BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1024


Chapter 1024 – Sacred Land of the Undead

Addison, Jiang Zheng, and Guli stood still, they felt that their fiery souls might come out of their bodies. They didn’t expect this when Zhao Hai called them over today.

After some time, Addison recovered, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Young Master, are you telling the truth? Are you really building an Academy for us?”

Gimreden reprimanded him, “What do you mean build? It’s already built. Under Kampala and my supervision, the Academy is finished with no mistakes. You were called in today in order to see the people entering the Academy.”

The trio stared, then they laughed simultaneously as though they planned it beforehand. However, Zhao Hai can feel a bit of sadness from their laughter.

Zhao Hai doing this was equivalent to recognizing their status, recognizing the existence of their race, this made them laugh from happiness. However, Addison, Guli, and Jiang Zheng’s wisdom was no lower than an ordinary person. Because of this, they could understand the status of the Undead in the other planes. 

After some time, the trio calmed down. Zhao Hai looked at them before turning his head to Kampala and said, “Let’s go. It’s time to begin.”

The group nodded and then they looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai smiled before he called Laura and the others over before going towards the Hell Space.

To be honest, the Hell Space wasn’t suitable for building an Academy. This was because the place was too dark, it was a mirrored version of the Underworld and Demon Realm. So how could such a place be appropriate for an Academy? However, Zhao Hai still decided to build an Academy here. After all, the Space’s Undead regarded the Hell Space as their own home.

The Undead Academy was built on top of a Bone Mountain. This Bone Mountain was where Gimreden’s original bone field was, it surrounded the Academy itself.

On the skies of the Undead Academy were a group of giant lights. These lights changed their brightness according to the time outside. Allowing proper timekeeping for the people inside.

This was something that Zhao Hai put out. Also, when Zhao Hai recruited teachers from the other races to be sent to Hell Space, he made sure that these teachers didn’t have any malice towards the Undead. At the same time, they should be willing to adapt to the Hell Space’s environment.

Such people weren’t difficult to look for. Whether it be Humans, Dwarves, or Elves, all races had people who were willing to study and concentrate on their own fields. Such people would have a year or more where they wouldn’t leave too far from the place they were in. They were another form of nerds. There were no better than these people to teach in the Undead Academy. Although the Hell Space’s environment was quite difficult, the Undead Academy was the best location in the entire Hell Space. Compared to the other Spaces, it wasn’t bad. Because of this, as long as they can endure, these people could teach in the Undead Academy.

At the same time, Zhao Hai carefully selected the Undead who would be studying in the other Academies. It can be said that since the Undead’s status had been promoted, Zhao Hai needed to pay attention to the Undead Race’s reputation.

When Zhao Hai and the others appeared outside the Undead Academy, they couldn’t help but be shocked. Presently, in a circle all around the Academy, were Undead. These Undead didn’t make any noise nor did they needlessly move. Everyone was presently looking at the constructed Academy.

Zhao Hai used the processing machine in order to make a blueprint of the Academy. Then he had the Space build it. The main material of the Academy was bone. All commonly used facilities in the Academy were made out of bones. There were bone fences, bone houses, bone tables, bone chairs, all bones. But besides these things, the other items like cups, bowls and so on were made out of ordinarily used materials.

Although the Undead Academy let out a gloomy appearance, its beauty was something that one had to recognize. After all, it was a design that came out of the Universal Processing Machine.

The entire Academy was divided into four parts. The first part were the grounds, the second was the teaching building, the third were the laboratories, and the fourth being the dormitories. It was a simple division. However, each region could accommodate 50 thousand teachers and students. One could see how big the Academy was from this statistic.

At this time, the teachers from the other races had already arrived at the Academy and had been settled down. Still, they needed to attend the ceremony today. Even when Zhao Hai had yet to arrive, they were already in front of the Academy. When these teachers saw the dense number of Undead outside the Academy, their scalps couldn’t help but turn cold. This was true even for those researchers who cared for nothing else other than their studies.

When Zhao Hai arrived and saw the Undead, he immediately knew what the lecturers were thinking. However, Zhao Hai himself wasn’t afraid. After all, he dealt with Undead almost every day, and these Undead were also his subordinates. So what was there to be afraid of?

