BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1050


Chapter 1050 – Fortress

Addison stood beside the Blood River. He knew Zhao Hai’s plan and to be honest, he approved of it. He experienced Zhao Hai’s decapitation strategies, it was when they were dealing with the Five Element Skeletons and the Gibbon Brothers. With this strategy, they would shorten the time to conquer the Dark Temple.

Looking at the blood red body of water, Addison’s heart was on fire. They would finally start their true battle against the Dark Temple.

Although Addison and the others were now completely loyal to Zhao Hai, they still haven’t forgotten about their hatred towards the Dark Temple. They couldn’t help but feel happy now that this opportunity has arrived.

At this time, Zhao Hai appeared right by Addison’s side. Addison felt Zhao Hai’s presence, so he immediately bowed and said, “Young Master, we’ve gathered everyone. When do we make a move?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “We move now.” Then he waved his hand, the water on the river suddenly formed a bridge. The bridge was a couple meters wide and it stretched across the whole span of the river.

Zhao Hai proceeded to beckon towards the bridge and said, “Those who can fly, fly over. Those who cannot, walk through the bridge. Make a formation on the other side.”

Addison responded with an affirming grunt. Then although the Undead were still afraid of the Blood River, they still went to the other side. 

Actually, Zhao Hai could just send them all instantly to the other side. However, Zhao Hai didn’t do so because he wanted the Dark Temple’s troops on the other side to see the approaching army.

Over the years, the Blood River has been the Resistance Army’s first line of defense against the Dark Temple. It was their most important line of defense. Also, in the past, the Resistance Army had tried to invade across the Blood River and they paid a huge price for it. If the Dark Temple’s troops saw how easily the Resistance Army crossed the river, they would know that it wouldn’t just be a simple attack.

The moment Addison and the others crossed the Blood River, the war had already begun. Psychological warfare, morale warfare, momentum warfare, all of these were critical to any army. One shouldn’t fail in establishing these aspects or else the war wouldn’t be good to you.

And sure enough, just like Zhao Hai thought, once Addison’s army gathered on the Blood River, the people on the other side immediately sensed them and then promptly sent a message back into the Dark Temple.

At the beginning, those Undead didn’t take this matter to heart. In their opinion, the Resistance Army didn’t have the strength to protect their lives in crossing the Blood River. Not to mention attacking them, the Resistance Army had to give their all in surviving. They didn’t believe that Addison’s army would have the strength left to pose a threat.

But much to their surprise, a bridge suddenly appeared on top of the Blood River. Then after that, in a relaxed manner, the Resistance Army just flew over the river. Nothing attacked them at all. This left the Dark Temple’s troops in a panicked state.

However, it was already too late for them to retreat. Although the Blood River wasn’t narrow, those who could fly could traverse the body of water in a short time. They didn’t leave any time for the Dark Temple’s troops to withdraw.

The Dark Temple’s troops immediately decided to defend. However, their numbers were too low. In almost an instant, they were overthrown by the Resistance Army.

But even though they were destroyed, the Dark Temple’s troops were still able to pass the situation back. Naturally, Zhao Hai knew about this outcome, and he had a way to stop it. The other party’s spiritual force wasn’t that strong, and the message would still have to go through a long distance. If Zhao Hai wanted to stop it, he can use his own spiritual force to intercept the message. But Zhao Hai didn’t do so since he wanted the Dark Temple to transfer some troops to stop the Resistance Army’s advance.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others had arrived on the opposite shore. Addison looked at the lands that they had stepped upon. Although it was the same soil as the other side of the river, Addison and the others still felt that something was different.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about what they were thinking as he gave his command, “Pitch camp!”

Addison and the others recovered, then they quickly complied and pitched the camp. They were prepared to defend this place for some time, this was where Zhao Hai plans to attract the Dark Temple’s troops.

In Zhao Hai’s eyes, this wasn’t the main battlefield. The true battlefield would be at the heart of the Dark Temple. As long as they destroy the Dark Temple’s core, then everything else would be easy.

Zhao Hai also knew that for the coming days, the situation in this place would become beyond frigid. This was because the Dark Temple would regard this place as the main battlefront. Their armies would surely be unceasing. The pressure on Addison and the others would be very huge.

Although Addison and the others were Undead, after the establishment of the Academies, they had become their own race. This independence wasn’t only in Addison’s heart, Zhao Hai believed this to be the case as well.

Because of this idea, Zhao Hai didn’t want Addison and the others to die in vain. Therefore, Zhao Hai planned to attack the Dark Temple’s morale, decreasing the pressure placed on Addison’s group.

The base that Zhao Hai would construct wasn’t just any ordinary base, Zhao Hai borrowed the Divine Race’s fortress plans in order to make a stronghold. Not only was earth magic used in order to erect a hundred meter high stone wall, there would also be magic cannons and blood lightning javelins provided. All of these things were used to defend against the enemy. Zhao Hai wasn’t stingy this time, he took everything he can afford to take out.

The blood lightning javelins that the Space made had been upgraded Not only did they include a huge dormant energy inside, it also included deadly poison. This poison came from the Underworld’s Dark Ocean. It was very lethal against the Undead.

Besides these things, Zhao Hai also prepared a moat outside the fortress. This moat had the Blood River’s water flowing through it, complete with Blood Spirit Beasts. The Dark Temple would have to pay a very heavy price if they wanted to attack this fortress.

Zhao Hai regarded this war as his last war in the Underworld. Because of this, he didn’t spare anything in his preparations. He was going to use this event in to swallow the entire Underworld.

