BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1017


Chapter 1017 – Plot and Scheme

The Blood River looked like a natural barrier dividing the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple. It can be said that without the Blood River, then the Resistance Army would have already been wiped out by the Dark Temple. If the Dark Temple wanted to attack the Resistance Army, then they would have to pass through the Blood River. Because of this, the Resistance Army was able to block the Dark Temple time and time again.

At this time, both banks of the blood river became giant military compounds. But these military compounds weren’t very well set up. This was because there was no need to make an elaborate camp. There were only a few tents and carriages present for those high-ranked undead. As for the other soldiers, they were eight standing or sitting on the ground.

Zhao Hai swept both banks of the river with his spiritual force. Currently there were billions of undead present, with more coming still.

Naturally, the Resistance Army were at a disadvantage when it came to numbers. Zhao Hai didn’t give Addison the forces in his hands, this way he wouldn’t be too eye-catching.

Addison’s reputation was quite huge, so how could people be unaware of how many people he had in his hands? If a billion high-rank undead suddenly emerged under Addison’s command, then wouldn’t people be suspicious? Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t send his Undead to Addison. And even the Undead on the conquered cities stayed put. These Undead were a potential force, and Zhao Hai wouldn’t want to show all of his cards.

It has to be said that the Undead that had surrendered to the Space had already reached more than six billion. The reason why there were so many was because Zhao Hai also took low-ranked Undead into the Space. Because of this, the Undead inside the Space experienced a violent increase in number.

But all of these Undead weren’t inside the Space. Some were let out by Zhao Hai in order to scour the areas near their cities and look for any useful things.

Currently following Addison were 500 million advanced-level undead, and this was already a powerful force. One must know that these 500 million Undead had a fighting strength comparable to a Divergent Skeletons.

Divergent Skeletons were beings before Crystal Skeletons, and above Crystal Skeletons were the Skeleton Kings, Guli’s level. This meant that Addison’s undead had strength only lower than Guli by two ranks. Such strength shouldn’t be underestimated.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside Guli’s carriage. The place that he was right now was in Addison’s camp. After all, Three Saint City being conquered by Addison was a well known matter in the Resistance Army. Since Zhao Hai belonged to Three Saint City, it was natural for him to be inside Addison’s camp.

Addison was currently in a meeting with the other leaders. Zhao Hai didn’t participate since there was no need. He just handed a blood needle to Addison so that he could hear anything that Addison could.

The Resistance Army meeting was actually very simple. Compared to Human wars, the wars in the Underworld were very basic. They hardly pay attention to tactics and just rush towards the enemies. The deciding factor of the war lay in the hands of the high-ranked undead. As for the low-ranks, they were used as cannon fodder.

This was the reason why war meetings in the Underworld were very simple. It was just a matter of assigning an area to be guarded by each person. If a region looks difficult, they would discuss reinforcements. The other things weren’t discussed.

One advantage in doing war in the Underworld was the fact that there was no need for logistics. This was because the Undead didn’t need to eat nor did they use weapons and armor.

At this time, Addison’s region has already been decided. The region wasn’t out of what Zhao Hai expected, Addison was placed into the most dangerous place in the conflict. And most of the Undead agreed to this assignment. When Addison returned, his expression wasn’t very good.

Upon entering the bone carriage, Addison’s expression was still bad. Addison gave Zhao Hai a bow before complaining, “Young Master, those fellows are being too excessive. I want to kill them all.”

Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “Forget it. Those guys just want to borrow the Dark Temple’s strength in order to suppress you. It’s your fault for being too famous.”

Addison coldly snorted and said, “Those guys want to deal with the Dark Spirit Temple yet they do things like this. If the Resistance Army was united, then situations like this wouldn’t have appeared.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t respond to Addison’s rant, he just said, “Addison, prepare our defenses well. It’s possible that the Dark Temple’s main attack would be centered on you.”

When Addison heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare, then he said, “Young Master, why do you say that?”

Zhao Hai replied, “The Dark Temple’s timing is too good. Although a lot of people in the Resistance Army have united to deal with you, there is still a good chance that you’ll succeed. A united Resistance Army isn’t something that the Dark Temple wants to see. Therefore, they will definitely find a way to stop you from your goal. So they chose to attack this time. This way, the Resistance Army would be forced to face them. This isn’t the first time that the Dark Temple fought against you, so they are very aware of your defense. They would surely launch a strong attack against your region, causing you to lose the most. If you lose your forces, then it would make it harder for you to unite the Resistance Army. A disunited Resistance Army isn’t a threat to the Dark Temple.”

Addison thought about what Zhao Hai said. He never really analyzed the situation through. Addison didn’t neglect Zhao Hai’s words as he gave a nod and prepared to ready his defense.

Naturally, Zhao Hai would follow behind. But this time Addison was outside while Zhao Hai was inside the bone carriage along with Guli and Jiang Zheng.

Guli looked at Zhao Hai who was drinking and said, “Young Master, is it really like what you said? Will the Dark Temple do that?’

Zhao Hai placed his teacup down and smiled, “You’ll know when the time comes.” Then after he said that, Zhao Hai closed his eyes and let out a long breath. Upon seeing this, Guli decided not to disturb him anymore.

It didn’t take long before the group arrived at the place Addison would be defending. The Blood River in this area was very narrow at about six li(3km). This made it the most dangerous place in the frontlines.

The narrower the river, the smaller the chance of being attacked by the Blood Spirit Beasts. This made the region more likely to be the place being attacked the most. Those who were assigned to defend this place often failed in their task. There were a lot of undead on the level of Guli and Jiang Zheng that perished here.

After Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the region, Addison entered entered the carriage. Naturally, he was here to see Zhao Hai.

Although Addison’s men were also Zhao Hai’s subordinates, Zhao Hai still had the best relationship with Addison, Guli, and Jiang Zheng. The other Undead simply had no qualifications to see Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Addison and said, “What is it? Is everything prepared?”

Addison smiled and said, “We still need to arrange which people gets assigned where. There’s no need to worry about anything else when the battle starts, giving the signal to attack would be enough. Right, Young Master, do you want to capture some Blood Spirit Beasts for the Space?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course. But I cannot do that now. I’ll do it when the battle starts. If we move at this time, we would be making a huge scene. It might even be possible to alert the opposite party. Waiting for the battle to take off wouldn’t be took late to take action.”

Addison nodded, he could understand Zhao Hai’s decision. Capturing Blood Spirit Beasts at this time truly wasn’t a good idea.

Guli looked at the opposite bank of the Blood River, his tone seemed to be hopeful as he said, “Just wait, sooner or later the whole Underworld would be under Young Master’s control.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, it’s still too early to talk about that. Let’s think about today’s battle first. This time, when you are in a critical situation, you are not allowed to use the bone armor. The bone armor can be said to be a trump card of our side, we cannot let the enemy know that we have it. Let some of the Undead serve as cannon fodder, make it look like we are losing heavily to the point that we need others to support us. If the Dark Temple is truly targeting Addison, then they would certainly retreat after seeing our heavy losses. This way, our losses wouldn’t be too heavy while making the others in the Resistance Army lose some. Their strength should certainly be damaged. When the Dark Temple retreats, then that would be our time to move.”

Guli and the other weren’t fools, they just haven’t experienced schemes before. But now that Zhao Hai had stated it clearly, the group quickly understood and began preparing things out.

After seeing Addison’s actions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He needed to take the Underworld, the implications of this goal was very heavy. Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to be careful.

Quite opposite to the Underworld, Zhao Hai wasn’t too focused on the Atlanta Plane. This was because he already gained most of what he wanted there. Things like the production method of energy converters, civilian magic armors, unique metals, etc. as long as it was publicly sold in the Atlanta Plane, Zhao Hai already had it. As for the rest, they belonged to restricted goods, and those things would take time to acquire. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried about the Atlanta Plane and just handed everything for Bluewell to deal with.

In fact, ever since the factory has been established, Zhao Hai didn’t look at it again. What he needed to do was just give money and leave it to Bluewell to handle.

Bluewell was very happy about this situation. He was an ambitious person and wanted a factory that was completely managed by him, but he had no money to open a factory of his own. Now that Zhao Hai had given him the opportunity, it wasn’t a mystery why Bluewell always woke up with a smile on his face.

Although Zhao Hai appeared very mysterious to Bluewell, he didn’t bother to investigate. Zhao Hai had already obtained Bluewell’s loyalty through his actions. Even if Zhao Hai told Bluewell about his true identity, Bluewell still wouldn’t betray him. A true gentleman would keep a friend’s secrets to the grave!

Zhao Hai also knew Bluewell’s situation so he had given Bluewell absolute control of the factory. Therefore, there was very little for Zhao Hai to do in the Atlanta Plane.

But the Underworld was different. There were so many things that Zhao Hai needed in the Underworld. Not to consider anything else, but those Undead, no matter how many, was needed by Zhao Hai. And then there were those plants. And lastly, people like Gimreden who liked to research. This was because these people can often create miracles. Just like Gimreden’s study on adding souls to weapons.

It was precisely because of this discovery of Kampala and Gimreden’s research that Zhao Hai decided to pay more attention to the Underworld. For Zhao Hai, the Underworld was an endless treasure trove itself, and it might become a treasure trove that belonged to him.

Guli and Jiang Zheng stayed behind while Addison left, it was useless for them to head out. Guli looked at the other regions of the Resistance Army and laughed, “Those guys think that they had schemed against us. They didn’t expect the Young Master to plot against them instead. This will make it sooner for them to become Young Master’s subordinates.”

Jiang Zheng said, “Young Master, I think we should make a move now. Almost all of the Experts in the Resistance Army are here. Their rear areas should certainly be empty. If we dispatch troops now, then their cities would be easily taken.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s not the right time. We should wait until the battle ends. If we attack this time and these people knew about it, then the frontline would be plunged into chaos. When that happens, the Dark Temple would be able to use this opportunity to attack us. We don’t need to be anxious, let’s just wait.”

Jiang Zheng nodded and said, “I’ve been unfair to the Young Master. I was too impatient.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine. You’re idea is good, this means that you had thought about it. That’s good. Alright, you guys need to prepare as well. From what I can see, the Dark Temple is getting impatient.”

When Jiang Zheng and Guli heard Zhao Hai, they immediately nodded and left the bone carriage. They could also note that the other bank had started to get ready, they would certainly attack soon.

Zhao Hai swept the opposite bank with his spiritual force once more before he left the Space. Lizzy and Megan were already looking at the monitor, preparing to take command of the Undead to do battle.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, “Lizzy, Megan, don’t try too hard in commanding the Undead this time. Don’t make the enemy see that we can use battle formations. Attract the least possible suspicion from the enemy and the Resistance Army. This time, we need to show weakness. I’m afraid we have to sacrifice some of the 500 million Undead. Show weakness, understand?”

Lizzy and Megan understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do, so they gave him a nod. Zhao Hai felt relieved and after leaving a few more words, he returned to the Underworld. The Dark Temple’s attack had begun.


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