BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1011


Chapter 1011 – Huge Skull and Small Beast Skeleton

Different living conditions affect how a person looks at things. Zhao Hai came from Earth, and on Earth, businessmen were quite good. Moreover, a good businessman was very well respected.

Not to mention Earth, even those Nobles from the Ark Continent who traded could be said to be merchants. And similarly, great merchants from the Ark Continent were also well respected.

However, Zhao Hai was currently in the Underworld. In this place, the people only believe in strength, other things were superficial. Because of this, merchants like Yuri were part of the group who weren’t respected. Although Yuri was quite strong, to Addison’s eyes, if Yuri used the time he used for business to cultivate instead, then Yuri would have been much stronger.

The group quickly arrived at a tower inside the city. Zhao Hai also discovered that almost every city in the Underworld would have these towers. Naturally, all of these towers were occupied by City Lord characters.

The group exited the carriage and entered Yuri’s tower. Upon entering, Zhao Hai could feel the interior of the tower. Its layout was not much different compared to Kampala’s tower, however it can be seen that Yuri’s decorations were much better compared to Kampala.

Naturally, almost all of the decorations inside the tower were made out of bones. There were bones of all kinds here, it would make one feel like they were walking inside a demonic altar.

Even so, Zhao Hai knew that bones were essential items in the Underworld. In the minds of the residents of the Underworld, bones were things that could be used on all things, much like how people from other planes look at wood.

Yuri swiftly led the two towards a room inside the tower. Upon entering this room, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It was actually a warehouse full of items.

Zhao Hai looked at the items inside. The things stored here range from a special looking bone to a huge skull that was taller than a person. It seems like everything was here.

Zhao Hai shifted his gaze to the other parts of the room including that huge skull. However, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately state what he wanted, instead he turned to Yuri and said, “Is this everything?”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Yuri quickly replied, “Of course not. This is only one my warehouses, there are plenty of others like this. If Mister is unsatisfied, then we can go to another place.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Let’s take a look at the others. Let’s hope that I can find something that can satisfy me.”

Yuri also brought Zhao Hai to another room. However, this room wasn’t any different, making Zhao Hai somewhat disappointed. But Yuri still had plenty of rooms, so Zhao Hai decided to take a look at them.

On the eighth room, Zhao Hai suddenly turned his gaze toward the skeleton of a small beast. It seems like it’s from a tiger but it actually had a single horn. The aura of the skeleton was quite strange, it seemed lifelike. When Zhao Hai saw this skeleton, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. Although he didn’t know what use this small skeleton had, Zhao Hai could feel that this small beast wasn’t simple.

After Yuri saw that Zhao Hai was paying attention to the small beast skeleton, he couldn’t help but stare. This was because he managed to obtain this skeleton a very long time ago. However, since the people from the Underworld rarely had any artistic taste, this small beast skeleton was never sold. Yuri wasn’t optimistic about this thing. He just thought that it was a dark beast that lived a little longer. And as an undead, Yuri didn’t care. Yuri just casually stored this skeleton in this warehouse. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be interested in it.

Zhao Hai gently lifted the skeleton and looked at it. This skeleton was made of bones yet it was heavier than one, Zhao Hai felt like he was lifting a skeleton made out of metal. Zhao Hai looked at it for some time before putting it down, then he looked at Yuri and said, “City Lord Yuri, I’ll have to politely ask you to lead me to your other warehouses. Afterwards, as long as I want something, then I will list them out. Naturally, you need to give me a fair price. To tell you the truth, I already had some items that I want from your collection.”

When Yuri heard Zhao Hai, his eyes shone, then he replied, “Alright, Mister Zhao Hai can rest assured, this Yuri is very fair in doing business. If people buy expensive items from me, then I would even give them a  ten percent discount.”

Upon hearing Yuri’s words, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He discovered that no matter where, a merchant’s essence was the same. Discounts would certainly appear anywhere.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect that Yuri would have so many warehouses, up to 15. After exploring these warehouses, Zhao Hai immediately gave Yuri a list.

There were a lot of items that Zhao Hai wanted from these 15 warehouses, numbering at about 2000. It was almost a fifth of Yuri’s overall collection.

Yuri was extremely excited, he didn’t think that he would be able to do a huge transaction today. This was probably the biggest trade that he’s done in his life.

Zhao Hai used low-level fiery souls and low-grade spirit stones in order to exchange for these goods. One shouldn’t think that Yuri would oppose it, on the contrary, this was the best outcome for Yuri. This was because these low-ranked items would make him earn more money.

Although low-level fiery souls and low-grade spirit stones were the most common currency in the Underworld, this also meant that they were the most in-demand, their value was irreplaceable. For Yuri, he would use his status in Dry Bone City to sell some goods to people like Zhao Hai in exchange for these low-ranked fiery souls and low-grade spirit stones. Then he would use these to buy even more goods to sell. Yuri wouldn’t do anything and just earn the mark-up he placed on the items.

On the other hand, the reason why Zhao Hai paid using low-ranked fiery souls and spirit stones was because these two things can now be made inside the Space.

The first time that Zhao Hai brought fiery souls and spirit stones to the Space, the Space identified them as sources of energy. The Space could extract their energy and shape them according to what Zhao Hai wants. This meant that Zhao Hai could turn low-ranked fiery souls and spirit stones into high-ranked ones, and vice-versa.

