BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1036


Chapter 1036 – Do You Desire Immortality?

A place of about 100 square meters being illuminated by colorful lights would look attractive to any person. However, such a place had a hundred dead people surrounding a half dead tree. This made it look strange instead.

Zhao Hai stayed in place while in mid-air. He slowly received his blood ghost staff. However, he kept his crystallization, afraid of any potential danger. Only after finding that there weren’t any threats would he begin to withdraw his crystal form.

After seeing that there was still no danger, Zhao Hai felt relieved. Then he turned his crystallization off. He began to closely inspect this small space. In this place, besides the small tree, the other places were occupied by those 100 people. Other than these things, nothing else was found.

Zhao Hai began to descend to the ground to look at the 100 individuals. These people were from all kinds of races. The biggest one was the giant that Zhao Hai had seen before while the smallest one was at a size of a fairy. This fairy had fairly transparent skin, showing the blood vessels and the muscles within. The other parts were as black as the darkest coal.

These people were dead, their bodies lacked the presence of life, their souls had long been dissipated. Even if Zhao Hai used his dark magic, it would be impossible for him to turn them into Undead.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to underestimate them. This was because Zhao Hai saw that their bodies didn’t rot. And this wasn’t because of the environment. In fact, the environment here was the same as the Ark Continent, aside from the air being a bit dry, nothing else was different.

The reason why these corpses were still in perfect condition was because these people were all peak Experts. At the very least, they were stronger than the current Zhao Hai. Since they were too strong, their bodies were preserved despite dying. It can be said that they were on the boundary of being immortal.

Immortal doesn’t mean everlasting, it meant that the body of a person had reached a very high degree of cultivation to the point where it wouldn’t be corrupted upon death.

It was clearly obvious that these 100 individuals had reached a point of immortality. But Zhao Hai knew that the Underworld, or even the Divine Realm’s experts wouldn’t achieve such a degree. Only the Cultivation Realm might have these kinds of experts. In other words, these 100 people could very well be from the Cultivation Realm.

The clothing style of these people were very unusual as well, and each of them were different. It can be seen that their clothing represented their race’s identity. At the same time, Zhao Hai can see that their clothes were made out of high-quality materials. Who knows how long it has been since these people had died, but their clothes were still as good as new. This was evidence enough of how advanced the fabric was.

Gently touching the clothes would make it clear that the material used were tenacious and strong. In addition to the incomparably powerful multicolored light wall, it confirmed Zhao Hai’s guess. These people were most likely from the Cultivation Realm. Whether they were trapped here or had sealed themselves in was still hard to say.

Zhao Hai looked all around and saw that there wasn’t anything else. Zhao Hai hesitated for a moment before he carefully flew towards the small tree. 

It was a type of tree that Zhao Hai had never seen before. Its leaves were quite fat, its bark was very smooth. It looked like any other small tree, but Zhao Hai can affirm that this was not an ordinary tree.

Looks couldn’t give enough information, so Zhao Hai couldn’t stop himself from touching the tree with his hand. Just as his hand came in contact with the tree, the tree suddenly emitted a five colored light towards Zhao Hai’s face. Zhao Hai’s eyes shook before he stood straight and didn’t move. At the same time, his eyes seem to lose their sheen. It was as though Zhao Hai had lost his soul.

In the next instant, Zhao Hai discovered that he was inside a strange place. Mist fluttered everywhere. However, this wasn’t the same dark mist of the Underworld. This mist gave one a comfortable natural feeling.

Zhao Hai looked around in confusion. At this time, the mist retreated as a person appeared in front of him. The man wore a long gown and was quite handsome. On his face was a devilish smile while under his feet was a double-edged sword. His hair was tied up in a ponytail, making him look carefree.

This person looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Do you desire Immortality?”

Zhao Hai stared as he digested the words of this person. From this person’s appearance, he’s most likely to be a cultivator, moreover his level doesn’t seem to be low. Why did he appear here? And why did he suddenly utter such words?

However, Zhao Hai took a deep breath before he answered, “Yes!”

The person looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “In this universe, almost all people desire immortality. However, one should know that immortality goes against the will of the heavens. It is stealing life from the heavens. Everyone who desires immortality would have to do this alone. Will you?”

Zhao Hai knit his brows. Although he was an indifferent person, he wasn’t completely ruthless. It was impossible for him to sacrifice Laura and the others just for the sake of immortality. Because of this, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m unable to do this.”

