BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1042


Chapter 1042 – Tracing

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t need to know about this, he was already aware that he would be making a huge mess and attract the attention of the Undead on both banks of the river. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about it. This was because those who were above water would only think that it would just be Blood Spirit Beasts fighting. They wouldn’t think that it was another person who caused this disturbance.

The battle on murky waters continued on, and Zhao Hai lost count of how many Blood Spirit Beasts he already collected into the Space. As long as Zhao Hai kept fighting, then the Space would continuously receive Blood Spirit Beasts.

In the beginning, Laura and the others were eagerly watching the battle outside. But later on, they stopped watching. They found out that the Blood Spirit Beasts weren’t Zhao Hai’s opponents at all. There was no meaning to watching the current battle.

Zhao Hai kept fighting. This was because he discovered that the river incantation was very easy to use, the enemy simply couldn’t do anything to him. Although the incarnation’s defense was a little bit worse, its effect of amplifying spiritual force was something that Zhao Hai fancied a lot.

Amplifying spiritual forces wasn’t something that was easily accomplished. Every time Zhao Hai used his Blood Ghost Staff, he would always use his spiritual force. This was also one flaw of the Blood Ghost Staff. At the same time, the higher an item’s level was, the more spiritual force it would use. Finding items that can increase spiritual force wasn’t something that can be easily found.

Even something as tyrannical as the Hundred Spirit Tree wouldn’t be able to increase one’s spiritual force. The tree’s leaves could only restore spiritual force.

The reason why Zhao Hai continued on fighting wasn’t because he loved to fight, it was because he was taking advantage of this opportunity to train his ability to control the river incarnation. Zhao Hai always felt that the river incarnation would have great uses for him in the future.

Zhao Hai didn’t know for how long he has been fighting, he only came to normal when he had full understanding of the Guan Yu incarnation. At this point, the inexhaustible amount of Blood Spirit Beasts in front of him were no more than a group of kittens.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and sent all of these Blood Spirit beasts into the Space. Then he withdrew the incarnation before he urged the Blood Lotus to go forward.

On the other hand, the Undead on the riverbanks didn’t dare to make a move. The waves of the Blood River seemed to reach the heavens. They almost died, they were too frightened to make a move.

In fact, their inactivity was the correct decision. This was because Zhao Hai returned the Blood Spirit Beasts he captured. If they dared to cross the river at this time, then they would surely be decimated by the Blood Spirit Beasts.

While fighting the Blood Spirit Beasts, Zhao Hai also discovered the different stages of their strength. The Blood Spirit Beast who took a bite out of the incarnation was a middle-ranked beast. There were low-ranked beasts who were weaker defensively and offensively. These two levels of Beasts had spots that were blue. Meanwhile, the Blood Spirit Beasts who had the strength comparable to Addison and the others were colored gold.

At this time, Zhao Hai had 20 of these gold spotted beasts inside the Space. Naturally, in the Blood River, these beasts were much stronger than King-level Dark Creatures and Experts.

Also, Zhao Hai discovered that it was impossible for the Blood Spirit Beasts to wade through the entire river. The beasts were divided into their own colonies. What Zhao Hai captured were just members of one colony. There were certainly more colonies living along the river.

Zhao Hai continued moving forward. As long as the came upon something, he would immediately send it to the Space. It didn’t matter if they were animals, plants, or even sand and stones. As long as they were peculiar, all of them were sent to the Space.

Now that the underwater battle was finished, the river began to calm down. Although the Undead on both banks saw that the river had calmed down, they still didn’t dare to rush to the other side. They only rushed back to their domains in order to report what just happened.

Naturally, Zhao hai was able to discover their action. However, he wasn’t worried, the Blood River was completely covered with Blood Spirit Beasts. Even if the Dark Temple used this opportunity to move, they would still be eating severe losses. 

Laura and the others had also walked out of the room. They really weren’t interested in seeing Zhao Hai overpower the Blood Spirit Beasts. Because of this, they went to their room to take a rest. Now that the Blood River had calmed down, naturally they would come out again.

After seeing the women go out of their rooms, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Why did you come out? There’s nothing to see here. I’ve already collected most of the useful things in this river.”

Laura replied, “There’s nothing to see inside our rooms either, it’s better to look outside. Brother Hai, are you confident that the people from the Dark Temple wouldn’t dare to cross the river?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Rest assured, they wouldn’t dare.”

The group continued chatting as they went forward. It didn’t take long before they met with another colony of Blood Spirit Beasts. But this time, Zhao Hai didn’t intend to use the Guan Yu incarnation. Using too much force against these creatures was just too stupid.

