BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1035


Chapter 1035 – Terrifying Five-Colored Light Wall

Zhao Hai’s operation went very smoothly. He used the Space’s map to find those magic beasts and then went and took them to the Space. It didn’t take a long time before he was done capturing them all.

Ten King-level magic beasts. Although they added strength to Zhao Hai, he didn’t plan to make use of them. He returned them to their territories in order to make them rule the Dark Creatures. This way, the Dark Creatures wouldn’t disturb him.

Zhao Hai subdued these beasts for two things; first, he wanted to collect soul bones, and second, he wanted the Dark Creatures to behave. If the Dark Creatures suddenly act up when Zhao Hai goes to war with the Dark Temple, then that would be very annoying. Because of this, Zhao Hai chose to subdue those magic beasts now.

Now that these magic beasts had been subdued, Zhao Hai moved on to his next plan, exploring the central area of the Dark Beast Domain. He wanted to see the white protective layer that the Snake King talked about.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately go to the central region after subduing the ten king-level beasts. He had plenty of time, there was no need to be anxious.

Zhao Hai returned to the Space and rested for a few days. Zhao Hai was clear, if those with the Snake King’s strength weren’t able to enter the central region, then that was enough to explain its danger. Because of this, Zhao Hai planned to rest well in order to reach an optimum condition before he makes his move.

Zhao Hai rested for five days. In the past few days, Zhao Hai didn’t have little harvest. He gained a lot, and this was in terms of soul bones.

After being informed about the formation of soul bones, Cai’er immediately performed experiments on magic beasts. She tried magic beasts from every Space. In any case, there were a lot of bone plants. Therefore, there was no need to save up on materials.

The result left Cai’er satisfied. This bone plant’s main function seems to be forming soul bones. No matter what magic beasts ate it, they would drop soul bones whenever they died. However, which kind of bone was left behind was still random.

In addition to this result, determining the size of the soul bone produced had also been discovered. The size of the soul bones had something to do with the amount of bone plants a certain magic beast ate. If a magic beast only ate one leaf, then its soul bone would just be as large as a person’s tooth. If it ate a whole plant, then their bones would be as large as the weapons used by the Gibbon Brothers. The more bone plants they ate, the bigger the soul bone would be.

Cai’er first performed this experiment with Argali. After eating 20 bone plants, an Argali would die. Then after perishing, the Argali would leave behind soul bones. Moreover, after eating a bone plant, as long as they don’t reach the maximum amount, the Argali would be able to live normally. They didn’t have any difference compared to the other Argali.

Since time was short, Cai’er’s experiments could only have these results. However, this information was still very useful for Zhao Hai.

They were now aware that bone plants allowed the production of soul bones. But aside from this, they weren’t able to find out about anything else. It looks like, for now, the bone plant’s function was just to make soul bones.

But Zhao Hai had a certain premonition, both bone plants and soul bones would be very important in the future. Because of this, Zhao Hai placed great attention to these two things.

After resting inside the Space for five days, Zhao Hai finally decided to head towards the central area to take a look. Although the Snake King said that the central area was dangerous, Zhao Hai still wanted to take a look no matter what. The Underworld would be his territory in the future, leaving behind such an unknown place unexplored would not be great.

This time, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to lower his guard. After he passed through the Snake King’s domain, he went straight towards the central region. Naturally, the Snake King was right beside Zhao Hai.

From the Snake King’s domain, the two flew for another three hours before Zhao Hai felt that his spiritual force could no longer go forward. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be alert, he knew that he must be close.

The Snake King stopped, then it turned its head to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, I can only accompany you up to here. I would be attacked if I proceed.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He also knew that he wouldn’t be able to ask the Snake King for help. The Snake King gave Zhao Hai a salute before it turned around and left.

Zhao Hai slowly flew forward, his heart was somewhat anxious. After flying for about ten minutes, Zhao Hai suddenly discovered the dark mist slowly turning faint!

Zhao Hai gawked. He spent a lot of days inside the Underworld, and all through that time he had been inside the Dark Mist, so he was very familiar with it. Now, the dark mist suddenly started to thin out, he began to feel strange.

Zhao Hai stopped and paid attention to the surroundings. The dark mist had turned faint, moreover, a white light began to shine out. It seems like the white light scattered the dark mist.

Zhao Hai examined himself and found that the white light seems to not affect him. He tried to fly forward, only to see that the white light was becoming brighter and brighter while the dark mist turned more and more faint. Zhao Hai flew for over 20 minutes before the Dark Mist completely vanished. What was in front of Zhao Hai was a wall of gentle white light.

Zhao Hai was somewhat puzzled. He was made aware of this white light by the Snake King. According to the Snake King, this white light should be dangerous. However, Zhao Hai couldn’t feel any danger coming from it. Conversely, the white light gave Zhao Hai an unending supply of energy. It was actually very comfortable.

At this time, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but rub his temples. He can feel that dark energy was absent from the light wall. Instead of dark energy, Zhao Hai can feel the presence of the five elements. It can be said that the light wall was made out of the five elements.

This stoked Zhao Hai’s curiosity. Almost all of the energy in the Underworld was dark energy. But on this light wall, Zhao Hai could actually feel the five elements. What was going on?

Although he didn’t understand, Zhao Hai decided to fly forward. In any case, he couldn’t feel a threat coming from the light wall.

As Zhao Hai flew forward, he discovered that although the light wall wasn’t far, it wasn’t close either. It took Zhao Hai a bit more than a half an hour before reaching the light wall.

Upon reaching the wall, Zhao Hai found out that the wall wasn’t all white. Five colors constantly flashed from time to time, they were very bright.

