BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1051


Chapter 1051 – Contest of Strength

The Dark Temple’s high-ranked Undead couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t expect their attack to end this soon. Wasn’t this too fast?

At the same time, what were those things shooting out from the fortress? How can they be so lethal? They can actually one-shot the Undead?

The high-ranked Undead from the Dark Temple looked at the fortress. They really didn’t know what to do with it. Then at this time, one of the smarter high-ranked Undead suddenly said, “They managed to cross the Blood River. Does this mean there are no Blood Spirit Beasts here? In this case, we can cross the river. We will attack their nest and then come back to take care of them.”

The other Undead stared when they heard this. Then all of a sudden they all laughed. The loudest one of them said, “Right, right, you’re right. Since they can cross the river, we can do it too. Let’s go and attack their nest!”

After that was said, they immediately directed a group of undead to fly across the river. But as soon as they crossed over, the Blood Spirit Beasts immediately attacked .Moreover, the beasts this time seem to be more powerful than usual. No Undead who crossed the river survived from the attack.

Faced with this situation, the Dark Temple’s undead couldn’t help but stop. They were now made aware that there were still Blood Spirit Beasts in the Blood River. Wanting to cross the river at this time wouldn’t be an easy matter.

The Undead who commanded the army gathered together once more, each of their expressions difficult to look at. Especially the Undead who suggested crossing the Blood River.

The other Undead looked at him, not knowing not to say. They knew that the advice wasn’t a bad idea, it was in fact very good. They just underestimated the Resistance Army.

After several minutes of silence, one of them said, “We must inform the Dark God about this situation. I really didn’t expect the Blood Spirit Beasts to not attack the Resistance Army. This matter is very important. We need to ask the Dark God to send reinforcements. If we cannot take this fortress, then the Resistance Army would have a solid foothold in our territory. As this goes on, they would be able to sabotage a lot of our plans. They would be able to attack whenever they want while we would be in a passive state.”

The group nodded. Although they don’t understand basic troops formations, the current situation was simple enough for them to understand.

After seeing everyone nod, the Undead who suggested the idea continued, “Let’s send a group to head back with the message. Meanwhile we can organize our 500 million strong army to do something. Even if we cannot take the fortress down, we can still probe their capabilities. And once the Dark God’s army arrives, we can take the fortress in one go.”

The group nodded. Then the Undead who just spoke immediately arranged for a small team to inform the Dark God. Then he assembled another team, he looked at them and said, “You cowards listen to me! We’re already dead, but the Dark God has given us another life. Our lives belong to the Dark God. We have an enemy in front of us. If we cannot deal with them, then they would be a threat to our god. We need to take this fortress. I will personally command this team in the backline. If I find anyone retreating, I will kill them immediately. Now go ahead, for the Dark God!:”

The undead shouted loudly, “For the Dark God.” Then they proceeded to throw themselves towards the fortress.

The Dark Temple’s undead seems to be brainwashed by the man behind it. For their Dark God, they seem to stop their rationality, this includes their instinct to preserve their lives.

Zhao Hai was already prepared about this situation. It can be said that if one wanted to control people without the use of money, then they would have to rely on faith. The best way to control the Undead was through the use of faith.

Naturally, the one who used this method was the man behind the Dark Temple. This explains the burst of morale when the words ‘Dark God’ were mentioned.

Zhao Hai had thought about this before, so he really wasn’t that surprised. He didn’t make any moves or relayed any commands. He plans to leave everything to Lizzy and the others, they were good at these things.

Now that their morale had risen, the Dark Temple’s Undead began to rush towards the fortress.

However, what waited for them a kilometer away from the fortress were endless attacks. Both magic cannons and javelins were doing their part. They were advanced goods produced by the upgraded Processing Machine, so there was no need to doubt their quality. Additionally, there were enough ammunition present. And with the Dark Temple’s undead being unorganized, taking the fortress was truly impossible.

The high-ranked Undead didn’t participate in the attack and just observed the fortress. They wanted to see the defensive capabilities of the structure.

After observing for some time, these Undead couldn’t help but recognize that the fortress’ defenses were abnormal. The fortress seems to be an infinitely attacking machine. Wanting to reach the fortress walls seem to be impossible.

Some time after the attack started, a high-ranked Undead suddenly said, “We cannot just attack like this. We need to find a solution.”

The other Undead looked at him, so he sighed and said, “Gather the Lich together, the Undead archers as well. Have the Lich sneak into the fortress and attack it with magic. We’ll use the archers to draw their attention away from the Lich.”

The other Undead had no other ideas so they all agreed. Before long, a large number of Lich as well as Undead archers were arranged. The bows and arrows of the archers were made out of bones. The bows were refined from their own bodies. Undead who chose this path could only fight at long range.

The bodies of the Undead archers look more fragile compared to the others. But in return, this made them more agile. The arrows they used were made out of bones commonly found in the Underworld. But every one of them would have about ten arrows refined from their own bodies. These arrows were the true killers. Each one of them had their own special property.

After the archers and the Lich were gathered, the high-ranked Undead immediately gave them their orders. The archers and the Lich quickly understood their purpose and promptly prepared themselves.

To be honest, if the Undead Archers used their ordinary arrows, then it would be impossible for them to reach the fortress while being in a safe distance. In order to attract the fortress’ attention, they would have to use their special arrows.

It didn’t take long for Undead archers to arrive just beyond the 1 kilometer line. Then under the command of a high-ranked Undead, they began to fire their arrows at the same time.

As the arrows were shot out, the Lich began to progress towards the fortress. The high-ranked Undead focused their attention on the fortress. They wanted to see how the fortress would respond.

Originally, in the minds of these high-ranked Undead, battles were nothing more than leading a group, clashing for some time, and then having the Experts battle it out in order to find the winner. But now, the fortress had taught them that wars weren’t that simple. 

These Undead also knew that wars were just like battles between two experts. One had to have the ability to look into their strength as well as their enemies. If they weren’t doing great, then they would fall behind, and in turn they would have more pressure during the fight.

Under the gazes of the high-ranked Undead, the fortress suddenly raised a bright red curtain, protecting the entire fortress. The arrows that went through this curtain were all blown up. They were rendered useless.

They also saw the fortress firing another round of their magic cannons. However, this salvo wasn’t heading towards the Undead archers, but to a different area instead. After the magic cannon fire exploded, one could see fiery souls on the ground. It was obvious that this was the place where the Lich were just in.

Upon seeing this situation, the high-ranked Undead could no longer sit still. They didn’t expect the enemy to be able to disrupt their plan. And they didn’t expect the enemy to be able to detect the stealthed Lich. This also made them very curious.

One must know that a Lich’s stealth technique was something that even high-ranked Undead wouldn’t be able to break. A stealthed Lich didn’t emit energy nor do they make noise. But despite these things, the fortress was actually able to find them, the fortress surely wasn’t simple. They also knew that although the Lich race’s stealth ability was formidable, it still conformed to the rules of the heavens and the earth. It was impossible for the Lich to achieve perfect stealth.

The Dark Temple’s Undead continued to make attacks ten more times. But each time, they were repelled by Zhao Hai’s fortress. Also, all of the fiery souls were taken by Zhao Hai to the Space. These fiery souls were good resources to improve the Undead.

In these attacks, the Dark Temple had lost a lot. They didn’t have any formations, they just blindly charged, and then after some time they would retreat. By the end of the attacks, the Dark Temple had already lost 100 million Undead. This showed how tragic their current situation was.


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