BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1032


Chapter 1032 – Soul Snake

Zhao Hai was a man who was determined to follow his decisions, so he would follow through in going to the Dark Creatures’ domain. Naturally, it was impossible to do so without preparation. While Addison and the others were dealing with the Undead, Zhao Hai released blood needles to explore the territory of the Dark Creatures. Because of this, the land was already mapped by the Space.

After seeing that Zhao Hai was prepared, Addison didn’t hesitate as he quickly went towards the map. Then he pointed to a few positions and then drew some circles. After that, he introduced each beast one by one and relayed their areas of activity.

Zhao Hai discovered that the magic beasts in the Underworld were just similar to the ones in the Ark Continent or in the Divine Realm. But although the latter two realms also produced variant beasts, but they weren’t that special.

After Addison pointed out each high-rank beast territory, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown a bit. The beasts that Addison pointed out were all located on the outskirts of the domain, there was no information about the central areas. Moreover, there were no less than 10 high-level beasts in this area, and from what Addison said, all of them had the same strength as him. In other words, the Dark Creatures on the outskirts of the territory were enough to contend against the Resistance Army!

If the strength of the outskirts was equal to the Resistance Army, then what of the center? When he thought about it, Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle even more.

Addison saw Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but feel awkward. He felt apologetic, he wasn’t able to provide much help in this matter.

Zhao Hai recovered after some time, then he looked at Addison and said, “The Dark Creature Territory seem to be very dangerous. But that doesn’t matter, I don’t think the magic beasts could do anything to me anymore. While I go there, I will hand the Resistance Army over to you. Remember to keep low-key while I’m not here. I don’t want a conflict with the Dark Temple yet.”

Addison nodded and said, “Young Master, rest assured. We know what to do.” Addison didn’t bother telling Zhao Hai that he would send guards to protect him. With Zhao Hai’s strength, nobody was qualified to be his guard.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, sending Addison and the others out of the Space. After the others left, Zhao Hai looked at the map and pondered.

The territory of the Dark Creatures was very strange. The area also had tall bone mountains. But besides those, there were also bone forests. Naturally, these forests weren’t made up of plants, it was a collection of beast bones. At the same time, there were also bone swamps! These swamps were an amalgamation of blood and bones. Apart from that characteristic, they didn’t differ from swamps of the other planes. Of course, its function was still left to be found out.

There were countless green lights on the Dark Creature Domain map. Zhao Hai was aware that these lights were magic beasts. From the number of magic beasts, Zhao Hai knew that he would be diving into a pool of dragons. However, Zhao Hai still had the confidence to head there.

At this time, Laura and the others returned to Zhao Hai’s side. As the group looked at the monitor, Laura frowned and said, “Brother Hai, you want to go there?”

Zhao Hai knew that Laura and the others would be worried about his well-being, so he comforted them, “I’ll be fine. After fighting with Addison and my recent breakthrough, nothing in the Underworld could threaten me anymore. I just have the feeling that soul weapons would have great use for us. If I don’t look for them, then my heart won’t be settled.”

Laura smiled faintly, she was actually confident in Zhao Hai. But as his wife, she couldn’t help but worry. However, she didn’t plan to stop him. She knew that once Zhao Hai decided on something, then nobody would be able to stop him.

Of course, if she didn’t want him to go, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t go. However, Zhao Hai would surely be restless. At the same time, Laura also knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be in grave danger. Therefore, she didn’t plan to stop him.

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, we can just send an army there and flatten it out. There won’t be any need for you to go by yourself.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, the Underworld would later be our back garden. Naturally, I would have to inspect it first. Also, if we capture all of those magic beasts now, then what would happen in the future? Let’s have them continue living in the Underworld. It’s possible that they could only produce variant beasts here, providing us with a supply of soul weapons. We are still unsure whether the Space could do the same.”

Laura and the others agreed. They had stocked up on knowledge from the computers lately. After using the computer for some time, they were able to expand their knowledge.

They knew that the Space wasn’t very flexible. Take magic beast for example, almost all of the magic beasts grown inside the Space were mostly identical. It wasn’t easy for them to mutate inside the Space.

The Space could produce variant plants, but it would be after transferring an ordinary plant to the Hell Space. Variation in the original Space would be practically impossible. In other words, variant plants and animals would only come up during a change in environment. And in the end, this was only a possibility, not a consistent process.

The Hell Space was merely like the Underworld at this point. If magic beasts were brought to the Hell Space, then it was impossible for it to mutate. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t bother catching magic beasts in hopes of breeding variant ones.

However, the Space’s identical production of beasts also held a certain advantage. If Zhao Hai manages to capture a variant beast and sent it to the Space, then later on, its descendants or those who were bought from the Space would be variants as well. As long as Zhao Hai captures a beast capable of producing a soul weapon and sent it to the Space, then the Space would be able to produce soul weapons.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The Gibbon Brothers obtained their soul weapon from a soul snake. Therefore, the first place I want to visit would be their lair.”

As he said that, Zhao Hai gestured over to the map to a region that Addision drew. Addison told Zhao Hai that this region belonged to soul snakes. Moreover, Addison also expressed that wasn’t confident in defeating the most powerful soul snake.

Laura and the others followed the direction of Zhao Hai’s finger and to a region on the map. Their brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. The place Zhao Hai pointed to had a lot of green dots, meaning that there were plenty of soul snakes present. At the same time, the frowns also stemmed from the fact that women generally hated snakes.

