BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1043


Chapter 1043 – A Colossal Heart!!

The source, the Blood River’s source was here!

Zhao Hai can almost affirm it at this point. He immediately ordered the Blood Lotus to rushed towards the cave. As soon as he reached the cave, Zhao Hai could quickly sense the change in environment.

The water inside the cavern was thicker it also had a stronger scent. But although the scent was strong, it wasn’t something that would choke a person. Instead, this scent made one feel more energetic and comfortable.

Besides these, Zhao Hai also discovered that there were a lot of Blood Spirit Beasts inside the cave. Moreover, these beasts were all blood red in color, and were almost transparent, they looked very beautiful.

However, Zhao Hai could feel that each one of these beasts had formidable strength. Every single one of them were no weaker than Addison. If Zhao Hai’s strength hadn’t increased to its current state, then he wouldn’t have been a match against these Blood Spirit Beasts.

This cave wasn’t very big, at about a meter in diameter. The blood water stretched up to 50 centimeters deep. But in the depths of this 50 centimeters were the most powerful Blood Spirit Beasts.

After seeing this situation, Zhao Hai knew it would be unrealistic for him to go inside and fight. Because of this, Zhao Hai had no choice but to stop at the mouth of the cave. What was strange was the fact that the Blood Spirit beasts didn’t attack him despite him being just at the entrance of the cave. This was different compared to the beasts that Zhao Hai had met before.

In the end, Zhao Hai can only release his blood needles to search inside the cave. The needle was an inanimate object, therefore the Blood Spirit Beasts just ignored its presence.

While this was happening, Zhao Hai entered the Space and looked at the monitor along with the others. They knew that they had found the river’s source.

The blood needle flew for more than ten meters beyond the cave before it came upon another open space. Zhao Hai and the others didn’t expect this one to be a very huge area. There was a great blood red lake inside this space. There was a distinct absence of Dark Mist above the lake. From the surface of the lake to the roof of the huge cave was about a 100-meter empty area. The walls of the cave was naturally made out of bone, it gave a sturdy and strong appearance.

Zhao Hai commanded the blood needles to survey the entire place. Then suddenly, Zhao Hai’s attention was taken by a huge stone pillar in the middle of the lake. The pillar was quite huge. At a diameter of 5 meters, the pillar stretched up 100 meters upwards. Unexpectedly, the stone pillar was actually hollow. Moreover, Zhao Hao could note that this space’s Dark Mist was being sucked in by that stone pillar.

After this discovery, Zhao Hai immediately felt the urge to enter the stone pillar to take a look. However, Zhao Hai began to feel that this pillar might be one of those things he saw on TV. It was when someone uses a straw in order to breath underwater. At the thought of this scene, Zhao Hai lost courage in entering the stone pillar. He didn’t want to become another person’s food.

In addition to the stone pillar, Zhao Hai also found a spring not far from the pillar. There was a non-stop flow of blood water coming from that spring, it was quite spectacular.

Upon looking at this scene for some time, Zhao Hai shifted his focus on the deep lake. He already knew that this large lake was the source of the Blood River.

When Zhao Hai’s spiritual force searched below the surface of the lake, he was met with shock. Blood red plants grew in all directions. He can also see Blood Spirit Beasts leisurely swimming inside. There were also grotesque looking rocks shining amidst the plants.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the lake’s underwater portion to be illuminated. He quickly commanded the blood needles to explore the vicinity, projecting the findings on the Space’s monitor.

But as the blood needles continued on, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This lake was simply a huge pit, it was very deep. It had already reached a point where the area around the blood needles became almost pitch black. 

The pillar that extended out of the lake had a hole on its side. It was this hole that provided the blood water that the spring had been spewing out.

Zhao Hai commended the blood needle to go straight down. After diving for ten minutes, Zhao Hai suddenly spotted a tiled roof!

He didn’t see wrong, it was actually a tiled roof. It was glazed tile, and upon looking at the roof, it seems to be perfectly preserved.

Zhao Hai stared, then he quickly commanded the needle to stop. He didn’t expect to see a roof here. Moreover, it was a well-preserved roof.

This roof didn’t seem to be destroyed or damaged in any degree, which made Zhao Hai feel even more strange. If this structure was built and was plunged into such a deep body of water, it shouldn’t have been preserved this well. This structure being well preserved only meant one thing, it was built underwater.

