BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1005


Chapter 1005 – Dissolving the Contract

Green looked at the actions made by Lizzy and Megan, but he didn’t say anything. Although he was also worried for Zhao Hai, he can see that Zhao Hai wasn’t in grave danger right now. Moreover, Green could see that Lizzy and Megan’s commanding skills were very good. He knew that there was no need to worry, he felt relief as he thought of this.

Laura and the others didn’t say anything as well, they knew Lizzy and Megan were as worried as them. At this point, they looked at the Undead with pity as they were killed and turned into fiery souls.

Seeing that Addison’s men were getting fewer and fewer, Laura let out a sigh and said, “We’re almost done. Megan, you go direct the Undead to kill Addison’s remaining men. Lizzy, take the other Undead and head towards where Brother Hai is. Grandpa Green, what do we do next?”

Green looked at Laura and then smiled, “There’s no need to do anything else. Just have the Undead be in a battle formation as they go towards the Young Master. Have their spiritual force help Young Master’s momentum and put pressure on Addison.”

Laura nodded. Then she turned to look at Lizzy who nodded back. Lizzy immediately knew what to do as she took some undead and went according to Grandpa Green’s words. She called Guli and Jiang Zheng and had them lead the Undead to support Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai and Addison were still in a confrontation. Then at this time, Guli and Jiang Zheng lead a group of Undead and appeared behind Zhao Hai. The undead were in a cube formation. With about a hundred million undead, the cube blotted out the sky, giving great pressure to the surroundings.

Due to his senses, Zhao Hai was able to know that his Undead were coming. His aura couldn’t help but get stronger, it seems like it exponentially increased.

Since Zhao Hai and Addison were locked on to each other, Addison was naturally able to sense Zhao Hai’s increase in momentum. In the beginning, he didn’t understand why Zhao Hai’s aura became stronger. Then at this time, he finally saw Guli and Jiang Zheng’s group appearing behind Zhao Hai.

Upon seeing Guli and Jiang Zheng, Addison’s expression couldn’t help but change. His mind became shaken for a little moment. Using his spiritual force, Zhao Hai was able to discover Addison’s disturbance. Zhao Hai’s eyes turned fierce as his mind shouted ‘Kill’. Then he waved his sword and charged towards Addison.

Addison’s expression was incomparably ugly. He knew that he had lost, but he didn’t know if he would be able to escape under Zhao Hai’s assault.

Addison knew that he couldn’t retreat at this time. If he did, then his momentum would be weaker. And under Zhao Hai’s spiritual force, he would be heavily attacked. Who knows if he could be killed this time.

Zhao Hai didn’t actually think about a lot of things right now. His aura strengthened as he waved his curved sword and attacked Addison. This time, Addison was on his back foot. He can only parry, he didn’t have any opportunity to attack.

Zhao Hai’s curved sword danced faster and more vigorously, making Addison complain inside time and time again. He was clear that he was more unfortunate than lucky. Addison was also clear that he still had one move to use, but he preferred to not use it.

While Zhao Hai was going full on attack, he found that Addison’s sword wasn’t panicked nor chaotic. Addison defended quite well, making Zhao Hai unable to easily deal with him.

Zhao Hai was a learned man. Inside his head he immediately understood that Addison must have means to save his life, so he wasn’t panicking. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pay more attention to Addison.

Addison didn’t know that his move was already discovered by Zhao Hai. He still resisted Zhao Hai’s attacks. The fighting between the two were very fast. Guli and Jiang Zheng could only see the whirlwinds of attacks, they couldn’t see anything else at all.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s eyes suddenly flashed. His sword changed, it wasn’t a quick slash, but instead it was slow. It felt like this sword strike was hiding myriad changes inside it.

When Addison saw this sword, his expression couldn’t help but greatly change. This was because he discovered that although Zhao Hai’s slash was very slow, it was hiding something inside it, blocking all of his escape routes. The only thing Addison could do was to wield his sword and block it.

