BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1041


Chapter 1041 – This is a Blood Spirit Beast?!

Zhao Hai leisurely sat inside the Blood Lotus. It can be said that the Blood Lotus was very comfortable. The lotus advances like how a flying saucer would. As it advanced, its petals would rotate, each layer at the opposite direction as the one on top of it.

Zhao Hai was currently with Laura and the others. At this time, the lotus had become as large as the palm of one’s hand while Zhao Hai and the others were small enough to stand on one’s thumb. This was a function of the Lotus that Zhao Hai named as microcosm.

.The Hell King’s ship also had this function. Zhao Hai used this a lot when he was dealing with the Divines. There were a lot of times when the Divines lost track of where Zhao Hai went.

One had to recognize how convenient the microcosm was. Take this time for example, it allowed Zhao Hai to make as little noise as possible as he tunneled underground. Making it less likely for the Undead on the surface to notice him.

Zhao Hai was very careful regarding these Undead. These Undead lived in the Underworld, they were experts in using spiritual force. If Zhao Hai didn’t properly consider his actions, then he would be discovered by these Undead.

Actually, Zhao Hai planned everything properly. Although these Undead had formidable spiritual force, it was impossible for them to penetrate deep below the ground. Only those who were exceptionally strong would be able to.

The place where Zhao Hai began to sneak in wasn’t far from the Blood River. After a short time, Zhao Hai discovered that the land around the Blood Lotus had began turning red. And after smelling a bloody fragrance, Zhao Hai knew that they were almost at their destination.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a current hitting the Blood Lotus. The Blood Lotus didn’t stop, it didn’t take long before the lotus was entirely covered with blood river water.

Zhao Hai thought that the Blood River would immediately send Blood River Beasts to attack. However, much to Zhao Hai’s surprise, nothing happened even after half an hour.

There were more things that were beyond what Zhao Hai expected. Zhao Hai thought that the Blood River had nothing other than the Blood Spirit Beasts. But after entering the river, Zhao Hai knew that there were more things inside.

Plants, animals, all of which were red, were present here. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and took some of these things to the Space.

Zhao Hai looked everywhere with curiosity. He had yet to see a single Blood Spirit Beast. This caused Zhao Hai to feel strange. During the fight between the Dark Temple and the Resistance Army, there were plenty of Blood Spirit Beasts present. How could it be possible for Zhao Hai to not meet one right now.

Laura and the others were also very curious about the surroundings. It was a completely blood red world. The river itself was red, the plants were red, the animals were red, everything around them was red.

What made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that despite smelling like blood outside, the water in the Blood River actually had a fragrant smell. 

After going forward for a half hour without coming across Blood Spirit Beasts, Laura couldn’t help but turn to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai? Where are the Blood Spirit Beasts?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t know. This is truly weird. In any case, let’s take some of the blood river’s water first.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift beside the Blood Lotus. The spatial rift proceeded to suck in some blood water as well as some stone and sand nearby.

Almost immediately, the Space issued a prompt, “Sand and stones submerged in blood energy detected. May be used for crafting.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect that even the sand and stones would have some use. 

At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly found a few dark spots flowing with the water. Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to sweep through these spots and found that they looked like very small octopuses, they were as small as an ant, black, and had small tentacles

Zhao Hai looked at these creatures and couldn’t help but feel his scalp tingle. This was because there were too many of them. The clump was very dense, who knows how many there was inside.

Then at this moment, the little creatures stopped as one of them swam towards Zhao Hai. As soon as it arrived by the Blood Lotus, it extended its tentacles, coming into contact with the Blood Lotus’ energy shield.

Although this little octopus was small, one shouldn’t forget that the Blood Lotus had also reduced its size. It can be said that Zhao Hai’s current size wasn’t any bigger than this creature.

Laura and the others looked at these octopuses, their faces began to turn pale. Although they weren’t afraid of these octopuses, they felt uncomfortable and disgusted at the sight of them.

Zhao Hai wanted to take the octopus into the Space, but he didn’t expect it to suddenly shoot out and distance itself away from the lotus. Then Zhao Hai suddenly felt that a formidable spiritual force coming from that small octopus. Then its tentacles began to reach out, Zhao Hai didn’t know what it was doing.

But it didn’t take long before he got his answer.  As the octopus’ spiritual force reached into the surrounding water, the river water began to compress before turning into thick blood drop. Then this blood drop grew a head, then a hand, before turning into a Blood Spirit Beast!

Zhao Hai looked at this with shock. He didn’t expect the Blood Spirit Beasts to actually be these small octopuses. No wonder it was almost impossible to kill Blood Spirit Beasts, they were small octopuses no bigger than an ant. At the same time, their manipulation of the Blood River was exponentially greater compared to their size. Most of the time, the attacks would just touch their temporary blood bodies. One would need a very strong spiritual force in order to have the possibility of killing them.

While Zhao Hai was in a daze, the Blood Spirit Beast began to launch attacks towards the Blood Lotus. The fighting strength of the beast underwater was much greater than in the air.

Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered something strange. Although the Blood Spirit Beast had just transformed, it could still operate the surrounding waters in order to attack him. 

Zhao Hai was now very curious as to how these little octopuses were able to do this. However, the attacks of the small octopus wasn’t very strong. As the octopus proceeded to attack, Zhao Hai waved his blood ghost staff, sealing the octopus inside a transparent box. Then a spatial rift opened, taking the box into the Space.

