BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1007


Chapter 1007 – Please Turn Me Into An Undead

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect Addison to take the initiative to ask this question. However, Zhao Hai could read through Addison’s question. His two eyes shone as he said, “Why do you ask? Do you know a formidable Lich?”

Addison nodded and said, “I do, Young Master. But I don’t know if he’s still there.” Then Addison told him about the Lich and the fact that the Lich taught him the method to dissolve contracts.

Zhao Hai stared, then he smiled faintly and said, “No wonder you easily agreed to pledge allegiance to me. So you have this intent. Good, good. Tell me about the technique to dissolve a contract.”

Addison didn’t hesitate as he quickly said, “Yes, Young Master.” Then he relayed the method to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai calmly listened as Addison told him about how to dissolve a contract. The method was truly wonderful, it could actually negate a contract. After listening to the technique, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh at the amount of talent needed to make it. It truly came from an extraordinarily talented person.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that Addison would use this technique. Betrayal was impossible. The method used by the Space was a completely different system to magic. Let alone this technique, even the heavens and the earth couldn’t affect the Space. This was because the Space wasn’t something that belonged to the heavens and the earth.

Addison remained standing there and didn’t make any noise. After some time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, “Really wonderful. Hahaha. Good. Addison, can you visit that Lich? How about this, take care of the matters here first. Then you can lead me to look for that Lich. I need to recruit him under my wing.”

Addison nodded and said, “Young Master can rest assured, I know what to do.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand, allowing Addison to leave. Then Zhao Hai stood up and looked at the Dark Mist outside the tower as he smiled, “I didn’t expect the Underworld to bring another pleasant surprise.” Then his figure flashed as he entered the Space.

Inside the Space, Meg and Merine were preparing their supper. Laura and the others were also helping them. Although their technique wasn’t good, their intention made up for it.

Green was inside the living room, happily looking at the battle between the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races. After seeing Zhao Hai come back, Green stood up and said, “Young Master, you’re back.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Grandpa Green, let’s sit and share a few cups. Later on, we’ll call Father-in-law and the others over. It has been some time since all of us gathered together.”

Naturally, Green didn’t have any complains. Zhao Hai quickly sent some Undead to call the others over. Those who were invited weren’t a lot, they were Rockhead, Blockhead, Karen, Shue, and Shun. These people were Zhao Hai’s closest family members. Because of this, Zhao Hai invited them over.

Before long, everyone was present. Then Zhao Hai and Green told them about the basic matters of the Underworld. Blockhead, Rockhead, Shue and Shun had regretful expressions on their faces. They wanted to follow Zhao Hai into dangerous places, it’s just a pity that their strengths couldn’t catch up. At this time, Green was still training them.

The meal was done preparing not long after that. Zhao Hai and the others proceeded to head towards the dining room. After everyone had sat down, Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “Everyone, it’s been a long time since we’ve gathered together. It’s not easy to have time like today.”

Green smiled and said, “Young Master, we made every effort to succeed, but we still couldn’t provide any means to help you.”

Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “It’s not that you couldn’t help, our enemies are just getting stronger and stronger. Alright, let’s not talk about this. Let’s eat. Nevertheless, I believe that we can defeat all of the enemies.”

At this time, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, I have one thing I couldn’t understand. How did you find Addison? He used his Blood Flash and appeared more than 100 thousand li away. How did you manage to find him that quickly?”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and gave her a smile, “Did you forget the weapon I used? It’s the Blood Ghost Staff. When I transformed my sword and turned it into a whip, I made a thin needle from the whip head and had it attach to Addison’s body. So even if I cannot see where he escaped to, I can still know his location. This way, I was able to quickly find him.”

This method was truly wonderful. But as long as people lift the mysterious veil, it becomes very unappealing, it looked so simple.

When the others heard Zhao Hai’s explanation, they couldn’t help but admire his thinking. This wasn’t some blind admiration, it stemmed from Zhao Hai’s true ability.

Don’t forget, Zhao Hai’s fight with Addison wasn’t something that would permit even a little bit of distraction. But yet, Zhao Hai was able to note Addison’s reaction and made that arrangement. It was something that needed some ability to execute.

