BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1018


Chapter 1018 – The Might of the Blood Spirit Beasts

Standing calmly outside the carriage, Zhao Hai was holding a cup of tea in his hand. The tea was the one produced by the Space, so its taste was quite fragrant. Also, Zhao Hai’s tool for drinking tea was very special. Instead of being called a teacup, it was much more appropriate to call it a small teapot.

This kind of small pot was specifically used for steeping tea to drink. Such a small pot can’t be used alongside a cup, so one could only drink directly from the pot. Zhao Hai liked this way of drinking before, so after the pot can be produced by the Space, he immediately had the processing machine make one for him.

In front of Zhao Hai were Guli and Jiang Zheng. The three people atop the bone carriage were stopped about two li(one kim) away from the blood river. In front of them was Addison and his Undead Army.

Zhao Hai already told Addison about his plan, and Addison also understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Because of this, there was no need to command the Undead. They would just have the Undead clash with the enemy head-on.

By now, the Dark Temple had already started their charge. They needed to pass the Blood River before they could make an attack.

Zhao Hai now had the chance to see the Blood Spirit Beasts. And he also wanted to know why such a river had become the biggest obstacle to the unification of the Underworld.

Under Zhao Hai’s gaze, a team of the Dark Temple’s undead began to fly across the Blood River. These Undead didn’t have any organization and just directly rushed over.

Before long, these Undead were now over the Blood River. At this moment, the Blood River’s surface seems to boil. One after another, the bubbles emerged. It seemed like the Undead were being plunged into boiling water.

Just as the fastest Undead had flown 50% of the way, flying red figures went out of the river. These figures were very fast. And like red arrows, they went to shoot towards the fiery souls.

The speed of these Undead weren’t slow, and the worst of them were at the Gold Skeleton level. But compared to these red figures, they were too slow. It didn’t take too long before a first batch of Undead were shot down.

When these Undead fell down into the blood river, they immediately plunged to the bottom, there wasn’t even a wave caused by a struggle. It was also at this time that the red arrows began to show their true self.

Just as what Addison and the others said, these Blood Spirit Beasts assume whatever form they decided to. Naturally, they were still blood red in color, but their looks were different. Their shapes ranged from tigers to wolves, octopus to squid, and in any form you could think of. They also had differing body sizes, some of them were big and some were also small.

Among these Blood Spirit Beasts, the least seen form were the humanoid ones. However, Zhao Hai could see that although these humanoid Blood Spirit Beasts were in the minority, their status seemed to be the highest. Each humanoid Blood Spirit Beast had a group of Blood Spirit Beasts surrounding them.

The Blood Spirit Beasts’ attacks were very barbaric. They didn’t hesitate to throw themselves into the remaining Undead. The remaining Undead have also begun to counter attack.

When the two sides began to exchange moves, Zhao Hai finally understood why the Blood Spirit beasts were very hard to kill. Their bodies were simply fluids, changing form at will. They could be soft like water and then hard like ice. Their attacks had very formidable range of actions.

Zhao Hai drank some tea before he opened his eyes and muttered, “No wonder this Blood River became the Dark Temple’s greatest obstacle in uniting the whole Underworld. These Blood Spirit Beasts have really good combat power. If we receive them into the Space, then we might gain another attacking method.”

Guli and Jiang Zheng were similarly looking at the fight occurring above the Blood River. As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, both of them looked over. Then Guli said, “Young Master, these Blood Spirit Beast are very strong. Moreover, it seems like they also have their own power division. These humanoid shaped beasts, for example, they have the strongest attack, similar to Crystal Skeleton level. They’re very difficult to deal with.”

Just as Guli said this, the humanoid Blood Spirit Beasts began to make a move. These humanoid Blood Spirit Beasts have different combat forms. Some of these humanoid beasts stood far away and kept waving their hands. As they waved their arms, blood would fly out of the river to attack their targets. It seems like these were magic spells that would control the blood from the Blood River.

On the other hand, there were humanoid beasts that stretched their arms into the Blood River and turning the blood into weapons. These humanoid beasts preferred to fight close-combat.

The first batch sent by the Dark Temple to traverse the Blood river weren’t strong Experts. Under the attacks of the Blood Spirit Beasts, this batch was annihilated quickly. This was something out of Zhao Hai’s expectation.

However, after these Blood Spirit Beasts killed the Undead, they immediately fell into the Blood River. Then the river resumed its silence, it was as if the Blood Spirit Beasts never appeared in the first place.

Just as the Bloody River quieted down, a huge batch of Dark Temple undead immediately flew over. Zhao Hai could also see that these Undead were higher-ranked than the previous batch.

