BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1044


Chapter 1044- History, Belief, Resilience

This group of monkeys that turned into Humans didn’t forget their mission. They still protected the giant heart. As these humans grew more and more numerous, their strength was also increasing. But despite these changes, they still protected the heart, they even built a palace in order to house it. Then outside the palace, they placed a cauldron so that they could pay their respects.

The mural was painted in an exquisite manner. The lines were very smooth, making one feel as though they were looking at a work full of elegance, a work that can only be made by a deity.

But the next images depicted something different from the ones before. The humans began to fight, two groups killing each other. The scene was frigid. Even if it was just a drawing, Zhao Hai could somewhat smell the scent of blood.

These two groups were divided into those who wanted to take the heart and those who wanted to protect it. Naturally, these different ideals caused a conflict.

Moreover, the conflict became more and more fierce. The situation of the battles were getting more and more vicious. Zhao Hai has to recognize the skill of the one who painted the mural. These pictures weren’t very big, but each panel was brightly drawn, very lifelike. It made one feel like they were experiencing the event firsthand.

The following images were becoming more tragic. But it was clear that those guarding the heart were in a disadvantage, their numbers were getting lower and lower.

After being aware of their inevitable loss, those who wanted to protect the heart secretly hid it. Then they destroyed the palace they made using self-sacrificing spells. And because these people were very strong, the entire plane almost got destroyed. Meanwhile, those who wanted to take the heart broke the firmament and escaped.

Depicted in the last picture was a person. It seems like this person was one of those who protected the heart, and the place where he was in seems to be this palace.

Zhao Hai looked at these pictures and couldn’t help but let out a long breath. He looked all around the room but failed to sense anybody’s presence. This made Zhao Hai quite curious, did the person protecting the heart leave?

After looking around more, Zhao Hai discovered that there were more pictures painted on the floor. Zhao Hai rushed towards the pictures and saw that there was indeed more to the story. The painting depicted the last person guarding the heart. This time, he was already very old, in a state near incapable of guarding the heart.

Then Zhao Hai saw the person took the cauldron from outside and then placed something inside it. Later on, Zhao Hai saw that the person actually placed a small octopus on the cauldron. Then he placed his hand on the cauldron and then turned it one time. The octopus got smaller before turning into a Blood Spirit Beast’s main body.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai understood that the Blood Spirit Beasts were made by this person using a secret method. All because he wanted the heart to be protected.

In the last picture, the person went towards the heart. His body shone before finally disappearing. The moment the person disappeared, the heart began beating.

Zhao Hai began to understand.

When the heart first appeared, it didn’t beat at all. However, it was evident that the heart wasn’t dead. When the last person who guarded the heart found out that he could no longer protect it, he made the Blood Spirit Beasts before injecting all of his remaining life force into the heart. In the end, the heart regained some of its vitality and began to beat.

Zhao Hai was also certain that the painting was made before the man injected his vitality into the heart. The person knew very well what would happen if he injected his life force into the heart. And since this was the case, he drew the picture in advance. Zhao Hai also understood why he couldn’t find the person who protected the heart, he had already disappeared.

After getting a clear image of the entire event, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but feel heavy. These people actually did their duty up to the last man. This went beyond Zhao Hai’s expectation.

This time, Zhao Hai was even more curious about the giant heart. In Zhao Hai’s view, it was impossible to know if this heart was indeed from a world-creating god. However, these people actually drew the legend. Also, it seems like they didn’t treat it like a mere myth. The knowledge that they were monkeys evolved because of the heart seems to be embedded deep into their bones.

Since he couldn’t get to the end of it, Zhao Hai decided to leave it for later. Then he looked at the giant heart, not knowing what to do with it. Zhao Hai slowly flew towards the heart and watched it beating. It was a very powerful beat, but it seems to be erratic.

Zhao Hai seems to form a connection with the heart. He saw the people who eagerly guarded it from generation to generation. Then in the end, when they couldn’t protect it any longer, the last of them made the Blood Spirit Beasts. What Zhao Hai was looking at wasn’t just a giant heart, it was a piece of history, an object of faith, and a monument to resilience.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but touch the heart. As his skin came into contact with the beating organ, he suddenly felt a huge amount of spiritual force entering his head. The five element killing formation acted quickly, keeping it off.

However, Zhao Hai discovered that the spiritual force wasn’t intending to attack. And although it had been kept off by the five element killing formation, the formation’s response wasn’t violent. It only blocked the spiritual force, it didn’t retaliate.

Zhao Hai gawked before he scanned the spiritual force with his own. Then he discovered the incoming spiritual force was indeed not intending to attack. It seems like it was going to relay information.

Upon this discovery, Zhao Hai immediately took the information in. This spiritual force was like a tsunami. As soon as it entered Zhao Hai’s head, Zhao Hai immediately passed out.

After seeing Zhao Hai passing out, Laura and the others immediately got anxious. Cai’er hastily opened a spatial rift and took Zhao Hai into the Space. After Zhao Hai’s body was taken to the Space, Laura immediately asked, “Cai’er, go take a look at Brother Hai, see if he is hurt.”

Cai’er nodded before she sent a white light to envelop Zhao Hai. After seeing the lack of response from Zhao Hai, Laura and the others became even more anxious.

Among those present, it was only Meg who stayed calm. After seeing Zhao Hai’s current state, she immediately said, “Sister Laura, there’s no need to panic. Young Master is fine, he’s just digesting something.”

