BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1010


Chapter 1010 – Merchant Lich City Lord

Dry Bone City was structurally similar to Three Saint City. However, its city wall was much higher in comparison. Its gate was bigger as well. Just like Three Saint City, Dry Bone City only had a main gate, there were no other gates present. At the same time, carriages were rarely seen entering and leaving the gate. There simply wasn’t that much carriages in the Underworld.

In a city like this, although there were a lot of Undead going through the city gates, no entry tax was collected. The trade in the city was much more open than other groups. The Undead system didn’t have things such as tax collection.

Zhao Hai and Addison rode their bone carriage to enter the city. The guards on the city gate couldn’t help but look at the bone carriage. It was clear that they don’t often see high-ranked people entering Dry Bone City.

In the Underworld, as long as an Undead goes to a city and makes a transaction, then it meant that they held intellect. In other words, these Undead were like people, they can think for themselves and trade like a human would. It was just because of their living environment that their cultures were very different.

Zhao Hai and Addison proceeded to enter Dry Bone City. It was clear that Addison had some understanding regarding the city. Upon entering, Addison immediately led Zhao Hai to a building. Zhao Hai inspected the building, it was made by flat stone while the floor was blood red soil. Zhao Hai knew that this soil must be made out of clay found near Blood Ponds, its blood energy was actually quite strong.

But what made it surprising for Zhao Hai was the fact that the roof of the Underworld’s houses were made out of bones. The Undead of the Underworld seem to have become skilled when it came to using bones. When Zhao Hai saw this for the first time, he couldn’t help but be astonished since these roof didn’t leak at all.

Zhao Hai and Addison entered the hotel. When they entered, Zhao Hai saw that the furniture were all made out of bones. Also, Zhao Hai was surprised to see that there were Lich among the Skeletons that were working here.

As soon as they entered the hotel, a Lich immediately floated over. The Lich bowed and said, “Welcome to Dry Bone Hotel.”

Addison looked at the Lich, then he tossed a spirit stone and said, “Prepare the best rooms.” The Lich looked at the spirit stone on his hand, his two eyes couldn’t help but turn bright as he immediately said, “Alright, please come with me.” Then he fluttered towards the hotel.

Although the hotel looked very ordinary, its interior was actually very wide. After the Lich lead Zhao hai and Addison to their room, he proceeded to turn around and left.

Zhao Hai entered the room and inspected it. It was an ordinary suite with three rooms, one living room and one bathroom. However, what surprised Zhao Hai was the small blood pond in the bathroom.

Inside the living room was a chair made with bones. The chair was actually quite good, it was covered in beastskin making it comfortable to sit on.

After Zhao Hai had sat down, Addison said, “Young Master, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to rest for long. Now that we’ve arrived, the City Lord of Dry Bone City will surely come to visit.”

Zhao Hai replied, “You know the City Lord?”

Addison smiled and said, “I realized I haven’t talked about it but I’ve been in Dry Bone City two times. There are five City Lords here, three of them are Lich while the other two are beings with the same strength as Guli. The most common people in this city are Lich and Skeletons. The last time I came here, I bought a lot of high-level fiery souls from one City Lord.”

Zhao Hai looked at Addison and said, “Do they sell a lot of  high-level fiery souls here?”

Addison nodded and said, “They do. Since this is an important location, they store a lot of those things here. Naturally, they don’t have very high-level fiery souls. However, if you want up to Gold Skeleton level, then you won’t have problems finding them here. Both us and the Dark Temple need massive amounts of high-level fiery souls in order to enhance the strength of our subordinates.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he didn’t expect this city to have this huge business. Interesting, it seems like these people were war merchants.

While Zhao Hai was thinking, a sound was suddenly heard outside, “Is Mister Addison here? This is Yuri, I’d like to seek an audience with Mister Addison.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at Addison. Addison smiled faintly and said, “It’s the City Lord of Dry Bone City. The boss of this hotel is his subordinate.” Zhao Hai nodded and waved his hand.

Addison immediately said, “City Lord Yuri, please come in.”

Just as his voice fell, a person from outside floated over, this person was a Lich. From what Zhao Hai can see, this Lich’s strength was worse than Kampala, but not by a lot.

