BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1048


Chapter 1048 – Treasure Hunt

After eating their meal, Zhao Hai pulled Meg over to relax in the hot spring, amidst the teasing coming from Laura and the others. Then the women proceeded to return to the Processing Machine.

Zhao Hai had been very tired in the past few days. He had been reading the inheritance every day. In the end, he felt like he had read through two full brain’s worth of cultivation methods. If his spiritual force wasn’t that formidable, then Zhao Hai might have been taken over by a devil.

Now that everything has been recorded, naturally Zhao Hai needed to relax. And since Meg had an incredible massage technique, Zhao Hai brought her with him in the hot spring. The two had an affectionate bath together as a couple.

After having a good time with Meg in the hot spring, Zhao Hai laid on the spring’s flat stone, holding Meg in his arms. Meg was currently like an obedient kitten lying in Zhao Hai’s chest. It was a scene that made Meg look just like Zhao Hai’s wife. Normally, Meg would look like a servant and Zhao Hai was her Young Master.

While holding Meg, Zhao Hai talked with a soft voice, “Meg, I’m sorry. You’ve been silently following me for all these years. You’ve been taking care of our huge family without asking anything in exchange. I know that you have been working the hardest out of all of us. Thank you.”

Being in the arms of Zhao Hai, Meg felt that Zhao Hai’s words were as sweet as the sweetest drink. She whispered, “Young Master, these are all things I’m willing to do, so you don’t need to apologize. I know I’m not as smart as Sister Laura and the others, so as long as I’m able to take care of you, then I’m already happy.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but tighten his hold on Meg, then he replied, “Meg, your intelligence isn’t any less than Laura and the others. Moreover, your steadfast work is something that Laura and the others didn’t have. And if you want to do something else, just do it.”

Meg actually shook her head, “No, Young Master, I like my present life. I’d like to stay as it is until you are old, have trouble walking, or even stop wanting me.”

After Meg tightened her hold, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered a joke back on Earth when he still had the internet. It said that behind every successful man is a woman. However, that woman wasn’t his wife, but instead his mother-in-law. This was because his mother-in-law would always look after his faults. When the man corrects these mistakes, then he would be able to succeed.

At that time, Zhao Hai felt that although it was a joke, it actually made some sense. But now, Zhao Hai believed that this wasn’t the case at all. If a man had a woman like Meg by his side, then it would be difficult for them not to succeed.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with his current life. Having Meg, Laura, and his other wives by his side made his life much more colorful.

Meg also felt that Zhao Hai’s love for her was genuine. She was similarly satisfied with her life.

Meg had known that she would be tied up with Zhao Hai for her entire lifetime. When Zhao Hai was still trash, she loved him, and now, she loved him even more.

Actually, Meg felt inferior compared to Laura and the others. Laura and the others were young ladies, one was even a princess. It was only Meg who had the status of a servant. Because of this, she couldn’t help but feel less than them.

After lying inside for some time, Meg and Zhao Hai went out of the hot spring. Outside the villa, Zhao Hai saw Laura and the others being busy. He didn’t say anything and just took out some small furniture and drank some tea.

Laura and the others were busy while Zhao Hai was relaxing at the side, however, they weren’t angry at all. This was because they knew that they were also relaxing during the times where Zhao Hai was working hard. It can be said that the person with the most things to do inside the Space was Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai rested inside the Space for three days. After three days, his soul has been completely relaxed. In this span of time, Laura and the others were very busy improving all of the Space’s crops. As Zhao Hai thought, they were secretly enjoying the job.

After three days, Zhao Hai finally recovered. He was now ready to claim the treasures of the Heart Defending Clan. The clan had dominated the Underworld for countless years. Their accumulation of wealth was truly rich. If not for the ones who wanted to snatch the heart, they still would have control over the place.

Now, the Underworld has been destroyed, even the laws of the plane seems to have changed a little. This was the reason why the Experts here were much stronger than the ones in the Divine Realm and in the Atlanta Plane. At the same time, this also explains why there are no genuine Cultivation-realm experts present in this plane.

Zhao Hai dug into the memories that the giant heart had passed on to him. After carefully scanning through them, Zhao Hai finally found something. When the last defender died, the laws of the plane seems to have changed. Part of the reason was the extinction of the Heart Defending Clan, another part was because the Cultivation Realm used the plane as a cemetery when they dumped all of the corpses here, and then another part was because of the giant heart. 

