlike the real thing, the ghosts of this formation were almost illusory. Only after absorbing the Dark Mist for a period of time would these ghosts transform and carry out physical attacks. The ghosts from the real Ten Thousand Ghost Scepter were incomparably powerful.

Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s Ten Thousand Ghost Scepter was the golden scepter that he was holding. However, that scepter was also just an incarnation. The Ghost Emperor certainly wouldn’t send his most important treasure to the Underworld. He placed a lot of effort in developing the treasure, and it was also the source of most of his strength.

A person like the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor can be said to have enemies in all places. Because of this, he wouldn’t dare even think about parting with his most important weapon. Although it would be very helpful for his cultivation to send the scepter, preserving his own life was much more important.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor didn’t tell this to Zhao Hai, but he had been behaving for quite some time. However, this wasn’t due to his own decision. This was because the Ghost Emperor had offended a very strong person. If he was found by this enemy, then he would be in great trouble. Because of this, the Ghost Emperor behaved and focused on managing Underworld.


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