BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1019


Chapter 1019 – Devil Witch and Blood Bones

Because of these reasons, Zhao Hai didn’t bother to make a move. In any case, Addison was fully able to deal with the people sent by the Dark Temple. Things wouldn’t be different if Zhao Hai didn’t make a move.

Addison looked at the two Experts in front of him. He didn’t doubt Zhao Hai’s words at all, but he believed that the Dark Temple would at most send one person at his level. But now, two actually came. And more importantly, he knew about these two experts, they were famous Experts from the Dark Temple. It seems like the Dark Temple was truly prepared to suppress him and his goal of unifying the Resistance Army.

Addison looked at the two Experts and said, “Devil Witch, Blood Bones, I didn’t think that the two of you would actually team up against me. What? You think you can kill me with just the two of you?”

The Skeleton Blood Bones smiled and said, “Addison, why would you think that? This time, we’ve risked a lot to attack you, and we also know that the two of us aren’t enough to kill you. But as long as you’re seriously injured, then everything would be easy, isn’t it?”

What Blood Bones said was reasonable. The risk he was talking about pertains to the Blood River. One shouldn’t think that the Blood River’s attacks were just like the ones before. There were even more advanced Blood Spirit Beasts present. But those beasts generally wouldn’t easily go out.

After many years of experimentation, the Dark Temple had figured out some rules. If one King-level Expert passes through the river, then the river would not send a King-level Blood Spirit Beast. But if there were two or more King-level experts, the Blood River would have a chance to send King-level beasts. If two King-level Experts wanted to cross the river at the same time, then they would need to be at least ten li(5km) away from each other to not cause the Blood River to send King-level beasts to attack. This was also one of the reasons why the Resistance Army was able to defend for a long time.

Because of this situation, the Resistance Army would only need to station a King-level Expert every ten li along the river. And at the same time, these Experts wouldn’t worry about having two or more King-level experts attacking them.

Naturally, a place where two Experts attack at the same time wouldn’t necessarily encounter an attack. The chance of the Blood River sending a King-level Beast was about 50%. That was to say that Devil Witch and Blood Bones had indeed risked getting in danger in order to attack Addison. The two had a 50% chance of being attacked by six to eight Experts of the same level when crossing the river. Of course, they also had a 50% chance of going through successfully.

But from what was seen, it was very obvious that they were very lucky, they managed to get through without getting attacked.

However, if there were three King-level Experts attacking Addison, then their chances of being attacked would increase to about 80%. And if there were four King-level Experts, the chance of being attacked would become 100%. This meant that as long as there were four King-level Experts above the Blood River, they would definitely be attacked by King-level Blood Spirit Beasts.

It was because of all these reasons added together that Blood Bones said that they were risking a lot when attacking Addison. But two King-level Experts were still not enough to kill another King-level Expert, only enough to seriously injure. Therefore, Addison wasn’t too afraid of the two.

Addison might be seriously injured after fighting these two and he might need to recuperate for a long time, but don’t forget that Addison can return to the Space. As long as he returns, he can ask the Space to give him treatment. Addison could reset his state at any time, naturally this made him unafraid of any injury.

Addison looked at Blood Bone and Devil Witch before he coldly snorted and said, “You Dark Temple fellows really like to plot and scheme. You don’t want me to unify the Resistance Army? Then let me tell you, I will certainly have the entire Resistance Army under my control.”

The Lich coldly replied, “You actually still think that you can live properly after today.”

After saying that, the Lich’s body slowly faded before it blended into the Dark Fog. On the other hand, Blood Bone’s crystal-like skeleton changed color and turned blood red. Then on Blood Bone’s left hand, a thick greatsword appeared. On the hilt of the sword was an image of a malicious ghost. It looked like it could take a bite out of anyone at any time.

This greatsword was also blood red. The body of this sword was very thick, giving it a very heavy aura. It’s handle was very long, enough for one to use both of their hands to hold it. One could see at a glance that Blood Bones’ attacking power was something not to be underestimated.

The weapon of an Undead generally came from their own body. This function had been an instinct imbued onto the souls of the Undead. As long as an Undead reaches Silver-rank, they could make a weapon out of their own body. The hardness of this weapon would be directly proportional to their rank.

After Blood Bones took his weapon out, he smirked and charged towards Addison. And this attack also acted as a signal to the ther high-rank Undead to launch an attack against Addison’s men. There were only two people among the group who didn’t move, and they were Guli and Jiang Zheng.

