BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1016


Chapter 1016 – Bone Field and Blood Spirit Beast

A bountiful harvest! It was an absolutely rich harvest!

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Gimreden to acquire this much treasures. Besides the small beast skeleton and giant skeletons, there were also a lot of plants. Naturally, these plants were either preserved or already turned to powder. Zhao Hai wasn’t too excited about these things, he just saw them as useful. After all, only living plants could give the Space experience.

After everything had been sent to the Space, Zhao Hai and Addison walked out of the cave and headed towards the field.

This medicine field was the same one that Zhao Hai spotted before. There were about a total of 20 different plants here. This was the most amount of plants that Zhao Hai saw while in the Underworld. Zhao Hai hadn’t seen over half of these plants.

Zhao Hai looked at these plants before turning his head to Addison, “Addison, do you recognize these plants?”

Addison smiled bitterly and said, “Young Master, you don’t need to ask me. I couldn’t identify most of these plants. I really don’t know where old Gimreden got them from.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I can see that Gimreden really looks after this field. It wouldn’t be strange if the people from the Underworld would go crazy if they heard about this field. I didn’t expect there to be this many plants here. We need to take them to the Space, it’s much safer for these plants to be there.” Addison agreed. Zhao Hai looked at the stretch of field ten mu in size. Naturally, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to take all of this land in one go. But fortunately, Gimreden divided the land into lots. This way, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have any trouble taking them bit by bit.”

After taking a careful look at the field, Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift and took a piece of land one mu at a time.

Upon receiving the land into the Space, ZHao Hai immediately arranged for this lot to be transferred to the Hell Space since there was also a Bone Mountain there. In this case, the field’s environment wouldn’t change that much.

Just as the patch of field was relocated, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Special-attribute plot detected. Plot exclusively used for darkness-type plants. May plant darkness-attribute plants on plot. Darkness-attribute plants planted in new plot would experience the same benefits as planting in black soil. Since host has introduced a new type of farmland, the Space has been upgraded to level 102. Hoping for the Host to continue working hard!”

Zhao Hai stared, then a burst of happiness welled inside him. He never thought of acquiring such a huge benefit. He didn’t think that this patch of field that Gimreden made would actually be classified as a special attribute plot by the Space. This was the first time that Zhao Hai experienced such a phenomenon.

In any case, this was an absolutely great matter for Zhao Hai. This plot had the same benefits as the black soil for dark-attribute plants. This was essentially increasing the amount of black soil that Zhao Hai could use.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately received the rest of the field into the Space. When the second batch of land was sent, the Space didn’t issue a prompt. However, Zhao Hai didn’t worry about it. He knew the characteristic of the Space. If there were two of the same things, the Space would only issue a prompt on the first one.

After all ten mu of the field was relocated, Zhao Hai took Addison with him and entered the Space. Upon returning, Zhao Hai let Addison return to the Hell Space while he called Cai’er over.

When Cai’er saw Zhao Hai, she was a bit embarrassed. Her face was a little red as she said, “Young Master, do you need me for anything?”

Upon seeing Cai’er’s reaction, Zhao Hai couldnt’ help but feel a headache. However, he just nodded and said, “I need to ask you something. Can that bone field be expanded?”

Cai’er immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant, so she nodded and said, “You can, Young Master, since the bone field and black soil are different to one another. The black soil has all attributes while the bone field belonged to the darkness-attribute. Because of this, only plants with the darkness attribute can be planted on bone fields. Since the bone field can be collected from outside and can be controlled, then it’s natural for us to be able to expand it. However, this field is built on top of bone mountains and also need a blood pond nearby. Although there are several bone mountains inside the Space, if you want to expand, then we would need to collect more.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, leave it to me. I’ll take care of it right away.” After that, Zhao Hai appeared in the Underworld and received the bone mountain where Gimreden stayed in.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t take the entire mountain range. He just took a few bone mountains without any skeleton activity around it. But even so, Zhao Hai calculated that 10 thousand mu of bones would be enough.

10 thousand mu of bone field wasn’t a small number. And with these fields, Zhao Hai would be able to plant all of the darkness-attribute plants here. In turn, this would free up a lot of space in a black soil elsewhere. Being able to plant more things on those fields was a very big thing for Zhao Hai.

