BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1191 – 1198

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the long ass gap between releases. In my defense….. I don’t have any defense, I was lazy xd Anyway enjoy the chapters I managed to make through the days 😀 😀

Chapter 1191 – Final Four!
Chapter 1192 – Defeating the Genius
Chapter 1193 – A Huge Move
Chapter 1194 – The Peak
Chapter 1195 – Viper Ba Dong
Chapter 1196 – Skyfrost Sword Li Chuchen
Chapter 1197 – The Covenant of Three Swords
Chapter 1198 – The Third Sword That Never Misses

Happy Reading!

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  1. Its ok just rest from time to time we faithful at getting baited so its ok
    your health is more important

  2. I hate cliffhangers, but with this novel there is nothing to do, because all the chapters end in cliffhangers …

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