BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1001


Chapter 1001 – Violent Wind and Acid Rain!

The spiritual force coming from the other party was still going on. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He discovered that the  other party’s attack was just a probe. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t counter-attack, this attack would just serve as a warning.

The enemy’s spiritual force was very formidable. However, the distance was too far. Zhao Hai believed that the opposite party was at a minimum two days away. So even if the enemy was powerful, it was still impossible for them to kill Guli and the others with just their spiritual force.

However, the other party still made Zhao Hai vigilant. This was because Zhao Hai knew how strong one would need in order to attack Three Saint City from such a distance. The enemy wasn’t someone that should be underestimated.

In fact, Zhao Hai was able to achieve this ability as well. After all, he had the Succubus Clan inside the Space. And the Succubi were innately skilled in spiritual force.

Zhao Hai could do it, but to do it in the same way as the other party, he couldn’t. Although he had learned the method of the Succubi, he couldn’t maintain it for a long time. So he could definitely do the attack, but he couldn’t do it at the same degree as the enemy.

However, Zhao Hai still continued to attack. He believed that the other party couldn’t compete with him in spiritual strength. This was because such a battle was dangerous. Even someone as strong as the other party wouldn’t go all out, that would be courting death, the losses to be suffered wasn’t small.

But if the other party has this formidable spiritual force, then his other skills would certainly be as good. In the Underworld, there were a lot of benefits if one has strong spiritual force, but one couldn’t rely on this at the very beginning. This was because spiritual force couldn’t be supported by a weak body. Otherwise, one would only become food to other Undead.

In the Underworld, besides the Lich, every other race needed to have strong physical bodies. The Lich body was only powerful because they had the ability to negate all physical attacks.

At this point, Zhao Hai was becoming more and more eager to fight the enemy. He wanted to see how formidable they really were.

It was also at this time that the other party discovered that his own spiritual force was unable to threaten the Undead in Three Saint City. The spiritual power of the entity inside Three Saint City wasn’t any weaker than him. Perhaps the entity might not be as strong in skill, but he certainly wasn’t weaker in overall strength. Because of this, the other party decided to retreat.

After seeing that the enemy had drawn back, Zhao Hai also retrieved his spiritual force. And as he was retrieving his spiritual force, he also swept the entire Three Saint City. Zhao Hai was impressed with Guli and Jiang Zheng’s efficiency. They had taken advantage of the spiritual pressure and taken almost all of the undead into the Space. Now, only a small number of Undead were left uncaptured. However, these undead have already lost their resistance, capturing them would be much easier.

When he saw this situation, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Guli, Jiang Zheng, come here.”

Zhao Hai’s sound spread all throughout Three Saint City. Guli and Jiang Zheng immediately complied and quickly went to Zhao Hai’s tower.

Before long, the two arrived at Zhao Hai’s room. Zhao Hai was sitting inside, when he saw the two arrive, he nodded and said, “Come sit.”

The two complied and sat down. After that, Guli said, “Young Master, I felt a spiritual attack. Is it the Vampire King?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right. It should be Addison’s spiritual attack. But this time, it was only sent as a probe. You don’t need to be worried. If he led his people here, then it would take two days. During that time, you would be able to prepare Three Saint City.”

Jiang Zheng and Guli were startled. Although Zhao Hai was here, Addison’s presence had already seeped deep into their bones. So when they heard that Addison was two days away, the two couldn’t help but get nervous.

Zhao Hai looked at their eyes and smiled faintly, “Don’t be afraid. His spiritual force might not be weak, but he isn’t that strong. There’s no need to worry.”

As soon as they heard this, Guli and Jiang Zheng let out a long breath. In addition to their fear of Addison, they were also worried about Zhao Hai. Now that they were loyal to Zhao Hai, they didn’t want Zhao Hai to get into bad situations. If Zhao Hai hadn’t said this, then they would’ve urged him to go to the Space and avoid fighting with Addison.

Zhao Hai looked at the two people and said, “I’m not familiar with the battles in the Underworld, so I’ll leave that to you to arrange. Remember, two days.” The two nodded before they turned around to leave.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before calling Laura and the others over. The women had long been curious about the Underworld, but when they came out, they couldn’t see anything besides the Dark Mist. This made them dislike staying here any longer, so they opted to return to the Space. Zhao Hai didn’t stop them since he also wanted to momentarily return to the Space. He wanted to feel the difference between the Ark Continent and the Underworld.