As long as he destroyed the Dark Temple, the Undead under the temple’s control would lose their power. As for the Neutral Alliance, Zhao Hai wasn’t concerned about them.

Because of this, Zhao Hai did his best in order to build this fortress into a solid defensive structure. This way, it would attract more attention from the Dark Temple, making Zhao Hai more relaxed in facing the man behind it.

Regardless of the enemy, Zhao Hai would still give his all. And even if Zhao Hai knew that the person behind the Dark Temple was probably just an incarnation and wouldn’t be that strong, he still didn’t underestimate him. What Zhao Hai wanted to do was to eliminate the other party while losing as least personnel as possible.

Zhao Hai was anxious to finish this thing because one, he wanted to obtain the buried treasures, and two, because his cultivation has increased beyond his imagination after gaining a new heart. Zhao Hai believed that it wouldn’t be long before he would complete the first stage of the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin Yang Art. And when that time comes, Zhao Hai would have no choice but to ascend. Zhao Hai wanted to finish his matters in the Underworld before that happens.

With Zhao Hai’s efforts, the fortress was slowly being completed. Although the Undead wanted to help, most if not all of them could only use Dark Energy. For them, using earth element energy to make the wall was impossible. Therefore, they could only watch as the fortress was being made.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai was very powerful. It didn’t take long before the wall was finished. The magic cannons and the javelins have also been installed. After that, the experienced Undead inside the Space began to teach the other Undead how to operate the magic cannons and use the javelins. The tests proved that their might wasn’t small.

The Undead in the Underworld were strong, they were even stronger than the experts in the Divine Realm. Even the ordinary Undead had formidable defense. But now, Zhao Hai’s weapons have been improved. The magic cannons constructed by the processing machine now used materials that weren’t available before. This made the magic cannons last longer. The magic formations used on the cannons have also been upgraded, making each shot more lethal. Even if the Undead were defensively strong, they would still suffer under the magic cannons.

Zhao Hai finished making the fortress three days later. Making such a fortress in only three days, the only one who could do it alone was probably Zhao Hai.

The fortress was constructed right beside the Blood River, so it only had three walls. Moreover, these walls weren’t just ordinary straight structures, there were all kinds of edges and corners installed in them. Zhao Hai used his earth magic in order to provide the magic cannons and the javelins the best locations to fire from.

Outside the walls was a moat made with a branching stream of the Blood River. Inside this moat were Blood Spirit Beasts ready for ambush. At this point, they were waiting for the Dark Temple to arrive. At the same time, Lizzy was also using the Space’s monitor to pay attention to the Dark Temple’s movements.

Before long, the Dark Temple’s army was dispatched. But this time, the army they sent only contained a small number of troops. It seems like they didn’t think that the Resistance Army would be a threat. On the other hand, they concentrated their troops on the Neutral Alliance. It looks like they were planning to deal with the Resistance Army along the way before they clashed with the Neutral Alliance.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he couldn’t help but be speechless. He didn’t know how to react. The Dark Temple actually treats the Resistance Army as a side dish.

Upon seeing the situation, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately attack the Dark Temple. Although there weren’t a lot of defending troops left, the fact that the Dark Temple sent their troops to face the Neutral Alliance was something that was out of Zhao Hai’s expectation. The Neutral Alliance was quite close to the Dark Temple’s central area. If Zhao Hai can’t take out the core of the Dark Temple in a short time, then the army facing the Neutral Alliance would immediately return, and in a quick manner. Once they return, Zhao Hai’s surprise plan would be put to waste. 

It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai decided to wait. Once the fortress dealt with the first wave of troops, the army facing the Neutral Alliance would surely send people to deal with them. As long as that army moves, then Zhao Hai could immediately attack the Dark Temple. Even for the Experts, the distance between the Blood River and the Dark Temple’s core territory would take them several days of travel. 

The fourth day after Zhao Hai completed the fortress, the Dark Temple’s army finally arrived. The army stood outside the fortress, dumbfounded. They didn’t expect a fortress here, there was even a moat.

The Dark Temple’s Undead stared at the huge fortress. They were speechless for a while. Zhao Hai made a large fortress, it can hold about 100 million Undead inside. The army sent by the Dark Temple this time contained 500 million Undead. It was impossible for these Undead to take a fortress that was armed to the teeth.

The Dark Temple’s high-ranking Undead were also left staring. They didn’t know what to do with the situation. After further discussions among them, they decided to make an attack first to see what would happen.

Before long, 100 million took flight and threw themselves towards the fortress. Zhao Hai wasn’t inside the fortress and was instead inside the Space. He was looking at the monitor while Lizzy was commanding the Undead, he didn’t plan on interfering.

At the same time, Lizzy didn’t make any great moves. He just commanded the Undead to man the magic cannons as well as equip themselves with javelins. Then they waited in place.

When the approaching Undead were about a kilometer away from the fortress, Lizzy finally ordered to launch the attack. Energy beams from the magic cannons immediately flew towards the Undead.

The Undead haven’t encountered this kind of attack before. They kept flying forward, they didn’t even try to dodge. But after the unending barrage of magic cannon fire and javelins arrived, batches upon batches of Undead began to fall from the sky.

However, this didn’t end there, another batch of attacks came in. Upon seeing the next wave, the Dark Temple’s Undead began to wake up. One after another they began to dodge, it was total chaos. However, they were still at a safe distance. Although there were a lot of deaths brought by the magic cannons and the javelins, there were even more Undead who were able to escape.

The Dark Temple’s undead were completely untrained, they were a motley crew. Just one hit from the fortress’ magic cannons and javelins was enough to send them back.


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