BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1-20

Chapter 1

Zhao Hai wakes up in another world and in another body. In this world, he was Adam Buda, the last remaining blood of the once respected Buda Clan of the Aksu empire. Young Adam was unconscious after being made to drink The Water of Nothingness turning him into an ordinary person with no magical capabilities and also exiled his clan to The Black Wasteland, a large yet barren area of the empire. With nothing but a few tools, they must find a way to make use of the wasteland they now occupy. All of these problems should be turned to the Young Master Adam, but unbeknownst to them, the mere mortal Zhao Hai from Earth is now inhabiting his body.


Chapter 2

The moment Zhao Hai was transmigrated to another body, flood of memories overwhelm him about his new identity. He identifies himself as the hedonistic son of a  general in the Aksu Empire in the Ark continent. Adam’s family loses all they have when Adam’s father chose to support the grand prince as the successor but failed. To gain the old nobles’ approval, the new king heeded the old nobles and agreed for the Buda family to be exiled. Green had also agreed to hand over the Wild Dragon Battle qi to the new king, Aboyo Aksu, thinking it would be of no use to the young master when he cannot practice magic anymore. Green successfully brought Adam to the new fief but the young master is no more.


Chapter 3

The sudden rush of Adam’s memories and Zhao Hai’s nerdiness made him easy to accept his new condition brought about by transmigration. He recognizes the family’s old  but powerful butler, Green Buda. Green had an inkling that something was off with the young master’s manners and his words, but chose not to address it. Green briefs the young master of their current situation and chain of events that led them to the wasteland along with the decisions he had to make to make sure they could somehow survive in the new fief. Zhao Hai then observes the Black Waste and oddly, he felt a sense of accomplishment, power, from seeing the hundred slaves that were under his command. Zhao Hai knew he had to rise up to those who wished ill on him, and while in these thoughts, a voice started echoing in his mind.


Chapter 4

As soon as Zhao Hai heard the voice, he felt unreal like in a dream. He was transferred to a space, looked around and realized that it was the Farm Game that he had played on Earth. The ambiance was like how he had remembered it on his level twenty-seven game. He could buy seeds, plant the crops, harvest, store the produce just by talking to his mind. It almost worried him that he did not know how to plant physically but the game props just move by themselves just like how it was in the game. Zhao Hai felt ecstatic by all these he has discovered for he thought this would be how he can save the Buda clan and avenge the real Adam in this world. He felt he had the skills that would expand the farm effectively.


Chapter 5

Zhao Hai continued to explore them Farm Game that came into life in the new world he lived in. He started doing calculations oh how much crops he can harvest if he did well in farming, and knew that by that rate, he and his subjects would never go hungry. His first plan was to improve the unyielding soil of the The Wasteland. After much deliberation, he decided it was radishes he would first sow into his empty fields, being reminded of how much he enjoyed eating it in his hometown. Everything was starting to come to light in Zhao Hai’s mind until he was reminded that he had other high nobles against him he could easily destroy him in the wave of a hand. He was in truth not very ambitious, but all he really wanted was revive the Buda Clan and that left him in excitement.


Chapter 6

For all his plans to work, Zhao Hai must stay low-key in this world. He and his oddities must stay clear of the high noble’s noses otherwise it will not be good for him. Zhao Hai observed that Meg still maintained  distance from him due to Adam’s actions to her in the past. The Young Master fell asleep a few moments later, unknowingly that Meg entered his quarters and bid him to do good for he was the last hope for the clan. Zhao Hai on the other hand, still had a lot to learn, and their finances aren’t exactly booming. They cannot afford the squander any money at all. The fate of the Buda clan now rests on the Young Master Adam, now Zhao Hai’s, shoulders.


Chapter 7 and 8

The night was crawling and the torches started to brighten up  the castle. Zhao Hai’s room was illuminated by magic, it made use of special crystals that can charge themselves after being used,the only one the Buda clan had. He realized that a month has passed from all his sleeping . Zhao Hai wasn’t accustomed to being served like a lord and it made Meg very suspicious. When they arrived in the dining hall, Green, Merine , Blockhead and Rockhead were already waiting for them. Zhao Hai then started asking Green about the gold and horses they have left. Zhao Hai and Green continued their conversation over dinner. Zhao Hai continued to ask about the magical beasts that are easy to grow and not picky on food. All of these inquisitions mystified Green for the Young Master has never shown interest in being a good leader before. But now that he was asking the right questions, the old butler can’t help but be glad and relieved. They had agreed on raising the Blue Eyed Rabbit since Zhao Hai recalled the radishes he had planted in the Farm Game. After dinner, he visited the space again and checked his already growing crops. If all goes well, it won’t be long before he can open a pasture.


Chapter 9

After dinner, Zhao Hai returned to his room but did not feel sleepy. Even since his transmigration happened, a lot has changed from his lowly life to becoming a noble with a hundred slaves at his command. He had a lot of plans for his farm but most of which requires for him to step up levels. The voice came to him again and notified that the sown radishes were ready for harvest. He harvested and ate one of the radishes. He then explored castle while everyone are still fast asleep. When sunrise came, Zhao Hai felt heroic indeed looking at the just rising sun, not knowing Green and the rest are already up and are watching their Young Master draped in golden light like a divinity.


