BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1020


Chapter 1020 – The Great Demon King’s Request

In a battle between Experts, once one side gets the momentum, then the other would start to feel pressured. In this case, the winner and the loser could be seen at a glance. At this time, Addison’s attacking rhythm was doing smoothly while Blood Bones can only passively defend.

Although Addison was in the upper hand, the same thing cannot be said about his subordinates. It must be said that the strength of Addison’s men weren’t bad, and they weren’t that far off from Guli and Jiang Zheng. However, the people they were up against were on Guli and Jiang Zheng’s level. And even if they had the numerical advantage, they fell short when it came to quality.

And if we go down by another rank, Addison’s Undead were even worse. Even if there were quite a lot of them, the area they needed to defend was quite big in comparison to the amount of Undead that were coming. And although they had surrendered to the Space, they weren’t commanded by Lizzy and Megan. These Undead didn’t have any understanding with regards to battle formations. Therefore, they could only do primal battles without any proper control.

In this case, upon facing the seemingly unending Dark Temple Undead, it didn’t take long for them to be on the back foot.

Zhao Hai still didn’t make a move. They had already reached an agreement about this matter. Zhao Hai also felt that there were a lot of people on both sides of the Blood River using their spiritual force to check the situation in this place. At this time, Zhao Hai had already used a portion of his mental power to shroud himself, making others feel like Zhao Hai was just a piece of stone.

This wasn’t a difficult thing for Zhao Hai. After all, the Space had a lot of elements in it, unlike the Underworld where the Dark Element was the most prevalent. Zhao Hai could just take some earth element energy from the Space and wrap himself with it. If he was scanned with spiritual force, then the others would only see a rock.

Zhao Hai knew that the Dark Temple wouldn’t put too much pressure on the other regions. This was because their only target this time was Addison and his Undead. They just wanted to damage Addison’s vitality. As for the other defensive regions, the Dark Temple would just make sure that they wouldn’t be able to send support to Addison’s region.

But this was also where the Resistance Army wanted Addison to be. They planned failing to send any reinforcements for Addison, and the Dark Temple provided them with an excuse. This allowed the others in the Resistance Army to take advantage of the situation and back down without losing face. In dealing with Addison’s matter, it seems like the Dark Temple and the Resistance Army had reached an unexpected understanding.

Zhao Hai had already anticipated this result. He also allowed the Dark Temple and Resistance Army do this. Addison’s advancement was too quick, causing the Dark Temple and the Resistance Army to be vigilant. Now that the Resistance Army has united, this caused Addison’s unification plan to decelerate. But this battle was actually a good opportunity to make the Resistance Army and Dark Temple feel relieved.

It can be said that except Addison, Guli, and Jiang Zheng, Zhao Hai was prepared to sacrifice the other Undead. Only when these people die would the other parties feel relaxed regarding Addison.

The fight was getting more and more brutal. Of the eight other experts that Blood Bones and Devil Witch brought, only four of them were left. And of the 40 other Experts that Addison had, only about 20 remained. At the same time, of the 500 million Undead that the Space had converted, 300 million remain in the battlefield. Although there weren’t any much blood in the battleground, broken bones and desecrated corpses littered everywhere. These were the Skeletons and Zombies that perished in the battle.

Fluttering around the battlefield were massive amounts of fiery souls. These souls were floating above the remains of the Undead. But for the fiery souls near the blood river, all of them were sucked into the river. Who knows if they were being eaten by the Blood Spirit Beasts or being made into new Blood Spirit Beasts. Fiery souls were also continuing to slowly flow towards the river.

Of course, how could Zhao Hai let this opportunity off. He waved his hand and stealthily took the fiery souls into the Space. The levels of the fiery souls weren’t low, he might be able to upgrade his Undead using these in the future.

Addison and Blood Bones were still in battle, with Addison still having the upper hand. But after a long battle, Bloody Bones was almost certain that Kampala wasn’t present, so he began to exert his full effort. However, Addison already gained the momentum. For Bloody Bones to try to shift the situation would be almost impossible. The strength of the two were fairly even, it would be difficult for Blood Bones to go back from being at a disadvantage.

Guli and Jiang Zheng’s battle against Devil Witch was also doing well. The two sides were at a tie, with Guli and Jiang Zheng having a little bit of an advantage. However, it was still impossible for them to deal with Devil Witch in a short time.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about them. The Undead had more endurance compared to other people. From what can be seen, the battle should last for a couple of days more.

After seeing that there wouldn’t be that much change soon, Zhao Hai’s figure flashed as he entered the Space. Zhao Hai was certain that the Resistance Army wouldn’t let Addison die. This was because of Addison’s strength. If Addison died here, then the one who would benefit the most would be the Dark Temple. The Resistance Army didn’t want to lose an Expert, they only want to suppress Addison. Because of this, Zhao Hai was assured that Addison would be safe.

When he entered the Space, Zhao Hai saw that Laura and the others weren’t looking at the battle on the monitor. Instead, they went to the Hell Space to see the bone fields.

Currently there were a lot of dark-attributed plants being grown in the bone fields. Naturally, most of these were bone armors, followed by bone plants.

Although they didn’t know what bone plants could do, the most important thing was their essence. Cai’er knew this so she chose to plant a lot of them as well.

Laura and the others were full of enthusiasm while looking at the bone field. They were still chatting when Zhao Hai arrived. Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “What are you chatting about? Did you see Addison’s fight?”

Laura and the others turned their heads and saw Zhao Hai. Lizzy pouted her lips and said, “What is there to watch? From what I can see, the battle would still take a couple of days. It’s too boring to watch them all the time.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m quite bored as well, so I came back. Why are you here? Don’t you dislike the environment?” To be honest, apart from the Undead, very few people liked the Hell Space. Even Zhao Hai was the same.

