BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1000

Author’s Note: Chapter 1000. I really didn’t expect to be able to write so long, Hahaha. This is the longest book I’ve ever written. I want to thank you all for the support. I hope you can still offer your support in the future. Thank you!


Chapter 1000 – Spiritual Confrontation

The levels of the Underworld were very strict. Take Three Saint City for example, since all of the Undead in this city were weaker than Guli and the others, whether they were captured or not, they would still need to listen to Guli and the others’ words.

And Eric was just a Vampire Count, an identity placed in the middle-lower rank among the Vampires. If this was the human race, he was at most a lower-ranked noble, just a bit more powerful than the commoners. But compared to the Great Nobles, people like him were simply nothing.

Eric can only be regarded as a Captain in Addison’s reconnaissance team. Naturally, he wasn’t qualified to see Addison himself, but he knew about the Vampire King’s strength.

Through Eric’s words, Zhao Hai came to a certain understanding with regards to Addison’s strength. There was no doubt that Addison was a pinnacle existence in the Resistance Army. At this moment, he controls over 20 cities no smaller than Three Saint City. Moreover, all of the undead on those cities who opposed him were all killed. Then he took their fiery souls out and then rewarded them to his loyal men. It can be said that his overall strength was ten times more than Three Saint City.

Just as said in the Art of War: “It is the rule in war, if our forces are ten to the enemy’s one, to surround him.” Addison’s strength was equal to ten Three Saint Cities. In this case, Addison naturally wouldn’t give Three Saint City a chance. But at the same time, Zhao Hai was also able to see at Addison’s conduct. It seems like the Vampire King was a very cautious person. His military strength was ten times that of the enemy, but he still sends reconnaissance teams to see the situation inside. This in itself can explain his character. People like these weren’t easily dealt with.

When Eric relayed Addison’s strength, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Eric, what attacking methods do Vampires have?”

As soon as he heard this question, Eric immediately said, “We Vampires have a lot of ways to attack. We can use sound attacks, we can also grow claws to attack the enemy. At the same time, we also have blood attacks as well as Dark Energy attacks.”

Zhao Hai nodded. To be honest, these attacking methods were within his expectations. From what Jiang Zheng said, Vampires were evolved forms of Vampire Bats. Since this was the case, Zhao Hai can deduce that they would have sound attacks.

As for the other forms of offense, Zhao Hai expected them as well. In the Underworld, two energies were the most prevalent, first is the Dark Energy in the Dark Mist, and the other was the Blood Energy from the Blood Ponds. With the Vampire’s evolutionary system, it wouldn’t be strange if they were able to use these two.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Eric and said, “Alright, Eric. You can go back to the Space. Practice well and maybe you’ll become a Vampire King in the future.”

Eric nodded before he was sent by Zhao Hai to the Space. This was the first Vampire that Zhao Hai had taken into the Space. Although this Vampire had some differences to the ones on Earth, but they also have similarities. To be honest, after he saw Eric, Zhao Hai felt a little warm. It looks like he had seen those Vampires that were being depicted back on Earth.

Shortly after that, Zhao Hai arrived right by the room’s window. This window had no glass pane. After all, wind or no wind, to the Lich, it didn’t matter. And at the same time, there were no winds in the Underworld, only fog; the Dark Mist.

After Zhao Hai discovered that there was no wind in the Underworld, he didn’t bother renovating the towers’ windows. In Zhao Hai’s mind, there was absolutely no need to do so.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what magic formation Kampala used, but the Dark Mist couldn’t enter the room. There was also some light on the room’s ceiling. The magic light was quite faint, it was soft enough to feel accommodated inside the room.

Actually, one couldn’t see anything when standing in front of the window. Aside from the ever-changing form of the Dark MIst, you can hardly see anything else. However, the window made the room feel more like a room.

On the three towers, only this top room had windows installed, the other floors didn’t. This also demonstrated that the top floors were the master’s rooms, a place of special status.

Zhao Hai quietly faced the window. He looked at the changing Dark Mist as though it was an ever-moving behemoth. His heart couldn’t help but be moved.

He was really grateful for transmigrating. His crossing over made him obtain things he would never have on Earth. It allowed him to experience the mysteries of the universe. If Zhao Hai didn’t cross over, then he wouldn’t have imagined that a place as mystical as the Underworld exists.

