BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1046


Chapter 1046 – Inheritance and the Universal Processing Machine’s Upgrade

In fact, this wasn’t really that strange. Although the heart didn’t have any wisdom, it can still think for itself.

It had a purpose every intelligent lifeform needed to accomplish, and that was to pass on their inheritance, to continue their bloodline

Humanity was also like this. In order to pass on their wisdom, they invented writing. Other races had their own methods of continuing their line.

The giant heart was the same. Although it only had simple thinking, this didn’t mean that it didn’t have a desire to continue its bloodline. This small heart was a means to this desire.

Since the heart was just an organ, in a normal situation, it wouldn’t have any means of multiplying. However, the giant heart was an organ from a great god. Naturally, it had formidable abilities. It can record events, just like a computer that runs automatically.

Later on, when the last generation of protectors sent his last vitality into the heart, he also passed down some knowledge over to the heart. Because of this, the giant heart had some knowledge of its own, naturally it still couldn’t be as smart as the other races.

What was the strongest wish of the heart’s last defender? He wanted to continue his bloodline. Unfortunately, he was the only living human in the Underworld, so that was impossible to accomplish. However, this obsession was passed over to the giant heart. Because of this, the heart also had the idea of continuing its lineage.

The organ of a great god was something unusual. Although the wisdom of the heart wasn’t good, it still acted on its instinct and developed a method of reproduction, which was division.

The giant heart split itself into two and made a smaller version of its own form. This small heart had all the abilities of its parent. Unfortunately, this small heart didn’t have any intellect. Because of this, the giant heart didn’t produce a lot. At the same time, it also made measures in order to protect itself.

This was also the desire of the last defender. Because of this, the heart made several layers of tests. The first one were the Blood Spirit Beasts. If one cannot defeat them, then arriving at the palace was completely impossible. The second test was the tsunami of information to see if they can handle the mental pressure. If Zhao Hai wasn’t able to digest it, then he wouldn’t be able to interact with the heart. 

If these two tests were passed, then the next was a trial for greed. The heart would express its request to not move it while handing the copper cauldron over. But if one was greedy and decided to take both the heart and the cauldron, then they would be met with misfortune. The copper cauldron would proceed to attack you. The cauldron’s attacking method was unusual, it would eat you up and immediately refine you. The copper cauldron was a treasure of the heart’s defenders. After many years of worship, it had become a top grade magic treasure. If the defenders were afraid of strong enemies, then they wouldn’t have placed the copper cauldron here.

However, if you didn’t take the heart and let it stay here in peace, then it would give you the copper cauldron as well as the little heart. That small heart was split from the heart of a great god. It could purify blood, improve one’s absorption of energy, widen one’s meridians, and many more.

After the heart entered Zhao Hai’s body, it replaced Zhao Hai’s original heart. Because of this, Zhao Hai gained the inheritance of the defenders of the heart. Only by having this inheritance would Zhao Hai not be attacked by the copper cauldron. At the same time, the Blood Spirit Beasts would no longer attack him. On the contrary, Zhao Hai can now command the Blood Spirit Beasts. This was because Zhao Hai was now the new defender of the heart.

This inheritance was the same as what Zhao Hai was expecting. The defenders of the heart were the original controllers of this plane. They left behind a lot of treasures as well as their cultivation methods and techniques. They weren’t any weaker than any cultivation sect. It can be said that the heart’s defenders were no weaker than the Hundred Spirit Clan. But when the war happened, this place became a cemetery. Slowly, the place turned into the current Underworld. Although the laws of the plane haven’t changed, it was completely different to what it was before.

But even so, the true inheritance of the heart’s defenders wasn’t in the giant heart, instead it was the copper cauldron. If Zhao Hai was greedy, not only would he fail to gain the inheritance, but he would also be refined by the cauldron. Now, since Zhao Hai has absorbed the small heart, the copper cauldron has recognized him as its new master.

Another shot of white light told Zhao Hai everything about the cauldron. Upon understanding its function, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but wipe a cold sweat. Although he wasn’t afraid of being refined by the cauldron, it would still be troublesome to solve.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai let out a sigh. It was truly great to have good morals. If he was greedy, then he would have been in great trouble, and he wouldn’t have inherited the legacy of the heart’s defenders.

