BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1040


Chapter 1040 – Target, Blood River, Depart!

Laura nodded. She agreed to Zhao Hai’s decision. If they cannot assure complete security in the Underworld, then they would have to constantly worry about hidden dangers all the time.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “Alright, let’s not think too much about it. This time, I intend to find the Blood River’s source. The Blood River is able to produce so much Blood Spirit Beasts, so its source should be extraordinary. Perhaps it’s another treasure.”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, now that you’re getting richer and richer, you’re beginning to look at treasures as though they are gold coins. You shouldn’t expect too much.”

Zhao Hai laughed. At this time, Meg arrived while bringing a pot of tea. She placed it on the table and gave Zhao Hai and the others one cup each. Then she smiled and said, “Young Master, have a taste. This is tea made from the leaves of the Hundred Spirit Tree.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked down at the teacup. The cup was white porcelain, inside it was a light green tea. He could taste the delicate fragrance even before he drank it. As soon as the fragrance entered his nose, it dashed straight into his head, clearing it up from distracting thoughts.

Just with the smell, one would know how good the tea was. Zhao Hai proceeded to take a little sip. It was a bit bitter, but it was very fragrant. The moment he drank it, Zhao Hai felt every single pore in his body breathing. It was a fantastic feeling.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes and savoured the taste for some time. Then he let out a long breath and said, “This flavor is fantastic. Meg, prepare some leaves and send them to WIld Dragon Island for Grandpa Green and the others to consume. This thing can supplement spiritual force, it should be very useful for them.”

Meg gave a nod. Cai’er also took a cup to drink. After hearing Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but turn her head and said, “Young Master, we should try having the leaves analyzed in the Scanner. Let’s see if it can be matched with other herbs inside the Space, making it better. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We might as well try making herbal tea. However, we shouldn’t lose this fragrance, otherwise the experience wouldn’t be good.”

Cai’er nodded, then her body flashed as she disappeared. Zhao Hai didn’t follow behind, it really wasn’t worth it for him to personally go to the Scanner. The result would be printed anyway.

Before long, Cai’er came back, on her hand was a piece of paper with a formula for herb tea. Zhao Hai looked at the recipe, it seems to be made with dozens of herbs that can be found in the Space. He returned the paper to Cai’er and said, “Meg, please try making this herb tea along with Cai’er. Then hand the formula over to Wild Dragon Island as well.”

Meg nodded and then followed Cai’er. Laura looked at their backs and faintly smiled, “The Space is truly convenient with Meg and Cai’er. As long as matters stay normal, the family’s matters would always be handled by them.”

Zhao Hai smiled, his face had a gentle look. Speaking of which, among Zhao Hai’s women, he was with Meg the longest. However, Meg had the least exposure because she spends most of her time taking care of Zhao Hai’s trivial matters. Because of this less conspicuous position, she simply cannot attract anybody’s attention.

However, Zhao Hai knew that without Meg, he wouldn’t be able to take care of his basic necessities. Meg understood Zhao Hai the most, and she was the one who could take care of him the best. Zhao Hai could smoothly enjoy his downtimes largely thanks to Meg’s efforts.

After drinking another sip of his tea, Zhao Hai looked back at the monitor. His blood needles were then sent scouring through the Dark Temple’s Domain, investigating and recording the terrain.

After releasing the blood needles, Zhao Hai called Addison and the others into the Space. Addison used the past few days to integrate the entire Resistance Army into one entity. But this integration happened mostly under wraps. They still did business with the Alliance. Nothing changed in the trades, there simply wasn’t any way for the Alliance to find anything wrong.

Actually, there were a lot of Undead from both the Neutral Alliance and the Dark Temple that were roaming around inside the Resistance Army’s territory. They were here in order to detect any movement inside the Army. But unfortunately, even if those Undead were experts, as long as they were sent to the Space, they would no longer be able to send information back. Therefore, no news about the Army’s unification reached the Neutral Alliance and the Dark Temple. 

Addison lead Guli, Jiang Zheng, and the Five Element Skeletons into the Space’s villa. After giving their salute, Zhao Hai had the group sit down before he said, “Now that the matter with the Dark Creatures has been solved, we should begin to act against the Dark Temple. Is everything prepared?”

