BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1049


Chapter 1049 – Luring the Tiger Out of the Mountain

Inside was a huge space. Zhao Hai made some estimations and this place should be no less than ten thousand square meters in floor area. There were no other things inside this place other than the stones that were piled up like a hill.

Naturally, the size wasn’t the thing that surprised Zhao Hai. What surprised Zhao Hai were the shining stones. They gave out a gloomy blue radiance, they looked beautifully mysterious.

The stones weren’t transparent, but they were faintly blue. Zhao Hai stared at them, he didn’t think that stones would be this beautiful.

Zhao Hai’s first thought when he saw these stones wasn’t to use them for medicinal purposes. Instead, he wanted to use them to make street lights.

Zhao Hai didn’t know how his mind comes up with these things. When he was in the middle of business, these thoughts suddenly come up, which were quite strange.

After staring for a moment, Zhao Hai took all of the blue stone into the Space. In this huge room, there was nothing else aside from those stones.

Zhao Hai left the room and slowly flew back to the ground. Upon resurfacing, Zhao Hai discovered that the treasure was buried right below the foot of the bone mountain.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just returned to the Space. Then he continued to move towards the next treasure. With the Space’s ability, it didn’t take long before Zhao Hai collected all five treasures.

Once he collected all of the five treasures, Zhao Hai was finally able to continue to the next step. These five treasure rooms gave Zhao Hai a lot. Naturally, what he gained were only some ores.

According to the giant heart, there were a total of 22 treasures in the Dark Temple’s Domain. Most of these treasures were magic artifacts. It can be said that these were the true treasure of the Heart Defending Clan.

What Zhao Hai needed the most right now were these magic artifacts. Although he already had the Blood Ghost Staff, nobody would disagree to having more magical items. Zhao Hai didn’t want to use these magic artifacts. After he collects these treasures, he was prepared to send them to the people in the Space. The Blood Ghost Staff was already enough for him to use.

Zhao Hai called Addison and the others to the Space. They were becoming impatient lately. Now that Zhao Hai called them over, they immediately came.

After Addison and the others arrived, Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “What’s the problem? Worried? Don’t worry, we’ll be making our move.”

Addison’s two eyes shone, “Young Master, have you captured the Blood Spirit Beasts? Have you already mapped the Dark Temple’s domain?”

Zhao Hai gave a gentle nod. Then he waved his hand, showing the map of the Dark Temple’s territory on the monitor. The blood needles had succeeded in mapping the Dark Temple’s area. Zhao Hai was also introduced to the Underworld’s ocean.

The Underworld had an ocean with water that was very black. This body of water was different than the blood river. Once an undead or any creature tries to swim in the ocean’s waters, they would immediately be swallowed in, not even their fiery souls would remain.

Zhao Hai also decided to take some of this water into the Space. However, the prompt only said that it was an extremely toxic liquid that had the power to swallow everything. Also, it seems like it could also be used for making weapons.

Zhao Hai didn’t know how big this ocean was. However, Zhao Hai has to recognize the size of the Underworld judging by how big the Dark Temple’s territory was. The Dark Temple alone held territory almost the size of five Taurus Continents. Naturally, with land that size, it was impossible for the Dark Temple to gain complete control over it. There were still some Undead in the territory who loved their freedom and were still resisting control. But compared to the Resistance Army, these groups were just like two or three kittens. They simply didn’t have enough power to move the current status quo.

Zhao Hai pointed at the Dark Temple’s map and said, “This is the territory of the Dark Temple. The red areas are completely controlled by them while the green have yet to be managed. There’s still some resistance forces in the green areas, but their strength is very poor.”

When Addison heard this, his eyes shone. He looked at the huge expanse of red on the monitor, then he looked at the green spots. With a confused voice he asked, “Young Master, so you’re saying that there are still some resistance forces inside the Dark Temple’s territory? Why didn’t we know of this before?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “How would you know when you’re separated by the huge land of the Dark Temple? There’s no way for you to contact each other, so it’s natural that you would be unaware of them.”

