BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1014


Chapter 1014 – A Field Inside The Mountains!

But much to Zhao Hai’s disappointment, the rusted swords and broken shields didn’t provide any useful information for him. Moreover, after going through the scanner, the materials used for these weapons were substandard. It can be said that they were practically worthless.

So Zhao Hai had to throw these things out again. After all, he can just casually take out something much stronger than that broken sword. He wasn’t the king of trash.

In the beginning, Zhao Hai had no sense of how large this bone mountain was. But after an hour of exploration, Zhao Hai finally got an idea. After an hour, the needles that went to all directions had yet to find an end. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

Although Zhao Hai had the small needles slow down, this slowing down was relative. Compared to an average person flying, the speed of the needles was still very fast.

For such a speed to be unable to reach the ends of the Bone Mountain, this meant that this Bone Mountain was enormous. It has exceeded Zhao Hai’s expectation.

Laura and the others were similarly startled. Just like Zhao Hai, they didn’t think that this bone mountain would actually be this big. Zhao Hai had already collected ten bone plants in the Space. This wasn’t a small number in the Underworld, after all, these kinds of plants were not very easy to come upon.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai began to accumulate more and more huge skeletons into the Space. In addition to a human form, Zhao Hai also collected an animal-shaped skeleton. He took them because they had the same texture as the human-shaped ones.

When Zhao Hai discovered that this animal-shaped skeleton had the same build as the human skeleton, he was taken aback. He didn’t think that a beast would have the same skeletal build as that huge skull. Naturally, after Zhao Hai took that skeleton to the Space, the Space issued a prompt saying that Zhao Hai’s level was insufficient. This caused Zhao Hai to be more curious about the Underworld.

Zhao Hai knew that the Underworld had more secrets left for him to uncover. However, Zhao Hai didn’t think about them for now. At this time, Zhao Hai was determined to get more of those mysterious bones into the Space, maybe he’ll find a use for them in the future.

Five hours went by, Zhao Hai’s needles had already flown to the sides of the bone mountain. They had yet to discover anything suspicious. However, Zhao Hai was able to get more plants and huge skeletons in the meantime.

Presently, only the south had yet to be explored. But even so, there were still no special places spotted. Even traces of ordinary skeletons couldn’t be seen here.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get anxious. He didn’t know if the Lich was still in this mountain. If the Lich was still here, then that would save some trouble for Zhao Hia. If he wasn’t, then Zhao Hai would be disappointed.

Another hour passed by, Zhao Hai was still persistent. Laura and the others had already gone to sleep. Zhao Hai was starting to get bored as he drank tea and observed the monitor from time to time.

Then at this moment, an image in the monitor began to change, causing Zhao Hai to stare. He immediately placed down the book he was holding and focused on the monitor. The other images on the monitor disappeared, making space for only one image.

Zhao Hai carefully scrutinized the display and unexpectedly saw a stretch of field!

Zhao Hai didn’t mistakenly see it, it was actually a stretch of field in the middle of the huge bone mountain range. The field was about ten mu(6667 sq.m.) in size. There was a fence surrounding this field and there were plants planted inside. Most importantly, Zhao Hai hadn’t seen most of these plants before. And in this field, Zhao Hai couldn’t see any piece of broken bone anywhere.

In this ten mu of land were very small shards of bone, the biggest was about a fingernail in size while most were basically dust.

The area wasn’t very big, but what’s most important to Zhao Hai was the fact that this place existed. He couldn’t help but feel surprised.

There were no such things as oases in the Underworld. The Undead rely on blood from the Blood Ponds and the Dark Mist in order to survive, so they really didn’t need fertile land to live off of. Since entering the Underworld, this was Zhao Hai’s first time seeing a piece of land like this. Zhao Hai even thought that there was only one such land in the entirety of the Underworld.

Zhao Hai’s heart skipped a beat, he knew that he had found the place. Zhao Hai made the needle stop as he took a careful look at the field. On the field, Zhao Hai could see plants that he had and hadn’t seen before, and all of them were neatly planted in their own regions.

Zhao Hai scanned through the field and saw that other than the plants, there was nothing else. After that, Zhao Hai directed the needle, as well as the other needles, to scan the surroundings of the field.

Before long, Zhao Hai discovered a cave on a side of the bone mountain. This cave wasn’t very big, its entrance was just enough for a person to enter and exit. However, the entrance of the cave was carefully laid out. There was a flat land in front of it, paved with stones and was properly flattened.

Zhao Hai knew that he had found the place. He didn’t call Laura and the others out and instead took Addison with him to leave the Space.

After Addison saw the cave, he immediately understood what was going on. He turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, do you think that this is the place?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This should be it. Try and call him out. However, don’t use your spiritual force to scan the place, we don’t want the other party to think that we came here with malice.”

Addison nodded before turning his head towards the entrance and said, “Is someone inside?”

The entrance remained still, no sound was heard back, so Addison increased the volume of his voice, “Is Senior here? Addison came to visit!”

Just as he said that, a sound was transmitted from inside the cave, “Addison? Why does that name sound familiar? I heard that somewhere.” The voice got closer and closer before a Lich appeared in the entrance.

The Lich looked very ancient, white hair end-to-end, the same was true for his beard. He was wearing a robe that covered the rest of his body, giving out an ethereal feeling. His lower body was floating amidst the Dark Mist.

