BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1052


Chapter 1052 – Yin Wind Ghost Emperor

The Dark Temple besieged the fortress for three days. The attacks made in these three days cost the Dark Temple 200 million Undead. But even with this much loss, they had yet to touch the fortress walls, they haven’t even reached the moat.. The fortress’ firepower was just too powerful.

This was the Dark Temple’s first encounter with this type of defense. They really didn’t know what to do. Although these Undead were practically unafraid of death, not being able to even come in contact with the enemy made them frustrated. At this point, the morale of the Dark Temple’s army was at an all time low.

The leaders of the Dark Temple Army also didn’t know what to do. Actually, the Dark Temple had no formal army. With this setup, it would be impossible for them to capture the fortress.

However, the Dark Temple Army still haven’t retreated. They were waiting for reinforcements to arrive. They sent their message three days ago. At the earliest, the reinforcements would take ten days. Because of this, the Dark Temple Army could only wait. At this time, they were afraid of attacking the fortress. If they kept attacking, then they would no doubt be wiped out.

The Dark Temple gathered 500 million Undead for this army. And in only three days, they lost 200 million. If things kept going as it is, they wouldn’t last ten days.

The Dark Temple’s high-ranked Undead were initially thinking of attacking themselves. However, the results weren’t ideal. Addison and the others simply didn’t allow them to make a move.

Although they made a few more rounds of attacks, the fortress’ defenses didn’t give them any opportunity to succeed. Not to mention the fact that Addison and the others were present on top of the walls. In this case, the high-ranked Undead had no choice but to surround the fortress without attacking.

While this was happening, Zhao Hai was paying attention to the Dark Temple’s response. The people sending the message were very fast. Since there was no need to move alongside an army, they were free of an enormous burden. It didn’t take long for them to reach the Dark Temple.

Currently, the Dark Temple was facing against the Neutral Alliance. It may even be possible that they were just waiting for the news about the Resistance Army’s defeat.

Since the battle of the fortress was put on hold, Lizzy finally had time to relax. Actually, it can be said that the fortress was already completely defensible. Especially in the Underworld where the Dark Temple didn’t have a lot of strategies in their attacks. Because of this, Lizzy was able to accomplish her task with ease. She hasn’t even used the Blood Spirit Beasts in the moat. The beasts were prepared as the main dish to oppose the incoming Army.

In the next few days, the fortress was quite calm. Although Zhao Hai had the strength to easily kill them all, this action would just alert the Dark Temple. Therefore, Zhao Hai just kept his hand and waited for the Dark Temple to make a decision.

Just like Zhao Hai calculated, the messengers reached the Dark Temple with the report at the proper time. Although the Dark God was in a murderous phase right now, he still transferred troops over towards the Blood River in order to eradicate the Resistance Army.

The Dark God’s present stance confirmed Zhao Hai’s theories. The Dark God was certainly an incarnation. Moreover, it seems like he can’t leave the Dark Temple. This was absolutely good news for Zhao Hai.

Since the Dark Temple’s Army had already been dispatched, readjusting their position was very quick. Zhao Hai calculated that they would take ten days to arrive at the Blood River, but in fact it only took them nine days.

There were a lot of Undead who were left behind in this operation. Looking at the messy march, Zhao Hai didn’t know what to say. If he cannot win against this kind of enemy, then he might as well kill himself with a slab of tofu.

The army sent by the Dark Temple this time numbered 5 billion. There would also be a continuous stream of reinforcements coming over in the next few days. However, this number of troops wasn’t a lot in Zhao Hai’s eyes. If he wasn’t planning on ending this war as soon as possible, then he could just abandon his plan of attacking the Temple and instead he would just slowly march his army forward while killing everything they meet.

This time, the Dark Temple sent most of their troops towards the Blood River. The Dark Temple’s Divine City only had 500 thousand Undead left inside. Although this city looked just like a trading hub, as long as an emergency arrives, everyone can become qualified soldiers. After all, each Undead in the Underworld were born fighters.

Also, there were four satellite cities around the Divine City. Each city had about 200 thousand Undead. When necessary, these Undead could present an army with strength that couldn’t be underestimated.

Zhao Hai discovered that the Undead in the Divine City wouldn’t be used in battle. It seems like the Dark God was very careful. However, Zhao Hai was already prepared for this situation. It was impossible for the enemy to not protect itself. As long as a large enough army was prepared by the Dark Temple, Zhao Hai wouldn’t care about those who were left behind.

