BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1248 – 1254

How are you all doing? My City’s under community quarantine, so nothing’s happening. I’ll churn out more chapters this week(and maybe next week) if the situation stays as is.

Also, it’s a bad time to have the flu XD

I went to the hospital to have my ear cured since for some reason it gets infected whenever I have the flu. Everyone’s very cautious, and fortunately I just joked around with the doctor before I was given meds. 

That said, enjoy the chapters! And wash your hands!!!

Chapter 1248 – Spirit Wine and Faith Power
Chapter 1249 – We Are Friends
Chapter 1250 – Collection and Usage of Faith Power
Chapter 1251 – Seeking Revenge
Chapter 1252 – A Shallow Purpose For Revenge
Chapter 1253 – In But Five Seconds
Chapter 1254 – Six Realms Battlefield

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  1. We’re in the same situation in Spain, we’ll just need to be patient for a while and it’ll save a lot of lives 🙂

  2. The entire island is under quarantine now and I’ve been staying home since the 13th 🙁

    Stay safe. Hope this will not worsen 🙂

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