Laura smiled and said, “It’s nothing, we just wanted to see what the bone fields are like. We want to see it for ourselves so that if we find fields like these in the future, we can take them to the Space.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, these kinds of things can only be met and not always available. There’s nothing else to look at here, let’s go back.” Laura and the others nodded and followed Zhao Hai back to the villa. Then Zhao Hai took the group and headed to Wild Dragon Island to see how Gimreden and the others were doing.

Although Gimreden was doing magic formation research, his direction was completely different from Kampala. His research still hinges on joining fiery souls and other items, not just pure magic formation research.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything about this matter. Zhao Hai already told Gimreden that he would give the Lich absolute freedom when it came to research.

Gimreden was quite delighted with his current situation. Whatever he needed was being provided here. The test materials were also high-grade goods made of glass, which was easier to use than his apparatus back in the Underworld.

Most importantly, his research included a lot of other subjects. If he studied these things by himself, then who knows how many years it would take him. In Wild Dragon island, however, there were a lot of other Lich who has worked or were working in different topics. And with the data the others managed to get, Gimreden saved a lot of years of effort. This kind of research sharing was something that Gimreden welcomed the most.

Besides these, Gimreden also found other Lich who were interested in his study, allowing him to establish his own laboratory. At this time, Gimreden was high-spirited and quite motivated, as well as incomparably happy. Zhao Hai felt relief upon seeing this situation. Everything was good as long as Gimreden and the other Lich enjoyed their lives here.

After that, Zhao Hai went to visit the Demon Space. It’s been a while since Zhao Hai and the others visited the Demons. As soon as the group arrived in the Demon Space, all of them couldn’t help but think that they had come to the wrong place. Instead of being the Demon Space, it was more appropriate to call it an Elven Forest.

Zhao Hai discovered that the Demon Realm’s residents had already gone to the point of insanity when it came to plants. In their eyes, any plant was a treasure. Because of this, the Demon Realm was full of plants. Zhao Hai didn’t expect them to get this crazy. Zhao Hai almost couldn’t see the buildings among the multitude of plants covering them. Even the houses of the Demons were filled with vines, but they still looked simple and natural.

Zhao Hai was left not speechless. But after a while, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Not only the commoner Demons were doing this, even the Great Demon King’s royal palace had this appearance.

When Zhao Hai went to the Great Demon King’s palace, the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King were currently working on paperwork. They still needed to do their job. Of those entering the Space, only the Demons made Zhao Hai feel the most assured. This was because Zhao Hai discovered that the Demons were the most united group. Yes there were a lot of conflicts back in the Demon Realm, but those fights were because of land. The various races needed to live. But inside the Space, there was no need for them to fight for land. Therefore, all of them were living very well, nobody went to war. Although the Demons still couldn’t shake of the ferociousness in their nature, they didn’t fight with anyone. The crime rate of the Demons was very low.

Zhao Hai was very surprised with this result. He didn’t really expect it. The Demons had always been the synonym for aggression and evil. It was even said that they weren’t easy to get along with.

When the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King saw Zhao Hai arrive, they immediately welcomed him into the room. At the same time, they had people prepare some food and wine. Zhao Hai looked at the two and could see that they had gained some weight. It seems like they were living much better compared to before.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile and said, “Good. It seems like you two had been living well. You’re putting on more weight.”

The Great Demon King laughed and said, “This is because of Mister’s blessing. We never even dreamed of being in our current situation.”

Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “Alright, let’s move on from the small talk. Your Majesty, I came here to ask you something. It seems like the Demons have taken a liking to plants. Do you have talented Potions Masters now?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Great Demon King’s eyes couldn’t help but shine as he replied, “Does Mister want to recruit Potion Masters to be your subordinates? Good, good, the Demons have a lot Potion Masters. Moreover, their understanding regarding plants is very deep. They can set out at any time.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Is that so? Then that’s fantastic. You can choose 100 people for me to bring to Wild Dragon Island. I want them to research Potions. If they’re interested in other matters, they can also do it there.”

The Great Demon King quickly nodded and said, “Mister, rest assured, 100 people is not a problem. Not to say 100, even 1000 or 10 thousand people would be fine. But Mister, I also have something to ask you. I hope you can help us with this.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There’s no need to be polite. Just tell me.”

The Great Demon King said, “Mister, you should know that the Demon Race has a very powerful clan. The Demon Ogres aren’t smart people, but they have great talent when it came to battles. Because of this, making them learn potion making is very difficult. However, there are some Demon Ogres who are interested in smelting. I hope Mister can provide a good teacher for them.”

When Zhao Hai heard the Great Demon King, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he began to get lost in his thoughts. He didn’t oppose the idea of the Demons learning how to smelt. Conversely, Zhao Hai was very glad to help the Demon Ogres. However, the Great Demon King’s request made Zhao Hai think of another matter.

Currently, there were a lot of races in the Space. And each race had their own specialty. But even so, not everybody in a race liked to do what they were good at. For example, there were Elves who didn’t’ want to make art, they wanted to do other things.

But if they depend on their race’s resources, their development would be very slow. Moreover, it was easy for these people to go down a wrong path. One shouldn’t underestimate the wisdom of these people, a lot of their ideas had been helpful to Karen’s research.

Zhao Hai wanted his people to live a good life, but what he did was just provide them with things that they would need and want. Zhao Hai failed to look at the matter of their education.

Zhao Hai was like a kind fisherman. He wanted to help others so he gave them some fish he caught. However, he failed to teach these people how to fish, and this wasn’t a very wise move.


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