BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1026


Chapter 1026 – Whoever Strikes First Will Gain The Advantage

Instead of Blood Tree City, Zhao Hai found Wood Skeleton in Blood Drop City. However, Blood Drop City was actually the city closest to Addison’s Domain.

It was at the border!

Blood Drop City was a border city between Addison and Wood Skeleton. Now that Addison’s strength has been greatly damaged, Wood Skeleton’s presence in Blood Drop city would make people come up with ideas.

Also, what Zhao Hai didn’t expect was that in Blood Drop City, Wood Skeleton wasn’t the only king-level Undead, there were four other skeletons present. These four looked different than the other skeletons. The five skeletons were present here.

One skeleton was golden yellow. He sat down on a huge iron chair. Who knows how many pieces of metal this iron chair had. One could see that this was Metal Skeleton.

The second was a purple skeleton. This skeleton was particularly large, he looked buffed and strong. He sat there as though he was an immovable mountain. One could see at first glance how strong this man could be. It was no doubt that this man was Earth Skeleton.

The third skeleton was blood red. It looked somewhat slender. Compared to Earth Skeleton who was beside it, the skeleton appeared even smaller. Moreover, from the skeleton’s shape, it was actually a female skeleton.

The fourth skeleton was a black one. It was pure black, there was no other point that wasn’t. However, on top of the skeleton’s head was a long silvery hair. The long hair gently swayed with the wind, but it was unexpectedly made out of Yin Fire. It was needless to say that this was Fire Skeleton.

Although the last skeleton was also blood red, he looked more manly compared to the female skeleton. Its height was no shorter than Earth Skeleton and on his hand was a blood red branch. Without a doubt, this was Wood Skeleton.

The Five Element Skeletons being in Blood Drop City was an even more thought-provoking scene. If they said that didn’t have any ideas on Addison’s territory, then even Grey Skeletons wouldn’t believe it.

When Zhao Hai saw this situation, his two eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Then he chuckled and said, “Interesting. Very interesting. They actually wanted to make the first move. Good, good, then there’s no need for us to wait. Lizzy, immediately assemble the army. Besides those in the Undead Academy, have everyone prepared for battle.”

Lizzy nodded before she began to prepare. Zhao Hai’s figure moved an reappeared in Three Saint City. Addison and the others were waiting for Zhao Hai’s news. However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to appear this soon.

Addison looked puzzled as Zhao Hai, “Young Master, why did you come?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If I didn’t come, then you wouldn’t know that someone is already at your door. I just saw the Five Element Skeletons in Blood Drop City. If we don’t act, I’m afraid they would be able to make the first move. Immediately prepare for battle.”

Addison stared, his expression sank before he coldly snorted and said, “So those fellows actually dared to aim their claws at me. It seems like they really think that our losses have been very heavy. They want to take my cities by force.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Isn’t this alright? This way, we can catch all of them in one net. We can save ourselves from finding them one by one. Let’s go, we’ll be making our move.” Addison nodded. Then Zhao Hai waved his hands as they entered the Space. The next moment, they appeared outside Blood Drop City.

When they appeared in Blood Drop City, Addison couldn’t help but stare. The entire city was completely surrounded by undead. There were billions of high-ranked Undead, not even a fly would be able to fly through. Naturally, this was assuming that there were flies in the Underworld.

After looking at the dense Undead, even Addison felt his scalp go numb. This was true for the others as well. Zhao Hai looked at them, he smiled faintly and said, “Addison, you go and call them out.”

Addison complied, then he flew to the skies of Blood Drop City and shouted, “You five rotten slugs! You actually plan to attack me. Get out of here!” His sound travelled very far, reaching deep into Blood Drop City.

Naturally, this alarmed the five skeletons. They had just been discussing about how to deal with Addison. But even before they made a move, Addison was already outside their door. Also, Addison’s arrival was so quick that they weren’t even able to feel Addison coming. It was impossible for them to use their spiritual force at all times.. Of course, they didn’t know that Blood Drop City has already been surrounded.

