BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1022


Chapter 1022 – Unexpected Benefit?

The commoner Divines were quick to discover the advantages of the Space. Although it seems like nobody was managing the Space, it was actually bound by certain laws. And the laws of the Space were complete. Breaking a certain law had a certain punishment to it. The most severe punishment being confined to the closed room.

That dark, closed room became a nightmare to all lawbreakers inside the Space. Nobody wanted to go there, even strong Experts. Upon entering that closed room, one would rather die than continue on. Because of this punishment, nobody inside the Space dared to break the laws.

And such a restraint not only made people do less crime, it also helped erase the hatred in their hearts. Since there were less conflict around, the environment became peaceful, making people eager to work harder. In this case, they would forget the hatred and would instead look towards the future. They would start to yearn for the time where they can live a much better life.

This was the situation inside the Space. If one was holding on to their hatred, then they would spend their time cultivating, only to find out one day that their neighbors didn’t cultivate. Instead, what the neighbor did was work hard every day in order to exchange for things that could make their lives better. Meanwhile, you, who was cultivating, was only working to get by. In this case, would your heart feel fine? Of course not. Therefore, you would have to work hard for yourself and make your life better. When this happens, the hatred inside your heart would slowly fade away.

The Divines also discovered that in some areas where people were behaving, books started to appear on their churches. Meanwhile, for those areas with people who had vengeful hearts, no books ever appeared.

This segregation made the Divines even more behaved. After all, it was eventually be just a hatred of their ancestors. As for the children, this hatred had nothing to do with them.

The reason why the Divines became aware of Wild Dragon Island was precisely these books. To let the Divines have a better understanding of the Space, Zhao Hai provided them with these specially-made books. Inside these books were things about the Buda Clan, the Ark Continent, and the war between the Ark Continent and the Divines. These were materials that made the Divines understand why they reached their current situation.

It can be said that these books were very successful. One must know that the Divines inside the Space weren’t only composed of Taurus Divines, there were also Divines from the other continents. After reading the books, the other Divines shifted their hatred towards the Taurus Divines. Some even shifted their hatred to the dead Supreme Elders.

People were like this. Once they find out that their enemy was too strong and that there was no way to take revenge, then they would find another target for their ire. Zhao Hai seized this psychology to shift the hatred towards the Taurus Divines.

After discussing the matter of the academy with the Great Demon King for some time, Zhao Hai and the others returned to the Space’s villa. After that, Zhao Hai had Cai’er arrange a set of standard books before going to each Space to talk about the academy with the other races.

Every race inside the Space, excluding the Divine Dwarves, Thunder Clan, Winged Pegasus, and Barbarians, had been inside the Space for some time. They had already been slowly influenced by the Space. Even if they didn’t completely change their thoughts, at the very least they wouldn’t dislike Zhao Hai.

As long as they don’t dislike Zhao Hai, then these people wouldn’t oppose to the establishment of the Academies. After all, these academies would greatly benefit their descendants.

While Addison and the others were battling it out in the Underworld, the Space was actually thriving well. Naturally, since Zhao Hai was establishing the academies, he wouldn’t forget about the Undead. At this time, there were a lot of Undead living inside the Space. In addition, some of these Undead had intelligence no worse than ordinary people. Because of this, Zhao Hai was prepared to make them into their own independent race.

Raising the status of the Undead was Zhao Hai’s example to the other people inside the Space. Since the Undead were his most loyal subjects, then Zhao Hai would improve their status. This would inform all of those inside the Space that as long as they were loyal to Zhao Hai, their status could improve. If the Undead could do it, then they could as well!

This sounded absurd, and it caused some resistance inside the Space. Both the Ark Space and the Demon Space didn’t lack Dark Mages. These Mages had always regarded the Undead as their slaves. Now that Zhao Hai had changed the Undead’s status, it caused quite the amount of ripples on all the races.

But what made Zhao Hai surprised the most was the impact on this decision to the Undead. The Undead were very grateful about this matter and some even directly evolved upon hearing the news.