Zhao Hai looked at the women and smiled, “Alright, there’s no need to worry about me. These things are not a threat. I’ll take a look first, there’s no need to wait for me.”

The women nodded before Zhao Hai’s figure disappeared from the Space. The next moment, Zhao Hai reappeared inside the lair of the soul snakes.

The domain of the soul snakes was inside a skeleton forest. Large bones were seen everywhere. Zhao Hai looked through the bones and saw that they weren’t anything special. They were unlike the huge bones that he wanted to collect for the Space. There were even some bones that he couldn’t understand, while some had existed for a long time and had weathered through time.

.Naturally, these large bones were more sturdy than ordinary ones. However, they didn’t reach the level of those in Zhao Hai’s collection. Zhao Hai knew that these skeletons only belonged to powerful magic beasts, completely different from the ones he collects. Just like the difference between pig and dragon bones.

Zhao Hai didn’t fly too high, just hovering slowly half a meter from the ground. He didn’t plan to walk on the ground either since the floor of the forest was completely covered in blood. Since Zhao Hai didn’t want his foot stained, he can only hover in the air.

While flying, Zhao Hai also used his spiritual force to scan the surroundings. Although the skeleton forest wasn’t anything special, Zhao Hai managed to spot some soul snakes in the majority of the bones. Soul snakes ranged from more than ten meters long to those less than half a meter. Zhao Hai also saw something peculiar about the skin of these snakes.

Their skin looked very much like bones. They were gray and covered the entire body. Ordinary eyes would find it hard to differentiate bones from the snakes. More importantly, the snakes could mask their souls, making it very difficult to find them in this forest.

Zhao Hai captured some snakes for the Space, all of them having different body shapes. They were those who wanted to attack him.

Although Zhao Hai saw tens of thousands of snakes, he wasn’t able to see one snake that was different compared to the others. These snakes look very much the same, even if there were variants among them, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to find out.

Zhao Hai didn’t worry too much and just calmly proceeded. He kept playing attention to the snakes he came upon. At this point, those who attacked him got bigger and bigger in size. However, they still weren’t a concern for Zhao Hai. What Zhao Hai was currently looking for was a king-level soul snake.

While looking at the Space’s map, Zhao Hai imagined that the soul snakes’ domain wasn’t very large. But after coming over, Zhao Hai discovered that the place was actually huge. It was not smaller than the black wasteland and the carrion swamp combined.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the region to be this big. It was at this point that Zhao Hai began to worry a bit. The main point of his visit was to find variant soul snakes. With a region this big, if he wanted to explore it all, then wouldn’t he be stuck here for a year? While he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get a headache.

But Zhao Hai had no way to solve this problem, so he could only walk and pay attention. Unconsciously, Zhao Hai had already entered the high-ranked area. The snakes here were getting stronger and stronger. However, Zhao Hai still wasn’t threatened, he didn’t care about the attacks.

Five hours went by and Zhao Hai suddenly felt a strong spiritual force. This spiritual force gave Zhao Hai a very cold feeling. It seems like an ice cold snake had just slithered into his body.

After a little pause, Zhao Hai guessed that this must be a Snake King. Zhao Hai didn’t retaliate and just proceeded forward. He discovered that the spiritual force wasn’t specifically aimed towards him. It was probably an unconscious release of spiritual force.

As he continued on his way, Zhao Hai increased his speed. He felt the spiritual force getting stronger and stronger. This meant that he was getting closer to the source.

Zhao Hai also knew the reason why the other party had yet to find him. This was because the enemy’s spiritual force wasn’t as delicate as Zhao Hai’s. Moreover, the other party didn’t expect someone to enter his territory. But now, Zhao Hai began to sense that if he proceeded further, the other party would begin to be alert.

But Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He wanted to meet a strong soul snake, so naturally he wouldn’t retreat. Not only did Zhao Hai proceed, he also condensed his spiritual force and began radiating it out. Zhao Hai felt that it wouldn’t be too long before the other side comes to know about his presence.

Sure enough, after Zhao Hai released his spiritual force, the other party immediately discovered him. The enemy’s spiritual force flared up like tide. It was ice-cold, full of killing intent as it pressed towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai felt that he was staring straight into the eyes of a giant python. His body seems to be hit by waves upon waves of cold air.

Zhao Hai raised his spiritual force. He was like a piece of rock in the middle of the ocean. Wind and waves might constantly hit him, but he remained unfazed. Despite the deluge of spiritual force sent by the other side, Zhao Hai still kept moving forward.

Zhao Hai’s action angered the opposite party. The enemy increased their spiritual force even further, fully intent on turning Zhao Hai into a meat paste!

However, such a pressure was useless against Zhao Hai. With how powerful his soul was, no matter how much Zhao Hai was suppressed, his soul would remain unmoving. He proceeded as though nothing was affecting him.

At this moment, Zhao Hai could feel that the enemy was no less than ten li(5km) away from him. The enemy also knew about this. After hearing a roar, Zhao Hai felt that the enemy began to make its move!

Zhao Hai heard this roar and couldn’t help but stare. This was because he felt a faint pressure with this roar. Soul snakes shouldn’t be able to do this. Was this Snake King a variant?


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