BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1038


Chapter 1038 – Heaven Defying Hundred Spirit Tree

Zhao Hai’s figure flashsed out of the Space as he returned to the Underworld. He was planning to head towards the Snake King’s territory.

However, Zhao Hai suddenly discovered that he had arrived in his sea of knowledge once more. Last time, he was made aware of this because of the dreamy mist surrounding it, and by the fact that it didn’t look like any other place.

While Zhao Hai was puzzled, Scattered Spirit suddenly appeared in front of him. In their previous meeting, Scattered Spirit was unemotional. But this time, Scattered Spirit had a smile on his face. He looked at Zhao Hai before he bowed and greeted, “Little Friend Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at Scattered Spirit and said, “Scattered Spirit? Is that you? You didn’t dissipate?”

Scattered Spirit smiled faintly and said, “Correct. Little Friend Zhao Hai is truly a good man.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows, “Scattered Soul, what do you mean? Are you saying that you don’t dissipate? Are you going to stay here?”

Scattered Spirit felt that Zhao Hai was starting to get annoyed, so he immediately said, “My friend, you misunderstand. The reason why I appeared is because you have fulfilled the requirements of the Hundred Spirits Clan.”

Zhao Hai still couldn’t understand, “What do you mean? Scattered Spirit, explain it to me clearly.”

Scattered Spirit smiled faintly and replied, “My friend, don’t worry. What you saw last time is truly my remnant soul. However, my task is still not complete. Before seeing me, you saw a Demon Path Practitioner, a Buddhist Monk, a Confusian Scholar, and a Dao Sect Practitioner. Those are tests. I told you last time that we rescued a Human who brought other Humans to slaughter our clan. In order for us to establish trust, we needed to make a test.”

After hearing this, Zhao Hai’s expression changed, “So in other words, if I agreed to any of those Cultivators, I would have died?”

Scattered Spirit replied, “Cultivator? What are those? I don’t understand. Those people are all Immortal Practitioners. But you don’t have to worry. Even if you agreed to any of them, you would not die. You would just be expelled from the formation since it would be impossible for you to handle our request.”

Zhao Hai looked at Scattered Soul and said, “Is it really that simple?”

Scattered Spirit smiled, “Naturally, it’s impossible for it to be that easy. If you followed what I said and threw our bodies into the Divine Five Element Killing Formation, then not only could you dissipate the formation, you would also fail to obtain it. Instead, you would detonate the formation, burning everything inside.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows, “So is there another way to break it?”

Scattered Spirit smiled and said, “There’s another way to break the formation. The formation would only dissipate when our requests have been accomplished. Little friend, you should know that since you met us, then there’s no need for you to break the formation in order to escape that place. If you threw our corpses into the formation, then this meant that you are a person with no compassion. So how could we possibly hand over our Hundred Spirit Tree to a person like that?”

Zhao Hai began to understand. The Hundred Spirit Clan died in order to protect the Hundred Spirit Tree. This showed how important the tree was for them. So how could they have a piece of mind if they just hand it over to anyone.

Scattered Spirit looked at Zhao Hai’s expression as he smiled faintly and said, “It seems like you understand why we did all of that. My Hundred Spirit Clan surely won’t make Little Friend lose out on this matter. Now that the Divine Five Element formation is about to be broken, by remnant soul would no longer be able to hold out for long. However, Little Friend can rest assured, you don’t need to destroy our corpses nor the Hundred Spirit Tree in order to obtain the formation. The formation will be absorbed inside your body and reside outside your sea of knowledge. No matter what kind of spiritual attack, the formation would block them all. Moreover, from now on, the formation would be under your control. Even if you destroy the Hundred Spirit Tree, the formation wouldn’t retaliate against you. This is my Hundred Spirit Clan’s gift to you. I ask you to accept it.”

Zhao Hai gawked. He didn’t expect to gain another good thing. It was actually a defensive measure. Moreover, it protected his sea of knowledge.

Scattered Spirit continued, “My friend, there’s no need to take revenge for the Hundred Spirit Clan. The Universe is a complex being, and being extinguished is part of nature’s laws. The Humans eliminating our Hundred Spirit Clan goes according to nature’s laws. Actually, this Hundred Spirit Tree is actually not the one from our Hundred Spirit Clan. When the Humans destroyed the Hundred Spirit Tree, they only destroyed the main tree. They were unaware of the seedling growing under the tree. This is enough to prove that the Universe wanted the tree to survive. Therefore, Little Friend, please take good care of the tree. These trees existed in the Spirit World long before the Hundred Spirit Clan existed. And even after 1 million years of research, we still had yet to unlock the full capabilities of the tree. Now, I will relay the abilities of the Hundred Spirit Tree to Little Friend.”

After he said that, Scattered Spirit emitted a five colored light as he drilled into Zhao Hai’s body. Before long, Zhao Hai was bombarded with information. However, even before Zhao Hai managed to digest it all, he noticed that Scattered Spirit had appeared once more, but now his body was fainter than before. While Zhao Hai was stunned, Scattered Spirit said, “Little Friend, we have waited for a long time. Now that the Hundred Spirit Clan has been eliminated from this universe, we hope that you can take care of the Hundred Spirit Tree. Little Friend, this will be my last farewell.” 

After he said that, Scattered Spirit faded for the last time. Then another Hundred Spirit Clan member appeared in his place. This person gave Zhao Hai a bow before he disappeared and was replaced by another person. In the end all 100 members of the Hundred Spirit Clan had given Zhao Hai their respects. Then after that, Zhao Hai saw nothing else.