Zhao Hai was a nerd back on Earth, always afraid of getting into trouble, a complete introvert. In fact, nobody knew that he was a fire wrapped in ice, someone who had drank dog’s blood, someone who was a hidden beast.

Although such people didn’t look any different compared to the others, but their face was just a disguise. Their hearts were indifferent and they were able to ignore feelings and even life. Only a few people can have this mindset. Their minds were akin to a wide lake. Even if a stone was thrown in and cause ripples, the lake would still calm down in time.

Because of this indifference, Zhao Hai was able to quickly adapt himself to the life in the Ark Continent. This allowed him to kill people without hesitation; dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions. Besides the other people who he cared about, he wasn’t really concerned about the other people.

The more someone was like this, the harder they were to move. Unless they find something that interests them more, then they would just decide to settle down. Back on Earth, Zhao Hai was like this. He stayed home all the time because he had found something that he liked to do, and that was indulging in fantasy worlds. He even confessed in his own articles that this was what he liked to do; always staying at home.

In fact, Zhao Hai had another thing that he liked to do, and that was to travel. But unfortunately, travelling was very expensive in Earth. Zhao Hai had no money so he could only suppress this desire. It was also for this reason that Zhao Hai didn’t fancy sports cars but instead he opted for RVs. He liked to imagine himself driving his own RV while travelling every corner of the world.

But on Earth, he could only dream of this. Because at that time, there was no need to say about RVs, he couldn’t even afford a conventional car.

And now, in the Ark Continent, he almost had everything that he didn’t have on Earth; a warm home, women who he loved and loved him. At the same time, he was also able to gain great power. And besides these, Zhao Hai was also able to see sceneries that he wasn’t able to see back on Earth. It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai transferred his dreams of travelling to the Ark Continent. He wanted to make up for his second desire back on Earth.

Because of this subconscious desire, Zhao Hai was interested in travelling to the Demon Realm, the Divine Realm, the Atlanta Plane, and now to the Underworld. Moreover, he also believed that he would be able to explore the Cultivation Realm soon.

Although he couldn’t see the situation in the Underworld, his Divine Sense made up for it. It was a feeling that he wasn’t able to enjoy before. So after feeling the novelty of the matter, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get excited.

Zhao Hai slowly closed his eyes as he felt the situation inside the city. Presently, dozens of Undead were being sent to the spatial rifts by his undead. Guli and Jiang Zheng’s subordinates were doing the same. Although there were some resistance, with Zhao Hai’s army present, it didn’t take long before the Undead were sent to the Space. When they came out, they were already on Zhao Hai’s side.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a very strong spiritual wave. The wave was heading towards Three Saint City to search it. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he opened his eyes fiercely and intensifying his spiritual sense, directly clashing with the incoming wave.

Naturally, the other party was able to sense Zhao Hai, it then proceeded to clash.


Their spiritual force silently clashed in the air. Others couldn’t hear this clash, but since Zhao Hai heard this, he believed that the other party heard it as well.

This mental collision was just a probe. However, a clash like this was still dangerous. If one loses, then they might turn into idiots, or even be brain dead.

This time, the clash of the two parties wasn’t weak, and they also didn’t retrieve their spiritual force. Zhao Hai’s mental power was like a spiked shield, covering the entire Three Saint City. On the other hand, the enemy’s mental power was like a net full of barbs. It was constantly looking for loopholes in Zhao Hai’s mental strength.

Nets and shields, these two items didn’t seem like they had any attacking power. However, with the thorns and the barbs present, they became vicious weapons. It can be seen that both sides weren’t easily trifled with.

Ordinary undead couldn’t feel the confrontation. They just felt that there was a sudden pressure appearing in the sky above Three Saint City. This gave these undead the feeling of unprecedented crisis.

One must know that these Undead were intelligent, so they knew this feeling clearly. The Undead who were still resisting had almost lost their strength. They just stood there and stared as they were taken to the Space.

On the other hand, Guli and Jiang Zheng were able to feel the clash. Since they were able to sense it, then they were also able to know how terrifying the two parties involved were.


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  1. A guy played a farm game so much he got it as a power yet his real interest is fantasy stories and travelling?

    1. He didn’t play it so much that he got it as power…It’s just that he was playing it when he had transmigrated.

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  2. … so, from ZH’s explanation, he basically has psychopathic tendencies. It’s not as rare as ZH thought.

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