BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1257 – 1260

Ok, my city has ascended from Community Quarantine to Lockdown. LOL

It’s mainly because people won’t tell the truth about their travel history. *sigh*

Stay safe everyone and stay indoors 😀

Here are your chapters:

Chapter 1257 – I Am Proud
Chapter 1258 – Core of the Formation
Chapter 1259 – Void Arena
Chapter 1260 – Doesn’t Want To Change Too Much

Happy Reading!

12 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1257 – 1260

  1. Hey thanks for the chapters! My city is not under lock down yet but restricted movement.. But idiots everywhere and still go for hang out and now we’re going on a lockdown soon..

    I wonder if it’s no personal question? Which city are you from?

    1. Hi, I’m from Czech republic, whole country is on restricted movement (shopping, to and from job) there are 21 towns/villages on lockdown, fortunately none of mine.
      And because of idiots who intentionally break quarantine and restrictions there is already talk about complete ban of movement.

      So I’m really grateful for your translation. Everytime it appears it makes my day.

    2. I can’t really tell you the city, but I’m from the Philippines. Lockdowns have become very common here.

  2. Thanks to some stupid people insted of being at home when there is a quarantine ,they roam around and do not care to think about others due to which many people suffer.😔

    Thank you for the chapter made my day

  3. Soy de Argentina, Buenos Aires, y ahora estamos em cuarentena pero siempre hay algunos idiotas que rompe la cuarentena y encima gritan que son libres y es su vida la verdad algunas veces pienso que es mejor dejarlos afuera y que se mueran pero bueno tambien va aver gente perjudicada

  4. hey, on the bright side, more chapters to read bcuz’ of lockdown 🙂 keep safe everyone, may we survive this calamity.

  5. “Moin moin” from Germany thx for translating. <3 here are also some towns under lock down. We have just the foodnarkets open in my town.

  6. Hi, I am from India. whole country is under lockdown but people still are roaming around. Hope this thing end soon .
    Thanks for the chapter

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