BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1021


Chapter 1021 – Inter-Space Academy Alliance

Don’t just give people fish, teach them how to fish instead!

These words had been said since ancient times, but Zhao Hai was only able to think about it at this moment. He had been continuously failing to see the educational problems of the people in the Space.

This problem didn’t refer to the teachings of the people inside the Space. In fact, the Space made education mandatory in all of the races. Therefore, the problem wasn’t in the main education sector.

The problem that Zhao Hai had thought of was the issue of the level of education. Things like magic formations of the Atlanta Plane being higher compared to the Ark Continent. They are the same magic formations, but one was at a higher level than the other.

There were already a lot of races inside the Space, but the degree of civilization differed from race to race, their development weren’t the same. If this development continues, then the disparity would be wider and wider. This wasn’t what Zhao Hai wanted to see, he wanted all of the races to develop at a balanced rate.

Zhao Hai can bluntly say that the most powerful military, magic, research, and overall quality of life was in Wild Dragon island. The best teachers could also be seen there. This was because all of the talents of the various races had been concentrated there.

When his thoughts reached this point, Zhao Hai’s eyes shone, he thought about an idea. If he made Cai’er take the most essential things about each subject and then made them into books to distribute to the different Spaces, wouldn’t civilizations throughout the Space be balanced?

There has yet to be academies in other Spaces. If people could go to these academies and learn, wouldn’t that be better? And if talents were found, Zhao Hai could take them to Wild Dragon Island for further study. This way, there would be more and more talents in Wild Dragon Island. The impact on this to the future would be very huge!

While Zhao Hai was thinking about an Inter-Space Academy Alliance. The Great Demon King on the side couldn’t help but get anxious. He didn’t think that his proposal would make Zhao Hai think for a very long time.

The Great Demon King was truly independent when he entered the Space, he will bargain back and forth with Zhao Hai. But now it had changed. After staying inside the Space, he had already favored the Space and wanted to give benefit to Zhao Hai. Proposing for the Demon Ogres to study blacksmithing wasn’t an excessive request. This was because the Great Demon King knew about the Dwarves in the Space. Zhao Hai can just have the Dwarves teach the Demon Ogres how to smith, there was no need to think much about it.

But now, after seeing Zhao Hai falling deep into thought, the Great Demon King couldn’t help but get nervous. He was afraid that he had touched Zhao Hai’s hidden bottomline. He was afraid that Zhao Hai would get offended.

On the other hand, Laura and the other knew that Zhao Hai must have thought about something significant, thus explaining his current state. Laura turned her head to the Great Demon King and said, “Your Majesty, there’s no need to worry. Brother Hai is just thinking about something. It isn’t because of the Demon Ogres, you can rest assured.”

The Great Demon King felt relieved when he heard this. At this time, Zhao Hai had consolidated his thoughts as he looked up to the Great Demon King and said, “Your Majesty’s proposal is very good. I just thought about a certain issue. Currently, the Space has a lot of advanced things. No matter magic or battle qi, both are advanced. However, everyone has been independently studying. Because of this, the levels of each race is uneven. Your Majesty’s request reminded me that we can make a collaboration between different Spaces, unifying the educational material so that we can reach the same standard. And because of that, we can make the teachers more focused. For example, the Dwarves are naturally best for blacksmithing. So those who want to study blacksmithing, no matter which race, would be able to study from the Dwarves. As for other things, like the Demons, you are skilled in warfare and fighting, so you can instruct other races on that regard. In the same way, the Elves can teach art, the other Space had their own specialties as well. With this, the attainment of the people inside the Space would be unified. What do you think?”

Although Zhao Hai said a lot of things, all present here were wise people, so they were able to immediately understand Zhao Hai’s point. Those present in the room couldn’t help but blink, then they nodded at the same time. The Great Demon King was very happy as he said, “Mister’s idea is very good. Except for battle tactics, the Demon Space is really lacking in other aspects. Back in the Demon Realm, even if you wanted to learn, you wouldn’t be able to. Now that there is a chance, there is no way that people would ignore it.”