The person seemed to be stunned at Zhao Hai’s reply. Then he disappeared into thin air. Along with the disappearance of the man was the appearance of a kindly dressed monk. When the monk appeared, he put his hands together before smiling at Zhao Hai, “Greetings, young benefactor.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t understand why this monk appeared. However, he also put his hands together and said, “Greetings, Master.”

When the monk saw Zhao Hai’s conduct, his smile couldn’t help but deepen. He immediately replied, “Benefactor has answered well. In this world, there are many paths in order to achieve immortality. With Buddhism, you will receive the grand dao.” 

Zhao Hai replied, “These paths, Master, please enlighten me.”

The Monk said, “All living things aim for immortality, but this is a selfish aim. Why not follow the teachings of Buddha. Receive happiness, and enter the everlasting!”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile as he said, “Those who are not fish would never know the happiness of one. The Buddha has transcended humanity, so how could he know our pains? I do good deeds, but I’m not a monk nor do I worship to Buddha. In such case, won’t I be a living Buddha? If I am wicked, dress myself in gold, burn books, and break wooden fish, then wouldn’t I be a great Demon?”[1]

When the Monk heard this, he began to vanish, replacing him was a person with a scholarly appearance. In this person’s hand was a book, he looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Those who are not fish will never know a fish’s happiness. Good, good. Those who can save the world are only saints and sages. Are you willing to follow the saint’s path with me in order to achieve immortality?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Only commoners can save the people of the world. Where do saints and sages come from? They are also ordinary people!”

The Scholar vanished, in his place was an Old Daoist. The Old Daoist had snow white hair, beard and eyebrows. In his hand was a bone dust pouch. He Old Daoist looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little friend is persevering and wise. You are a good candidate for spiritual cultivation. Little friend, are you willing to explore nature with me? We will take the mountains and the rivers as our teachers, treat the heavens as our friend. To pursue the path to immortality together!”

Zhao Hai actually chuckled as he replied, “What is the grand dao? The grand dao is the dao of the heavens, a path of humanity, and a bitter life to some people. But if I become immortal alone, then what is the point? People can be happy without being immortal, is that part of the dao? The Dao is life, the heavens are the dao. The dao is my heart and my heart is the dao!”

The Old Daoist vanished. At this time a giant appeared in front of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai had seen this giant before. It was the dead giant back in that small place. When the giant appeared, he gave Zhao Hai a salute before he said, “This one has met Little Friend. This one is Scattered Spirit of the Spirit Giant race.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he returned the greeting, “This one is Zhao Hai.”

Scattered Spirit looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I have seen Little Friend Zhao Hai. My Spirit Giant race is one of the races that coexisted along with the other 99 from the Spirit Realm. Our clan, along with the others, don’t vie for supremacy nor do we indulge in conquest. The 100 races lived harmoniously. But one day, a severely wounded Human arrived at our Spirit Realm. The 100 clans did our best in order to rescue and befriend him. However, nobody expected that Human to call other Humans in order to attack our realm. They destroyed our civilization. In the end, we could only call for 100 brave warriors for one last struggle. We created a space to save and protect our sacred relic, the Hundred Spirit Tree, up until a destined friend arrives. Little Friend Zhao Hai, you are that destined friend. Little Friend, please take the Hundred Spirit Tree away from this place. Let it recover. If you do, then we will be deeply grateful to you.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He looked at Scattered Spirit and said, “You made this space? Didn’t you die, how are you able to speak to me?”

Scattered Spirit replied, “Little Friend doesn’t need to be confused. Me and the other 99 sent our spiritual force to the Hundred Spirit Tree before we died. Upon meeting you, our spirits would start to dissipate. My current appearance is the amalgamation of all our spiritual forces.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked at Scattered Spirit and said, “Did you also arrange the magic formation? How can I remove it?”

Scattered Spirit replied, “This formation was arranged by the hundred clans. It is named Divine Soul Five Element Killing Formation. It cuts both yin and yang energy of the five elements. Breaking this formation is easy, as long as you throw our corpses towards the formation, then the formation would dissipate. You can also obtain the formation itself.”

Zhao Hai stared as he listened to Scattered Spirit. At this time, Scattered Spirit gave Zhao Hai a last salute before saying, “Little Friend, my divine soul is starting to vanish. I ask Little Friend to take good care of the Hundred Spirit Tree, our 100 clans would forever be grateful to you.” After he said that Scattered Spirit became more and more pale before he completely vanished.

  1. I’m not sure about this. I didn’t manage to find any relevant resources to translate this segment.


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