Upon hearing this prompt, Zhao Hai knew that he wouldn’t be short on money in the Underworld. As long as he wanted something, then he could immediately buy it.

For these 2000 items, Zhao Hai paid Yuri 200 thousand fiery souls and spirit stones. While Yuri was celebrating the transaction, Zhao Hai took the 2000 items to the Space.

When Zhao Hai received the items into the Space, Yuri couldn’t help but look at him with envy. There weren’t a lot of spatial items in the Underworld, only those with special status would have them. Although Yuri’s status wasn’t low, even he didn’t have spatial equipment. Because of this, he could only look at Zhao Hai with envy.

Zhao Hai began to pay attention the moment he received the items into the Space. Aside from the unique plants in the Underworld, there were two things that held his interest. One of them were huge bones, the same as the skull that Zhao Hai saw in the first warehouse. The prompt the Space gave for these bones made Zhao Hai stare. The Space said that Zhao Hai’s level was too low to examine them. Zhao Hai didn’t think that the bones would be advanced level items. Zhao Hai knew at this time that he would need to be more mindful towards these kinds of bones in the future.

The second thing was none other than the small beast skeleton. When Zhao Hai placed it into the Space, he immediately heard a prompt, “Darkness-element beast skeleton armor for Undead use detected. This full body armor can strengthen the abilities of the Undead and Dark Creatures. Any Dark Creature and Undead can use it. Armor can be planted. After being planted, the seed can be purchased on the Space’s store. This armor can only be planted on black soil. Asking host for permission to plant the armor. If Host agrees, 100 thousand gold coins will be deducted.”

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, his mind couldn’t help but pause. He didn’t expect this beast skeleton to actually be a full-body armor. In other words, this armor was something similar to the Twelve Constellation combat suits, but instead they could be used by the Undead. For Zhao Hai, this was exceptionally good news.

.However, Zhao Hai didn’t show his glee, his face was still calm. After the trade has been completed, Zhao Hai looked at Yuri and said, “City Lord Yuri, I didn’t think that you would have this much items, they’re very good. I’m very satisfied with this exchange. City Lord Yuri, can I ask you for a favor?”

Yuri was very satisfied as well. After all, he gained a very healthy profit. When he heard Zhao Hai, Yuri immediately said, “Mister, please say it. For such a valuable client like you, I will certainly try my best to help.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I like plants in the Underworld. As long as you have them, I’ll buy it. Also, I’m interested in things like the giant skull and small skeleton from before. You should be aware that I’m a Dark Pharaoh. We Dark Pharoah have particular taste for art like that small skeleton. Because of this, I’d want more things like that skeleton. I’d want things related to that giant skull as well. I want to see whether I would be able to make a full body out of it. Think about it, if I can assemble a few servants made out of those skeletons, wouldn’t I look more imposing?”

Yuri stared after hearing ZHao Hai’s words, he was truly shocked. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have such a request. To be honest, this request wasn’t too difficult for Yuri. Although plants were rarely found in the Underworld, Dry Bone City was an important commercial hub, it wouldn’t be difficult to get plants inside the city.

And as for the huge skull, it wasn’t something special as well. In fact, there were a lot of people who had the same thoughts as Zhao Hai. However, none of them succeeded. The huge skull seemed to be truly dead, one couldn’t even place a fiery soul inside it. Because of this, the skull was left to be a decoration, nothing else.

On the other hand, Yuri hasn’t seen that small beast skeleton before, and he only had one in his collection. Also, he hadn’t heard of anybody else having the same skeleton. It can be said that among the things Zhao Hai requested, this small beast skeleton would be the most difficult one.

However, this still wasn’t a problem for Yuri. He was  a qualified merchant and if there’s profit, he would find a way. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuri immediately said, “Alright, Mister can rest assured, I will surely fulfil your request. But Mister must know that things like plants don’t last for long. If Mister doesn’t come here to pick them up, then they will die.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Then I’ll come here once a month. As long as you collect the things I want, then I will buy them all. However, I have one thing to remind you. I don’t have problems when it comes to the plants and that giant skull, you could see which ones are real or fake. But as for that small beast skeleton, not only was it beautifully crafted, it is quite heavy as well. Most importantly, it seems like the small beast isn’t from the Underworld. When City Lord Yuri collects those skeletons, be sure to pay attention to its shape. I don’t care what shape it came in, but make sure that its craftsmanship and material is the same as the one I just bought. Otherwise, I won’t buy it. As a Dark Pharoah, buying second-rate items would greatly affect my image”

When Yuri heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then a glint of light flashed by his eyes. Initially, he had an idea to have his undead create something like that small beast skeleton and then sell it to Zhao Hai. But now that Zhao Hai said so, Yuri scrapped that idea. This was because Yuri had never seen materials that were the same as the ones used to make that small skeleton. It would be impossible for Yuri to duplicate it.

Yuri didn’t display any changes to his expression, he immediately nodded and said ,”Mister can rest assured, doing business with this Yuri has a certain guarantee.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Then we’re settled. City Lord Yuri, here’s to a happy cooperation.”

Yuri replied, “To a happy cooperation!” Then the two of them laughed. Both were satisfied with today’s result!


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