Although the fight between the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races was still going on, Zhao Hai didn’t worry much about it. At this time, the battles of both sides weren’t very fierce. This was because both parties couldn’t afford going all out. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get disappointed when the higher level magic armor didn’t appear.

Zhao Hai had a rare moment of solitude. He had left Laura and the others to oversee the battle between the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races.

Two days went by in a blink of an eye. In these two days, the spiritual attack didn’t appear in Three Saint City anymore. Zhao Hai knew that the other party was aware that spiritual attacks were useless, so he didn’t bother using it. Instead, the other party would rather attack instead.

Just as Zhao Hai estimated, two days later, Guli and Jiang Zheng felt a large amount of undead souls slowly surrounding Three Saint City.

Guli and Jiang Zheng didn’t do anything. In fact, wars in the Underworld were very simple. It wasn’t like in the Divine Realm or the Ark Continent where there were advanced weapons. Here, low-level Undead only had stone or rocks as weapons. This was because their levels were insufficient for them to be able to make bone weapons.

Zhao Hai didn’t make a move as he stood at his tower and swept the surroundings with his spiritual force. Three Saint City has been surrounded by Undead. Most of these Undead were Skeletons and Zombies. There were also Dark Creatures and Vampires. Meanwhile, there weren’t much Lich present.

Zhao Hai also discovered that in the direction where the spiritual attack came from, there were ten huge tents present. Unlike other places where there were Undead standing, this place was a huge clearing. The bone fence stopped the other Undead from entering. The tents were also made out of Dark Creature skin. This made the camp look more like a human barracks.

Guli and Jiang Zheng were standing beside Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get curious upon seeing this so he turned and asked, “Guli, Jiang Zheng, I feel quite puzzled about why Three Saint City had so many houses. And now, the other party had set up tents outside. Is shelter really useful to you?”

Guli and Jiang Zheng completely understood Zhao Hai’s confusion. They were Undead, and properly speaking, there was no need for them to build houses. Guli immediately replied, “Young Master, you might not know, but in the Underworld, Besides the Dark Mist and the Blood Pond, there are other two elements that affects our lives. If the Dark MIst and the Blood Pond are the source of our strength, then Acid Rain and Violent Winds are our bringers of death.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Oh, there’s something like that? Tell me more.”

Jiang Zheng continued, “Acid Rains and Violent Winds don’t happen often in the Underworld. But when they come, they would take away the life, or death, of countless Undead. Acid Rain is a black and acidic downpour of liquid. This rain had a corrosive effect on our bodies as well as our fiery souls. Some low-level Undead wouldn’t be able to last an hour under an Acid Rain. This rain is a unique phenomenon in the Underworld. On the other hand, every time Violent Winds arrive, the Dark Mist that benefits us a lot would suddenly become extremely turbulent. It will form an unprecedented tornado and as long as an undead gets entangled with it, then they wouldn’t be able to find an easy way out. Even someone on my level would have a very hard time surviving.”

Upon hearing Jiang Zheng, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised. Jiang Zheng and Guli’s strength, even in the Divine Realm, was placed on the topmost level. And now, it seems like Violent Winds would be able to kill them off. This shows how devilish these winds really were.

Actually, for people in Guli and Jiang Zheng’s level, there were very little things that could threaten them. Zhao Hai didn’t expect that there would be two things that could kill them in the Underworld. This infinite universe did indeed have a lot of strange things.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai asked once more, “Are Acid Rains and Violent Winds frequent?”

Guli and Jiang Zheng shook their heads. Then Guli answered, “They don’t happen that often. Acid Rains occur more than Violent Winds. Acid Rains happen maybe once every three to five years, there’s no fixed cycle. But as for Violent Winds, nobody really knows when. Sometimes they are frequent, maybe once every few months. And there were also time where it didn’t appear for dozens of years.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “So your houses and tents can prevent Acid Rains. But if Violent Winds arrive, then how could your shelters help you?”

Guli shook his head and said, “Young Master, our shelters can only help us survive the Acid Rain. As for Violent Winds, once they arrive, the city would activate its magic formation. The magic formation would protect the city from the onslaught of the Violent Winds.”


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