When he thought about this, Addison’s eyes flashed a grim light. As Zhao Hai’s move approached, Addison’s cross sword fiercely slashed up and met with Zhao Hai’s curved sword.

However, Addison failed to see the sly glint on Zhao Hai’s eyes as he was concentrated on Zhao Hai’s sword. But when his own sword hit Zhao Hai’s, Zhao Hai’s sword suddenly broke apart. There wasn’t any resistance as the two weapons clashed. The feeling of using the wrong amount strength made Addison almost tumble forward.

But things haven’t ended. As Addison was startled, the originally curved sword became a whip. At the head of the new weapon was a small hammer. Addison’s sword block made the whip lash in, the small hammer on the tip going in to hit the Addison’s back.

Bang! Addison felt his body shake. He couldn’t stop himself from vomiting blood.

Then this time, Zhao Hai’s whip changed its shape into a tiger-tail whip. The whip went on to continually attack Addison. Upon seeing this offensive, a trace of panic finally appeared on Addison’s face. However, it was quickly replaced by fierceness. He looked at Zhao Hai with a vicious gaze and said, “Zhao Hai, I will repay today’s enmity a hundred times over. Blood Flash!” After he said that, an immeasurable amount of blood came out of his body, eventually turning into a giant rotating ball of blood. The rotation got faster and faster and at the same time, the ball became smaller and smaller. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t wait and whipped the ball of blood. However, that ball of blood was like a ball of water, Zhao Hai couldn’t do anything to it. His attacks was akin to slashing a stream of water in order to stop its flow, it didn’t have any effect.

In front of Zhao Hai’s eyes, the ball of blood became smaller and smaller before it popped in and disappeared.

At this time, Guli and Jiang Zheng arrived at Zhao Hai’s side. Then Guli said, “Young Master, this is a unique technique of the Vampire Race, Blood Flash. Only Vampire Marquis or higher ranked beings can perform this. It allows them to jump a thousand li(500km), and it gets farther the stronger one is. However, a Blood Flash would have tremendous impact to their bodies. I don’t know how far Addison jumped, but recuperating within 8-10 years would be impossible for him.”

Jiang Zheng nodded and said, “It’s a pity he escaped.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about it, he won’t be able to run for long. You take care of things here while I pursue him. Remember to send the remaining Undead to the Space, we shouldn’t waste any manpower.” The two complied as Zhao Hai just smiled. In fact, Zhao Hai didn’t say this to the two, but to Lizzy and Megan instead.

On a Bone Mountain a hundred thousand li(50,000 km) east of Three Saint City, a giant ball of blood suddenly appeared. Then the ball of blood transformed and slowly turned into a person. This person was none other than Addison who just waged a war against Zhao Hai.

This Bone Mountain was also a unique type of structure in the Underworld. Just like its name, bone mountains were huge piles of bones. Nobody knew how these Bone Mountains came to be. Bone Mountains can both be large and small, with some stretching for hundreds of thousands of li. This Bone Mountain was a small one, it can even be called a Bone Hill.

This was generally the birthplace for skeletons. Both strong and weak Skeletons came out from Bone Mountains. However, there weren’t any strong skeletons seen in these Bone Mountains. Once these Skeletons were born, they would immediately leave the vicinity. Only recently born Grey Skeletons could be seen in the area.

Addison chose to appear in this place. Since there weren’t any strong Skeletons in this area, Addison wouldn’t be threatened even if he was seriously injured.

Addison’s current state was very bad. His face was very blue and there was a line of blood coming out of his mouth. He was humiliated but his expression was extremely fierce. When his figure appeared, he vomited blood before he grumbled, “Zhao Hai, wait for me. When I recover, I will make you suffer a hundred times more than I did today.”

Then suddenly, a temperate voice was heard, “Why would I need to wait. I’m already here.”

The voice was very light. But in Addison’s ears, it was as loud as a thunderclap. Addison was too familiar with this voice, he used Blood Flash in order to escape from the owner of this voice.