When Addison heard Zhao Hai, his heart couldn’t help but move, “Young Master, rest assured. We have finished our preparations. We can depart at any moment.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s good. But there’s no need to be anxious, it’s still too early to start. Wait for me to deal with the Blood River and the Blood River Beasts first. Then after that, we can begin.”

Addison nodded. However, his expression seems to be down. He really thought that it was already time to attack the Dark Temple. He didn’t expect to wait.

Zhao Hai looked at Addison’s expression as he smiled and said, “Alright Addison, there’s no need to worry about it. Whether it be now or later, we would still be attacking the Dark Temple. As long as I’m done subduing the Blood Spirit Beasts, then we could gain the advantage of being able to retreat and attack whenever we want. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Addison nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master. I understand.”

Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “I called you over here so that you can increase your strengths using the Space’s plants and fiery souls. I also want you to purchase more goods from the Alliance, make them think that this is because you are promoting more Experts in order to fight each other. Also, it would be best for us to gain more King-level Experts. This way, we would be more confident in dealing with the Dark Temple.”

Addison nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai with a questioning expression, “Young Master, are you going to make a move? If you do, then there’s no need for us to fear the Dark Temple.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Naturally I would make a move. However, you should know that there is an exceptional Expert in the Dark Temple. If I move, then I would be blocked by that person. You would have to deal with the other Experts from the Dark Temple. Understood?”

Addison and the others immediately answered, “We understand. Please rest assured.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the group out. He handed all of the affairs in the Underworld over to Addison. He knew that Addison would do well. Moreover, if Zhao Hai ascends in the future, it would still be impossible for him to step in the Underworld even with the Space’s help. His strength at that time would be too much for the Underworld’s laws to tolerate. Because of that, he would need to leave a person behind to manage the Underworld. And Zhao Hai plans to have Addison be that person.

Zhao Hai was very relaxed in the next couple of days. He drank tea everyday and he even enjoyed the hot spring from time to time.

The blood needles had also mapped the majority of the Dark Temple’s domain over these few days. It can be said that Zhao Hai now had a certain understanding about the Dark Temple. In fact, Zhao Hai didn’t only explore the Dark Temple’s lands, he also sent some blood needles over to survey the Neutral Alliance. Since the Alliance was a potential threat, he needed to be guarded against them as well.

After Zhao Hai felt that his spirit and body had recovered to their best condition, he prepared to head towards the Blood River.

Zhao Hai persisted under the Five Element Killing Formation’s pressure for 10 hours straight. This endeavor exhausted both of his body and spirit. Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to take a good rest in order to avoid any accidents.

Zhao Hai never underestimated his enemies. He acted like a lion would when hunting a rabbit. He would do his best in order to succeed with the least loss to his side.

With the matter regarding the Blood River, Zhao Hai took a very careful stance. Addison also said that among the numerous Blood Spirit Beasts were beasts with King-level strength. Even King-level Experts would need to be careful when crossing the river. Therefore, Zhao Hai needed to be more careful this time if he wanted to succeed.

This time, Zhao Hai didn’t plan to fly alone. He called the Blood Lotus out and rode it.

The Blood Lotus was the lotus that the Hell King’s ship turned into. This lotus can both be large and small. This time, Zhao Hai plans to reduce the lotus’ size before tunneling underground towards the Blood River. This was the method that would attract the least attention of the Dark Temple. Only when it was time to make a big move would Zhao Hai make a huge noise.

Zhao Hai originally didn’t want Laura and the others to follow him, he wanted them to stay inside the Space. However, Laura would have none of it. In the end, Zhao Hai caved in and allowed the women to stay inside the Blood Lotus’ Space.

It can be said that the Space inside the Blood Lotus was just the same as the villa, except it didn’t have the Hundred Spirit Tree. The Blood Lotus was also very strong. If there was any danger, Laura and the others could still return to the Space. And since the women liked to follow Zhao Hai, he didn’t have the courage to stop them.

Everything has been prepared, Laura and the others were also inside the Blood Lotus. Zhao Hai began to head towards the Blood River. They appeared in a place not far from the River. After coming out of the Space, the lotus immediately tunneled underground. Both the people from the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple would not be able to detect anything. 


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