At the same time, even if Laura and the others were prone to being frightened, they saw Lizzy and Megan commanding the Undead. With them being at the side, it was impossible for them to be overly terrified of the Undead.

Just as Zhao Hai arrived in front of the Academy’s gate, All of the Undead in the surroundings knelt down at the same time, as though they were giving worship to Zhao Hai. After giving their respects, the Undead stood up once again. This action was completely spontaneous, nobody was directing them to do it.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect this to happen. However, he still received the gesture. After seeing the Undead stand up, Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Ever since the day I came out to the world, the Undead Race has always been at my side. My most faithful ally, my most loyal subordinate, and my most powerful sword. However, the Undead Race has never been recognized by the other races, seemingly forgotten in the passage of time. I set up this Academy in order to give the Undead the same status as the other races. This is a message telling you that you are not forgotten. You are always my most trusted subordinates and my sharpest sword. Starting today, the Undead will be equal to the other races inside the Space. You can now go to the Academy and study what you like, do what the others do, and learn what you think is useful for your lives. With all of you as a witness, I declare the official opening of the Undead Academy!”

There was no applause. The Undead were looking dazedly at the Undead Academy while digesting Zhao Hai’s words. One could see the fiery souls on the eyes of the Skeletons shivering, showing that they were moved.

After Zhao Hai’s speech, the Undead knelt towards Zhao Hai at the same time. They gave three kowtows before standing up again. Although the Undead didn’t give any noise, Zhao Hai knew that starting this day, the Undead Academy would become a sacred land of the Space’s Undead.

When the Undead stood up again, Zhao Hai said, “Good. Now, the first batch of students can enter the Academy.”

Before long, the elected first batch of students proceeded to go into the Academy. When they passed by Zhao Hai and the instructors, these Undead gave a short bow before continuing.

The first batch of students numbered twenty thousand. In addition to the instructors from the various races, high-ranked Undead also acted as teachers in the Academy. These teachers would also be trained so that they could some day teach in the Academies of the other Spaces. 

Among these Undead instructors, a large part of them were Lich, some were Skeletons, Zombies and Vampires. Lich were the best at researching, so they had quite a lot of research achievements under their belt. On the other hand, the Vampires and the other races were very good at combat. After many years of evolution, these Undead had formed their own combat system. Although it wasn’t necessarily applicable to other races, it was still useful as teaching material.

Before long, all students had finished moving in to the Academy. Under the gazes of the other Undead, the gates of the Academy slowly closed in. Even if all the Undead outside went out to fight, the students and the teachers inside the Academy would have to stay inside. They could only exit either by having permission or by graduating.

After seeing that the gates were done closing, Zhao Hai and the others also entered the Academy. The Undead outside were unwilling to depart for some time. For them, the significance of the Undead Academy was too huge. Just as Zhao Hai thought, it had become a sacred land inside their hearts.

After two hours, the Undead began to slowly disperse. On the other hand, Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the Academy’s conference room. Inside the room, besides Laura and the others, there was also Gimreden, Kampala, Addison, Jiang Zheng, Guli. At the same time, the instructors sent by the various races were present. Zhao Hai wanted to meet the instructors today and see if they had any needs that needed to be met.

Although these instructors came from different races, all of them had incomparable respect towards Zhao Hai. Because of this, everyone was behaving their best inside the room.

Zhao Hai looked at the instructors and smiled, “Firstly, I need to thank you for coming to the Hell Space to teach. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to manage the Undead. Rest assured, by being in this Academy, you would be given the best allowance. All your needs would also be provided by me for free. Right, does anyone have anything to request?”

A Dwarf stood up and said, “Mister, we don’t have too much requirements. But since I came here to teach forging, I hope that I would have sufficient metals to work on.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about it. The Academy is already prepared for it. It also has supply for your daily needs like food and necessities. You wouldn’t lack anything that you would otherwise have in your own home. Everybody would have to work here for three years. After the first batch of students graduate, you can choose to go home or stay here. I will not stop you if you decide to leave.”


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