BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1023


Chapter 1023 – Witness This Historical Moment

Addison was currently waiting for Zhao Hai in Three Saint City. The reason he didn’t return to the Space was because he still needed to assume personal command. Also, post-war matters needs to be taken care of.

Addison’s decision was also a deterrence for the Resistance Army. If Addison, Guli, and Jiang Zheng were separated, then the Resistance Army were most likely to group up and attack the three. In the eyes of the army, as long as they kill the three and acquire their fiery souls, then they would be able to make three other Experts by relying on those fiery souls.

The was also the reason why the Resistance Army wouldn’t allow Addison to die under the Dark Temple’s hand. They didn’t want his fiery soul to get into the hands of the Dark Temple. If this happens, a new Expert would emerge from the Dark Temple. However, if the Resistance Army can kill Addison themselves, then they would be the make an Expert who wasn’t as ambitious.

This wasn’t just Zhao Hai’s wild guess, it was likely to be a fact. Addison’s ambition and strength was dreaded by the others in the Resistance Army. Because of this, they were even more eager to kill Addison.

They had offended Addison greatly this time. They also knew that as long as Addison wasn’t a fool, he would definitely know that he was plotted against. With Addison’s temper, he would not let this matter go. Instead of Addison attacking them in the future, then they might as well attack him first. This way, they would not wait to be killed.

And since Addison had thought about this point, he decided to remain in Three Saint City together with Guli and Jiang Zheng. Those who wanted to attack them would have to think hard about their decision.

When he arrived at Three Saint City, Zhao Hai discovered that the place wasn’t doing too well. There were a lot of new Undead present here. Not only were these Undead scouting, some of them had also become very arrogant. It can be said that they were getting rampant while Addison was holding back.

After seeing that Zhao Hai had arrived, Addison and the others immediately gathered in Zhao Hai’s tower. Zhao Hai looked at Addison, the Vampire King’s expression wasn’t very good. Naturally, he wasn’t injured, instead Addison was seething.

When Zhao Hai saw Addison’s expression, he immediately knew what he was thinking. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Addison, what’s wrong? Feeling very angry?”

Addison snorted and replied, “Young Master, I’ve been really thinking of killing those fellows now. Look at their arrogant expressions, when have I become a target to bully?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You three fools. I want you to go low-key, but this didn’t mean that you have to be completely passive. Take this situation, for example, if you don’t teach them a lesson, they will become more and more arrogant. Moreover, it’s possible they would suspect that you’re planning something big. Therefore, what you need to do is kill people in order to show that you still have your power and prestige. As long as you don’t expand, the others wouldn’t make a move.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Addison stared for a moment, then his two eyes shone. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, please wait for a moment.” Then he flew out the window. Before long, sounds of rumbling was heard in the city. Naturally, Addison was making mincemeat out of those arrogant fellows.

Zhao Hai looked at Addison’s actions and smiled, he didn’t stop him. Just as he said, if Addison made himself look weak, then the Resistance Army might suspect something. Therefore, Addison needed to balance how he exerts his prestige.

Addison showing his strength would make the others think twice. As long as Addison didn’t expand, then the Resistance Army could still feel relieved.

It didn’t take long before Addison flew back. His expression was now looking much better. Then he bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “I’ve been unfair to Young Master. I cannot complete the matters you arranged.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he waved his hand and said, “Forget it, you actually did quite well. I cannot blame you. You haven’t experienced this before so it’s understandable that you don’t know what to do. Sit, I need to discuss something with you.”

After the group had sat down, Zhao Hai calmly said, “Our plan has been successful. We’ve already made the Dark Temple and the Resistance Army lower their guards. What we need to do now is to find an opportunity to dispatch troops.”

Addison nodded, “By looking at the present situation, the Resistance Army has been fooled by us. And the Dark Temple shouldn’t be making an attack soon after. The next few days should be appropriate for us to make a move.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good. Then we’ll use these days to conquer the Resistance Army. As for now, since the two sides had just retreated, I won’t be able to collect some Blood Spirit Beasts, so I’ll just map out the Resistance Army’s territory. After that, we can send troops to each city at any time. Not only would we catch them off guard, they also wouldn’t be able to spread the news easily.”

Addison and the others nodded. They had some understanding regarding the Space, but they still knew too little. So in this aspect, they would have to listen to Zhao Hai.

Addison looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, so what should we do right now?”

Zhao Hai thought about it and said, “We don’t have to do anything else. You just have to keep your cities in check. If some people stir any trouble, then deal with them using force. With this, the opposite parties wouldn’t suspect anything. After all, this goes along with your overbearing character. Show a little impatience. If you suddenly go full low-key, then the thoughts of those fellows might wander. Understood?”

Addison nodded, “Yes, Young Master. Rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “I won’t come out in the meantime. If I go out, then those people might prepare, this would be bad for our future plans.”

Addison smiled and said, “Young Master doesn’t need to make a move. If you do, then we would be useless. Rest assured, we will take care of it.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good. Then I will hand this matter over to you. I’ll be making a map inside the Space while you take care of things here.”

