BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1031


Chapter 1031 – His Own Back Garden

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then did you look for other snakes? To see if you can find another variant?”

The Gibbon Brothers nodded before replying, “We did, not only us, we also had our subordinates scour the area. However, we didn’t receive our desired result. We slaughtered a lot of snakes but didn’t find a variant. Not only soul snakes, we also looked for other dark creatures. But the final result was the same, we only obtained fiery souls, not soul weapons.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He can also guess that soul weapons should only come from rare variant souls snakes. Even if one looked for it, they might not necessarily meet one.

Zhao Hai returned the weapons to the Gibbon Brothers. Although the weapons were good items, they were now useless to Zhao Hai. Moreover, nobody else needed these things. He might as well return it to the pair or Lich.

Zhao Hai also asked the Gibbon Brothers whether they need anything. But Zhao Hai didn’t expect  that the two would just request for a place to research. Because of this, Zhao Hai led them to Wild Dragon Island and handed them over to Gimreden.

Since the Gibbon Brothers had soul weapons, their research was well-inclined towards the soul. This happens to be a lot of help towards GImreden’s study.

After sending the Gibbon Brothers off, Zhao Hai returned to Soul Warrior City. Then he proceeded to receive the GIbbon Brothers’ collection. One can say that the collection of the two brothers after all those years were quite a lot. It was even bigger than Gimreden’s. Unfortunately, they weren’t as good as Gimreden’s items. It didn’t even have a small beast skeleton.

At this time, the entire city had been seized by Addison and the others. All of the Undead inside the City were sent to the Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t manage them. Now that the Gibbon Brothers were inside the Space, there was no need to worry about the other people inside the territory. At this time, Zhao Hai was itching to visit the domain of the Dark Creatures. He wanted to see if he could meet a variant beast and gain more soul weapons.

However, Zhao Hai knew that this matter would need to be done in the future. He still needed to digest the Gibbon Brothers’ domain.

Now that the Gibbon Brothers were subdued, the Undead inside their territory became headless dragons. Additionally, Addison brought the other undead to attack. And with Megan surrounding the cities, the Undead couldn’t do anything. In less than one month, the territory became under Zhao Hai’s control.

Now that Zhao Hai had unified the Resistance Army, it can be said that he had officially become one of the three major forces in the Underworld. However, Zhao Hai also knew that the Resistance Army held the smallest territory. If not for the Blood River, then the Dark Temple would have already destroyed the Army. The Temple had more experts compared to the rebels. It was just that these Experts wouldn’t dare to cross the Blood River.

But Zhao Hai didn’t plan to expand the territory. Such action would just rouse other people’s suspicion. Moreover, Zhao Hai didn’t have any interest in the Neutral Alliance. What he was interested in was the Dark Temple. He wanted to know what kind of fellow controls the Dark Temple. If he can get to know who it was before he ascends, then that would be great.

Now that the Resistance Army has been unified, Zhao Hai’s next plan was to supposedly get some Blood Spirit Beasts from the Blood River. However, he actually changed his mind.

Since here was no need to immediate need for the Blood Spirit Beasts, Zhao Hai wanted to head towards the dark creature domain first. Actually, there were four powers in the Underworld. Besides the Dark Temple, Resistance Army, and the Neutral Alliance, there were the Darkness Magic Beasts.

However, Dark Creatures were different compared to the Undead. High-ranked Undead would command low-ranked Undead and make cities; Dark Creatures don’t do this. High-ranked beasts could still command low-ranked ones, but not all the time. These high-ranked beasts were usually alone. Only when dealing with a common enemy would these Dark Creatures group up.

Moreover, Dark Creatures have shortcomings compared to the Undead, their intellect wasn’t as developed. The average Undead couldn’t compare to a normal human, but Dark Beasts generally couldn’t compare to the average Undead.

This didn’t mean that the Dark Creatures lacked intelligent beings. It was basically the same as the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm’s beasts, high-ranked Magic Beasts could generally hold wisdom. However, forming intelligence for the Dark Creatures was much more difficult.

Zhao Hai had two reasons for wanting to visit the Dark Creatures’ Domain. First was to look at their strength and second was to see if he could find one or two variant beasts.

Zhao Hai expected that variant beasts would be very difficult to look for. He also asked the Gibbon Brothers more questions, such as special patterns on these variant beasts.

