BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1008


Chapter 1008 – Stable Rear Before Leaving

Almost nobody in the Underworld noticed the changes happening in Three Saint City. They were even less likely to know that the changes taking place in the city was something that would affect the entire Underworld.

Addison was now completely loyal to Zhao Hai. Not to say the method of dissolving contracts, even if that magic works, it was still useless. Addison was now intent on doing his best for Zhao Hai.

From what Addison could see, Zhao Hai had paid great attention to that Lich. It even seems like he attaches more importance to the Lich compared to Addison. Although Addison didn’t know why, he knew that this matter would be advantageous for Zhao Hai. In this case, he would need to deal with this matter as soon as possible.

However, taking care of this matter wasn’t easy. Before they can leave, then needed to take care of Three Saint City as well as the other cities that Addison took before.

Actually, in the Underworld, once a city was conquered, there would almost be no rebellion happening. This was because hierarchy was very strict here. This hierarchy was inscribed into the bones of the Undead. Lower-ranked undead wouldn’t dare to rebel.

However, this didn’t indicate that there wouldn’t be any danger in these cities. Because of this, Addison left some high-ranked subordinates inside the cities that he had conquered before. This was to insure the city’s stability.

Also, Addison has his own enemies. They wouldn’t just watch as Addison leaves. When Addison leaves, then it’s possible for his enemies to snatch his cities.

In the Underworld, experts like Addison didn’t only number one or two, there were quite a lot of them. Even if we only counted inside the Resistance Army, there were still several beings on Addison’s level. In fact, despite being strong, Addison wasn’t the strongest.

But although there were other strong characters, their influence wasn’t the same. Addison’s place in the Resistance Army was, in a word, hawkish. He was bent on unifying the Resistance Army and then proceeding to deal with the Dark Temple.

Naturally, opposite the hawks were the doves. These doves think that maintaining the present situation would be best. These two sides weren’t peaceful to each other. On the other hand, there was Kampala’s group, the free and unfettered faction.

The so-called free and unfettered faction were actually people who belong to the middle. They don’t belong to either faction, they just stayed neutral and guarded their territory. If people from the Dark Temple attack, only then would they go into war. Being people in the middle, there were no doves nor hawks among them, all they want was to protect their land.

In the Underworld, the Resistance Army controls over 100 cities. On the other hand, the Dark Temple held several thousand. If it wasn’t because of the strong beings inside the Resistance Army, then the Dark Temple would’ve already gotten control of the Underworld.

Addison was the representative of the hawk faction in the Resistance Army. Not to mention the opposition from the doves, even the other hawks would look covetously at his cities. Therefore, Addison’s camp was still somewhat unstable.

Addison wanted to stabilize his side so that Zhao Hai could rest assured. And the reason why Addison was confident in doing so was because he now had Zhao Hai’s support.

One shouldn’t underestimate the help that Zhao Hai can provide. How much military strength does Zhao Hai have? He had more then 1 billion high-ranked Undead. With this support at his back, Addison was completely able to stabilize his backyard.

Zhao Hai knew this so he didn’t interfere. He already told Addison that he would support him. Therefore, Addison having this confidence was nothing unusual.

Zhao Hai was fully confident of the Space’s abilities. Addison had been subdued by the Space, and since this was so, Addison wouldn’t betray him. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t hold back in sending Undead to Addison. There was no need for suspicion and doubt.

Addison had now left Three Saint City, leading Undead to the cities that had surrendered to him.

Addison’s methods were working very well. In the following month, Addison led his undead and reconquered the cities that he had conquered.

It might sound redundant, but it wasn’t redundant at all. Back then, Addison only conquered the strongest beings in those cities, the ordinary people haven’t been subdued. This time, Addison took the Undead army and swept through those cities. All of the Undead have been sent to the Space, becoming Zhao Hai’s subordinate.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t expect Addison to use this method. After Addison captured all of the Undead inside the cities, the Undead inside Zhao Hai’s Space had multiplied several times. This is to say that Zhao Hai now had several billion Undead inside his Space.

Naturally, these billions of Undead weren’t all inside the Space, some of them were replaced back into the Underworld. But this time, they were loyal to Zhao Hai. By having these Undead, this meant that Addison’s cities were nigh impregnable.

If other Undead arrived at the cities at this time, then they would find a very strange phenomenon. The Undead inside these cities weren’t as bustling as the others, the city was like a well-oiled machine.

The Undead inside these cities would go out and find things that they see as valuable. Then they would hand them over to the city manager and in turn they would be given rewards.

It was impossible for the other Undead to know that this was Zhao Hai’s idea. After seeing Addison’s actions, Zhao Hai decided to copy the system inside the Space and implement it on these Undead cities.

It took about a month before these cities have been processed. In this month’s time, the battle between the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races has ended. Who won and who lost was still unclear. If talking about casualties, then the O’Neal family won, the ratio of casualties between the two parties was an astonishing 10,000 to 1 in favor of the O’Neal family. However, this didn’t mean that the O’Neal family was victorious. One should know that training magic armor pilots in the Atlanta Plane wasn’t an easy matter. They took a lot more resources compared to a similarly ranked warriors.