But when they heard Addison, they immediately swept their spiritual force outwards. Upon using their spiritual force, they couldn’t help but stare, then quickly flew out of the city.

The Five Element Skeletons were stunned. They had never seen such a big scene. It has to be said that the five of them had secretly met with each other, so they didn’t bring any of their subordinates. And even if they did bring their subordinates, their high-ranked Undead could never reach such a number.

The five Skeletons quickly flew towards Addison. Wood Skeleton looked at Addison and said, “Addison, what do you want to do? Why did you bring your army in my city? Do you want war?”

Addison looked coldly at Wood Skeleton and said, “Don’t talk nonsense with me. You should know more than me about why you five are gathered here. I won’t waste my breath anymore. Submit to me or die!”

When the Five Element Skeletons heard this, they knew that Addison didn’t come today to make friends. Wood Skeleton coldly snorted and said, “Addison, although you are strong, there’s no way for you to fight all five of us. And as long as one of us escapes today, the Resistance Army certainly wouldn’t let you off.”

Addison gave out a loud laugh as he answered, “Hahaha, you’re too naive. Do you really think that you can escape? I’ve always been planning to go after all of you. Now that you’ve grouped yourselves up, you have given me the opportunity to save time. Don’t make me say it again, surrender or die”!

The worst temper out of the five, Earth Skeleton, coldly replied, “There’s so much nonsense, we’ll let our hands do the talking.” After saying that, he took two weapons out. His weapons were two huge hammers. The hammers roared as they aimed towards Addison. The other four Skeletons also made their moves. Each one of them used their own weapons to target Addison. Naturally, they had a plan of taking care of the leader first.

But at this time, Zhao Hai also made a move. In his hands were also two hammers. Moreover, these two hammers were much bigger compared to Earth Skeleton’s. Zhao Hai proceeded to dash towards Earth Skeleton.

Addison also took his weapon out as he went to attack Water Skeleton. Guli and the other Undead began to move as well.

Although the Five Element Skeletons didn’t bring a lot of soldiers, there were still a lot of troops inside the city. When they saw the confrontation, they naturally came out to fight.

Even if the Five Element Skeletons brought fewer troops, what they brought this time were their elite, just to ensure their safety. When these soldiers met with Lizzy and Megan’s Undead, they were almost immediately in a deadlock. This deadlock happened because Lizzy and Megan needed to allocate a portion of the Undead into stopping the Five Element Skeletons from escaping. Otherwise, these Undead would not be able to survive for long.

By this time, Zhao Hai had already clashed a few times with Earth Skeleton. One had to recognize that Earth Skeleton was truly very strong. He was innately stronger compared to the Barbarians. However, Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t small either. Four hammers caused ear-splitting sounds in the air as they clashed.

Then at this moment, Metal Skeleton turned his metal chair into a huge rotating metal ball. Tiny shrapnels from this metallic sphere shot out towards Zhao Hai’s Undead.

Zhao Hai, who was fighting against Earth Skeleton, coldly snorted when he saw this. Then Metal Skeleton began to feel that the shrapnels he released had stopped, after that he began to lose control of these shrapnels as they formed a metallic sphere of their own.

Upon seeing this, Metal Skeleton couldn’t help but stare. The fiery soul on his eyes fluttered for a moment. Naturally he was very surprised. And since he was a man who went through many battles, he knew that there was only one explanation for this. Another Expert in metal manipulation was present, and the expert had a stronger grasp on the metal element.

After he thought about this, Metal Skeleton couldn’t help but stop the small sphere as he looked around him. However, he didn’t find any suspicious people.

It needs to be known that even if Zhao Hai was fighting with Earth Skeleton, he still had his control over the five elements. He rarely used these abilities. But after Metal Skeleton dared to show off in front of him, Zhao Hai decided to be impolite, going directly head to head with Metal Skeleton’s control.

On the other side, Wood Skeleton was controlling his own Blood Tree as he fought against the high-ranked Undead. Although these Undead were much weaker than him, their sheer number prevented Wood Skeleton from dealing with them in a short period of time.