Addison’s spiritual force swept towards the direction of the voice, to which he found Zhao Hai standing there. Addison’s face couldn’t help but turn grey. If he wasn’t injured, then he would’ve used Blood Flash straight away. But unfortunately, he was seriously injured. If he used Blood Flash once more, then his strength would be permanently damaged, he might even descend one rank. This wasn’t something that Addison wanted to see. So he stopped himself from escaping as he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “How did you get here? In this world, nobody can catch up to my Blood Flash”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If you become my subordinate, then I will naturally tell you.”

Addison continued to look at Zhao Hai, but various thoughts were quickly running in his head. He couldn’t accept that Zhao Hai was his match. Earlier on, because of Guli and Jiang Zheng, Zhao Hai was able to crush him using his aura. Because of this, Addison lost. If there was no external help, then the fight would at most end in a draw. Pledging loyalty to Zhao Hai wasn’t something he was willing to do.

However, Addison was seriously injured and he could only use 20%-30% of his strength. If he fights Zhao Hai in his current state, then he would only be courting death. Moreover, he couldn’t escape. In this case, pledging allegiance to Zhao Hai was his only choice, he was unwilling to become food for others.

Also, after pledging loyalty to Zhao Hai, when he recovers, he can deal with Zhao Hai then. When the time comes, and Zhao Hai had his guard down, he was confident in making a successful sneak attack. After he eliminates Zhao Hai, he would then proceed to consume Zhao Hai’s fiery soul.

When he thought about this, Addison bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Addison is willing to pledge allegiance to Mister.”

Zhao Hai looked at Addison and a light couldn’t help but flash on his eyes. He knows that Addison wasn’t having any good thoughts. However, Zhao Hai didn’t expose him, he knew that whatever Addison’s plan was, he would never expect something like the Space. As long as Addison enters the Space, then even if he had a great plan, it would still be deemed useless.

Zhao Hai pretended to be happy as he said, “Good, since you’ve pledged your loyalty, then you’re now a person on my side. Since that’s the case, then let me tell you.I have a Space Divergent Ability. Because of this, I can make quick pursuits. Alright, let’s go back to Three Saint City, I’ll help you treat your wounds.

When Addison heard Zhao Hai, his heart couldn’t help but turn cold. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have a spatial ability. Since this is the case, then he would need to choose a good time to attack Zhao Hai in the future. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would be able to teleport away. Even if Addison wants to chase, he wouldn’t be able to.

On the surface, Addison kept being respectful, “Alright, then I would have to trouble Mister.”

Addison couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai haven’t signed a contract with him. But even if Zhao Hai did, Addison wasn’t afraid. In the past, Addison was able to learn a secret technique. This technique was able to slowly void a contract without alerting the other party. Because he had this guarantee, Addison was able to agree to pledging allegiance to Zhao Hai.

This method of dissolving contracts was created by a Lich. This Lich was quite special, he was even probably older than Kampala. This Lich wasn’t interested in getting stronger, opting to do research instead. But since this LIch had lived for too long, his strength became very formidable. Additionally, with his numerous research, he was able to make all kinds of magic. In the end, his strength was something that surprised even Addison.

Also, that Lich didn’t like to fight against people. And since some of his experiments needed some test subjects, he let Addison help him procure them. In turn, he promised that as long as Addison helps him, he would teach Addison a secret technique. Since that Lich was stronger than Addison, he could only comply. However, Addison didn’t expect the Lich to teach him a method to dissolve contracts. At that time, Addison was still weak, around Vampire Marquis level. Afterwards, Addison was contracted to a strong Vampire. During that time, Addison remembered the secret technique. With a mentality of refusing to abandon hope, Addison tried it out. Who would’ve thought that it was actually a success. After that, he found an opportunity to mount a sneak attack, killing that formidable Vampire. Because he had absorbed that Vampire’s energy, Addison was able to attain his current strength. Now, Addison wants to use the same method to deal with Zhao Hai.


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