BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1029


Chapter 1029 – Weapons of the Gibbon Brothers

The Gibbon Brothers, despite being Lich, weren’t using magic to attack their enemy, instead they use assassination techniques. This surprised Zhao Hai. What made Zhao Hai even more surprised were the weapons the two used.

The Lich were truly a very bizzare race. They didn’t have any physical bodies, so they weren’t afraid of physical attacks. But at the same time, this also made them unable to have any physical strength. Both attack and defense of the Lich were made using magic. There weren’t any suitable weapons for them here in the Underworld.

However, this didn’t mean that the Lich weren’t able to touch things. They were able to do so but not with their hands, but with their spiritual force instead. Technically, the Lich were able to make physical attacks, after all they can control these things.

But most of the Lich don’t use this method. This was because this method had a weak point. Since it used their spiritual force, making an attack this way would also allow their enemies to damage their souls. Once their souls were attacked, then they would be in immediate danger.

Additionally, the Lich hide in the Dark mist, bringing weapons would just make them visible. Because of this, no Lich was stupid enough to bring any weapon to the battlefield.

But now, the Gibbon Brothers became famous by using assassination techniques. This made Zhao Hai very interested. To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t interested in the pair of Lich, but in the weapons they use instead.

Powerhouses in the Underworld knew about the Gibbon Brothers as well as the weapon that they use. However, nobody alive ever saw these weapons; those who did were already dead. But everybody could affirm that these weapons weren’t ordinary.

Lich didn’t have physical bodies, naturally this included the Gibbon Brothers. This made it so that they couldn’t wield weapons like the other Undead. But for so many years, nobody had even seen the weapons held by the Gibbon Brothers. Despite that, everyone knew that the brothers weren’t using magic when killing. This made people wonder about the extraordinary weapon that allowed the Lich to wield them.

The Lich could also refine energy. Zhao Hai discovered this when he entered Kampala’s room. Kampala was able to compress magic to a certain degree and shape it as a weapon. However, using such magic in assassination wouldn’t work.

Although magic compression had a process, it was a process that was easily broken. If one sneaks up on an enemy and this process fails, then they wouldn’t even know how they died. This was because initiating magic compression would make the target know about your presence, making them quickly react. This small delay would allow the other party to dodge or counterattack before the process finishes.

If one uses compressed magic before they attack, then it still wouldn’t work. This was because such strong magic would surely attract the attention of the enemy. Also, compressed magic wasn’t any different than physical weapons, making it visible to those in the surroundings. Because of this, the powerhouses of the Underworld were sure that the Gibbon Brothers weren’t using magic.

The two weapons were what Zhao Hai valued. The power level of the Underworld wasn’t low. Experts like Addison were equivalent to low ranked cultivators in Lu Wei’s realm. It can even be said that the Underworld was a much higher-leveled plane compared to the Divine Realm.

And in such a plane, the Gibbon Brothers were able to gain reputation using their techniques. Moreover, nobody knew how they did it, explaining how uncommon their weapons were. It can also be seen that their weapons had qualifications to be used in the Cultivation Realm.

The more he thought about it, the more interested Zhao Hai became. He wanted to know what these weapons really were. If these weapons could be integrated to his own staff, then the benefits would surely be big.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s blood ghost staff already had a lot functions inside it, and its attacking power was also very strong. However, Zhao Hai always felt that there was still room for improvement for the staff. Therefore, he wanted to see if the weapons in the hands of the Gibbon Brothers would help. 

After Zhao Hai took care of the Five Element Skeleton’s subordinates, he began to prepare for dealing with the Gibbon Brothers. However, before Zhao Hai could begin, flames of war began to erupt in the Divine Realm, diverting his attention. But after seeing that there was nothing important, he began to resume his preparation.

The Gibbon Brothers were very famous in the Underworld. It can be said that they were the actual rulers of the Resistance Army. Naturally, this was before Addison appeared. Addison’s appearance was an official challenge to the Gibbon Brothers. And it was the Gibbon Brothers who used the Dark Temple to suppress Addison last time. They wouldn’t allow Addison to threaten their rule of the Resistance Army.

But this time, the Gibbon Brothers had made a huge miscalculation. They didn’t expect that Addison would surpass their expectations under Zhao Hai’s guide. They didn’t even expect the Five Element Skeletons to be completely subdued. They also didn’t consider Addison to be subordinated to someone like Zhao Hai. It can be said that the Gibbon Brothers had become isolated in the entire Resistance Army.

Despite this, Zhao Hai still wouldn’t underestimate the brothers. The Gibbon Brothers had led the Resistance Army against the Dark Temple for so many years, it was impossible for them to be simple people. In the face of such people, making mistakes would be very dangerous. If Zhao Hai let them escape to the Dark Temple, then things would become more troublesome.

Zhao Hai also felt abit curious about the Gibbon Brothers. This pair of brothers were hailed as the strongest in the Resistance Army, making them the rulers of the group. However, they didn’t make the other powers in the army submit to them. Even after Addison was suppressed for wanting to unify the Resistance Army, the Gibbon Brothers still left Three Saint City alone, which was a surprise for Zhao Hai.

