BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1004


Chapter 1004 – The War of Three Saint City

Lizzy and the others were truly diligent. They also noted Zhao Hai’s situation. They didn’t expect Addison to push him to this point.

Since Zhao Hai had the help of the Space, he almost had a carefree journey and hadn’t met too many dangers. Even if he encountered some roadblocks, it was still easily solved. Moreover, Zhao Hai wasn’t physically harmed in these ordeals. To say the most dangerous experience that Zhao Hai had in the past was during his first fight against Lu Wei. At that time, Zhao Hai was almost killed, but in the end he gained a huge advantage.

But this time it was different. Zhao Hai had run into his match, a formidable match at that. Naturally, Lu Wei’s true body was more powerful than Addison, but it was a pity that Lu Wei’s body could never reach here. Because of this, up to date, Addison was the most powerful enemy that Zhao Hai had faced.

While Zhao Hai was fighting against Addison, Lizzy and the others weren’t able to see what was going on. Their cultivation hadn’t reached that level, so they were completely unaware.

But even if they weren’t able to discover it, someone was still able to. This person was none other than Cai’er. Cai’er was now integrated with the Space. And since the Space was dependent on Zhao Hai, nobody could understand Zhao Hai’s situation more than Cai’er.

So when Cai’er sensed that Zhao Hai’s energy had gone out of control, she immediately knew that Zhao Hai was in danger. Because of this, she immediately informed Laura and the others. In the end, the women thought of a way to prevent the situation from worsening. They made a skeleton suddenly appear between the two, disrupting their rhythm and disentangling them from each other.

Their decision was very successful. However, they didn’t expect that after separating, the two would actually stay motionless. Neither spoke and just stood there with their swords in hand. They looked like two statues suspended in the air.

When Laura and the others saw this, they knew that the danger on Zhao Hai still hasn’t been lifted. But now, in this case, they didn’t know what to do.

As the people in the room were getting anxious, Meg, who didn’t usually speak, suddenly said, “Sister Laura, how about we have my Grandfather take a look? My Grandfather is also a God-rank expert, moreover, he’s been in several wars before so he’s quite experienced. Perhaps he can enlighten us on what is happening.”

Upon hearing Meg, Laura stared for a moment and said, “Right, right. Let’s go ask Grandpa Green to come here and take a look.”

Megan nodded before she turned around and left. Before long, Green and Merine arrived in the Space’s Villa. They were cultivating on Wild Dragon Island when they heard the news, so they immediately got up and came over.

While Karen might not like it, Green and Merine loved to cultivate. Because of this, besides managing the affairs of the Island, the two would cultivate in their free time.

When Green entered the room, he immediately said, “What happened? How is the Young Master?”

After giving Green and Merine their greetings, Laura and the others immediately explained the situation and had Green look at the monitor. Since Zhao Hai was respectful towards the two Elders, Laura and the others shared the sentiment as well.

After Green heard about what happened and looked at the monitor, he went silent for some time. Upon seeing Green’s expression, Laura couldn’t help but get a bit anxious as she asked, “Grandpa Green, what’s wrong?”

Green looked back up at the screen and said, “The Young Master and the Vampire King should now be using their spiritual force to lock on to each other. Neither wanted to act rashly. Any slight movement would make the other party attack. Although their current state isn’t in combat, it isn’t any easier than what they were doing before. It’s no longer possible to break this standoff using your previous method. Now, both needed to overwhelm the other with momentum. If the Young Master can do this, then he would defeat the Vampire. Megan, Lizzy, immediately control the undead and end the battle as soon as possible. During this time, make sure to completely crush the Vampire’s subordinates. Only then can Young Master crush the other party’s momentum and win.”

Upon hearing Green, Lizzy and Megan immediately complied. The monitor’s image changed and showed the state of Three Saint City.

Three Saint City was quite lively. But generally speaking, Three Saint City held the advantage. No matter what, Three Saint City held the numerical advantage. Coping with Addison’s subordinates would be easy.

It was just that Lizzy and Megan didn’t take command of the Undead. In their eyes, it was completely unnecessary. The strength of the Undead was very clear. Even if they didn’t take control of them, they would never lose. With their strength, it would be very difficult for the enemy to deal with them. After all, the Undead in their hands were battle-hardened. And since these Undead had some wisdom, even if they weren’t controlled, they would still be able to manage.

