BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1013


Chapter 1013 – Cai’er’s Gradual Maturity

Laura and the others were stunned upon hearing Zhao Hai. After that, they all frowned. They understood what Zhao Hai meant. In the Underworld, all experts were almost immortal, this was because they were Undead.

And those large skeletons, from the hardness of their bones, it was enough to prove that they were certainly experts before they died, it wasn’t easy for them to die. Moreover, it was impossible for experts like them to appear in the Underworld. In other words, these huge skeletons didn’t originate in the Underworld.

If they weren’t from the Underworld, then it only meant that they came from a more formidable plane. And presently, the only thing that comes to Zhao Hai’s mind was the Cultivation World.

If these skeletons belong to the Cultivation Realm, then Zhao Hai has to readjust his views regarding the strength of the realm. This was because Zhao Hai’s second slash carried 80% of his strength. With Zhao Hai’s strength, 80% of it was already very huge. And even so, he was only able to make a mark on the bone. Wasn’t that enough to explain the strength of these skeletons?

Laura and the others didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would think so far. Now that Zhao Hai brought it up, this caused a small sense of fear to emerge inside them.

Laura frowned and said, “Brother Hai, you mean?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “I don’t mean anything for now. At this time, the Space doesn’t have the means to appraise those skeletons, let alone us. I just had some understanding with regards to the Cultivation Realm.”

Laura and the others could understand what Zhao Hai wanted to say. At this moment, they still have little understanding with regards to the Cultivation Realm. It was useless for them to think about it right now. The only thing they could do was to improve their strengths as much as possible.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and decided to not think about this matter. Just as what Laura said, thinking about it at this time was useless. They can only go step by step according to their plan. Even if they wanted to do anything about it, they couldn’t do so.

Zhao Hai moved on as he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, if we plant the bone armor, how much will it affect the twelve constellation combat suits?”

When Cai’er heard Zhao Hai, she smiled and said, “Young Master, actually, we already have a lot of twelve constellations combat suits. You shouldn’t underestimate the production rate of the Space. Although its output each day isn’t much, it could add up to a lot. And now that time accelerated regions had appeared, I had some of those regions placed on top of black soil. We can plant the combat suits there, immensely boosting their production. And don’t forget, the black soil can accelerate plant growth.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Time-accelerated regions can be placed on top of black soil? Will it affect the growth of the herbs? Also, I’m planning to grow years on some plants on the black soil, not just accelerate their growth.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master can rest assured, even if the time accelerated region is much stronger than the black soil, there is no actual conflict between the two of them. The black soil only accelerates the growth of plants while the time accelerated region just speeds up time, so there’s no overlap. There won’t be something like the plants in the black soil halting their growth. After all, the time accelerated region must honor the rules, the same is true for the black soil.”

Cai’er’s words almost confused Zhao Hai, but he could faintly understand it. What Cai’er basically said was the time accelerated region and the black soil could be paired with one another. The effect of this overlap would be additive when it came to crops. And when it came to people, only the time accelerated region would act.”

Zhao Hai was glad with this information, “Good, then I’ll trust your decisions. We still need bone armors and twelve constellation combat suits. Right, we’ve just levelled up. You must process where to plant and to place the time accelerated regions.”

Cai’er gave a nod, “Young Master, I know what to do. In fact, I have already planted the twelve constellation combat suits on the time accelerated regions. At this point, almost everyone from the Devil Legion is equipped with the combat suits. The Young Master doesn’t need to worry about this.”

While listening to Cai’er, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel happy as he said, “Good, good! Cai’er, you’re the best. Hahahaha” Then he grabbed Cai’er and gave her a kiss. Cai’er gave a scream, she scrambled to have Zhao Hai let go of her before she flew away. Nobody knew where she had run off to.

When Zhao Hai saw this result, he couldn’t help but stare. But when he remembered what he had just done, he became embarrassed. And with the look that Laura and the others were giving him, Zhao Hai felt distressed.

Zhao Hai didn’t really have any intentions towards Cai’er when he did that, he just did so reflexively. After seeing the expression on Laura and the others’ faces, Zhao Hai felt that he may have been rash in his decision.