This was Wood Skeleton’s firsthand experience in fighting against battle formations. However, Wood Skeleton began to feel strange. He couldn’t understand where these Undead came from. He didn’t believe that Addison hid this hand for so long. If Addison had such strength, then he wouldn’t have lost so much during the battle of Blood River.

Upon thinking about this, Wood Skeleton’s eyes turned towards Zhao Hai who was still fighting against Earth Skeleton. Wood Skeleton’s vision began to turn clear. The issue possibly had to do with the appearance of this mysterious Dark Pharoah. They hadn’t heard Addison having such a formidable Dark Pharoah as a subordinate before.

The one having the worst time of them all was Fire Skeleton. Fire Skeleton originally had very few flaws. After all, fire was always good to use when attacking an enemy.

Unfortunately for him, he was facing against Zhao Hai’s Undead. Fire Skeleton uses yin fire in order to attack. However, Zhao Hai managed to absorb yin fire before, improving the Hell King’s ship as well as making the Space’s undead unafraid to face it.

Being unafraid of yin fire was equal to breaking Fire Skeleton’s strongest attacks. Because of this, Fire Skeleton became distressed. It can be said that he was the one being pursued by the Space’s Undead.

Metal Skeletons attacking methods were restricted. Earth Skeleton was entangled with Zhao Hai. Water Skeleton was busy dealing with Addison, Fire Skeleton was being pursued by the Undead. And Wood Skeleton wouldn’t be able to look for help. 

In this case, the Five Element Skeletons would suffer a defeat sooner or later. Actually, if Zhao Hai used his whole strength to attack, the skeletons would have already been dealt with. However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to use his full strength. He wanted to use this battle to gain fighting experience. Now that he was strong, there were very few opportunities for him have a proper fight with.  Because of this, Zhao Hai lacked proper battle experience. This would be disadvantageous as his enemies get stronger. 

In the battle at Blood River, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move because at that time, they were planning to show their weakness. In that case, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to make a move. But now that Zhao Hai was prepared to conquer the Five Element Skeletons, it was natural for him to personally attack.

It didn’t take long before the Five Element Skeleton’s subordinates were taken care of. Then Zhao Hai’s Undead entered Blood Drop City and began to take the Undead. Those who were grasped were immediately thrown into the Space. 

One must know that cities in the Underworld were anything but small, and it showed in the number of Undead inside each one. Take Blood Drop City, for example, there were nearly 100 million Undead inside. But upon facing billions of enemies no weaker than themselves, these Undead didn’t have any chance to escape. In less than an hour, the Undead inside the city had been caught and sent to the Space.

After seizing those Undead, Zhao Hai’s Undead army began to surround the Five Element Skeletons. At this moment, Fire Skeleton had been injured. Earth Skeleton wasn’t doing very well either. Zhao Hai had completely suppressed his actions. Although Metal Skeleton had turned his metal sphere into a giant axe, he was actually being tied down by Guli and Jiang Zheng, he simply couldn’t withdraw. At the same time, Water Skeleton was being pressed hard by Addison, it was evident that she wouldn’t last another 100 moves.

As for Wood Skeleton, he had yet to experience a huge threat. But upon seeing the number of Undead surrounding them, he knew that he couldn’t withdraw, nor could he save the others.

Upon seeing the fate of Blood Drop City, Wood Skeleton knew that it was the end, and he couldn’t find any chance for them to escape.

At this time, Fire Skeleton, who had been continuously hounded by the Undead, was about to get killed. When he saw this situation, Wood Skeleton couldn’t wait anymore. He immediately surrendered, “Mister Addison, please stop. I am willing to submit!”

Although he had surrendered, Wood Skeleton still kept swinging his tree towards the surrounding Undead. But this time, it wasn’t meant to attack, but as a means of self-preservation.

After his surrender was announced, the Undead attacking Wood Skeleton stopped. But they still surrounded him in all directions.


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