But no matter what, the Gibbon Brothers needed to submit to him. If they decided to resist, then there was no need for further discussion, they would be killed!

Zhao Hai’s plan was similar to what he did with the Five Element Skeletons. He would first find the Gibbon Brothers then directly send Undead to surround them, but this time this also includes their cities. 

The reason Zhao Hai dared to do so this time was because he had enough manpower. His military strength had already reached beyond 10 billion. Surrounding 30 cities with such numbers was possible. 

Addison and the others also agreed to this plan. Addison didn’t believe that they wouldn’t be able to deal with the Gibbon Brothers with the help of the Five Element Skeletons as well as Zhao Hai. And as long as they took care of the Gibbon Brothers, everything else would be a cinch.

Zhao Hai finally found where the two Brothers were located. The two were currently inside the most developed city that they controlled, Soul Warrior City.

There was a tower inside Soul Warrior City. This was also the tallest and thickest tower that Zhao Hai saw in the Underworld so far.

The entire structure towered at 200 meters. It also had a diameter of 100 meters. Because of this, although the tower was tall, it still gave out a strong and sturdy appearance.

The tower followed the architectural style of the Underworld which was extreme simplicity. Nobody could see anything special about the tower from the outside.

However, Zhao Hai can notice some fine details on the tower. There seems to be blood vessels on the tower’s surface. As soon as he saw this, Zhao Hai believed that this tower was the same as the one Kampala made. It can use the blood in a Blood Spring in order to control the city’s defensive magic formation.

The Gibbon Brothers lived in this tower, along with their subordinates. Since the brothers were Lich, they also cared for their own fellow Lich. Because of this, no other Undead lived in this tower besides the Lich race.

Zhao Hai’s staff had already mapped the entire Soul Warrior City. From what Zhao Hai can see, the Gibbon Brothers had yet to come out of their tower.

In fact, Zhao Hai learned from Addison that the two Brothers were just like the other Lich in their love for research. Because of this, they rarely come out of their tower to fight.

Zhao Hai also saw the two brothers on the monitor. There was nothing special about the two brothers, they were similar to the other Lich. Zhao Hai imagined them to have ferocious faces, but it was the opposite. They fairly looked like the other Lich. However, although they also had beards and looked like old people, the brothers could be said to be attractive old men.

After Zhao Hai confirmed the identity of the two brothers though Addison, they began to act. This time, Zhao Hai divided his men into two batches. A batch of 12 billion Undead, both from the Five Element Skeleton and Addison’s territories, were sent to surround the cities inside the Gibbon Brothers’ territory. These Undead would be under Megan’s command.

The other batch, a billion Undead which included Addison and the others, were sent to surround Soul Warrior City. The ordinary Undead were commanded by Lizzy while Zhao Hai and the others would be responsible for dealing with the Gibbon Brothers.

After arranging these things, Zhao Hai made everyone prepare to take action. He first had the undead surround all of the cities inside the Gibbon Brothers’ territory. All the Undead they came upon were captured and sent to the Space.

This process requires some time. This was 12 billion Undead, not 12 million. Releasing this much people would require a very long time. There was also the issue of setting ranks. Because of this, Zhao Hai and the others took 5 days before they finished.

After five days, when Megan was finally done with organizing the teams, Zhao Hai and the others departed. It didn’t take long before the team arrived above Soul Warrior City. The billion Undead had also surrounded the city, not even a drop of water could go through unnoticed.

Naturally, such a huge movement wouldn’t escape the Gibbon Brothers’ notice. The two quickly discovered Zhao Hai’s group as well as the multitude of Undead outside the city.

Upon seeing the situation, the Gibbon brothers quickly brought large quantities of Lich to fly out of the tower. This time, Zhao Hai didn’t hide as he just stood there with Addison and the Five Element Skeletons by his side. 

The Gibbon Brothers looked at this and stared before a flash went through their eyes. One of them said, “May I know who His Excellency is? Why did you come to Soul Warrior City? Addison, what’s happening?”

Addison smiled faintly and said, “We are Young Master’s subordinates. Everything is the Young Master’s decision.” Then he said nothing else, showing that all of them had submitted to Zhao Hai.

The Gibbon Brothers turned to look at the Five Element Skeletons and began to feel restless. Then they carefully sized Zhao Hai up. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t show his full image, he was still in his Dark Pharoah form. His aura was even hidden, one could just sense a rock in the place where he stood.

But this didn’t make the Gibbon Brothers underestimate Zhao Hai. The two bowed as one of them said, “May we know who Mister is? Why did you bring this many people to Soul Warrior City?”

Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, “There’s no need to act confused. I don’t believe that you’re clueless about why I came here. I just want to tell the two of you that starting today, the Resistance Army will submit to me, Zhao Hai. Refusing to accept will be met with death! You either submit to me or have your soul fires harvested.”

The Gibbon Brothers looked at each other, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this overbearing. Upon appearing, he immediately made his purpose clear, leaving the two with no moves to use. The brothers also knew that things weren’t going in their favor.


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