The speed of these Undead was also faster. When they reached the middle of the Blood River, the river was still quiet, no Blood Beasts emerged. Only when the quickest Undead of this batch flew over three-quarters of the river did the Blood Spirit Beasts return.

When Zhao Hai saw this situation, he knew that the Dark Temple was playing with the Blood River’s cooldown. From what was seen, it was clear that the Blood River’s Blood Spirit Beasts needed some time before they could re-emerge. And since the Dark Temple had grasped this time difference, they immediately sent a large amount of Undead into the second batch.

Zhao Hai knew that this experience was paid for by the Dark Temple using the lives of countless Undead. But even if these Undead had rushed over, their troubles weren’t finished. This was because there was still an Undead army waiting for them on the other side.

Addison immediately commanded his Undead to overrun the Dark Temple’s Undead. It didn’t take too long before the two sides fought against each other.

Including Vampires, the Undead rarely bleed, they didn’t have any blood inside them. In this war, one couldn’t see a single splash of blood. However, the brutality of the scene was something that couldn’t be seen in any human war.

At the same time, the Dark Temple on the opposite bank was sending a constant stream of Undead to cross the river. Although the Blood Spirit Beasts were causing them trouble, it was completely impossible to block all of the Undead. Because of this, more and more Undead began to embark on the opposite shore.

Zhao Hai just sat there and didn’t make a move. The Undead they brought out this time was about 500 million. Even the Dark Temple would have a hard time killing all of these Undead.

On the other hand, Guli and the others were already anxious. This was because the Undead coming over were getting stronger and stronger.

Zhao Hai saw this and couldn’t help but smile. He waved his hand and grabbed a huge stone from his side. Then he turned this stone into a chair. Zhao Hai also put away his teapot. Now that the Dark Temple had attacked, his teapot would be too eye-catching.

Zhao Hai continued to sit outside and looked at the fight in front. Then at this time, several strong spiritual forces began sweeping in from the opposite bank. Naturally, Zhao Hai felt these spiritual forces. His brow couldn’t help but go up, he knew that the Experts of the Dark Temple were finally going in.

Zhao Hai didn’t worry as he just met those spiritual forces with his own. The spiritual forces slammed into each other in the air. After a loud bang, the Dark Mist about 100 meters away from Zhao Hai was cleared for a moment. One could see how strong the forces were just by looking at the impact.

Guli, Jiang Zheng, and the others also felt these opposing forces and also sent their own to clash with it. Although the two sides have yet to meet each other, the clash between spiritual forces was clearly felt.

After the spiritual forces of both sides clashed for several times, they all retreated. Battling with spiritual forces wasn’t a good thing. It was too dangerous, it was even more dangerous than close-combat fighting. Because of this, both sides decided to retreat and save their spiritual force.

Not long after that, the Dark Temple’s experts flew over the Blood River. The Blood Spirit Beasts simply couldn’t stop these Experts, the only thing they could do at most was cause some trouble.

The Experts coming over numbered around ten, and two of them were at Addison’s level. One of these Experts was a Skeleton, while the other was a Lich. Besides these two, the other eight people had levels not lower than Guli and Jiang Zheng.

Addison also led his men as well as Guli and Jiang Zheng to meet the enemy. Zhao Hai didn’t think about going along with them. Although the people sent by the Dark Temple were strong, Addison himself wasn’t a soft persimmon. With Addison’s strength as well as his subordinates, stopping these Experts was completely doable. There was no need for Zhao Hai to make a move.

Although it hasn’t been a long time since Zhao Hai and Addison’s fight, Zhao Hai’s current strength had already completely exceeded Addison. If they fight right now, Addison wouldn’t be able to last for more than 50 moves.

With the help of the Space, as well as the Dao Lotus, Gold Core, and Spirit Avatar, Zhao Hai’s cultivation strength was increasing every second. Although Zhao Hai didn’t deliberately practice lately, slowing his cultivation down, this didn’t mean that Zhao Hai wasn’t getting stronger. Because of this, compared to before, Zhao Hai’s strength had increased.

Also, Zhao Hai’s body had absorbed a lot of experience lately. Since he had little fighting experience in the past, Zhao Hai was almost forced to a corner than Addison. But now, after gaining battle experience, Zhao Hai’s usage of his energy had become more sophisticated. This caused Zhao Hai’s overall fighting prowess to undergo an increase. At this point, characters like Addison wouldn’t be able to clash against him. Zhao Hai would need a stronger enemy to use his strength on.


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