Laura and the others looked at Meg in confusion. Meg smiled faintly and said, “I’ve seen the Young Master in this situation once before. At that time, the Young Master just acquired his Space. Since he didn’t know its function, information began to flood into his head. But since there was a lot to digest, the Young Master wasn’t able to wake up for a while. We should send Young Master to his room, let him take a proper rest.”

As soon as they heard Meg, Laura and the others began to calm down. The group quickly sent Zhao Hai back to his room. After everything has been settled down, they proceeded to drink tea in the living room.

Laura looked at Meg and said, “Meg, when Brother Hai became like this before, were you afraid?”

Meg shook her head and said, “You don’t know the miserable state the Buda Clan has been during that time. It can be said that the existence of the Buda Clan was completely reliant on the Young Master. Him not existing is equal to the Buda Clan not existing. Therefore, in Grandfather and Grandmother’s eyes, as long as the Young Master survives, then we would stay strong. If he dies, then we would die as well.”

Laura and the others stared. They didn’t expect Meg to talk about death at this time.

Lizzy looked at Meg and said, “Really? Are you really thinking about death at that time?”

Meg nodded and said, “At that time, the only legitimate heir to the clan was the Young Master. If the Young Master accidentally dies, then we would lose our reason to exist. Grandfather and Grandmother were both raised by the Buda Clan, they had already tied their fate to the clan. If the Buda Clan ceased to exist, then they would also lose their reason to exist. Because of this, Grandfather and Grandmother were prepared to die if ever the Young Master dies.”

Lizzy and the others breathed in cold air. They didn’t expect the situation to reach this point. The group looked eagerly at Meg, hoping for her to expand on the matter.

Meg smiled and said, “You should know that back then, in the Aksu Empire, the old Emperor wanted to deal with the Southern King. And since the Buda Clan was the sword of the old Emperor, we were right in the opposite camp to the Southern King. But when the old Emperor died, the next Emperor was someone who was supported by the Southern King. In this case, how can the Buda Clan continue existing? When the Buda Clan was on the cusp of being eliminated, they even had the Young Master drink the Water of Nothingness. After the Young Master drank the water, he didn’t wake up for several months.”

After speaking about this, Meg couldn’t help but recall more, “The reason why people couldn’t fully exterminate the Buda Clan at that time was because either they were afraid of my Grandparents or they simply didn’t care. As for the latter, they simply thought that the Young Master could never revive the previous might of the Buda Clan. At that time, the Young Master has become a famous offender in the Empire. Moreover, the Young Master was very weak. Otherwise, Sister Ruyen wouldn’t have proposed to remove their engagement.”

When Ruyen heard Meg speak about her, she couldn’t help but turn red as she said, “Brother Hai’s reputation in the Aksu Empire is quite terrible at that time.”

Meg forced a smile and said, “Not only was it terrible, it was completely rotten to the core. The Young Master even wanted to rape me. But because of my resistance, he wasn’t able to succeed. Because of this, I was very afraid of him even after arriving at the Black Wasteland. I didn’t even had the courage to look him in the face.”

As soon as Meg said this, Laura and the others couldn’t help but gasp. They couldn’t imagine Zhao Hai to have such a phase. There was a huge contrast with the current Zhao Hai. It even seems like Meg was talking about two different people.

Meg looked at their expressions and knew what they were thinking. She smiled bitterly and said, “The Young Master was really like that. He only woke up several months after taking the Water of Nothingness. When he woke up, we had already reached the Black Wasteland. And ever since the Young Master woke up, he changed. He started to do things seriously and rarely made a joke. He was very good to us, and he was even very good to the slaves. Bestowing commoner status to the slaves was thought up by the Young Master. And now that the Young Master had the Space, the Buda Clan began to recover bit by bit. It can be said that without the Young Master and the Space, it would be impossible for us to reach the Divine Realm, Demon Realm, and other planes.”

Laura and the others nodded. All of them knew what happened after that. First of all, without Zhao Hai or the Space, the Ark Continent’s people would either be already dead or had become slaves. They would still be clueless about the infinite mysteries of the Divine Realm as well as the myriad magic beasts of the universe.

Meg grew up together with Zhao Hai, so she knew everything about Zhao Hai from infancy up to now. This was something that Laura and the others didn’t have. Since Laura and the others were now Zhao Hai’s wives, they would like to know everything about him, even the bad parts. If they knew more about Zhao Hai, then they would feel closer to him.

Laura and the others listened to Meg’s stories as though they were looking through a time long passed. After all, the present Zhao Hai and the past were completely different. They fell in love with the Zhao Hai in the present, not the past.

The group chatted for a while. After seeing that Zhao Hai was still asleep, they decided to retreat to their rooms and sleep. They were already used to such a life, only on Zhao Hai’s side would they feel comfortable.

However, Laura and the others didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be out for a long time. It took Zhao Hai three days and three nights before he managed to wake up.

Zhao Hai opened his eyes only to see that he was lying inside his room. Zhao Hai began to think about it and understood what happened. He stood up and moved his body. Although he was out for a long time, his body didn’t feel stiff.

After stretching his body, Zhao Hai walked out of his room. Upon going out, Zhao Hai heard the voices of Laura and the others. It seems like they were somewhat worried about him. After all, he was out for so long. 

However, since Cai’er said that nothing was wrong, they weren’t too scared of the situation. Because of this, they were now in the living room, chatting merrily.


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