When the Blood Spirit Beast entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Variant octopus detected. It can survive in an environment full of blood energy. After forming their blood bodies, they can perform spiritual attacks. At the same time, their spiritual force would also be amplified, allowing them to control the water 100 meters around them to attack. However, the octopus has a flaw, it can only survive in environments with dense blood energy. Asking host for permission to fix the defect. The octopus can be upgraded to be able to live in all types of water. It can command the water around it to form its own body and carry physical attacks as well as have amplified spiritual force to control the water surrounding them to attack. Since the Host already has an upgraded ability for water, the Space wouldn’t ask for gold for the upgrade. Because of the octopus’ special ability, host’s abilities has been strengthened. Hoping for the host to work harder.”

There were quite a few prompts for the small octopus, but Zhao Hai understood them all. The small octopus was practically a special being that managed to survive in the Blood River. It can use its spiritual force to compress blood and turn it into a body. Not only this, their spiritual force would also be amplified during this form. 

Moreover, Zhao Hai gained another ability. Before he goes to try it, he first gave a command, “Upgrade them immediately.”

Then the Space issued another prompt, “Fixing the flaws of the octopus. Successfully upgraded to water-controlling octopus. New octopus has been added to the Space’s shop. Host may purchase them there.”

After this, Zhao Hai tried to control the blood river water. Zhao Hai let out his spiritual force and slowly extended it towards the Blood River. Before long, Zhao Hai could feel the blood water reacting to his spiritual force. Zhao Hai immediately commanded it to compress.

Sure enough, the river water slowly compressed into a blood drop. This drop was evidently more dense compared to the surrounding river water. Then Zhao Hai started to use his mental image to form the image of a person. The person was wearing fish scale armor and held a large military glaive in his hand. His head was also covered with a helmet while leaving his red beard to flutter along the currents. The person also had lifelike phoenix eyebrows. If one was a Chinese native, then one could recognize this person as Yunchang, General Guan Yu!

After he imagined Guan Yu’s appearance, Zhao Hai felt the blood river concentrate to form the image. He could even feel the water flowing through Guan Yu’s body. Zhao Hai knew that this was because his spiritual force had already made a mold for the body to be formed into. In this case, Guan Yu was akin to Zhao Hai’s river incarnation.

But what made Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled was the fact that after Guan Yu’s figure was formed, it didn’t need to be supplied with spiritual force any longer. Instead, the spiritual force was supplied by Guan Yu’s body in order to operate the blood. Zhao Hai felt that this feeling was quite marvelous, it was like having multiple bodies. And the other body seems to magnify his own spiritual force.

Zhao Hai thought about lifting a hand, of which Guan Yu followed. Zhao Hai felt curiosity about this new incarnation. 

At this time, a Blood Spirit Beast suddenly appeared in front. This beast was in wolf-form but it didn’t have an eye. It threw itself towards Zhao Hai’s Guan Yu incarnation.

While familiarizing himself with the Guan Yu incarnation, Zhao Hai was not able to notice the Blood Spirit Beast. As he was distracted, the beast already took a chunk of Guan Yu’s flesh.

Zhao Hai felt Guan Yu’s body being bitten, but he didn’t actually feel any pain. He only felt a sensation stating that a part of the body was bitten. Guan Yu began to heal, but this time, it seems like his body has been reduced by a bit.

Zhao Hai began to understand the uses of this river incarnation. It was a type of Divine Ability that would produce a weapon for its user. Breaking this ability wouldn’t affect the user too much. If it was damaged, it would just reduce in size.

Now, Zhao Hai wanted to see the Guan Yu incarnation’s fighting strength. Therefore, Zhao Hai used the Blood Spirit Beast as a testing specimen for Guan Yu.

Guan Yu’s glaive was very quick. Although they were underwater, it seems like the river had no effect on it whatsoever. The glaive sliced the Blood Spirit Beast in half. Even though the Beast had recovered, it was now half of its original size.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the incarnation to be this strong. One must know that the compressed blood bodies were quite formidable. These Blood Spirit Beasts were able to fight the Dark Temple, even managing to be a threat to their High-ranked experts. Zhao Hai didn’t expect these Blood Spirit Beasts to be cut in half by Guan Yu’s glaive.

Zhao Hai tried to control the surrounding blood river water. Not only could he control it properly, it seems like this control was much better now that the incarnation was around. Zhao Hai knew that this was because of the incarnation’s ability to amplify spiritual force.

Upon thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. He quickly controlled the Guan Yu incarnation and killed Blood Spirit Beasts in the four directions. And in addition to the glaive, the surrounding water was also used to help in the battle. When a Blood Spirit Beast was cut in half, it was immediately taken to the Space white it was recovering. It didn’t take long for the river to turn murky from the battle.

But little did Zhao Hai know, the underwater battle had caused a huge shock to the Undead on both banks of the river. These Undead were sent by the Dark Temple as well as the Resistance Army. They weren’t mainly here to look at the Blood River, they were also here to monitor the other riverbank, afraid that the other side would try to cross. Just as the Undead were feeling calm, they didn’t expect the Blood River to surge with waves upon waves. This turbulence continued on, this caused the Undead above water to be puzzled at what was happening to the River.


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