Zhao Hai sighed as he rubbed his left chest and said, “Since you have bestowed me a heart, then I will take on the task of guarding you. Rest assured, in the Underworld, I promise that nobody would be able to touch you. Even those from the Dark Temple wouldn’t be able to do anything. I will clean them all up.”

The giant heart seemed to be happy as it gave out a few quick beats. Then Zhao Hai took the copper cauldron before he returned to the Space.

The events that happened with the small heart and the cauldron were all seen by Laura and the others. However, they weren’t aware of most of what happened. What they saw was the small heart flying towards Zhao Hai. Then when they saw a white light going to Zhao Hai’s head, they couldn’t help but worry. But after seeing Zhao Hai open his eyes once more, they instantly became relieved.

When Zhao Hai returned, the women immediately greeted him. Laura had an expression of worry as she asked, “Brother Hai, what happened?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine. Rest assured, nothing else other than something good happened.” Then he told the women about the heart’s inheritance.

As soon as they heard it, Laura and the others became happy. They didn’t expect that they would acquire something good. They actually obtained an inheritance of a race.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “Alright, I still need to sort the inheritance that I’ve obtained. You should go and busy yourself. After I organize everything, I’ll see what treasures we have obtained, I don’t know whether we can use them right now or not.”

Laura and the others nodded. What Zhao Hai said was true, so they naturally wouldn’t object. After that, Zhao Hai turned his hand over and retrieved the copper cauldron. Just as Zhao Hai took out the copper cauldron, the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Special treasure refining cauldron detected. Refining Cauldron has been found with the ability to refine a lot of items. Since the cauldron’s ability is close to the Universal Processing Machine, abilities of the cauldron has been copied and augmented to the Processing Machine. Universal Processing Machine has been upgraded. Special ability of the copper cauldron has also been joined with the Blood Ghost Staff. The Blood Ghost Staff can now use similar abilities as the treasure cauldron.”

Zhao Hai blankly listened to the prompt. He didn’t expect the cauldron to upgrade the Processing Machine. Moreover, the cauldron’s abilities has been fused with the staff. This was truly a good thing for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai originally felt pity. This was because the cauldron was too useful for himself, but at the same time, he also knew that it would be more useful if the cauldron was in Wild Dragon Island. If Zhao Hai used the cauldron, then the people from Wild Dragon Island wouldn’t be able to use it. Who would’ve expected that the Space would solve this problem. Now Zhao Hai can use the cauldron’s abilities from his staff while the original cauldron was left behind on Wild Dragon Island.

At this moment, the Universal Processing Machine suddenly emitted light. After the light vanished, there was an evident change to the Processing Machine.

Originally, the Processing Machines were separated into ten structures, they didn’t look attractive. But now it was different. The ten structures vanished and was replaced by a huge factory. In front of the factory were ten magic formations. Then on the other side were another set of ten formations. It seems like if one wanted to refine something in the future, then they would just have to put the items on the formation and then the factory would just refine them itself.

Upon seeing the structure, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but think ‘Now this is a factory’. The structure was five storeys high. It had white outer walls that were embedded with glass windows. Its form wasn’t anything different than the small workshop from before. However, when people look at it now, they wouldn’t think about a factory but instead a beautiful building.

Zhao Hai went to the Processing Machine in order to take a closer look. Then he turned his head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, what can we do with the Processing Machine now?”

Cai’er pulled out a pile of paper before she said, “Young Master, this is the manual, you should take a look.”

Zhao Hai received the manual and gave it a read. The Processing Machine had truly been upgraded. Not only could it process non-living things, but it can also process living creatures. If Zhao Hai wanted the Argali to live longer, then he could just send one through to the Processing Machine in order to improve its genes.

Not only this. In the past, if Zhao Hai received a sword that he didn’t want to use, then he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Now, if Zhao Hai didn’t want to use a sword, then he could send it through the processing machine in order to restore the sword or augment it with other ores. This made things much more convenient.


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