BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1037


Chapter 1037 – Insane Level Ups

After Scattered Spirit vanished, Zhao Hai discovered that he had returned to the small tree. HIs hand was on the tree, the same action that he had earlier.

Zhao Hai stared, he can affirm that he wasn’t dreaming. He was just sent to another place and this place was actually his own sea of knowledge.[1]

Zhao Hai frowned. He was sure that he had just talked with Scattered Spirit. But that happened not in another place, but instead inside his own mind.

But what made Zhao Hai confused were the people who appeared before Scattered Spirit. What’s the purpose of the Immortal, Monk, Scholar, and Old Daoist? 

Although he was left with questions, Zhao Hai recalled Scattered Spirit’s wish. Inside this formation called the Divine Soul Five Element Killing Formation was a tree he was meant to protect.

Zhao Hai had no problems agreeing to Scattered Spirit’s request. This was a tree species that Zhao Hai had not seen before, and the Space would definitely take it in. Moving the tree to the Space would be beneficial to it, and it would also give the Space some experience.

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at the corpses of the 100 individuals. Scattered Spirit said that throwing these corpses towards the Divine Soul Five Element Killing Formation would turn it off. Moreover, Zhao Hai could also obtain the formation itself. However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to do this.

Zhao Hai heard Scattered Spirit say that all of them used their final strength to establish the formation in order to protect the Hundred Spirit Tree. So even if Zhao Hai broke the formation and obtained its method of activation, it was still impossible for Zhao Hai to use it. He alone wasn’t enough to establish the formation.

Throwing these corpses to disintegrate inside the formation wasn’t something that Zhao Hai could bear to do. He was a Dark Mage, but he would only be impolite to the corpses of his enemies and turn them into Undead. As for people on his own side, he would only turn them into Undead if necessary, otherwise he would give them the greatest respect.

Scattered Spirit and the others weren’t people on his own side, but they were surely not his enemy. For Zhao Hai to throw their corpses towards the killing formation was something that Zhao Hai cannot do.

Although he doesn’t know another way to break the formation, Zhao Hai can still leave using the Space. Zhao Hai plans to leave using the Space along with the 100 corpses. Then he would find a good place to bury them in.

There was another reason why Zhao Hai chose to bury the bodies of the 100 people from the Spirit World. This was because these people were all experts. All of them deserved to rest with dignity. And from Scattered Spirit’s words, what happened to them was caused by the Human Race. When he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Zhao Hai sighed, then he waved his hand to take all of the corpses. After that, Zhao Hai inspected the small tree. His spiritual force searched underground in order to find the tip of the tree’s roots. This way, it would be easier for it to be moved to the Space.

Scattered Spirit said that this tree was their most sacred artifact, the Hundred Spirit tree. Upon facing such a treasure, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to be negligent. Because of this, he was very careful in searching for the tree’s roots.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the tree to have such strong roots. Moreover, the roots of the tree spanned the entire 100 square meter area. At the same time, the main root of the tree stretched up to 1 kilometer into the ground.

A meter high tree actually had a kilometer long root? This caused Zhao Hai to be startled.

Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift using all of his strength. The huge spatial rift appeared on top of Zhao Hai’s head.

Zhao Hai used his finger to lead the spatial rift’s dimensions towards the light wall. It must be said that Zhao Hai was thankful for the existence of the Divine Five Element Killing Formation. The formation kept the roots of the tree contained. Without the formation, who knows how large the tree root’s span would be. If that happened, Zhao Hai would have to spend more effort in moving the tree.

Zhao Hai also discovered that the Five Elements inside this small space was completely isolated from the Underworld. And unlike the Underworld, the soil in this place was common dirt. Any presence of blood also couldn’t be found. It looked like this place wasn’t in the Underworld at all.

Zhao Hai didn’t dwell too much on this as he directed the spatial rift to push downwards. And since the tree didn’t expand too much aboveground, the spatial rift had a smooth path downward. It proceeded downwards until it had fully swallowed the Hundred Spirit Tree.

When the Hundred Spirit Tree was finally absorbed, Zhao Hai decided to place it by the Space’s villa. As the Hundred Spirit Tree was sent in, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “High-grade plant discovered. Level required to scan is too high, Host currently has no permission to view data. Since host has acquired a high-grade plant, the Space has been upgraded to level 110. Host can now purchase 10 low-ranked cultivation backgrounds as well as 20 common backgrounds. Hoping for the Host to continue your hard work.”