The giant heart had simple wisdom. It knew that if it let the Cultivation Realm’s people come into the Underworld whenever they want, then it would be in danger. Sooner or later, the Cultivation Realm would discover where it was hiding. Because of this, the giant heart slowly changed the laws of the plane.

One shouldn’t think that this was a difficult matter. This plane was originally made by the great god. And since the giant heart was the god’s most important organ, it naturally had the ability to control the plane. Although this ability wasn’t much, and the giant heart couldn’t make abrupt changes, it could nudge the Underworld’s laws bit by bit into the direction it wanted it to be in. At this point, overly powerful people would find it impossible to enter the plane.

After finding out about this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel relieved. At the same time, he couldn’t help but sigh. In the past, the Underworld was surely not at this state. This place used to be occupied by cultivators, who would believe that it would reach such a state?

But looking at it now, the whole place was ruined. One must say that humans had an inborn tendency to destroy. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on restoring the Underworld to its original state. At the very least, not now. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to protect the Underworld. If he restored the Underworld to its original appearance, then the people from the Cultivation Realm would surely come over. Zhao Hai still has no grasp on how to defeat these people.

According to what Zhao Hai got from the giant heart, if he wanted to acquire all the buried treasure of the Heart Defending Clan, then he would have to face some difficulties. This was because a large part of the clan’s buried treasure lay under the Dark Temple’s territory. 

Fortunately, this didn’t have any conflict with Zhao Hai’s plans. He would have to deal with the Dark Temple anytime soon. In any case, the buried treasure had been there for many years. If it can be stolen, then it would have already been stolen a long time ago. If it was still intact, then a few more days wouldn’t be able to change anything.

Zhao Hai decided to clear the treasures buried in the Resistance Army’s lands first. The Heart Defending Clan buried five treasures in the Resistance Army’s domain. These treasures weren’t very valuable, they were just some ores.

According to the information obtained from the giant heart, the first treasure was supposed to be buried under a bone mountain. The huge battle in the Underworld had drastically changed its terrain. Fortunately, now that the Space has mapped the Resistance Army’s territory, Zhao Hai could follow the giant heart’s tips to mark a rough location on the map. It was much better than nothing at all.

After looking for a while, Zhao Hai found the bone mountain. The bone mountain wasn’t that tall, it was just average in height compared to the others. There were low-ranked skeletons sauntering on the mountain. Zhao Hai didn’t care about them as he summoned the blood lotus and went straight underground.

Once he reached 100 meters underground, Zhao Hai stopped. The first treasure room was in the vicinity. Inside were unique ores from the original Underworld. According to the giant heart, this ore seems to be ores used for medicinal purposes. One can extract liquid from the ore using a special method. If the liquid was drunk directly, it would improve the strength and defense of the human body. If it was mixed into other components, then it would be an effective potion.

Judging by Zhao Hai’s computation, he knew that the treasure room should be in this bone mountain. As for the specific position, it still needed some time to figure out.

Since this was the case, Zhao Hai could only roam the bone mountain’s underground hoping to come across the treasure room. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t go about this blindly. He was looking at the Space’s monitor that was marking his path, this way he wouldn’t explore the same region twice.

Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious. After all, this was something that required patience. He also prepared himself mentally for this. He continued to slowly explore using the blood lotus. He believed that the Space’s abilities wouldn’t fail him.

After one hour of exploration, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that the soil in front of him had a slight difference in quality. Zhao Hai immediately slowed down before looking at it really carefully. The soil did indeed have some changes.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be more attentive. As he slowly moved forward, a flat piece of rock suddenly appeared in front of him. He stopped and inspected the piece of rock. When he found traces of something on it, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. He knew that he had found the place.

To be honest, this treasure wasn’t that important for Zhao Hai. However, the prospect of discovering treasures still made Zhao Hai very excited.

Zhao Hai carefully maneuvered the blood lotus around the rock. The rock was about two meters thick and seemed to be very hard. However, this wasn’t a problem for him. Zhao Hai just flew through the rock and entered a huge stone room. And as soon as he entered the room, Zhao Hai was immediately stunned. 


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