BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1009


Chapter 1009 – High-rank Bone-shaped Plants

Zhao Hai calmly sat inside Guli’s bone carriage. Outside the carriage, one could see that the ones pulling it weren’t ordinary human-shaped skeletons. Instead, it was lifted by four giant bone beasts as they flew in the sky. These four bone beasts had roughly the same bone structure as a human. However, they had four strong limbs as well as long and sharp fangs. One could see from this that the beasts were four giant apes.

Inside the carriage were several bone furniture covered by some beastskin. On a table were two glasses filled with red wine. Addison was sitting opposite Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Addison and smiled, “Addison, you need to learn how to indulge. Taste this, it’s the best red wine the Space can produce.”

Because Addison had more contact with Zhao Hai, he wasn’t as polite and respectful compared to before. He was now acting more comfortably in front of Zhao Hai. Naturally, his loyalty to Zhao Hai remained unchanged, he just held back his reverence.

After all, Addison was a king, and he was also an intelligent being. Although he has been subdued by the Space, his memories weren’t altered, the only thing that changed was the fact that he was now loyal to Zhao Hai.

Addison took up a glass of red wine and took a sip. After he placed his glass back down, he smiled and said, “It’s pretty good, very tasty. In the Underworld, we could only drink the blood from the Blood Ponds or blood of magic beasts. Those things simply have no flavor.”

Zhao Hai looked at Addison and said, “Don’t Vampires rely on drinking blood to live? Do you have any other choice?”

Addison smiled and said, “Young Master, we Vampires are actually a type of Undead. During our early lives, we are weak Vampire Bats. At that time, we can only survive by drinking on Blood Ponds. After drinking enough blood from the Blood pond, we slowly transition into becoming Undead. Although blood can provide us with energy, after becoming Vampires, we can survive by directly absorbing the Dark Mist. Only when we are injured or just want to drink blood do we drink it.”

Zhao Hai nodded. It seems like the Vampires in the Underworld were different than the ones on Earth. This also made it known to Zhao Hai that this place was disconnected from Earth. After all, Vampires on Earth only exist in legend, in people’s fantasy. But in this universe, one was sitting right opposite him.

This time, the two came out in order to find the Lich that Addision mentioned. The two didn’t bring anybody else. Naturally, Zhao Hai was still able to bring his army out. After all, there was the Space.

Addison looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Moreover, in my current level, I don’t need blood anymore. As long as I absorb the Dark Mist, I can have endless strength.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, the Underworld’s Dark Mist is truly mysterious. Right, how far are we from reaching the next city?”

Addison’s spiritual force swept out before he said, “It’s not far away. In half a day, we should reach Dry Bone City.”

Zhao Hai had a curious expression as he asked, “Addison, how does the Underworld tell the time? Also, how do you distinguish between night and day?”

Addison smiled and said, “Young Master, there are many methods in the Underworld, and each one of them is different. Time has no use to the Undead, so nobody really takes note of the time. But as for day and night, we can see it from the concentration of the Dark MIst. When the density of the mist is strong, then it’s night, if it is thin, then it’s day.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He knew that the Undead would be the most sensitive to the changes to the Dark Mist. Since the Dark Mist was everywhere, using this method to tell the time was quite convenient.

Zhao Hai also swept the outside with his spiritual force, then he sighed, “I didn’t expect plants to be able to survive in the Underworld. Also, those plants look very strange. This is my first time seeing plants growing to look like bones.”

In the past several days, Zhao Hai had gained some understanding regarding the strange things in the Underworld. There were plenty of plants here, and all of them look very foreign to Zhao Hai. Some of these plants were pitch black. Although they had leaves growing, these leaves were also black. It wasn’t a very dark shade of green, but completely black. There were also some plants that were pure red, and also some that were completely blood red.