But much to Zhao Hai’s disappointment, variant beasts looked no different compared to ordinary beats. One couldn’t look for variant beasts just by relying on appearance. This increased the difficulty for Zhao Hai to find one of them.

However, Zhao Hai still wanted to try his luck. In any case, he could still be made aware of the strength of the Dark Creatures. Later on, Zhao Hai would treat the Underworld as his own backyard. Naturally, one would have to properly know what was inside their own land.

It can be said that everything that happened in the Resistance Army went on without nobody outside knowing. This was because Zhao Hai had been very silent in eating up the Resistance Army. 

First Zhao Hai subdued the Five Element Skeletons, then after that he took care of their domain. Everything was taken care of in secrecy. Afterwards, Zhao Hai also took care of the Gibbon Brothers. Although the operation was large, nobody managed to escape and alert the others.

Because of this, nobody outside from those who were involved were aware of Zhao Hai’s unification of the Resistance Army. To both the Dark Temple and the Neutral Alliance, there was no force left in the Resistance Army that had the ability to unify it. Therefore, they lessened the attention they paid to the group.

But even if they had eyes on the Resistance Army, it was still useless. At this time, all of the Undead moving around the Army’s territory were Zhao Hai’s subordinates. These people were loyal to Zhao Hai, so naturally nothing would spill to the outside. 

After another month of reorganization, the entire Resistance Army was fully integrated. The Resistance Army still looked like a loose collective from the outside. Undead still made trades on each city, making an outsider think that nothing has changed compared to before.

After integrating the entire Resistance Army, Zhao Hai carried on to his next plan, taking a stroll in the Dark Creature’s territory. 

Zhao Hai called Addison over to the Space. By this point, Addison had become the leader of the entire Army. Zhao Hai ordered Addison to strengthen the Undead. And with the help of the Space’s plants, a few more people had been promoted to King-level. Because of this, the Resistance Army wasn’t weakened, instead it became even more formidable. Among those who were promoted were Guli and Jiang Zheng.

Zhao Hai had never been a stingy person. He treated his subordinates really well. Guli and Jiang Zheng were his earliest subordinates in the Underworld, naturally he would give them special attention.

Zhao Hai set up a meeting inside a city in the Space. There weren’t a lot of people who were invited. There were only Addison, Guli, Jiang Zheng, and the Five Element Skeletons. The others basically didn’t have any qualifications to see Zhao Hai.

After Addison and the others entered the Space, they immediately gave Zhao Hai a salute. Zhao Hai waved his hand, making them sit down. After everyone had taken their seat, Zhao Hai said, “The Resistance Army has been unified, however, I don’t want to wage war immediately. In the meantime, I want to see the Dark Creatures. So tell me everything you know about the Darkness Beasts.”

Addison gawked when he heard this. He didn’t enter the Space for more than a month and Zhao Hai didn’t bother managing what was happening outside. Because of this, he had no idea about soul weapons. Now that Zhao Hai suddenly wanted to explore the Dark Creatures’ territory, Addison couldn’t help but feel strange. Zhao Hai told him before that he would collect Blood Spirit Beasts after unifying the Undead. Addison couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai suddenly changed his plan.

However, Addison still answered, “Young Master, we don’t have a lot of understanding regarding the Dark Creatures. The Dark Creature’s domain isn’t a good place to visit, there are very strong beings there, even those on my level aren’t very rare. Because of this, we rarely explore the place. Why does Young Master want to go there?”

Zhao Hai proceeded to tell them about soul weapons, then after that Zhao Hai said, “I think these soul weapons would have great use for us. Therefore, I want to visit the Dark Creature’s Domain to look and see if I can find these variant dark beasts. If I can find one, then that would be great. I want to raise a batch of these beasts inside the Space. We’ll see if we can farm soul weapons for our future use.”

Upon hearing this, Addison finally understood why Zhao Hai wanted to visit the Dark Creatures, so he nodded and said, “Although we don’t have that much understanding with regards to Dark Creatures, we have ideas about where the high-ranked beasts are located. As long as the Young Master makes a map, I can point where they are.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, then point them for me.” Then he gestured to the monitor, displayed on the screen was a map of the Dark Creatures’ domain.


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