After the Dark Temple’s Undead reached the fortress, they only had a simple rest before they immediately attacked. But at this time, Zhao Hai didn’t go and attack the Divine City. He waited. There were still troops trailing behind. He has to wait until all soldiers arrive before he attacks the Divine City.

In three days, the whole army would be finally gathered at the fortress. Zhao Hai made some calculations and the Dark Temple’s Army would end up numbering nearly 10 billion. This was a huge number.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. Instead, he was actually glad. With all these soldiers here, Zhao Hai’s assault on the Dark Temple’s core would be more relaxed.

The second day after arriving at the fortress, Zhao Hai brought ten million Undead to the Dark Temple’s Divine City. 

When Zhao Hai came out, he divided the army into two batches. One group surrounded the Divine City, while the other group defended the vicinity.

Just as Zhao Hai thought, when the Dark Temple’s Undead saw that they had been surrounded, they immediately sprung out and attacked.

However, they were quickly met with an intense retaliation. The Undead that Zhao Hai brought this time were the old Undead of the Space. They had fought many battles and were very skilled even without any instructions. They were also well versed in battle formations. Not to mention Megan was their commander. 

The encirclement immediately converged on the Dark Temple. Although it looks like they were protecting the temple, this was actually done so that nobody would be able to escape.

Zhao Hai stopped paying attention to the battle as he carefully observed the Dark Temple. The temple was completely made out of black bones. It was as high as a hundred meters and occupied land area of about a thousand square meters. The architectural style of the building made Zhao Hai feel as though it was a typical Chinese architecture.

Its great hall had two massive bone doors. The doors were engraved with various monsters. The temple’s roof was made with bone plates, and it also had upturned eaves. On each corner of the roof were skeletal monsters. The entire place looked like a haunted temple.

The monster designs included a bird-fish-insect hybrid. The ones engraved on the doors were traditional lion and beast carvings, just like those in ancient doors.

As Zhao Hai was carefully inspecting the appearance of the palace, a voice suddenly came from inside, “Why just stand there? Since you’ve come, why don’t you enter.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then replied, “Thank you for your hospitality.” He said that as though he was visiting his friend’s home. Then he proceeded to slowly enter the Great Hall.

However, just as Zhao Hai was about to enter the hall, the eyes of the monsters on the doors suddenly lit up with fire. They turned to Zhao Hai and roared, it seems as though they were about to pounce.

Zhao Hai just smiled. He didn’t stop as he continued walking. At this time, the voice inside the hall said, “Stand down. Let him through.” After that, the monsters went silent.

Zhao Hai slowly entered the hall. The hall was built like a palace, but it was more grand than an average hall. The whole place had a total of nine steps, each step presented a higher status than the other. On the ninth step was a chair made of bones. The cover of the chair was made out of leather. On top of the chair was a huge dragon skull. The skull seemed to look at Zhao Hai, giving him intense pressure.

Sat on the chair was a person that didn’t look like an Undead. His clothes were black and were embroidered with all kinds of skeletons. In his hand was a scepter made out of bones. On the end of the scepter was a skull.

The entire scepter was gold. However, embedded in the eyes of the skull were two red stones. This made the scepter look like it was a ghost that could bite anyone at any time.

The person was thin, looking like bones covered by a layer of skin. He had grass-like white hair. His two eyes sparkled with ghastly flames while he looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai could confirm that those weren’t fiery souls but instead a result of a certain cultivation method. 

The person was also inspecting Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai had the appearance of the Dark Pharaoh who held his Blood Ghost Staff. After some time, the person said, “You aren’t Undead?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Naturally. I am just like you, not an Undead.”

The man’s expression changed, he immediately replied, “Who sent you? You actually dare to disrupt my plans? Just because this Yin Wind Ghost Emperor had stayed quiet all these years, it does not mean that I’ve turned soft!”


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  1. What is it with people and death by tofu? Why not something a little closer to actually being able to snuff you out properly…

    1. Because its hilarious to think you got killed by something that shouldn’t be able to kill you. It’s the same line of thinking as being unable to punch your way out of a paper bag (though if you had a paper bag that was properly sized to contain you you actually wouldn’t be able to easily punch your way out but you can easily tear your way out).

  2. Tell him Lu Wei sent you. The message will be passed back to the Cultivation world and set the Evil sect against Lu Wei’s. Never miss an opportunity to have your enemies attack each other.

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