BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1039


Chapter 1039 – Five Element Killing Formation

The world has no certainties!

This was something that everyone who study magic formations knew. In fact, Zhao Hai believes that this sentence was also true for those who study magic formations in the Cultivation Realm.

This statement was also true regarding the Divine Five Element Killing Formation. It was the strongest formation that Zhao Hai had seen. It could strangle both yin and yang of the five elements. It could also retaliate against spiritual attacks. One might even say that it was almost perfect.

However, such near perfection still had to make way for an out. Otherwise, the formation wouldn’t have been successfully established.

In fact, for those who set the Five Element Killing formation, this out was the requirement that one needs to accomplish. As for those who wanted to try other methods in order to break the formation, it was almost impossible for them to succeed.

This was the unique point of the Five Element Killing formation. As for the other formations, as long as you find a weakness to break them, then they could do it. But this wouldn’t work on the Five Element Formation. If one couldn’t accomplish the requirements of the formation, then one wouldn’t be able to break it.

Strictly speaking, the Five Element Killing Formation couldn’t be identified into a type of formation. Instead, it can be said that it was a mix between a formation and a form of thought. It didn’t need formation flags nor formation disks, instead it needed the thoughts of those who set it up. Because of this, the formation couldn’t be broken using conventional methods.

And now, Zhao Hai’s sea of knowledge was surrounded by the five element light wall. Any spiritual force that had malicious intent towards Zhao Hai would be attacked by the light wall. And there was only one way to break this light wall, it was either by Zhao Hai dissipating it by himself, or if the Hundred Spirit Tree was removed from the Space.

Nobody else can achieve these requirements other than Zhao Hai. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about the formation in his sea of knowledge being broken.

However, Zhao Hai will certainly make good use of the Five Element Killing formation. In fact, the Space had already extracted the properties of the formation and then unified it with Zhao Hai’s staff. In other words, Zhao Hai can place his own Five Element Killing Formation. But this time, the formation that Zhao Hai could arrange was in no way comparable to the one arranged by the Hundred Spirit Clan.

There’s also another characteristic to the Five Element Killing Formation, its height went according to the strength of the people establishing it. And with Zhao Hai’s present strength, he certainly wouldn’t be able to match the Divine Five Element Killing Formation made by the Hundred Spirit Clan. After all, the Divine Five Element Killing Formation was set up by 100 high-ranked Immortals from the Hundred Spirit Clan.

Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes. He was also made aware that the Five Element Killing Formation in the Underworld had completely vanished. At this time, there would be no forbidden land in the Underworld.

Zhao Hai’s figure moved as he appeared inside the Snake King’s Domain. The Snake King wasn’t actually inside its area. It was waiting for Zhao Hai in a place not far away from the light wall. This touched Zhao Hai somewhat.

Zhao Hai found the Snake King and they returned to its domain. He also told the Snake King that there wouldn’t be anything attacking them in the future. They can now go to the central region. After that Zhao Hai went back to the Space.

At this point, Zhao Hai’s territory in the Underworld couldn’t be said to be small. Naturally, this included the Dark Creature Domain. Now that the Dark Creatures had been subdued by Zhao Hai, their territory would naturally be his. However, Zhao Hai didn’t plan to use the Dark Creatures to help him fight.

When Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he saw Laura and the others looking at the Space in confusion. After seeing Zhao Hai come back, Laura immediately said, “Brother Hai, the formation arranged by the Hundred Spirit Clan just disappeared.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I know. The Five Elements Killing Formation has been withdrawn by the Space and placed inside my staff. Moreover, another Five Element Killing Formation is protecting my sea of knowledge.” Then he relayed what happened to Laura and the others.

The women began to understand what happened, then they couldn’t help but feel afraid. Laura said, “I didn’t expect the Hundred Spirit Clan to be that careful. It’s good that Brother Hai has a tender heart and didn’t destroy their corpses. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have obtained the Hundred Spirit Tree.”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile as he said, “You wouldn’t expect the abilities of the Hundred Spirit Tree.”

When Zhao Hia’s said this, Laura and the others began to anticipate his next words, they immediately urged him to continue. Then Zhao Hai told them about the function of the Hundred Spirit Tree. The women didn’t expect the Hundred Spirit Tree to grow an island, and these islands could actually go into outer space.