This caused Zhao Hai to stare, the Hundred Spirit Tree was truly astonishing. Not only could Zhao Hai not view its properties, it even made the Space level up 8 times, making it level 110. This was truly a great harvest.

However, this wasn’t the end. After Zhao Hai planted the Hundred Spirit Tree and watered it with the space’s water, the tree began to grow at a rate visible to the naked eye. It didn’t take long before the tree’s root grew to a kilometer deep. Then Zhao Hai began to feel the energy inside the Space quickly flowing towards the tree’s trunk, making the Hundred Spirit Tree the center of an energy whirlpool. As the energy of the Space was vigorously absorbed, the tree began to grow bigger and bigger. In the end, the Hundred Spirit Tree reached an astonishing height of a kilometer, surpassing the Tree of Life’s record height by about 100 meters. The tree gave shade to the villa, giving it a quaint atmosphere.

At this time, the tree stopped its growth and cut off its absorption of the Space’s energy. And then it began to release some energy to the Space for some time before it stopped.

Zhao Hai discovered that the energy released by the Hundred Spirit Tree gave the Space more vitality. Zhao Hai was able to faintly feel the plants in the Space cheering.

At this time, Laura and the others went outside of the vila. All of them were shocked upon seeing the huge Hundred Spirit Tree.

Zhao Hai also began to discover that 100 flowers had appeared on the Hundred Spirit Tree. These 100 flowers looked different from each other. Some were single flowers, while some came in clumps. However, each flower had a size of about a meter, they were very beautiful.

Zhao Hai stood below the tree, feeling the delicate fragrance that it gave out from time to time. This fragrance was quite special. Initially, it wasn’t very thick, feeling quite pale. But after some time, it gave people a plain and sincere feeling, it seems as though it refreshed one’s soul.

Laura and the others couldn’t help but lift their noses up. Then Megan said, “It’s fragrant, it smells very good. Big Brother Hai, was this that half-dead tree? Did you use magic? Or accelerated time?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I didn’t use magic or anything else. It’s a mystery why it grew to this height.”

Laura smiled and said, “I’ve always wanted to plant a huge tree next to the villa. With this tree, everything looks perfect.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “This is the Hundred Spirit Tree. Those people surrounding the tree are from the Hundred Spirit Clan. It’s possible that they are from the Cultivation Realm. They were attacked by the Humans. Because of this, they escaped with the tree to the Underworld. With the tree being their sacred relic, they surrounded it with the killing formation. After I rushed through the light wall, the people from the Hundred Spirit Clan asked me to take care of their tree. Because of this, I decided to plant the tree inside the Space.”

Laura looked confused at what Zhao Hai said, so she asked, “Brother Hai, how did you know about all of these?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Those 100 people sent their final spiritual force into the Hundred Spirit Tree. They directly sent a message to me when I touched the tree.”

Laura replied, “Didn’t you just rub the tree? How can you obtain this information?”

Zhao Hai stared, “Rub that tree? Haven’t I been out for some time?”

Laura shook her head and said, “No, we just saw you rub the tree. It wasn’t that long.”

Zhao Hai began to understand the problem. He felt that it he took a long time inside that dream-like world. But in fact, it only took a very short time.

After he thought about this, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I just felt like time passed longer than what it should have taken. Alright, we’re done here. Let’s continue exploring the Underworld. Make sure to tell the Snake King and the others to refrain from getting close to the killing formation, or else they would be smashed to pieces.”

Laura nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll relay this matter to the Snake King and the others. Brother Hai, that Divine Five Element Killing Formation is too dangerous. Don’t go into such danger in the future, you’ll worry us to death.’

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and then smiled, “Alright, you can rest assured. After all, it was a risk worth taking. Also, don’t forget that I have my staff and my crystal form. I’m not that easy to damage.”

Laura knew that urging Zhao Hai further would prove useless. Moreover, this risk was truly worth it. If Zhao Hai didn’t do this from time to time, then the Space wouldn’t’ develop. Therefore, she decided to just nod and say nothing else.

  1. It’s 识海(Shì hǎi) or sea of knowledge. This is the first time this appeared.


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