At first, Zhao Hai couldn’t understand why these Undead evolved. Later on, after further analysis by Cai’er and Laura, they were able to guess the reason. This was because of the gratitude that these Undead felt. Because of this gratitude, the Undead wanted to be able to do more things for Zhao Hai. And in order to do this, the only way was to evolve!

This result made Zhao Hai speechless. But he soon understood that he had always underestimated the wisdom of the Undead inside the Space. He also underestimated their potential.

Zhao Hai had the absolute loyalty of the Undead. And some of Undead developed intellect and were able to have thoughts of their own. Although these Undead didn’t have any regrets about being treated as a slave and they just wanted to contribute to their master, it was still quite normal for the Undead to just slack off.

However, after the news that Zhao Hai was elevating their status, the hearts of these Undead were moved. The Undead who were loyal to Zhao Hai became even more loyal. They wanted to do more for Zhao Hai, they wanted to become stronger. This was completely different from before when Zhao Hai told them to cultivate. This time, it was on their own decision that they wanted to get more powerful. A lot of Undead who had great potential had their strength immediately soar!

After knowing this result, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t think that his decision would actually birth an unexpected benefit. It was truly surprising.

Zhao Hai used seven days to handle the matters inside the Space. Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t need to spend seven days for this matter. The textbook matters were handed over to Cai’er. However, Cai’er wanted things to be thorough, so she had Zhao Hai look into the specific situation inside each Space. After that, Zhao Hai had to take already made manuals and had them analyzed by the Universal Scanner. The scanner would help Zhao Hai make the most suitable book for each Space. Although this cost Zhao Hao some gold coins, Zhao Hai didn’t care. He just wanted to finish things properly.

After using the scanner to find suitable teaching materials for the various Spaces, Cai’er used the processing machine to replicate the first set of books and mass produce them. With this, the issue with teaching material has been solved.

As for constructing the various academies in each Space, Zhao Hai didn’t have to worry about it. This was because some Space already had their own academies. And even if the Dwarves didn’t have one, after hearing Zhao Hai’s proposal, they can build their own. 

In seven days, the basic framework for the Inter-Space Academy Alliance has been built. Now that Zhao Hai had some breathing room, he returned to the Underworld.

The war in the Underworld had actually ended five days ago. Just like Zhao Hai expected, Addison’s side had suffered heavy losses. Aside from Addison, Guli, and Jiang Zheng, of the forty experts, only 16 of them were left. And as for the 500 million Undead army, only 100 million remained. In other people’s view, Addison’s vitality was severely injured. Wanting to return to his previous state would take who knows how long.

Now that both the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple were relieved, the war came to an end. Addison didn’t gain anything from this battle. Blood Bones and Devil Witch, whom the Dark Temple sent, were severely injured and were forced to retreat. It can be said that in the battle between high-ranks, Addison won.

Addison also did what Zhao Hai instructed him to do. After returning to his territory, Addison stopped expanding and instead began to act low-key, going full defensive.

Upon seeing Addison’s actions, the Resistance Army felt relief once more. They wanted to see this result, they didn’t want Addison to keep expanding. A behaved Addison was the best. But the cities under Addison’s hands were still difficult to take back. After all, Addison wasn’t injured this time. Being a King-level expert, nobody would dare to nonchalantly challenge Addison and take his cities.

Although Zhao Hai has been inside the Space in these past few days, he was still concerned about the Underworld. After seeing Addison’s arrangements, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. He wanted to see this result. However, it wasn’t the time to unify the Resistance Army. The Resistance Army was still vigilant against Addison. An attack at this time wouldn’t be very successful.

Because of this, Zhao Hai had Addison act low-key. His surveillance on other cities also went low-key. This way, the people from the Resistance Army would be relieved of Addison’s withdrawal. When the Resistance Army finally lowers their guard, then Zhao Hai would make a move.

When Zhao Hai returned to the Underworld, he discovered that Addison’s cities had more Undead coming to visit. Although these Undead seems to be doing business, they were actually exploring the entire city. However, they didn’t cause any disturbance, they were just observing. Naturally, the whereabouts of these Undead couldn’t be hidden. After all, all of the city’s residents were Zhao Hai’s subordinates. Zhao Hai also knew that these visiting Undead were spies from the other forces in the Resistance Army.


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