BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1034


Chapter 1034 – Strange Central Region

After Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he immediately went to Wild Dragon Island to look for Gimreden. Gimreden was currently doing an experiment with the Gibbon Brothers. By this point, the target for Gimreden’s research was already shifted to the Gibbon Brothers’ soul weapons.

Gimreden’s research had something to do with joining one’s soul with a weapon. And now, the Gibbon Brothers could actually use their souls to make their weapons take action. Moreover, their weapons had integrated into their souls. For Gimreden, this was a very precious discovery. Gimreden wanted to study how the weapons fused with the soul. As long as he figured this out, then his research would certainly gain considerable progress.

However, Gimreden’s path to this progress had just begun, and the Gibbon Brothers only had two weapons in hand. The size of these weapons wasn’t large either. Because of this, Gimreden was afraid of carrying tests on them. He was afraid that he would end up destroying these weapons. At this point, Gimreden can only make careful observations regarding the items. Because of this, his progress was very slow.

The key to this research were the materials. Although Gimreden really liked to dismantle the Gibbon Brothers’ weapons, he didn’t have the guts to do it right now.

The pair of weapons were very small, ruining one would be a huge loss. After they were dismantled, they would certainly lose their function. This would put the research at a screeching halt. It was because of this that the Gibbon Brothers were always with Gimreden.

The Gibbon Brothers weren’t too reluctant to part with their weapons. Although they really needed the weapons, they were completely immersed in research at this point. For them, they would do anything for the sake of results, even if it ends up with the destruction of their weapons. Additionally, they were now inside the Space, so they weren’t in immediate danger. There was no point in keeping the soul weapons for themselves. 

At this time, upon arriving at Wild Dragon Island, Zhao Hai immediately went to Gimreden’s laboratory. Although Gimreden needed to teach in the Undead Academy, he only had 5 teaching hours per week. Because of this, Gimreden was still able to conduct experiments in his laboratory.

In order to facilitate the exchanges in the various Academies, Zhao Hai equipped each one with a teleportation magic formation. This magic formation allowed people to go to each Academy, making the exchange more convenient. Naturally, Zhao Hai also placed a magic formation in Wild Dragon Island. However, those who can use this formation were only limited to a few chosen people such as Gimreden and the others.

Because of the Academy Alliance, Zhao Hai didn’t only send Gimreden and Kampala’s group. Those in Wild Dragon Island were also employed to teach at the other Academies. These people normally lived in Wild Dragon Island and would only go to the Academies when they do their lectures. When they were done, they would return to Wild Dragon Island in order to resume their work. To make it easier for them, Zhao Hai decided to install a magic formation in Wild Dragon Island for them to use.

Gimreden’s laboratory wasn’t too far away from Karen’s. Both sides also carried exchanges of information. At this moment, Karen’t laboratory was the largest one in the island, the others were still trailing behind.

Gimreden and the two brothers were currently conducting a microscopic examination on the soul weapons. Since they wouldn’t dare to destroy the weapons at this time, they could only use this method. These microscopes were things that Zhao Hai provided to the various laboratories in the island. Naturally, these were acquired from the science and technology backgrounds.

After seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the three couldn’t help but stare. However, they quickly responded and gave Zhao Hai a salute. Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “As you were. How is your research going?”

Gimreden sighed and said, “Not very well. The materials are too few. We wouldn’t dare use them up. Because of this, we cannot do deeper experimentations.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he inspected Firemen’s laboratory. The place was extremely neat, reflecting Gimreden’s care. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as he took some soul bones out, then he said, “Take a look at these bones. They’re the same as the Gibbon Brothers’ weapons. You can conduct experiments on these things. We would have more of these things in the future. You don’t need to be careful anymore. Use them all up if you need to.”

When Gimreden saw these bones, it was as if he had forgotten everything else. He rushed over and used his spiritual force to scan the bones. Gimreden’s eyes lit up as he took one bone, then he went to a pulverizer and placed it inside.

The Gibbon Brothers also seemed to forget Zhao Hai’s presence as they immediately tidied the laboratory up. The test equipments were prepared, the three Lich forgot to talk to Zhao Hai.

After seeing their reaction, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he shook his head. Then he turned around to leave the laboratory and return to the villa.

