BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1030


Chapter 1030 – Soul Weapon

Not everyone could be overbearing, this was because it was a sign of overwhelming strength. It was an imposing manner, a kind of pressure brought upon by an absolute confidence in one’s strength. The same thing also applies when one was confident of dealing with the enemy.

But the imposing manner that Zhao Hai showed right now was due to his confidence in his strength. He was clear about his might, thus bringing confidence to his every word.

The Gibbon Brothers looked at each other. They were powerful experts of the Underworld, therefore they could feel Zhao Hai’s overbearing aura. They two didn’t hesitate as they both entered the Dark Mist.

The other Lich also followed the brothers in entering the Dark Mist. Upon seeing all the Lich vanish, Addison and the others couldn’t help but be on guard.

Zhao Hai coldly smiled and said, “This method is useless against me.” Then he waved his hand as an innumerable amount of Undead appeared in the Dark Mist. These Undead used magic attacks immediately after appearing.

After being met by attacks, the Lich immediately reappeared, causing them to be locked in battle. At this moment, Zhao Hai’s staff transformed into a huge bell, then he waved the bell making a huge gon sound. The sound waved across the dark mist and spread all around him. The Lich who heard the sound had a look of pain on their faces, their magic being sealed. A short while after that, cracks began appearing, sucking the pained Lich inside.

However, from beginning to the end, the Gibbon Brothers remained hidden. Even during Zhao Hai’s sound attack, the two were still one with the Dark Mist.

Zhao Hai’s eyes shone, then he smiled faintly and said, “Interesting, your weapons can actually resist by soul attacks.”

Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, the brothers suddenly appeared near Zhao Hai. Then the two proceeded to make an attack.

Upon seeing this, Addison’s expression changed, then he shouted, “Young Master, look out!”

However, this warning came too late. The Gibbon Brothers had already pierced Zhao Hai’s clothes with their weapons. When the weapons went through Zhao Hai’s clothes with little to no resistance, the Gibbon Brothers couldn’t help but be elated. They knew that it was impossible for people to survive upon meeting an attack from their weapon.

Clang! Clang! As the two weapons hit Zhao Hai’s body, it actually made a metallic sound. At this time, Zhao Hai turned around, his two arms capturing two things.

Upon seeing at Zhao Hai’s action, the Gibbon Brothers stared. Then their expressions changed. They discovered that their weapons were actually useless against Zhao Hai.

When they wanted to retrieve their weapons, two spatial rifts appeared in Zhao Hai’s hands. Then the brothers quickly lost contact with their weapons.

When they lost the connection to their weapons, the Gibbon Brothers were horrified. However, Zhao Hai didn’t allow them to recover. He moved his hand, retrieving the huge bell once more before gently swinging it. The faces of the Gibbon Brothers showed pain. Then two spatial rifts appeared right beside them, two giant hands extended from the rift, grabbing the two Lich Brothers in before vanishing. 

Zhao Hai waved his hand, turning the bell back into his staff. Then Zhao Hai turned to Addison and the others and said, “Addison, I’ll leave this place to you. Remember, I want all the Undead alive.”

Addison and the others were shocked by Zhao Hai’s attack. Upon hearing the command, they couldn’t help but stare. Then Addison quickly said, “Yes, Young Master. Rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then his figure vanished. Addison let out a long breath before turning towards the Five Element Skeletons, he forced a smile and said, “Let’s get back to work. Let’s not make the Young Master make a move himself.”

Earth Skeleton looked at Addison and said, “Addison, I heard that you fought with the Young Master and managed to mutually exhaust each other. Is that true?”

To be honest, Addison didn’t know what to reply. Addison found out that Zhao Hai’s attacks had become more diversified and complex. If he were to fight the current Zhao Hai, then he knew that he wouldn’t last longer than the Gibbon Brothers. However, he really did fight Zhao Hai before, and both of them exhausted themselves. But if he said it right now, then nobody would believe him.

After thinking about it, Addison couldn’t help but smile bitterly at Earth Skeleton and said, “I fought with the Young Master for some time. But I think the Young Master is just testing my strength. Alright, let’s go back to work.” The group nodded before they carried an attack on Soul Warrior City.