After this matter has been taken care of, Zhao Hai proceeded to bring Addison back to Three Saint City. Zhao Hai decided to live in Three Saint City while Addison would take care of the other matters. No matter what, Addison’s reputation in the Underworld was much better compared to Zhao Hai. The Resistance Army, Neutral Alliance, and even the Dark Temple knew about him.

When Zhao Hai returned to Three Saint City, the most happy were Guli and Jiang Zheng. They liked staying beside Zhao Hai. Moreover, for Zhao Hai stay in Three Saint City, this meant that Zhao Hai had a great relationship with them. How could the two not be happy with this?

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about what the two thought. He just gave an order to Addison to quicken up the unification of the Resistance Army. This duty wasn’t easy, but it was a task appropriate for Addison since this was what he intended to do from the start.

Aside from being appropriate for this task, Addison also had enough strength to do it. Because of this, Addison would be able to quicken his speed in conquering the Underworld. In just about five days from returning to Three Saint City, Zhao Hai heard that Addison already managed to conquer another city. This caused Zhao Hai to be startled, but he still couldn’t help but frown..

Addison was very strong, but he was too strong. Being this explosive in his performance didn’t necessarily mean that it was a good thing. Doing this would only push Addison to the opposite side of the Resistance Army. Zhao Hai can be sure that if it weren’t for him, then Addison certainly wouldn’t have a happy ending.

Not to say about the collective opposition of the Resistance Army, even the people from the Dark Temple wouldn’t want Addison to unify the Rebels. They would certainly stop the Resistance Army from gaining more strength.

One shouldn’t think that the Dark Temple wouldn’t use schemes. Perhaps the temple’s undead wouldn’t, but one shouldn’t forget about the fellow that manages the plane. That person wasn’t necessarily an Undead, who could tell what he was capable of doing?

With so many opposing forces, Addison’s unification of the Resistance Army would almost be impossible. However, now that Zhao Hai had appeared, everything became different. Not only was Zhao Hai strong, he also had formidable military strength. These factors would allow Addison to unify the Resistance Army in a short time.

Just like Zhao Hai thought, upon hearing Addison take another city, the remaining members of the Resistance Army began to make an unexpected alliance in order to deal with the Vampire King. However, Addison was also prepared to deal with the Resistance Army in one fell swoop.

But then, at this time, a report came in that the Dark Temple was attacking. This caused Addison to feel helpless. On the other hand, Zhao Hai expected this result. If the Dark Temple didn’t seize the opportunity to interfere, then they wouldn’t be the Dark Temple.

Under such circumstances, the Resistance Army had to stop their infighting and form one army to confront the Dark Temple in the frontlines.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t just stay inside Three Saint City while all of this was happening. He took Guli and Jiang Zheng with him to the frontline. The frontline that the two sides would be fighting on would be on both sides of a blood river.

This Blood River can be said to be the only river in the Underworld. Up until the present, nobody knew the river’s source as well as where it flows to. The liquid flowing through this river was the same as the ones inside Blood Ponds. The widest part of the river was ten li (5km) wide while its narrowest part was 5 li(2.5km). Nobody knew how deep the river was, but the people in the Underworld knew that there were rare beings living in the river, and they’re called Blood Spirit Beasts.

Blood Spirit Beasts were the residents of the Blood River. The people in the Underworld couldn’t figure out whether these Blood Spirit Beasts were dark creatures or undead. This was because the shapes of these beasts were just too strange.

No one knew the real appearance of these Blood Spirit Beasts. These beasts would attack anybody who flew over the river of blood. Moreover, each time they appeared, they looked different. Sometimes they would look like bats, and in some times tigers, dragons and some would even appear humanoid. But no matter what their form was, they all had a similar characteristic. All of the blood spirit beasts were recognizable by their blood red bodies. And when they were exposed to great damage, their bodies would instantly liquify and return to the blood river.

It has been a legend in the Underworld that nobody had killed any blood spirit beast. Perhaps some people had killed some of them, but nobody would be able to prove it. This was because in all cases these beasts would turn to blood and become part of the river.

The attacking strength of these blood spirit beasts was quite formidable. A single attack from them would be stronger than a Gold Skeleton and some even reaching Crystal Skeleton level. Although this attacking strength wasn’t overwhelmingly great, these blood spirit beasts were all from the blood river. As long as the blood river exists, then these blood spirit beasts would be inexhaustible. Nobody knew how many blood spirit beasts lived in the entire Blood River.


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