Zhao Hai crystallized his hand before he plunged his fingertips towards the wall. Just as his fingers touched the wall, a huge twisting force suddenly came out from the wall. It was as though a large hand had come out to pull Zhao Hai in.

Zhao Hai immediately took his hand back. His hand was still crystallized, but Zhao Hai knew that if it wasn’t, then his fingers would’ve already been sucked in.

Zhao Hai was clear about the strength of his crystal body. But even so, Zhao Hai could still feel the twisting from the light wall. This was an evidence of how dangerous the wall was.

Upon the thought of this, Zhao Hai took out a high-grade steel blade from the Space. This blade was a superior weapon produced by the Dwarves.

Zhao Hai proceeded to stab the steel blade towards the wall of light. As soon as the blade came in contact with the wall, Zhao Hai felt the twisting force once more, but the force quickly disappeared.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, was this twisting force just a fluke? At this thought, Zhao Hai took the steel blade back before preparing to insert it back into the light wall.

However, just as Zhao Hai pulled the steel blade out, he discovered that something was wrong. The part of the blade that was inserted into the wall had disappeared. Moreover, the cross-section was very smooth, as though it has been cut by an extremely sharp instrument.

When he saw the blade’s state, Zhao Hai’s expression changed before he forced a smile, “Interesting, even this steel blade has been cut. This wall isn’t normal.”

Zhao Hai threw the blade into the light wall. The blade just vanished into the wall, it was like when a water drop disappears into the big sea. There wasn’t even a hint of disturbance on the wall’s surface.

Although the light wall didn’t transmit any sound, Zhao Hai knew that the blade had been twisted into nothingness by the light wall. Zhao Hai stopped in front of the wall and looked at the flashing multicolored light. After a while, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

This light wall was sending out a gentle light, giving people a sacred feeling. Moreover, the attractiveness of the five colors was extraordinary. However, who knew that beyond this wall was a twisting force that would strangle everything. If an ordinary human goes through this wall, then even bones wouldn’t be left behind.

However, this made Zha Hai even more curious. He felt that this light wall didn’t appear naturally. It was surely made as a defensive measure by someone. Moreover, this defensive formation seems to be much stronger compared to what Zhao Hai had seen before.

Zhao Hai felt even more curious about what was inside this wall. It was impossible for it to appear for no reason. This was guarding something, or sealing something inside.

The more Zhao Hai thought about, the more curious he was. He waved his hand and took his blood ghost staff out. Then he turned the staff into a protective sphere. After also crystallizing his entire body, Zhao Hai flew towards the wall.

As the blood ghost staff entered the light wall, Zhao Hai immediately felt the twisting force. Its strength was very huge, making the blood sphere shiver. It might even break at any time.

Zhao Hai stood firmly inside the blood sphere as he continued to fly forward. The blood sphere’s shaking got more and more violent, however, it still held on without no sign of bursting.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare to be careless, as he controlled the blood sphere, he made a mental message, “Cai’er, pay attention to the monitor. See whether I am progressing or just moving in circles.”

Cai’er’s voice was quickly heard, “Young Master, rest assured, you aren’t going in a circle. You’ve been going in a straight line.”

Zhao Hai nodded before he stimulated the blood sphere to speed up. He wanted to go through the light wall as soon as possible, but he couldn’t do anything to the twisting force.

Even so, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He advanced bit by bit, Zhao Hai didn’t care that he was going slowly, it was good as long as he was moving.

One hour passed, two hours, three hours,…. Ten hours passed by. Zhao Hai’s head began to perspire. He didn’t think that it would take this long to cross the light wall. He felt that his mental strength wouldn’t be able to keep up. Zhao Hai knew that if his spiritual strength was exhausted, then the blood sphere would stop moving. Even if the blood sphere didn’t collapse, without the support of his spiritual force, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to proceed. When that time comes, who knows what would happen.

Because of this, Zhao Hai insisted on going through this light wall. He wanted to take a look at what’s inside the wall. He wanted to know the reason why there was a strong magic formation here.

After another hour, just as Zhao Hai felt that he wouldn’t be able to go on, he suddenly felt that a portion of the blood sphere had a reduced pressure from the twisting force. Zhao Hai stared, his gaze shook, he knew that he was about to come out of the light wall. As soon as he thought about this, Zhao Hai immediately pushed the blood sphere further. The force of the wall became weaker and weaker. Then after five minutes, Zhao Hai finally went through the light wall. He couldn’t feel the twisting force anymore.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a long breath as he wiped the sweat off of his face. Then he looked at the place through the blood sphere. Inside the light wall wasn’t a huge place. On top of the area was a light source giving off gentle light. The space was only about 100 square meters, surrounding it was the light wall. In the middle of this place was a small tree. The tree was a little more than a meter high. There were several long roots branching out from this tree. Its leaves were scattered, it seems like the tree didn’t have any proper nourishment.

Zhao Hai discovered people gathering around this tree. However, the existence of these people was strange. Some looked like Beastmen, some looked like Dwarves, some were like Elves, there were some golems, and those who looked like the Thunder Clan, Winged Pegasus, Barbarians. At the same time, there were people who were pitch black, blacker than a black person. Purple people were present as well. In any case, there were races that Zhao Hai could identify and some that he couldn’t. What made Zhao Hai even more curious was the fact that there was a giant among these people. This giant was very tall, its head as high as Zhao Hai’s entire body. Zhao Hai suddenly felt that this giant looked very familiar. Then his eyes quickly lit up, he knew that this giant was the same giant as the huge skeletons that he was collecting before. They looked fairly the same.

Zhao Hai counted and there seems to be about a hundred individuals inside this place. These people were cross legged and had their eyes closed. However, Zhao Hai knew that these people were already dead, judging by the fact that they had no life force.


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