But one of the strangest plants that Zhao Hai saw were these bone plants. The trunk of the plant was a huge bone with its branches being thinner versions. Its leaves were made out of bones as well. In short, the plant looked like a piece of art made purely out of bones stuck together. It didn’t resemble anything that can be called alive.

When Zhao Hai saw these plants, his first thought was that they were fake. But afterwards he discovered that they weren’t. This plant had roots. And when they were sent to the Space, the Space issued a prompt. According to the Space, this plant was a type of High-ranked fauna. It seems like these plants would have great use in the future. This was because the Space only identified it as high-rank, nothing else. This meant that the Space’s level was not enough to describe the properties of the plant.

Upon hearing the Space’s prompt, Zhao Hai immediately knew that these bone plants were great items. And being low-level was a sign of a good thing, this was what Zhao Hai learned after having the Space this long.

What made Zhao Hai more surprised was the fact that this plant could only survive on Bone Mountains. If you change its location, then it wouldn’t grow.

Zhao Hai had no choice but to go outside and take that Bone Mountain into the Space. But Zhao Hai didn’t expect that upon taking that Bone Mountain into the Space, the Space issued a prompt. It said that the Bone Mountain had improved the Hell Space. Not only that, it actually increased the Space’s level by one. At the same time, it was stated that the Bone Mountain could grow up. Once it becomes big enough, then it would automatically produce skeletons on its own. This was definitely an unexpected surprise for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Haid didn’t think that the Space would have a function. He immediately took a bigger Bone Mountain to the Space. However, this time, the Space didn’t issue any prompt, the Bone Mountain didn’t produce any skeletons either. In the end, Zhao Hai could only give up. Now he was wondering what other things he can see in the Underworld.

When Addison heard Zhao Hai’s comments, he smiled and said, “There are a lot of strange things in the Underworld. In fact, there aren’t a lot of bone plants existing here. This is because the Undead would immediately eat them since it can increase their level.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he really didn’t know what uses these plants had. But Zhao Hai still had the Undead stroll around the cities and collect any strange things they come across.

Addison looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, although there aren’t a lot of plants in the Underworld, each one of them are very useful. And even if Dark Creatures generally eat plants, they can swallow fiery souls as well. At the same time, they could survive by consuming the blood in Blood Ponds. It was for this reason that their bodies produce spirit stones.”

Zhao Hai nodded. After a long period of evolution, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the Dark Creatures to find ways in order to survive. They had no eyes, they can drink from poisonous Blood Pounds, and they can even absorb fiery souls. It was obvious that these were all for survival. After all, fiery souls and blood ponds were the most common things in the Underworld.

Just like Addison said, there weren’t a lot of plants in the Underworld. Zhao Hai believes that this was because of the Underworld being devoid of life. Even these mutant plants found it difficult to survive.

While the two men were chatting, Zhao Hai could suddenly feel the presence of a city in front of them. Addison discovered it as well. After using his spiritual force, Addison turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, Dry Bone City is in front of us. It’s a city that is very important for the Undead. Do you want to go there to rest?”

Actually, with their strengths, they don’t need to take a rest. However, Zhao Hai wanted to take a look at Dry Bone City so he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s take some rest. I also want to see how different Dry Bone City is compared to Three Saint City.”

Addison smiled and said, “It is definitely different. Dry Bone City is quite an important city for the Rebel Alliance. Three Saint City isn’t as significant. Three Saint City is a place constructed by Kampala and the others, so its location is quite remote. On the other hand, Dry Bone City has connections to the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple. Because of this, the city is quite large. At the same time, since there are a lot of undead doing transactions here, hotels are built. They’re quite rare in the underworld.”

When he heard Addison, Zhao Hai said, “The Underworld has hotels? This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Interesting. We need to take a look inside the city and see if there are good things inside.”

Addison smiled and said, “You can bump into something good once in a while, but the probability of that happening is very low. After all, there aren’t a lot of good things in the barren Underworld.” While he said that, the bone carriage proceeded towards Dry Bone City.


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