Laura also nodded as she added, “Also, there’s no need to worry about advanced teaching manuals, we have already too many in our hands. The researches of the Lich wouldn’t be wasted. There are still some Spaces that don’t have an established magic theory. We can make books for them to learn from. This would increase their magic and martial skills.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, as long as we can raise their levels, then the overall state of the Space would improve. Everyone working together is much better than us doing our own things. However, we can’t take subjects that are too advanced. Even if we do take them out, the others wouldn’t be able to understand it. We’ll wait for a bit. After all the schools are united, then we can choose some talented students from these schools and have them study in Wild Dragon Island. After they learn, they can go back and teach the others. This way, the level of education on all the Spaces would slowly reach Wild Dragon Island’s level. This would make the Space develop even faster!”

“Good, good. This idea is good. Hahahaha. Fantastic!” When the Great Demon King heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stand out and stomp the ground from excitement. Everyone could see how motivated he was.

There was a reason why the Great Demon King was so motivated. Although they didn’t need to worry about food and clothing after entering the Space, the Great Demon King discovered that the Demons had started to forget about a lot of things. At this time, the Demons didn’t think about making progress since they could no longer be hungry. The Great Demon King was worried about this situation.

A nation that does not think will be doomed to be eliminated. The Great Demon King was very clear about this statement. He was worried that the Demons would continue to develop this way and would one day be driven out of the Space by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s proposition was actually very important for the Demons since this happened to solve this very matter. When the Great Demon King discovered the current state of the Demons, he immediately tried to find a solution. He wanted to enhance the overall state of the Demon Race. After some investigation, he discovered that it wasn’t the fact that the Demons had lost their ambition, it was actually because their educational level couldn’t  allow them to progress.

Back in the Demon Realm, the Demon Ogres deemed strength to be the most important thing. This was because of the constant danger they encounter on a daily basis. If one doesn’t learn how to fight, then they would be courting death. However, now that there was no longer any danger inside the Space, their skills on warfare were now useless. Now there were a lot of Demon Ogres who wanted to study blacksmithing. Although blacksmithing needed high technical skills, the most important thing to a blacksmith was their strength. And strength wasn’t something that the Demon Ogres lacked. Althuogh they weren’t that stupid, the Demon Ogres just weren’t interested in potion making.

If this was on Earth, then even if the Demon Ogres didn’t want to study magic formations or potions, then they would have to endure. Otherwise, they would have no money to survive with.

However, the same cannot be true for the Space. Even if you cannot learn these things, then you would still be able to survive. Because of this, others can just live their days eating and practically doing nothing. With this, it’s natural for there to be no ambition that would bloom.

The Demon Realm had no research about other disciplines, so it was almost impossible to teach the Demons about things that they were interested in. Even magic formations and potion making would have to be studied from books. Their educational level was much worse compared to the Goblins and the people from the Ark Continent.

But now, Zhao Hai had solved this problem. The Demons can now choose what they want to study. Even if they cannot learn it in the Demon Space, the other Spaces can teach them. And most importantly, Zhao Hai’s plan had a certain hint of competition. One shouldn’t forget that the most outstanding students would be sent to Wild Dragon Island for further studies. This was definitely great for the people inside the Space.

In fact, all races inside the Space were now aware about Wild Dragon Island’s existence. Even the Divines who had a grudge with Zhao Hai knew about it. This was also what Zhao Hai wanted, to make Wild Dragon Island the most sacred location inside the Space. This would also give him some advantages in his rule of the Space.

Actually, the number of Divines who hated Zhao Hai has been dwindling. It can be said that they had already accepted their fate, there was no use if they kept their hatred. This place was now where they would live and die, they were completely under Zhao Hai’s hand. Not accepting their current situation would just be detrimental to their future.

Additionally, they were able to eat and drink properly inside the Space, there was even no taxation. The commoner Divines began to discover that their living standards didn’t worsen, in fact, it was even better compared to before.

In any place, a commoner’s life was never easy. Take the Divine Realm for example. The Divines wanted to wage war and conquer other planes. However, they would need logistical supplies to do so. Soldiers need food, weapons, armor, all of these costs resources. And where would the resources come from? Part of it would be supplied by the vassal races while the other part would be shouldered by the commoners. It was precisely because of this that the commoner Divines were taxed, and this tax wasn’t low.

However, there was no such issue inside the Space. Nobody came to collect tax. Every work they did was all for their own benefit. This was a great motivating force.


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