Green nodded and said, “The Young Master has done magnificently. In the face of that kind of enemy, what one needs is calmness. At the same time, we can’t just have that enemy escape. If we allow them to escape, then they would certainly retaliate when they recover. We cannot let such a hostile enemy go free.”

Laura and the others nodded. Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then said, “Alright, let’s not talk about this. Actually, this is no big deal. Everyone, let’s eat.”

Green and the others didn’t express any disagreement and just began eating. After having eaten some food, Zhao Hai suddenly turned to Green and said, “Grandpa Green, how is Blockhead and the others’ training?”

As soon as they head Zhao Hai’s question, Rockhead, Blockhead, Shue, and Shun turned to look at Green. This was because the answer was also very important to them.

Green looked at Blockhead and the others and said, “Young Master, they still aren’t prepared. Although their strengths has been promoted to God-rank thanks to the Space, their combat experience is still very small. However, I’m prepared to send them to the Hell Space for practical training. As long as they are done with that, they would be able to work with the Young Master.”

As soon as they heard Green’s response, the expressions of Blockhead and the others went serious. They had never been on an actual war before, it can be said that their combat training was very minimal. Even Shue and Shun who were experienced in assassinations didn’t have the skill to kill the Undead.

Killing people and killing undead was totally different. If one wanted to kill a person, then slicing their necks or piercing their heart would be enough. On the other hand, these methods couldn’t be used on the Undead. The Undead didn’t have hearts nor necks that could be slit. Even Zombies like Jiang Zheng, even if they had necks, it wasn’t their fatal point. Slitting their throats would just be useless.

With these shortcomings, Shun was the one being affected the most. Shun was an assassin, a hidden weapon expert capable of assassinating people using many methods. But upon facing the undead, his hidden weapons were the most useless things. This was because his attacks wouldn’t be able to kill the undead. Therefore, this practical training was very necessary for Shun.

For Shun and the others, this practical training was good news. This was because this training represented them being a step closer to returning to work by Zhao Hai’s side. With this in mind, they were very eager to succeed.

When he heard Green’s explanation, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. Have them get adapted to the combat suits first. If they can use the suits, then they wouldn’t die easily.”

At this time, Rockhead suddenly stood up and said, “Young Master, I have a request.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he turned to looked at Rockhead and said, “There’s no need to be overly polite. No matter what your request is, I will certainly try my best to comply.”

Rockhead looked into Zhao Hai’s eyes and said, “Young Master, I ask you, if I die in battle one day, then please turn me into an Undead. Let me keep following you at your side.”

Blockhead stood up as well and said, “Young Master, I’m thinking the same thing as Elder Brother. If I die in battle one day, then please turn me into an Undead.”

Shue and Shun similarly stood up and said the same words. Zhao Hai looked at the four, his face sunken as he said, “You four, why are you talking about dying? Do you really think that I lack manpower? Those Undead are more than enough to be my soldiers. Remember, later on, don’t speak of nonsense like this. You’re my family, so how could I just allow you to die in battle? Your mission is to survive and live alongside me.”

Green also turned to the four and said, “Alright, you guys go sit back down. Your Young Master has more than 1 billion Undead, and all of them have abilities no worse than you.”

As soon as they heard Green, Blockhead and the others sat down. They knew that Zhao Hai and Green only said those words because they cared for them, they couldn’t help but feel grateful.

After eating their meal, Green and the others proceeded to leave. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately head back to the Underworld. Instead, he sat inside the villa and looked at what Addison and the others were doing.

Addison and the others were currently taking care of Three Saint City. Actually, there was nothing left that much to deal with. Addison was currently calling his people and returning to the cities where they came from, stabilizing the overall situation.

Addison’s current actions were very clever. During this period of time, he took care of things swiftly and smoothly. He also left some hidden traps in his rear. Now, he can take advantage of this opportunity to remove the hidden dangers so that he can hand complete control of his force to Zhao Hai.

Most importantly, only when Addison stabilized these cities would he and Zhao Hai be able to look for that Lich.


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