Laura and the others were currently in the living room.. The monitor wasn’t displaying the Underworld, instead it showed the events in the Divine Realm’s Taurus Continent. The Foreign Races and the O’Neal family still carried on fighting small conflicts here and there. Both sides had wins and they also suffered losses. But generally speaking, the Foreign Races were losing more.

However, although the Taurus Continent was shown on the monitor, Laura and the others weren’t looking. Instead, they just relaxed and had a chat.

After seeing Zhao Hai return, Laura and the others immediately stood up. They saw Zhao Hai’s fight with the Snake King. However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to return to the villa right after.

Zhao Hai looked at the women and smiled, “I just went to Wild Dragon Island to send materials to Gimreden. Cai’er, come here quick, I’ve managed to find out a use for those bone plants.”

Cai’er immediately flew over, she looked pleasantly surprised at Zhao Hai as she said, “Young Master, are you telling the truth?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Soul snakes who have eaten those bone plants don’t leave behind fiery souls when they die. Instead, they leave pieces of bones much like the weapons used by the Gibbon Brothers. This means that the bone plants might be thing that aids magic beasts in forming soul bones. Cai’er, try it out, see if you can gather soul bones from the beasts in the Space. I will leave this matter to you.”

Cai’er nodded before she turned around and disappeared. Naturally, she went to do the experiment on the magic beasts. Zhao Hai didn’t think about it anymore as he sat down and changed the image on the monitor to the Underworld. He stared at the regions that Addison drew.

Laura frowned when she saw Zhao Hai looking at the map. She asked, “Brother Hai, do you still plan to return to the Dark Creature’s domain? Didn’t you already discover the secret to soul weapons?”

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “I’ll be fine. Haven’t you seen? Those Dark Creatures are not a threat to me. I want to conquer the Dark Creature Domain, isn’t that part of unifying the Underworld?”

Laura nodded and didn’t say anything else, the same was true with Lizzy and the others. The group just proceeded to look at the map and the regions that were sectioned out. Even if the marks were clearly seen, this only involved the outskirts of the territory. The central area was still blank.

Zhao Hai rubbed his forehead for a moment before he called the Snake King over. Since the Snake King was huge, he can only wait for Zhao Hai outside the villa.

When Zhao Hai came out of the villa, the Snake King immediately gave him a salute. Zhao Hai nodded as he waved his hand. After that, an image of the Dark Creature Domain appeared. Zhao Hai pointed at the projection and said, “Snake King, take a look. Is the information about the magic beasts correct?” At the same time, Zhao Hai also said the name of the magic beasts as well as their reported power level.

Although the Snake King had intellect no less than a human, it still doesn’t know how to read. Because of this, Zhao Hai can only orally relay everything to it. After listening to Zhao Hai’s words, the Snake King nodded and said, “Answering to the Young Master. This map is basically correct. However, we magic beasts live very long lives and we also cultivate slowly. Even if there is nothing wrong with this map, I also haven’t got into contact with these fellows in about 100 years. If there were changes then I wouldn’t know.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, it doesn’t matter. Just being fairly correct is already good. Right, how about the inner areas? Do you know any other dark creature?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Snake King couldn’t help but shake its head as it answered, “I’ll be unfair to the Young Master, but I don’t know much about the central area. It is covered with a white protective cover all the time. That white light is very lethal to us, so we simply don’t go there.”

Zhao Hai gently knit his brows. He didn’t think that the Underworld would have such a place. But he still nodded and said, “Alright, you can go back. Cultivate well. If you need anything just tell me.” The Snake King nodded before Zhao Hai sent it out.

After sending the Snake King back, Zhao Hai returned to the villa and looked at the map once more. In the end, he decided to deal with the territory beside the soul snakes. This territory was ruled by pig-shaped magic beasts named steel pigs. Their strongest member had strength fairly similar to the Snake King. Not only was the Pig King powerful, it was also defensively better compared to the Snake King. It was a fellow that was difficult to deal with.

It can be said that Zhao Hai spent too long inside the soul snake area. This was because he was looking for traces of variant snakes. Now that he knew about the function of the bone plants, Zhao Hai prepared to go straight to the strongest beings this time!


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