When the Lich came in and saw Zhao Hai sitting there, he couldn’t help but stay still, then his eyes flashed a quick glimmer. Earlier, the Lich didn’t dare to use his spiritual force to scan the room lest he make Addison think that he was hostile. This was a rule in the Underworld. If you wanted someone to be a friend and not an enemy, then you best not use your spiritual force to scan their dwelling, or it will certainly cause some conflict.

Although the Lich gawked, he managed to recover immediately. Then he bowed to Addison and Zhao Hai and said, “Yuri has seen Mister Addison and Mister. Might I know who Mister is?”

Zhao Hai stood up and returned the courtesy as he answered ,”I’m Mister Addison’s friend. I have seen city Lord Yuri.”

Yuri quickly made another bow before Addison asked him to sit down. Actually, this was just a formality since Yuri was always floating, there was no need for him to sit down at all. Yuri just floated on top of a chair as the group sat down. After that, Yuri immediately turned to Addison and said, “Can I know why Mister Addison came by this place? If you need anything, then please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

Addison smiled and said, “We don’t have anything to trouble the City lord at this time. Me and my friend are just passing by. This friend of mine hasn’t visited the Alliance before, so I took him here to see.”

When Yuri heard Addison, he couldn’t help but give a strange look towards Zhao Hai. Although Yuri wasn’t as strong as Addison, he could see that Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t worse than Addison. Naturally, from the appearance of Zhao Hai, Yuri was able to know that he was a Dark Pharoah.

Yuri didn’t expect an expert on a level like Zhao Hai to have never visited the Alliance before. Where did he come from? Did he practice by himself all this time in order to gain his strength? It’s too inconceivable.

Addison looked at Yuri and knew what the Lich was thinking. However, Addison didn’t bother to explain, too much words would just make things worse. Also, with Addison’s status, there was no need to explain to someone like Yuri. Addison just looked at Yuri and smiled, “Since City Lord Yuri is here, what good things have you got recently? Although we’re only passing by this time, my friend actually wants to collect weird things. Does City Lord have things that can catch his interest?”

When Yuri heard Addison, his eyes lit up. Zhao Hai was startled by Yuri’s performance. He always thought that the Lich were like Kampala who liked to do research. However, Yuri was actually acting like a merchant. This wasn’t what Zhao Hai expected.

Yuri quickly turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister came at the right time. The City had just gained a lot of good items. Does Mister want to take a look?”

Zhao Hai stared at what Yuri told him, then he said, “Really? That’s good. When can I take a look?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuri knew that Zhao Hai was a type of crazed collector. This wasn’t the first time that Yuri had seen this type of person. In fact, a lot of high-ranked Undead in the Underworld had some sort of collection of their own. It wasn’t a strange thing.

Yuri immediately said, “At any time. Mister can see them whenever you want.”

At this time, Addison opened his mouth and said, “Then we’ll go see it now. City Lord Yuri, we still have things to do, so we can’t stay here for long.”

Naturally, Yuri was happy, so he immediately nodded and said, “Good, then come follow me.” After he said that, he turned around and fluttered out with Zhao Hai and Addison following behind him.

Yuri didn’t come with his own carriage, therefore Addison invited him to ride inside the bone carriage. Of course, Zhao Hai didn’t take his red wine out. It was impossible for the Underworld to produce red wine. If Zhao Hai revealed that he had red wine, then it would only stir up suspicions from Yuri.

There was no custom of asking people to drink in the Underworld. If one wants to offer their hospitality, then one would offer some fiery souls instead. But few people would actually use this, especially with high-ranked people like Addison.

Zhao Hai experienced the merchant skills of City Lord Yuri when he got on the bone carriage, it didn’t take long before the Lich let out a dizzying barrage of complements.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t look down on Yuri because of this. Instead, Zhao Hai was more interested in the Lich. Yuri’s versatility and speech was definitely a mark of a great merchant.

Addison didn’t know what Zhao Hai thought, but he looked down on Yuri. After all, Addison wasn’t a businessman nor did he want to be. With his status, it was natural for him to look down on Yuri.

Experts like Addison looked down on people like Yuri because, to them, strength was everything. Slick people like Yuri weren’t people that they can see eye to eye.


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