At this time, Zhao Hai had entered the Space, naturally he wasn’t able to hear Addison’s words. If he managed to hear it, then even he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling bitterly. He didn’t intend to test Addison’s strength, he truly had a hard time. That was the first time that Zhao Hai was able to experience that kind of battle, it was only later that he managed to find an appropriate fighting style.

Today’s battle was where Zhao Hai used his different methods. He used the Space to determine the locations of the Lich, then he changed his staff into a bell to send a soul attack. After that, his crystal body blocked the attack from the Gibbon Brothers before sending the weapons to the Space’s inventory. Then he used a soul attack once more to disorientate the Lich Brothers before sending them to the Space. This set of movements used a lot of Zhao Hai’s arsenal, but it allowed him to have full control of the battlefield. From the moment the Gibbon Brothers disappeared, everything was already under Zhao Hai’s control. What kind of attack the Lich would do had also been predicted.

This wasn’t the first time that Zhao Hai used this kind of method, he used these several times before in dealing with his enemies. But during those times, it didn’t feel great. It was only this time that Zhao Hai felt a type of control, it was very satisfying.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately summon the Gibbon Brothers when he entered the Space, nor did he go and see the new weapons he gained. Instead, Zhao Hai closed his eyes and recalled the battle. His decisions on the battle was perfect. There weren’t any problems in his command, everything was methodical and without flaw.

Zhao Hai finally understood that this was the kind of combat he wanted. He always felt that there was something missing in his previous fights; now he knew what it was. This control wasn’t something that he felt before, and this battle finally opened his eyes.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath, then a smile slowly bloomed on his face as he opened his eyes. He walked to the villa to see Laura and the others looking at the monitor. The screen was currently showing Addison and the others seizing the Undead inside Soul Warrior City. Lizzy’s Undead army was coordinating with Addison’s group.

On the other hand, Megan’s army was also encircling the cities under the Gibbon Brothers’ control. The Undead inside those cities finally discovered that something wasn’t right.The cities launched their defensive formations while people were starting to look for reinforcements.

There was no need for Laura and the others to offer their help. Because of this, when Zhao Hai entered the room, Laura immediately welcomed him with a smile, “Brother Hai, your attack was very smooth.”

Zhao Hai agreed, he smiled faintly and said, “It is indeed very smooth. I need to thank you for the reminder. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been aware of it in this fight.”

Laura smiled faintly and didn’t say anything else. Zhao Hai looked at her and said, “Alright, go help Meg prepare something good. It’s a special day, I feel like celebrating.” Laura nodded before she and Meg went to the kitchen to prepare some food. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai waved his hand and called the Gibbon Brothers over.

At the same time, Zhao Hai retrieved the weapons that the brothers used. The weapons caused Zhao Hai to stare. This was because these two weapons didn’t look like weapons at all. Instead, they looked like the fangs of a snake, curved, hollow, but quite sharp.

What made Zhao Hai more surprised was the fact that the two fangs weren’t very big, only a palm’s length. They look like two small transparent curved awls. If one didn’t have any idea, one would see it as a decoration instead.

At this time, the Space issued a prompt, “Unknown animal tooth detected, may be used as a weapon. It can attack physically and has the ability to target the soul. Can be nourished by one’s soul. Classified as Soul Weapons. Extracting weapon properties and supplementing it to the Blood Ghost Staff. Blood Ghost Staff has been upgraded and is now a soul weapon. Host can now nourish the Blood Ghost Staff in his soul. The longer it is nourished, the more compatible the host and the staff would be, further increasing the might of the staff in the process. Note, the soul weapon is the Host’s lifelong weapon. It would increase in strength as the host gets stronger.”

Zhao Hai gawked. This was his first time encountering soul weapons. After listening to the prompt, he knew that they were definitely good items.

Zhao Hai turned to the Gibbon Brothers and said, “Where did you obtain these things?”

One of the brothers answered, “Replying to the Young Master. We obtained these fangs after killing a dark beast named soul snake. It was a variant soul snake and we spent a lot of energy in order to kill it. The snake had no fiery soul and it disappeared upon dying, leaving only the two fangs on the ground. We wanted to bring it back and study it but we didn’t expect it to come in contact with our spiritual force and integrate into our souls, allowing us to use them as weapons. They are very convenient to wield.”


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