Chapter 10

Zhao Hai enjoyed the first sunrise he has seen for it made him carefree and heroic. When he turned, he saw that the Buda clan subjects were looking at him, except for the slaves who were all prostrated on the ground. Zhao Hai just stood there overwhelmed with the respect he’s being shown. To everyone’s surprise, the Young Master swore by the honor of his clan, that if the slaves just worked hard and did their best to contribute to the growth of the clan, they can ascend to a commoner’s status. This was unheard of and even Green was unsure of it, but seeing as how this brought life to the once grim slaves of the clan, he smiled and knew that the clan finally had a true leader. The Young Master showed Green the radishes that he has grown, leaving the old man barely able to talk from amazement from what the master has procured.


Chapter 11

Green was surprised when Zhao Hai revealed to him that he had an ability to store things, though it is not exactly considered a magical ability. Zhao Hai commanded the old man to sell the eighty thousand catty of magical radishes that he had but did not tell him where he got ahold of such. The old butler followed his masters command and left the rest of the castle’s business to Merine, Meg and Rockhead and Blockhead. All at once, Zhao Hai felt alone in the castle having no one to talk to. But at least he knew that Green will inform him of any news regarding the crops, and so he didn’t worry anymore.


Chapter 12

Before Green set off, Zhao Hai left him final instructions of how they should stay low-key in their new business. The moment the high nobles knew of their new endeavour, it was certain they would find ways of destroying the Buda clan. Selling the radishes would lead to buying the magic rabbits and fishes they needed. Green left for business at once. However, Blockhead and Rockhead wouldn’t leave Zhao Hai’s side even when he commanded them, and Zhao Hai had no choice but to bring them to the spatial farm with him with the condition that they tell no one of where they are going other than Green, Merine and Meg.


Chapter 13

Zhao Hai brought Blockhead and Rockhead to the spatial farm and the two grew pale from what they have seen. Their respect for their young master grew and he was like a God to them now. Seeing as nothing has changed from the fields and crops, the the three went back to the castle. Waiting for them were Merine and Meg who were also overlooking the slaves that worked in the mine. Zhao Hai was concern on the state of the black soil if he could ever revive it. He took samples of the soil for research while troubled about the fact if he could not transform the land, farming here would just be impossible.

Chapter 14


Zhao Hai continues to inspect the mines along with Blockhead, Rockhead with Merine and Meg joining them. He was amazed of the abandoned dwarf mine’s structure and how the tunnels are connected all together. Along with Merine, a water mage, and Blockhead and Rockhead, they explored the insides of the tunnels and Zhao Hai planned to raise fishes in the lake where the tunnels lead. He decided he needed more time to research about the waters in the area. Using her powers as a mage, the water was collected by Merine and Zhao Hai stored it in his spatial barn.

Chapter 15

Zhao Hai learns more about Merine, the eighth-rank water mage, one of the very few in the Ark Continent. Merine suspects that Zhao may have not lost all his magical ability from drinking the Water of Nothingness. His plans for the lake and concern for the old woman’s well-being pleases Merine very well, and has indeed convinced her that their young master has grown up. Back in the spatial farm, Zhao brought samples of the black soil and lead for his level to rise in the game. At the same time, new crop seeds were available to him.


Chapter 16

While in spatial farm, Zhao Hai brings out his samples of the water bubble and experimented how to transform the black soil. He discovered that he needed just a certain proportion between spatial earth and black soil to transform it into tillable land without wasting too much spatial earth. Zhao Hai was so pleased with what he discovered and shared to Merine that he has found a way of growing produce out of the Black Waste. If things go well, they could easily become the richest clan in the empire!


Chapter 17

The conditions of the Black Waste have been studied before by the advanced mages of the whole Ark Continent trying to save a huge chunk of the empire’s land, but to no avail. Over the years people have chosen to farm somewhere else with no worries about the need for it in the future. With the Zhao Hai’s news that he has the ability to transform the dead land, Merine was indeed overjoyed while at the same time, Meg regrew the fondness he had for the young master. Preparations to transform the land was made at once, but the moment Zhao Hai tried to use the prompt buttons, nothing happened, making him look like a madman to those watching.


Chapter 18

Zhao Hai had trouble with the prompt at first, but the trick was just to shout what he needed and eventually after entering the settings, he had the first glimpse and feel of a tillable land here in the once Black Waste. Everyone, including the slaves were overjoyed by what has happened. Merine was overjoyed with the changes in their Young Master and what he had done to the fief. Meg couldn’t help but be overwhelmed to and hugged the Young Master. This was a first to Zhao Hai and also to Meg after the bad experience she had with Adam. But with this new spark that has somehow ignited between them, Zhao Hai and Meg could just be possible.


Chapter 19

The group composed of Zhao, Merine, Meg, Blockhead and Rockhead went back to the castle. For now, their problem was how to obtain firewood, and radishes aren’t the right product for it. After a few discussions, they realized they had to plant corn which can feed the clan at the same time the stalk can be used as firewood. Before retiring, Zhao Hai returned to his spatial farm and planted corn in his new acres of land. If these corn proved to superior in quality, this would be they key to the Buda clan’s future improvement.


Chapter 20

Zhao started planting corn in his spatial farm while still looking out for the original crops he planted which were radishes. He knew he had to be wise on the abundance of radishes he would harvest and sell in order to succeed. He also believed that this spatial farm could disappear anytime and so he must make the most of the land while it is still under his control. He now could completely control the planting and harvesting here. After harvesting the radishes, the young master left the space and fell fast asleep.


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