Although Guli and Jiang Zheng had yet to be considered to be equal to King-level characters such as Addison, they were already half a step away from reaching that level. The reason why they didn’t move was because they were preparing to deal with the second King-level expert going after Addison.

One shouldn’t be complacent upon seeing that the Lich had disappeared. In fact, this was one of the moves the Lich race use. They would vanish into the Dark Mist and only appear when they attack, until then, nobody would know where they were. Because of this, not only were the Lich formidable Mages, they were also terrifying Assassins in the presence of the Dark Mist.

Since the Lich were immune to any physical damage, they were able to stealthily blend into the Dark Mist to attack their enemies. But because of their physical immunity, their ability to attack had also been taken away. Therefore, they could only command the Dark Mist or use magic attacks. But even so, their enemies wouldn’t dare to underestimate them.

Addison already took his snake sword out and clashed with Blood Bones. Since both were very familiar with fighting and also had the same strength, they didn’t go all out despite clashing multiple times.

Addison needed to make some room for himself to counter the Lich while Blood Bones needed to make room for himself to defend against Guli and Jiang Zheng. After all, Guli and Jiang Zheng’s strength have also been noted by the Dark Temple.

Blood Bones was also wondering about Kampala who was always with Guli and Jiang Zheng. It was because of Kampala’s absence that Blood Bones needed to be more careful. Kampala was also a Lich and was able to hide in the Dark Mist.

Zhao Hai kept sitting in his stone chair without the intention of entering the fight. Even the Lich hiding the Dark Mist wasn’t a threat to his current strength.

Devil Witch and Blood Bones were able to note Zhao Hai’s presence. After all, Zhao Hai didn’t deliberately hide his figure as he just sat there and spectated the entire battle. Zhao Hai’s lack of action made him even more noticeable. Everyone was fighting while Zhao Hai was sitting alone. It would be difficult for anyone to not notice Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about any of these thoughts. However, this temperament made him look very arrogant. This attracted the ire of Devil Witch. The Lich didn’t attack Addison and instead slowly went over to Zhao Hai.

His speed was very slow, seemingly afraid of making too big of a move and alert Zhao Hai. This was also another characteristic of the Lich. Although they can integrate into the Dark Mist, their bodies weren’t one with the Dark Mist. Therefore, if they make a sudden movement, they would cause the Dark Mist to be disturbed, making other people discover their trail. Because of this, the Lich moved very slowly in the Dark Mist.

When Zhao Hai saw that Devil Witch was heading towards him, he couldn’t help but smile. Then he immediately told Guili and Jiang Zheng about Devil Witch’s location through his mind.

Guli and Jiang Zheng were now equal to Zhao Hai’s summoned creatures. Because of this, Zhao Hai can directly talk to them using his mind. He used this method to relay to them the exact location of the Lich.

Although Guli and Jiang Zheng were known for their physical attacks, this didn’t mean that they don’t have any attacks that use magic. Upon reaching their current level, they were also able to freely convert their attacks between physical and magical attributes.

Guli’s weapon was his double-edged sword while Jiang Zheng had his nails. After the two received Zhao Hai’s instructions, they immediately attacked Devil Witch.

Devil Witch was planning on attacking Zhao Hai, but he didn’t expect Guli and Jiang Zheng to discover his location. Moreover, it seems like their positioning was very accurate. When he saw their attack, Devil Witch felt a sense of danger. The Lich immediately made a strange sound before he casted a magic shield in front of him and at the same time dodging to the side.

But because of this movement, Guli and Jiang Zheng were even more able to chase Devil Witch around. Addison and Blood Bones were also able to notice this situation. When Addison saw Guli and Jiang Zheng’s action, he immediately knew that it was Zhao Hai making a move. On the other hand, Blood Bones was puzzled. How could Guli and Jiang Zheng sense Devil Witch’s location? Then he began to think about Kampala, he might be the one who told Guli and Jiang Zheng about Devil Witch.

Actually, the people in the Underworld knew that the best counter to a Lich was another Lich. This was because when two Lich were stealthed in the Dark Mist, both of them would be able to sense each other’s location. Because of this, a Lich was the best means to find another Lich. And because of this knowledge, Blood Bones thought that Kampala was the one to discover Devil Witch.

But now that this happened, Blood Bones began to worry. This was because Devil Witch was now being pursued by Guli and Jiang Zheng, but Kampala has yet to emerge. This caused Kampala to be a hidden thorn that Blood Bones needed to be careful of.


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