Zhao Hai knew that this was the Hundred Spirit Clan expressing their gratefulness towards him. Zhao Hai wasn’t impolite and returned each salute given to him. After that, Zhao Hai felt his sea of knowledge being surrounded by a five-colored light, forming four light walls that firmly protected what was inside.

Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to search, and as he did that, he heard the Space’s prompt, “Five element protective light wall detected. Extracting function and integrating it to the Space. The Space’s defenses have increased. Without the host’s permission, anybody who dared to enter a spatial rift to the Space would be strangled to death by the five element light wall. Any spiritual force with evil intention who attacks the host would also be strangled by the five element wall.”

At the same time, Zhao Hai could also feel control over the five element light wall. He began to feel relief. He didn’t expect to receive the light wall at this time. And since it protected his sea of knowledge, those who plan to attack him using spiritual force would face a violent retaliation.

After gaining control of the five element light wall, Zhao Hai began to examine the information that Scattered Spirit gave him. Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to sweep his sea of knowledge before that clump of information came out.

This knowledge included matters about the Hundred Spirit Tree as well as the method to arrange and dismantle the Divine Five Element Killing Formation.

The Hundred Spirit Clan’s Hundred Spirit Tree was actually called Hundred Stars Tree. The tree would live for one hundred years before blooming for 100 days. If one was fast and harvested the tree’s parts after 100 days, then one would obtain great benefits The bark of the tree can be used as medicine in order to heal even fatal wounds. If it was used alongside other medicinal plants, then the effect would be strengthened.

Also, if one soaks a leaf of the tree in water and drank it, then their cultivation would be increased, their physique would be strengthened, and their spiritual force would recover much faster. It can be said that it was a very good spiritual force restoration medicine.

The most unusual thing about the Hundred Spirit Tree was the fact that flowers would bloom after one hundred years and would stay that way for 100 days. After 100 days, the flowers would begin to form fruits. Then the mature fruit would begin detaching themselves from the tree. The fruits would then begin to grow larger and larger. The largest fruit would turn into an island that was not less than 10 thousand square meters in surface area and not more than one million square kilometers. This small island would hover in the air and would have its own gravity. This island wouldn’t be able to detach from the land much further, but the island could be farmed and occupied. However, there wouldn’t be any minerals on this island.

As for the other 99 fruits, they could be turned into airships. This airship was actually a mix of a vessel, a planting area, and an energy source. No matter who it was, as long as they drop their blood on the fruit, then they would immediately turn into these airships. This ship would act like a small island with its own gravitational force. People could also live on its surface and even farm. The area of these ships wouldn’t go further than 10 thousand square meters, but this wasn’t a small area.

Moreover, this ship would provide energy to its owner. If its owner runs out of energy during combat, then the ship would provide some. If the ship was planted with high-ranked plants, then the energy supplied would be greater. If the ship wasn’t cultivated, then the energy it provides would be low.

During the war between the Humans and the Hundred Spirit Clan, the Hundred Spirit Tree’s fruits were turned into floating ships. This gave the Humans enormous losses. Because of this, the Humans sent out powerful experts in order to erase the Hundred Spirit Tree. Because the tree was destroyed, and the fact that the Hundred Spirit Clan was not that populous, it didn’t take long before the Spirit World was taken over by the Humans.

If nobody uses the Hundred Spirit Fruit, then the fruit would still last forever. This was because these fruits can absorb the energy of the universe in order to support its existence. The energy absorbed would also allow another Hundred Spirit Tree to grow. And when the tree grows up, it would release the same energy it borrowed back into the Universe. This would form a loop of interdependence between the universe and the tree.

As for the fruit that turned into an island, it was impossible to be owned by someone. This island would just float above the ground. However, if this island existed for a very long time, then it would ascend and become a planet. They would also have natural source transmission formations inside them. These formations form a direct link towards the place where the original Hundred Spirit Tree grew. In other words, as long as an island existed for a very long time, it can roam the universe as a planet. And with the transmission formation, the island could return to the planet where it originated.

Also, the small planet that the fruit turned into would be able to attract the energy of the Universe and then grow its own Hundred Spirit Tree. And this tree would return to the origin place of the planet.

After knowing these functions of the Hundred Spirit Tree, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be shocked. He didn’t expect the Hundred Spirit Tree to be this heaven-defying. It can actually form islands and planets that have their own gravitational field. This was too inconceivable.

Zhao Hai could now understand why the Hundred Spirit Clan appointed the Hundred Spirit Tree as their sacred relic. In fact, any race that obtains this tree would no doubt make it their most precious treasure. This tree was just too heaven-defying.

Besides the Hundred Spirit Tree, there was also information about the Divine Five Element Killing Formation. This formation involved the five elements of the heavens and the earth. It can be said that no matter what type of energy, it could still be influenced by the formation, this includes spiritual force. There were rules to establishing this formation. The person who wanted to set it up would have to balance the power of the five elements. There must also be enough energy and spiritual force to power the formation. The reason why the Hundred Spirit Clan was able to establish this formation was because they had already sacrificed more than a million of their kin during tests. In the end, 100 people succeeded in establishing the formation. Those who failed were all consumed by the backlash.

On the other hand, dissolving the formation was actually very simple. To break the formation, one should meet the requirements set by the one who established the formation, just like what the Hundred Spirit Clan did. As long as you don’t destroy their bodies, not destroy the Hundred Spirit Tree, and then giving the tree some security, then the formation would break apart.

If Zhao Hai establishes the formation, then he could make his own requirements. For example, Zhao Hai can make a rule that as long as a person says the word ‘Hello’, then they would break the formation. It was that simple, using other methods would just get them killed. No matter what, accomplishing the requirements was the only way of breaking a Divine Five Element Killing Formation. 


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