The group began to understand how extraordinary the tree was. Zhao Hai had the same reaction as them, even he didn’t think that the tree would be this formidable.

As Zhao Hai looked at the Hundred Spirit Tree, he suddenly said, “Cai’er, come here quick.”

Cai’er immediately appeared by Zhao Hai’s side. Then Zhao Hai pointed to the Hundred Spirit Tree and said, “Cai’er, pay attention to the Hundred Spirit Tree. After 100 days, the tree would die. But before it completely withers, make sure to harvest its parts for medicine. For now, collect some leaves so that everyone can drink it as tea.”

Cai’er complied, then she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, can’t we just accelerate the area around the Hundred Spirit Tree?”

Zhao Hai stared, he forgot about this point. Now that Cai’er reminded him, Zhao Hai thought it through before he said, “Alright, let’s do that. I forgot about it, Cai’er is truly smart.”

When Cai’er heard Zhao Hai’s praise, she couldn’t help but smile like a young lady. Then she went on to accelerate the area around the Hundred Spirit Tree.

But just as Cai’er was about to begin, the Space issued a prompt, “Unable to accelerate time around the selected area. Host’s level didn’t reach the requirement. Hoping the host to work harder.”

Zhao Hai stared, then she looked at Cai’er and said, “What happened? How is my level insufficient for time acceleration?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve encountered this. Normally, time would accelerate no matter what. It’s possibly because the Hundred Spirit Tree is too high-leveled.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That seems to be it. In any case, we can still wait until 100 days are up. When the time comes, we would have our own floating island.”

Cai’er nodded. Laura and the others also heard the prompt, so they ran over. After hearing Zhao Hai’s words, Laura said, “Brother Hai, this Hundred Spirit Tree is a treasure of the heavens and the earth, and we’re already lucky to get our hands on it. It doesn’t matter if we wait.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Obtaining the tree is a great fortune. It is truly worth the wait. Let’s go back inside. Cai’er, please fetch us a couple of leaves. Let’s make some tea to drink.” Cai’er nodded. Then Zhao Hai led Laura and the others back into the villa.

After the group had sat down, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, we’ve already unified the Resistance Army as well as conquered the Dark Creature Domain. What do you plan to do next? Do you deal with the Dark Temple, or the Neutral Alliance?”

Zhao Hai thought about it for a moment and said, “We’ll go against the Dark Temple next. The Resistance Army still has business relations with the Neutral Alliance. Going against the Alliance at this time would just push them towards the Dark Temple. Let’s take a step back and look at the Alliance’s actions. Once we destroy the Dark Temple, then even the Neutral Alliance would not be able to do anything to us. At the same time, we can also make use of the Dark Creatures. If the Alliance plans anything, we can have the Dark Creatures deal with them.”

Laura nodded, “That’s also good. Brother Hai, how about the Blood Spirit Beasts? When do you plant to capture them?”

Zhao Hai paused before he answered, “Let’s wait for a couple of days. After a few days of rest, I will proceed to capture some Blood Spirit Beasts. I’m sure the Dark Temple still had people stationed along the Blood River. If I went to capture Blood Spirit Beasts, then I would be announcing my existence to them. When the Dark Temple gets word about me, then that would be my declaration of war.”

Laura nodded, “I reckon we should call Addison and the others over to make them prepare. After you capture the Blood Spirit Beasts, we shall immediately begin our war with the Dark Temple. Lizzy, Megan, are there any issues with the Undead army?”

Lizzy and Megan shook their heads. Then Lizzy replied, “There are no problems on our part. But Big Brother Hai, you should make a map of the Dark Temple’s territory. This way, it would be more convenient to fight against them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Rest assured, I will make sure to do so. I will use these couple of days to map out the Dark Temple’s territory. We still aren’t sure about how big the Underworld is. If we cannot completely eradicate the Dark Temple and they hide somewhere, then it would be troublesome if they hit us in the future.”

Laura nodded and said, “The Underworld is truly huge. Even Ancient Lich like Gimreden aren’t aware to what extent. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be easy.”

Zhao Hai replied, “It doesn’t matter. No matter how big it is, it surely has an end point. The Underworld would be our back garden in the future, we need to grasp into every inch of this land.”


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