Addison nodded. He didn’t say anything more as he closely looked at the map. The domain controlled by the Dark Temple was very huge. And in the middle of it was the Dark Temple itself.

After inspecting the map, Addison and the others looked back at Zhao Hai. Seeing their gazes, Zhao Hai said, “Prepare everyone, in a while I will be taking them to the Space. Tomorrow we will officially attack the Dark Temple, our main goal will be the Temple itself.”

When Addison and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but feel excited. Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent everybody out, making them prepare the army.

Actually, there was no need for them to prepare the army since Zhao Hai can just take all of them into the Space. However, Zhao Hai wanted to see how they would coordinate groups.

A well-trained army was much stronger than an untrained group. These days, Zhao Hai not only made Experts, he also trained the Undead. He wanted to use this time in order to check the result of their training.

Frankly speaking, the training time has been too short. Therefore, the results weren’t satisfying. At the very least, Zhao Hai was still not satisfied. The army was still very vulnerable. 

The Undead in the Underworld were different from those in the Ark Continent or in the Divine Realm. In the Underworld, the Undead were born as an Undead, then they were subdued by the Space. On the other hand, the Undead from the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm were reanimated corpses using magic. Zhao Hai could completely control these Undead. This was even true for those Undead who had wisdom. If Zhao Hai wanted to, he could control them as though they were his puppets.

But for the Underworld’s Undead, Zhao Hai didn’t have complete control. Zhao Hai can order them directly to fight, but they weren’t as easy to control compared to the other Undead.

However, this didn’t mean that these Undead weren’t just taken by Zhao Hai and placed inside the Space. He trained those he can train. Now, they were easier to use. Zhao Hai basically had complete control over them.

After sending Addison and the others away, Zhao Hai called Lizzy and Megan over. Laura and the others were still busy with the Processing Machine. It was as though they were children that were handed new toys to play with. 

When Lizzy and Megan arrived at the villa and saw the map on the screen, they immediately understood what was going to happen. They found a place to sit and stared at the map.

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “We shall attack the Dark Temple tomorrow. I don’t plan to whittle them down this time. We will attack their core. As long as we take care of the Dark Temple, everything would be easier to deal with.”

Lizzy looked at the map, then after some time she said, “This is a good idea, but the Dark Temple’s defense is very strict. It wouldn’t be easy to attack them directly. There are also a lot of strongholds around them that could provide support in a short time. I think we should find a way to get lure those troops out of the temple.”

Megan also gave a nod, “I agree. The Dark Temple has too many defenders. There aren’t too many rules in their defense, but their numbers can provide some problems. However, judging by the previous clash between the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple, the temple seems to be unable to use army formations. Also, there seems to be no hierarchy in their army. So I think that if we lure the defenders out, just like Sister Lizzy said, the invasion would become much easier.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he thought for a moment and said, “I like this method. We’ll divide the army into two teams. Megan, you come with me to command the team that will attack the Dark Temple. Lizzy, you go with Addison and the others to cross the Blood River and attract the Dark Temple’s attention. Once the defenders are thinned out, it would become more convenient for us to do our attack.”

Laura and Megan gave a nod, then Zhao Hai added, “I will order the Blood Spirit Beasts to coordinate with Lizzy. Lizzy, if things go wrong, don’t hesitate to immediately withdraw. Do not go at them hard. Drag them over to the Blood River. With this, we would have more chances to succeed.”

Lizzy nodded, “Brother Hai, rest assured, I know what to do. You need to be careful of that person in the Dark Temple. He surely wouldn’t be easy to deal with.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry. Even if I cannot kill him, I can still escape.”

Lizzy and Megan chuckled. Then the three proceeded to iron out their plan on how to deal with the Dark Temple. In this campaign, Lizzy and the others needed to constrain the Dark Temple in the Blood River. Moreover, they needed to delay the enemy for several days. Once the Dark Temple sends their reserves, only then would Zhao Hai’s group make a move.


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