Moreover, Zhao Hai noted another thing, the surroundings of this structure didn’t have any Blood Spirit Beast. There were only plants present, no beasts.

Because of this unusual encounter, Zhao Hai decided to be more careful. He investigated the surroundings and found nothing else. However, he discovered that the scouting range of the blood needles seem to have been restricted. The normal range of the blood needles was ten thousand meters. But now, it could barely scout 1000 meters around it. The suppression had reached more than ten times.

Laura and the others were also looking at this strange place, nobody spoke a word. All of them were staring at the monitor, trying to look for anything. At this time, Zhao Hai saw two pillars right behind this structure. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused, he remembered that there was only one pillar coming out of the lake’s surface. How come there was two?

After looking around and seeing that there was no immediate danger, Zhao Hai commanded the blood needles to continue its dive. Before long, a giant palace was projected on the monitor.

There was only a great hall inside this palace. There were no walls in this palace, it only had a fine stone-paved floor. The whole hall was about 50 meters high, 200 meters long, and 100 meters wide. The outside walls of the palace was made out of a kind of stone. This stone wasn’t red, it was only the blood red water’s shade that made the wall look bright red.

Zhao Hai could see glazed tiles on top of this hall. The flashing lights of these tiles looked dazzling.

Zhao Hai made two turns outside the great hall. He couldn’t find anything else that was special. There was a plaque that was hung on the front of the hall. However, the characters used to write on this plaque was something that was foreign to Zhao Hai. He couldn’t understand even a single word of it.

Outside the palace were 99 stone steps. Zhao Hai counted them as the blood needles proceeded to enter the hall.

Upon entering the Great Hall, Zhao Hai was met with a shock. Passing through the gate, one could see a copper cauldron. Who knows how long this copper cauldron existed. It was carved with intricate patterns. There were flowers, mountains, birds, insects, and everything else that can be found in a world. 

However, Zhao Hai’s attention wasn’t on this copper cauldron. Inside this Great Hall, besides the copper cauldron, was an extremely huge heart floating in place!

This giant heart was 40 meters high, 100 meters long and a few dozen meters wide. It almost filled the entire great hall.

Zhao Hai sat in the Space as he stared blankly at the floating heart. After some time, Zhao Hai managed to calm down. Then his figure moved as his body appeared inside the Great Hall. Upon seeing the heart in close distance, Zhao Hai was met with an even bigger shock.

The flesh and blood of this heart was very fresh, each vein was clearly discernible. While Zhao Hai was carefully observing the heart, it suddenly moved, performing a full beating cycle. The sound of beating was like thunder to Zhao Hai’s ears. Zhao Hai was shaken, he didn’t expect this heart to still be alive, and beating!

When he saw this, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but change. Never even in his dreams would he expect to see a huge living heart like this. This was too inconceivable!

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look around. He wanted to ascertain whether he had entered someone’s body and he just haven’t noticed it.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai was met with the palace’s walls. However upon looking at the walls, Zhao Hai discovered that murals were painted on them.

Zhao Hai carefully inspected these murals. The drawings were very exquisite. Although this place was submerged underwater for who knows how long, the pictures were still quite vivid. This made Zhao Hai conclude that this palace was truly built with the thought of it being submerged underwater.

Zhao Hai browsed the murals, it seems like it was showing a story. Although there weren’t any writings for explanation, Zhao Hai could still understand it.

The first painting was of chaos, nothingness. Then there was a huge egg in this chaotic space. Inside this egg was a person. When this person grew up, he broke free of the egg. As he did so, he ended up splitting the heavens and the earth.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhao Hai’s body couldn’t help but shake. This was a story that was the same as Pangu’s story back on Earth. 

What does this place have to do with Earth? While he thought about this, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but beat fiercely. He couldn’t help but look at the next drawings and follow on with the story. The body of this huge god turned into the mountainous earth. However, the story seems to have a deviation here. In this story, the being’s body didn’t completely become part of the earth. Instead, this being left behind his heart!

Different from the Chinese legend, this story didn’t include Lady Nuwa who created nature. Instead, when this being split the heavens and the earth, myriad beings begin to exist. Then a group of monkeys discovered this being’s heart and guarded it for generations. But then, the heart slowly transformed these monkeys. In the end, the monkeys completely evolved to become humans!


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