But now it was different. Since Green said that Zhao Hai would no longer be in danger once Addison’s undead were quickly settled, Lizzy and Megan were no longer being polite. They immediately took control of the Undead to attack.

Zhao Hai’s undead were quite excellent since they were able to learn battle formations. However, in the battle, the things that they could do were limited.

On the other hand, Lizzy and Megan were different. They were inside the Space looking at the monitor. For them, it was like they were playing chess, gaining an overall vision of the battlefield and were able to make sudden decisions.

Also, this wasn’t the first time that Lizzy and Megan had commanded a battle. Therefore, with their ability, and their anxiety about saving Zhao Hai, the two didn’t hold back. They took control of the undead and launched a full attack against Addison’s Undead.

Although Addison’s Undead were also quite good, they were inferior when it came to battle formations and numbers. They were being pushed back from the very beginning, and with Lizzy and Megan taking control, they were unable to block the assault.

Lizzy and Megan didn’t have the mood to grasp these Undead into the Space, they just directly killed them all. All of a sudden, Addison’s Undead were being killed in massive numbers, their fiery souls were all sent to the Space.

Although the enemy undead were subordinates of Addison, this didn’t mean that they were under his direct control. So even if they die, Addison wouldn’t be able to feel anything. Only the Vampires under Addison would have a direct connection to him. When they die, Addison would immediately feel it.

However, because Addison himself was a Vampire, a Vampire’s position in the army was very high. A dangerous thing such as charging the city wasn’t something that Vampires would do. Naturally, these Vampires who were hiding behind the army wouldn’t be killed. This made Addison unaware of the general state of Three Saint City.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s undead were directly under his control. Every death of the Undead would be known by Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care, he simply had too many Undead in his control. And in a fight like this, it was impossible to not lose anything, so Zhao Hai decided to feel numb towards the losses.

At this time, Zhao Hai and Addison’s consciousness were still locked on to each other, both of them didn’t care about anything happening outside. Although the two were strong and could spare some spiritual force to sense the situation, both of them didn’t dare to get distracted.

But this wasn’t the same case for Lizzy and Megan. The situation of Three Saint City had been completely overturned. Those who were fighting against Guli and Jiang Zheng could feel that they were in a crisis. Even if they wanted to leave, they couldn’t since they were entangled here.

They blew the sound for help, but they discovered that Zhao Hai and Addison simply couldn’t hear them. This in turn wasted the efforts made by Addison’s men.

Laura and the others continued to survey the battle. They counted that there were hundreds of millions of undead under Addison’s command. Naturally, the levels of these undead were uneven. Some of them were at a silver rank and wouldn’t have any bone weapons to equip, only stones and sticks. And even if they had a weapon, such Undead simply couldn’t do any damage to Zhao Hai’s Undead.

Addison’s men who reached above silver rank only totaled to less than 200 million. This number wasn’t small in the Underworld. After all, Addison had more than 20 cities. And in conquering these cities, these Undead were able to improve their strength rapidly. But these 200 million Undead still had no chance to contend against the Space. This was because the Space had more than 1 billion advanced level Undead.

One side had the numerical advantage, commanding advantage, training advantage, and battle formation advantage. And on the other side, there was a state of disunity. If Addison’s men could still keep being undefeated, then that would be totally unreasonable.

However, there was a characteristic when it came to battles of the Undead, they weren’t afraid to die. Because of this, dealing with Addison’s men wasn’t as easy as dealing with a normal army.

Lizzy and Megan had completely calmed down from their previous anxiety. The two women commanded the undead like a changing tide and surrounded Addison’s men. The two watched as Addison’s troops became less and less.

At this time, Addison began to sense something. He discovered that several of the Vampire subordinates were being killed. However, it can be said that Addison had a tenacious will, his heart was like a stone and he remained unmoved. His consciousness was still locked on to Zhao Hai. He wasn’t too affected by the losses of his subordinates.

In fact, Addison’s discovery had some mistakes. These Vampires weren’t killed, but they were taken to the Space. Now that Zhao Hai’s army had taken the winning side, capturing Undead wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, Lizzy and Megan could see that Zhao Hai was still able to hold on for a while, so they were impolite and swept all of Addison’s men. Those who they liked were directly thrown into the Space.


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