The Lich looked at Zhao Hai and Addison and couldn’t help but pause. After sweeping his gaze on Zhao Hai and turning to Addison, he knitted his brows and said, “You seem to be a Vampire. Have you been here before? I don’t seem to remember.”

Addison turned to glance at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, this is Senior Lich.” Then he turned to the Lich and said, “Senior, do you remember me? I was fortunate to meet senior outside the mountain. I also helped Senior acquire a blood butterfly, and in exchange, Senior gave me a technique as a reward.”

When the Lich heard Addison, he stayed silent for some time before he nodded and said, “Hmm, that seems to be more than 1 thousand years ago. At that time, you are still a Marquis. Becoming a Vampire King in such a short time is quite an achievement.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. One thousand years was actually just a short time for this old Lich. If other intelligent lifeforms heard this, then they might get mad.

Addison bowed to the Lich and said, “Right, right. It is an honor that Senior actually still remembers me. Just like you said, I was just a Vampire Marquis at that time.”

The old Lich nodded and then he looked at Addison and said, “Why did you come here? And who is this? For a Vampire King to call you Young Master, it seems like you aren’t a simple character.”

While he said that, the old Lich’s bright eyes sized Zhao Hai up. Zhao Hai took a step forward and bowed, “I heard Addison talk about Senior some time ago. I have great admiration for characters like Senior, so we made a special trip in order to visit you. Me and Addison has been travelling for some time.”

The Old Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Visit me? Why?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We want to invite Senior to join us. I have established a special Magic Formation Research Laboratory. We need brilliant minds like Senior in the laboratory.”

The Old Lich knit his brows and said, “Magic formations? But it has been some time since I researched magic formations. I’m currently researching the fire inside one’s soul. I’m not interested in magic formations right now.”

When he heard the Old Lich, Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Senior, please wait. I have something to show Senior. After seeing it, I will ask Senior to make your decision.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand and took a laptop out.

Zhao Hai’s people were still rarely equipped with a laptop. It might only be Karen’s group who were using laptops extensively. Let alone using it, it was even rarer to see one. Take Addison for example, he had never seen a computer before.

Zhao Hai took out a closed laptop and didn’t immediately open it. The laptop looked very sleek. It’s frame was made out of metal and was brightly polished.

Addison and the Old Lich were puzzled at why Zhao Hai would take out a strangle looking metal box.

Zhao Hai smile faintly before opening the laptop. And just as expected, Addison and the Lich stared since they had never seen the insides of a laptop before.

Zhao Hai pushed some buttons and keys on the laptop in order to open a file. In this file were records about the magic armor research; magic formations, videos of magic armor battles, a 3D model of a magic armor, amongst others.

The Old Lich and Addison couldn’t hide the surprise in their eyes. This was the first time they had seen a mystical thing like this. After fiddling a few buttons, it could actually show some patterns and words on it surface.

Zhao Hai didn’t show magic armor battles at first, instead he showed the 3D model of the magic armor. Naturally, this image rotated on the screen along with the descriptions that Karen and the others put in.

Zhao Hai turned to the Old Lich and gestured at the laptop, “Senior, this is an item we discovered outside a spatial rift. There are a lot of these things on the other side of that Spatial Rift. These things hold formidable fighting strength. These things are full of never before seen magic formations.”

Actually, Karen’t explanations could already be seen on the screen. While Karen’s explanation was being played, the old Lich’s attention was basically glued on the computer.

It was only until Zhao Hai took the laptop back did the Old Lich recover. The Old Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Do those things really exist? How is their combat strength?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Senior, take a look at this and you’ll understand.” Then he opened the video of the fight between the magic armors and the foreign races. This video was something that Cai’er made. The editing made it possible to showcase the various aspects of the magic armor.

It wasn’t only the Old Lich who was glued to the monitor, Addison was the same. In the video, there were a thousand Foreign Race warriors fighting against the magic armors.

However, the Old Lich and Addison was somewhat unmoved. This was because, in their eyes, the fighting power of the Foreign Races wasn’t any good.

Zhao Hai looked at the expressions of the two men and said, “Are you thinking that these magic armors aren’t any good? But what if I tell you that their enemies aren’t weak people? Moreover, these magic armors are driven by people, much like carriages. Also, the people driving these magic armors had fairly the same strength as an ordinary person.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the two couldn’t help but change their thoughts. Naturally they knew that if ordinary people could man these things, then its overall utility was certainly great.

Zhao Hai continued, “If we can figure out the magic formations on these magic armors, even if we don’t use it for magic armors, it is already a huge benefit to us. After we figure it out, then we could use them in a lot of things. If we can use it on weapons, then the weapons would experience a qualitative change.”

Then Zhao Hai opened a text document. Depicted on the document were the various designs of magic formations as well as the current progress in figuring them out. Beside each magic formation were detailed lists of their potential use. However, majority of these portions were blank as they had yet to be cracked.

Actually, Zhao Hai taking the laptop out was part of his plan regarding the Old Lich. He knew that the Old Lich would find the laptop’s novelty interesting and would definitely feel curious about it. And sure enough, the Old Lich was very curious about this metallic box.

Moreover, with the laptop having magic formations saved inside, it would be impossible for the Old Lich to remain unmoved. As long as the Old Lich bites the bait, then Zhao Hai would be able to lead him into the Space. And when the ancient Lich enters the Space, the discussion would begin.


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