Addison nodded. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand, allowing Addison and the others to leave. After the three left, Zhao Hai took his magic staff and made some needles out of it before having the needles fly out.

Although these needles were small, they could essentially do what the Blood Ghost Staff could. They could allow the Space to make a map of the surroundings, and this was what Zhao Hai wanted

Most importantly, Zhao Hai didn’t dare make things that were larger, like tokens. In the Underworld, almost everyone used spiritual force, especially the Lich; and they could use stealth in the Dark Mist, making them difficult to see. If Zhao Hai sent out anything bigger, then it would be troublesome if they were discovered by the Underworld’s residents.

After releasing the blood needles, Zhao Hai felt relieved. Anything else regarding the Underworld would be handled by Addison and the others, Zhao Hai didn’t need to do anything else.

At this time, Zhao Hai really wanted to capture some Blood Spirit Beasts for the Space. However, he knew that it was still not time. The Dark Temple had just retreated and Zhao Hai was clear that there were still a lot of Undead left near the blood river. If he went to capture some Blood Spirit Beasts at this time, then he would definitely catch the attention of the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple. That wouldn’t be a good thing for Zhao Hai, it would inconvenience him in his further actions.

Because of this, Zhao Hai had nothing left to do in the Underworld. So instead of staying, he went to the Space and work with Cai’er in setting up the Academy Alliance.

It had been a busy half month. In this half-month, Addison resumed control over his 20 cities. In the past, Addison had at least one subordinate at Guli’s level looking after each city. But after the battle against the Dark Temple, some of these cities didn’t have any masters guarding it. This was unfavorable for Addison’s rule. Others in the Resistance Army might use this opportunity to take those cities. This matter needed to be handled well.

However, with Zhao Hai as his backer, manpower was not an issue. Zhao Hai currently had a lot of Undead with Guli’s level inside the Space. Because of this, Zhao Hai handed ten of them to Addison to use.

Actually, Zhao Hai can send more of these high-ranking undead to help Addison. However, Zhao Hai didn’t do it since it would certainly make the Resistance Army pay attention.

In the eyes of the Resistance Army, Addison was fully able to train ten Experts on the level of Guli and Jiang Zheng. After all, Addison had 20 cities under his control. And with their treasures, making these Experts was completely possible. As for more than that, who knows.

Although the addition of the ten high-ranked Undead enabled Addison to regain his control, in the eyes of those in the Underworld, Addison was now on the defense. At this point, Addison would no longer be able to attack, so the others can feel relieved.

At the same time, Addison’s move made the Resistance Army think that Addison had already pulled out all of his resources. And now, expanding for Addison was impossible. Using all of his resources in order to make these ten experts meant that he would have even less resources to train Gold Skeleton-level Undead for his armies.

However, Addison wanted this effect. Also, he discovered that after Zhao Hai handed him the ten experts, the scouting on his cities had significantly decreased, restoring the calmness to these places. This was probably because the other leaders of the Resistance Army thought that Addison would no longer be able to cause trouble. In fact, there were some in the Resistance Army who thought that Addison himself was no longer a threat.

Although he expected this result, Addison still couldn’t help but feel angry. When has Addison been looked down on? Even Zhao Hai has been courteous towards him. And now those bastards from the Resistance Army actually looked down on him, how could Addison not be incensed?

After stabilizing his cities for half a month, Zhao Hai suddenly called Addison into the Space.

Although Addison didn’t know why Zhao Hai decided to call him at this time, he didn’t decline. Upon returning to the Space, Addison discovered that Guli and Jiang Zheng were also here, even Kampala and Gimreden was present. Guli and Jiang Zheng were similarly puzzled while Gimreden and Kampala seem to know why they were here for. At this moment, everyone was looking at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at each one of their eyes before he smiled and said, “Addison, Guli, Jiang Zheng, I called you over since this has something to do with the Undead Race. I want you to act as witnesses to this event.”

The three Undead looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “Today marks the completion of the Hell Space’s Academy. Also, on this day, there would teachers and foreign students coming from the other Spaces to study alongside the Undead that would be admitted. In the future, there would also be Undead students and teachers who would go to other Academies. It can be said that from today on, the Undead will have the same status as the other races. You can go to study like ordinary people, you don’t need to think about fighting every day.”

Boom! Zhao Hai’s words were without a doubt a huge bomb that exploded inside the heads of Addison, Guli, and Jiang Zheng. Although they had the same wisdom as the HUmans, they didn’t actually think that they would become equals. And because they had wisdom, they knew that having the same lives as the humans was impossible. The Undead were Undead, they can only be regarded as a different class by the other races. They would forever be looked at as a tool, something that would be used, never a race of their own.

Because they didn’t want to become tools, this was the reason why the Resistance Army formed. But in the end they were still conquered by Zhao Hai. Although they were loyal to Zhao Hai, their ambition to get stronger had been extinguished.

But at this time, Zhao Hai told them that the Undead can go to school and have other races as their teacher, they could even go to other Academies to study and sit alongside other races inside a room. Such an opportunity, such a treatment, was only something that they thought of in their dreams.


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