Because of this, although the O’Neal family had repelled the Foreign Races, their ability to expand has been hindered. At this moment, they can only defend the Taurus Continent as well as seize the planes belonging the the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus.

Although this was the case, the O’Neal family didn’t term it as a loss. They wanted the resources of the Taurus Continent, and they managed to get it, albeit after paying a high price.

However, there was a particular phenomenon in the Atlanta Plane. If you have money, then you will not lack people working for you, you can even buy people.

Actually, the Atlanta Plane had once abolished slavery, nobody could buy nor sell people. However, this rule became useless when opening other planes became prevalent.

In the end, the Atlanta Plane could only amend the law. The people from the Atlanta Plane were allowed to buy and sell people, but those people needed to be from other planes. Humans from the Atlanta Plane couldn’t be sold. If one was found violating this law, then they would be severely punished.

This amendment was akin to the Atlanta Plane agreeing to the existence of slavery. This was because the people from the Atlanta Plane didn’t look any different compared to the people from the other planes. One would just need to label a person as someone from another plane and they could be bought or sold.

This condition has been placed in the dark by the higher people from the Atlanta Plane. Because of this, the masses were celebrating that their lords were being magnanimous when in fact they were doing dishonest matters in the dark.

Because of this, the O’Neal family wasn’t worried that nobody would come to the Taurus Continent and act as their labor force. In fact, the ores they gained in the Taurus Continent was enough to buy people and train a lot of magic armor pilots. The only other thing they needed was time.

Since the O’Neal family had no way to attack the Foreign Races and the Foreign Races had no way to attack the O’Neal family, the Taurus Continent had unexpectedly become peaceful.

However, this wasn’t the thing that Zhao Hai wanted to happen. This was because Zhao Hai wanted to see a higher level magic armor from the O’Neal family. The O’Neal family had yet to invest greatly in this war.

Instead of the fight, Zhao Hai’s attention was placed on the O’Neal family’s Patriarch. And through this, Zhao Hai can affirm that the O’Neal family had a more powerful magic armor than their God-rank magic armors. However, it was the same as the Supreme Weapons, they couldn’t be easily used.

The battle with the Foreign Races was beyond the O’Neal family’s expectations. Because of this, they didn’t bring the more powerful magic armor into the Taurus Continent. After experiencing the fierce battle, the magic armor had began its transport. But since it took time to transport this magic armor, and since the fight was in a standoff for a long time, the two sides retreated even before the magic armor arrived.

Because this magic armor didn’t arrive, Zhao Hai had no way to see how it performs in a fight. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t too anxious about this matter. This was because Zhao hai knew that the Foreign Races wouldn’t just let the O’Neal family freely take the Taurus Continent. And at the same time, the O’Neal family wouldn’t just accept having a hidden enemy at all times. A war would happen sooner or later. When that time comes, the O’Neal family would surely use that magic armor, and Zhao Hai would be able to see its might.

Zhao Hai also heard why the O’Neal family couldn’t freely use that magic armor. It was because of its energy consumption. If the magic armor wants to exert its strength, then it would need a strong energy source. Ordinary energy converters might be fine but they wouldn’t be enough. Not only could ordinary energy converters restrict the performance of the magic armor, it could also dramatically shorten the time it can be used.

Take an ordinary magic armor, for example. If it uses an energy converter, then it can remain operational for six hours. If it was in an intense fight, then it can function for four hours. As for that magic armor, an ordinary energy converter would only be enough for it to normally function for one hour. But if it was going to enter a battle, then it would need a special energy block. This energy block was something that was rare even in the Atlanta Plane.

This piece of information stoked Zhao Hai’s interest. He wanted to see that energy block that the O’Neal family Patriarch was talking about.

Peace has been restored in the Divine Realm. This made Zhao Hai turn his full attention to the matters of the Underworld. At this time, Addison’s 20 cities had become under his control. All of the Undead in those cities had been converted. As long as it keeps going smoothly, then Zhao Hai would be able to look for that Lich alongside Addison.

Zhao Hai was full of curiosity towards that Lich. He wanted to know the character of such a being. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry, he knew that being anxious would just be useless.

Zhao Hai had already asked Addison about the position of that Lich. Addison said that the Lich was in a very secret place. It would be impossible for ordinary undead to reach that place. Since the place was not dangerous to the Lich, he theoretically wouldn’t leave.

After getting a guarantee from Addison, Zhao Hai relaxed. They needed to unify the Resistance Army and cultivate a stable base. Because of this, it was important for Zhao Hai to stabilize the places that Addison conquered first.

After a month and ten days, Addison finally took care of the cities under his rule. Each city had one or two beings as powerful as Guli and Jiang Zheng managing it. The rest of the Undead were Zhao Hai’s men. With this, the cities wouldn’t be in any danger.

And because of the Space, those cities would support each other all the time. Once a city experiences a problem, then the other cities would immediately offer reinforcements.

After everything has been taken care of, Zhao Hai and Addison left the territory to find that formidable Lich!


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