However, Zhao Hai discovered that Laura and the others weren’t mad at him. This caused Zhao Hai to feel relieved. But after that, Zhao Hai began to discover that Cai’er’s manner had become more and more mature.

Zhao Hai looked back at the time when he first saw Cai’er. Although it can be said that Cai’er was very strong and Zhao Hai wasn’t aware for how long she has been alive for, Cai’er was still childlike at that time. However, without Zhao Hai noticing, Cai’er was maturing as time went on. As her body got bigger and bigger, she became to learn how to be shy, completely different compared to the playful Cai’er from before.


Two days quickly went past. Over these two days, Zhao Hai spent the majority of his time inside the bone carriage observing the Underworld alongside Addison. The two drank and had a chat, passing the time with comfort.

After two days of travelling, a bone mountain appeared in front of Zhao Hai. It was a very huge bone mountain, it could even be described as a mountain range. At this time, the carriage stopped at the foot of the mountain.

From what Zhao Hai felt, this bone mountain seems to be as high as several kilometers. There were some low-level skeletons walking along the mountain. These skeletons didn’t have any consciousness, they just walked aimlessly in all directions. But some of these skeletons were hunting the others and absorbed their fiery souls, becoming stronger in the process.

Addison swept the mountain with his spiritual force, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, this is where I met that Lich. That Lich is very formidable, even in my current state, I am still not confident in being able to deal with him.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he turned his head towards the mountain before he said, “Alright, let’s go. I hope we can look for him smoothly. The sooner we find him, the better.” After saying that, the four beast Undead pulled the carriage to traverse the mountain.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others appeared on the summit. The low-ranked skeletons didn’t dare approach Zhao Hai’s group. Although these small skeletons didn’t have any intellect, their instincts told them that they couldn’t just approach people like Zhao Hai.

Along the way, Zhao Hai kept scanning the mountain for things that he might be able to bring to the Space. But unfortunately, he didn’t find too much in this huge mountain. Although there were plants here, these plants were either already in the Space or weren’t high-ranked enough.

Although Zhao Hai was a little disappointed, he just shook it off. After all, he can get bone-shaped plants whenever he wanted.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the summit, he took the chance to take a look at the horizon. Behind this mountain were never-ending peaks.

After seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t bear but force a smile. Then he turned his head to Addison and said, “Addison, do you know which direction that Lich might be?”

Addison smiled bitterly and said, “Young Master, honestly, I don’t know. At that time, I was too weak. I didn’t dare to stop here. After I made a transaction with that Lich, I left immediately.”

Zhao Hai gave a helpless smile and said, “It seems like we’ll have to scour the mountain to find him. Alright, let’s go back to the Space. If only the two of us look for him, then who knows when we’ll be finished.” Then after Zhao Hai sent Addison back to the Space, he put his hand outside and had the Blood Ghost Staff transform into small needles and had them fly around. This was the method that Zhao Hai thought of in order to find the Lich as soon as possible. Zhao Hai believed that as long as the Lich was in this mountain range, he would be able to find him.

Meanwhile, Addison went straight towards the Hell Space. He couldn’t adapt to Zhao Hai’s living space, there was too much sunlight. Although Addison didn’t fear sunlight, it still made him feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he began to carefully examine the images on the monitor. At this time, the display has been divided into many smaller images, each one pertaining to a small Blood Ghost Staff needle. At this moment, aside from the bone mountain, nothing special has been spotted.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t worry. Worrying was useless in this case. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t get too anxious. Conversely, Zhao Hai had the needles slow down, he didn’t want to miss any good items just because the needles were going too fast.

The bone mountain was very big. Zhao Hai didn’t believe that such a huge structure wouldn’t have one or two great things. From what Zhao Hai can see, this bone mountain was just like a virgin forest on Earth, there was bound to be a treasure here somewhere.

And just like Zhao Hai thought, the search yielded a few harvests. Among them were more huge skeletons as well as bone plants.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and immediately took the skeletons and plants directly to the Space. Moreover, he also took in some strange items like iron swords and damaged shields.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai was just sorting through junk. This was because these things were indeed rare in the Underworld. In this plane, the weapons the Undead used were mostly made out of bone while weapons made by high-ranked beings were made out of their own body. Things like iron and wood weapons were almost nonexistent here. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to investigate the origin of these items.


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