Zhao Hai turned his staff into a huge net, catching the Blood Spirit Beasts and sending them to the Space. Although the Blood Spirit Beasts wanted to resist, they weren’t Zhao Hai’s opponents. In the end, they were easily caught by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai wasn’t just simply moving forward. He also made blood needles and sent them ahead. He didn’t know how long the river would be, so he decided to map everything along the way.

As for how long the river was, Zhao Hai simply had no idea. What Zhao Hai knew was that he had already traversed the river for three days. He met 20 Blood Spirit Beast colonies, both large and small. But still, he had yet to see the source of the river.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that they were now in a place beyond the Space’s map. This means that they were now in a place where the blood needles had yet to explore.

Zhao Hai has to admit that he needed to increase his estimation of the Underworld. He didn’t expect this plane to be this huge. The Blood Lotus might be slower while underwater, but it wasn’t far slower compared to flying in the air. Even so, despite having travelled for three days, it still wasn’t enough to see the full length of the blood river.

However, this also provoked the stubbornness inside Zhao Hai’s heart. He was now more eager to find the source of the river. Zhao Hai also discovered that the things he came upon was different to the ones he found three days ago.

Cai’er was also making calculations based on their progress. This way, they might be able to estimate the length of the river.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop this since he also wanted to find out. He wanted to find the river’s source first before he looked for the river’s end. This way, he would be able to estimate the Underworld’s exact size.

Before long, another three days passed by. There was no difference in these three days compared to the first three days. The Blood River was still the Blood River. However, Zhao Hai could notice that the river has gotten narrower.

Not only was the river beginning to narrow, the water current had also become much slower. After detecting this phenomenon, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. This was because he might be closing in on the river’s source.

Another three days passed. This time, the Blood River’s properties had greatly changed. The river had gone much narrower while the current was getting even slower. In fact, instead of a river, it might even be called a small stream.

Zhao Hai also discovered that the density of the Blood Spirit Beasts was increasing. Moreover, all of the Blood Spirit Beasts along this small stream were high-ranked ones. Zhao Hai believed that if the Dark Temple dared to cross this part of the river, then they would certainly suffer catastrophic losses.

At this point, Zhao Hai’s speed had gone slower as he subdued each Blood Spirit Beast colony he came across. The beasts were getting stronger and stronger, the worst of them were at Guli’s previous strength. Wanting to capture such beasts would naturally prove to be more difficult.

However, by Zhao Hai’s present strength, the least these Blood Spirit Beasts could do was cause him a bit of trouble. Zhao Hai had a lot of methods to deal with them, these beasts were simply not his opponents.

After fighting against these Blood Spirit Beasts for quite some time, Zhao Hai began to find some flaws in them. The strength of the Blood Spirit Beasts might be very good, but their intelligence was evidently not that high. Compared to beings of the same level, the Blood Spirit Beasts were far worse intellectually.

Also, it seems like the Blood Spirit Beasts didn’t have to attack the Undead that flew over the Blood River. This was because the river was enough food for them. However, the fiery souls of the Undead were great supplements for their strength. Therefore, they chose to attack the Undead crossing the river.

These Blood Spirit Beasts weren’t evenly distributed along the entire Blood River. Like what was discovered before, they lived in their own colonies in their own domains. Once another colony encroaches upon another colony’s territory, then a conflict would immediately occur.

But once the Undead begin to form groups along the river, these Blood Spirit Beasts would gather on the surface. The more time passes, the greater number of beasts would accumulate.

It didn’t matter if it was the Dark Temple or the Resistance Army, both sides would need time to prepare their armies. This preparation time would naturally come into the knowledge of the Blood Spirit Beasts. When this happens, the beasts would begin to gather. And once the Undead begins to cross the river, these beasts would immediately attack.

It can be said that the Blood Spirit Beasts were creatures primarily driven by food, beings that lived in accordance to their base instinct. Additionally, the command structure of these beasts wasn’t flexible. It was this point that made Zhao Hai conclude that the beasts didn’t have very high intellect.

Zhao Hai had now traversed the Blood River for nine days. He didn’t know how far he’d gone, but from the blood needles he released, he was able to discover that the current of the river had slowed down and the river has also gone narrower. And with the evident depth becoming shallower, Zhao Hai began to see hope.

At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly noticed a bone mountain in the distance. This Bone Mountain was very tall. At the same time, the blood river was flowing out from a cave on the foot of the mountain.


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